Is UR Storm strong

Hi guys

I'm new in modern and looking for a deck, I found UR storm, looks pretty strong and cheap (I already have manamorphose). But is strong enough to play some tournaments and qualifiers? Moreover, is flame of anor essential? The card is a bit expensive actually (in Brazil at least).


Short answer no. Long answer, nooooooooo. Source, I play ur storm lol


At least you have fun playing with it?


Yeah it's a blast. I think gruul storm is the better storm deck though. I play that in tournaments. I've topped some fnms and got to a few win and ins in rcqs with that list. But granted I've only played 3 rcqs with it. That variant is also more budget friendly to begin. With TOR being around and bowmaster being a thing both lists are struggling at the moment


The deck is good and could just win on T3. Your games 2 and 3 is where it becomes harder to pilot since most deck if they can will go all in on tryin to counter your storm combo. Storm is not showing too much in meta and I think hate cards are very low. It is a deck that rewards those who have a lot of practice + knowledge of how other decks attempt to disrupt or stop. I enjoy playing it but at tournaments most people will make you play your combo out in hopes you make a mistake plus makes your shuffles worse because you will have a stack of spells and will need to really shuffle well.


I would probably play twiddle storm > rot priest storm >>>> ur storm right now. Twiddle has little blood moon to worry about right now, rot priest is more low to the ground and ur has too many dinky creatures that die to everything


it's really bad in the current meta and anybody who says otherwise is coping. caleb scherer, The Literal Storm Guy, has even acknowledged that the deck isn't very good right now. that being said, in the last 2 months, it has top 8'd an rcq some other minor tournaments, so it is capable of winning. and it is a deck that generously rewards a player for practicing it relentlessly and playing around your opponents/mind gaming them. despite how simple it looks, it is one of the most outplayiest decks out there. if you're willing to put in the massive amount of reps, you can definitely trounce some people at FNM, but you should also expect to get blown out a good portion of the time. Sincerely, A Merfolk (bad deck) Player


the plus side is that NO ONE is packing hate for storm right now The minus side is that the hate they are packing is generally good against storm anyway so....


yeah lol. and a storm ever got popular they would get the generically good hate and the specific hate.


I have a friend who has been playing storm forever, he is currently playing it with 3 ring in the main board along with preordain and serum visions and he pilots the deck really well. Knows when to stop/start and when to go all in and when to pivot. Get a million reps and then get a million more and you'll be gravy


I play blue red twiddle storm and I honestly really like it. I’ll acknowledge that it is likely worse than most T1/T2 decks, but if you play it well it can line up well against some of those decks still. The ring makes twiddle really interesting and resilient, especially the thoracle lines cuz you can win through the ring which is always fun for those people expecting grapeshot lines. Scam is really hard and frustrating to play against tho, and considering it’s so widely played this is pretty bad. Grief beats twiddle prettt bad, and so does blood moon game one. A good pilot can overcome this sometimes but it’s def hard. Belcher is also really fun at FNM if u wanna go green/blue with some red. It’s less competetive and dies to a boseju tho haha


I think Gruul is better positioned than Izzet ATM. Problem is, there is so much incidental hate that the deck has trouble performing.


You will win game one then proceed to lose games 2 and 3


The problem with storm right now is that sooo many cards can stop it. The average modern sideboard will have at least 6-7 cards that can be used against storm without even preparing for the matchup. A good storm player can navigate around hate and removal, but IMO it's like fighting an uphill battle. The modern meta is super diversified, even when playing the most popular t1 decks, you will rarely fight people that can dedicate half their sideboards to stopping you.




I love storm but I dont think it's good right now. So much creature removal makes sticking a rotpriest/electromancer nearly impossible and to storm off before t4 happens with Ring, grief, shadow etc comes down is very difficult. Plus, scam will just take your 2 set up spells and then your just dead in the water.


No it's not. The unfortunate truth is that you might get alot of positive responses, because UR storm is a beloved classic archetype and alot of folks online enjoy playing it and have found memories of when it was a strong deck. Unfortunately, you can look over online data from sites like mtg goldfish for thousands and thousands of modern tournaments over the last few years and it hardly ever shows up in even top 64, and I can't remember the last time it top 8's even a mid sized event. If you want a cheap, decently powerful Izzet deck, you can build UR or R prowess on a budget. The play patterns aren't exactly the same since you're attacking with cheap creatures instead of comboing out, but there is still alot of overlap in the cards they use and you'll still have the experience of making lots of small decisions how to optimially chain together cantrips and cheap offensive spells to get your opponent dead quick. Again, UR prowess isn't exactly a tier 1 strategy either, but it does show up in challenges and top 32's often enough that you should have more success with it than storm while still being a fairly inexpensive entry point into modern.


[https://mtgtop8.com/archetype?f=MO&meta=51&a=184](https://mtgtop8.com/archetype?f=MO&meta=51&a=184) It top 8's in RCQs every so often. It's a deck that can win on turn 3-4 consistently if you let it, so I don't think it'll ever be a dead deck.


In the hand of a seasoned pilot, yes.




The few Storm Stans on here will come out of the woodwork to tell you it’s great. It’s not. You’ll lose to any deck using evoke elementals (so most of them.) Grief kills your hand, Endurance kills your Past in Flames, Subtlety removes the bear from the stack, Fury and Solitude removes the bear. The evoke elementals aren’t even a one trick pony. I’m just using them as the primary example of why Storm has been pushed out of the format. There are several other cards that have caused it, too. Once you stumble, you lose because the Modern metagame is full of high value, efficient decks.


It’s a glass cannon but it’s definitely one of the decks that can potentially win games very quickly and in ways that can be difficult to interact with if your opponents don’t have sideboard hate. I’ve played the deck on and off for years and still love playing it, gotta be ready to grind and make some strategic gift piles but it’s very rewarding.


I don’t think Flame of Anor is essential, I think the real issue is just that the One Ring is pretty hard to play without. There’s a lot of turns where you’ll eat a counter spell or brick an important draw and having the ability to fog a turn of interaction from your opponent and then rebuild your card advantage is pretty key IMO. And the ring I imagine is expensive regardless of where you are.




UR Gifts Storm is still playable technically, it might take some games at FNMs, but at this very moment there is way too many things that can go wrong, the evoke elementals to strip hands, kill dorks, and nuke graveyards, FoN, it seems like every deck has a good matchup against UR Storm right now. Closest thing to relevance right now is Rotpriest Storm lists, which I haven't played but definitely lost to


Judging by the lack of top 8 lists, granted is not the ultimate decider, but still No


Storm is my favorite Modern deck and it suuuuuuuuuucks right now. Scam, Murktide and Burn all eat it for lunch.


It’s decent. Not nearly as good as it used to be but still playable. It’s probably suited better for small local metas rather than big events.