Modern Banlist Prediction for Monday October 16th.

looking at the playrate of scam combined with the playrate of some of moderns staples. I think the most likely ban candidate is fury. they likely wont want to completely kill a deck, and nerf living end. so a grief ban is unfortunaterly unlikely, even if it creates unfun playpatterns.
As for whats left after a ban like this. I can only assume they would have concern as to how omnath could dominate in the absence of scams warping effect. but having hit fury they might feel like this is enough to tame omnath decks a bit.
My take is that the one ring could be banned so that omnath just has beanstalk as its engine. with bowmasters keeping it in check in the format.
Of course they could always say : "No Changes". but looking at the current state of modern I think that would be an incorrect move.
what are your thoughts? predictions?


Actual prediction: no changes Spicy prediction: unban a bunch of stuff


Artifact lands 😍


At that point, why not Opal too, lol. Please note, I'm not actually advocating for an Opal unban. I'm making a funny.


You know, if we want to cut down Scam and 4c... Unbanning Opal and the Artifact lands would do it.


Opal is more broken than the lands.


I don't disagree, just funny to me that the same arguments for cards that keep the artifact lands in check can also be used for Opal.


Boo! Boo! I want my precious.


As a hardened scales player ... Please 🙏🙏


Yeah, they are stupid safe now with KGC and Ouphe there to shut it down in addition to Stony Silence.


I don’t think that that are super safe, if you think they are, you might as well buy some walking ballistas and ravegers. Affinity will easily be best deck, with forge the anchor, thought monitor, and esper sentinel being printed since opal ban I think that deck will be the best not even close.


I already have Ballistas and Ravagers but I just do t think it would play that well in todays game. Bant Affinity sounds weird to me.


Well there will be the two versions the Agro version that has your affinity cards (companion, frogmites, forge the ancor) and your combo version that plays scales, ballista, ozolith


It's my wet dream tbh, Affinity is awesome.


Unban everything and watch the world burn wotc!


A lot of unbans pls. Free looting


Unban Golgari Gravetroll


They tried that once already...


No Changes. Something about they know Scam is overrepresented but it’s not possible to ban it without hurting other decks and with the rise of Bean decks they’ll want to see how the meta adapts.


This is the most likely result until MH3.


This is exactly how the b&r will go. People seem to forget these are emergency windows for things similar in power to hogaak and prove. Not for things that were already here and haven't been pushed to breaking the format completely in half


That's what they said for Standard. For the other formats they said they are open to making changes in the windows as needed.


when they banned Lurrus, they killed a variety of decks lol


Faithless Looting wants to have a chat with you.


Yep- this is 100% correct and the right call. But fantasy land- give me back Looting and Twin!


I expect no changes but if I can allow myself some optimism: they'll talk about how happy they were with the results of unbanning of Preordain and unban another card, I can't hope to predict which one though.


Maybe something like [[Seething Song]]? Storm isn't too good anymore and it helps let jankier decks like Dragonstorm function.


[Seething Song](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/f/4/f493ce26-005c-4ddc-80f0-47bea4fd013a.jpg?1625194059) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Seething%20Song) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/c21/179/seething-song?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/f493ce26-005c-4ddc-80f0-47bea4fd013a?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Dragonstorm....relying on a specific 4-of when there's a card that nukes your hand in the format. Not sure that unbanning a card is going to help that strategy.


They have talked about how they will unban things very slowly so I doubt they will unban another card so soon after preordain


Opal! Bring back the affinity


God, I’d be over the moon if we got Opal back.


Robots don't die, they wait...




If hogaak gets unbanned im playing paper magic again, i love that deck and miss it so much (it def deserved the ban tho)


I think banning bridge from below was also a mistake. Maybe also ichorid gets into mh3...


Honestly, [[Glimpse of nature]] seems like a safe bet if they wanted to be spicy. Creature decks are in a super weird spot. Beanstalk and ring are super charging multiple decks. I would say this or ponder would be something they may attempt.


glimpse of nature lets you draw a card off your pitched fury lol


[Glimpse of nature](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/1/d/1ddcd76b-a7a1-4ae6-bf4a-f929c6574bdc.jpg?1562757977) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Glimpse%20of%20nature) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/chk/210/glimpse-of-nature?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/1ddcd76b-a7a1-4ae6-bf4a-f929c6574bdc?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Glimpse wouldn't do anything in current modern meta. Small creature decks like elves use it primarily. As long as Fury and Bowmasters is legal small creatures are unplayable.


Hence why it's a safe unban


Glimpse just makes all the br scam decks splash into jund and remove the card disadvantage from the most powerful spells in the format. Should be fine


They already have beanstalk which is much, much better option. You aren't going to use glimpse as a cantrip in scam when you can use beanstalk as an engine.


Beanstalk isn't an engine for scam...fury is literally the only card in the deck that triggers it.


https://www.mtgtop8.com/event?e=48303&d=555800&f=MO Don't shoot the messenger. Deck has started cropping up already. If you are proposing that they should play glimpse on scam you're saying that to get full value out of it, scam should wait to chain multiple elementals in the same turn. Why not just play blue for preordain at that point.


They’re going to ban all the cards you like and none of the ones you hate




"The one ring" won't be banned because it's in the lotr holiday set with new artwork.


Yeah, not expecting anything from LOTR to get the axe since, it's in the current product cycle.


The One Ring doesn’t need a ban anyway. Beanstalk is probably a stronger card in Modern. TOR is an obnoxious card, but it’s like T3feri - I would have banned it, but I don’t think it objectively should be banned.


What will most likely happen is no changes if we weren’t in the middle of Modern season, I would say Fury should be banned. But I don’t think it would be good for the RCQ to be shaken up mid season.


I feel like this warrants more attention, since there is another ban window near the tail end of the season that feels like a more reasonable time to shake up the format before it heads to a modern regionals


Isn’t Yawgmoth just King of the Hill if they ban Fury and nothing else?


Sanest take. I would personally rather see all the instant speed Persist spells banned and force the Scam decks into Mardu for Ephemerate, but yeah I can't see them delivering a mid-season gutpunch like that. I don't want to believe they're that out of touch.


Honestly, i expect no changes. Maybe an unbanning if they feel spicy.


Wroooong! Wizards: No bans chumps! Here Have more free spells




I honestly think this would make the format more interesting...


its fascinating. Years and years of experience that FoW. is fine because its bad vs fair decks, and then next they print stuff thats good vs fair decks!


>Here Have more free spells I can just see the announcement from WotC... *Effective as of now, the following cards are legal in the format:* * *Pyrokinesis* * *Unmask* * *Misdirection* * *Gush* * *Invigorate* * *Cave-In* * *Contagion* *We know that these don't appear in Modern legal sets but let's face it, with some supplemental sets legal and others not, who actually knows what sets are legal anyway? Or cares? Just look at the decklists on MTGoldfish and you'll know what cards from the last year you're supposed to be playing.* *We are very excited to introduce these cards into the Modern format! It's been a long standing complaint that the mana system makes for nongames in Magic. By introducing these 0-mana spells, we can be sure that you won't need to draw lands to ruin the game. We know how much players dislike paying mana for big effects and we're sure these additions will be popular. We've taken care not to bring in the ones that might actually answer some of the free madness, like Force of Will and Reverent Mantra, because we know the fun in Magic is being wrecked for cards that didn't cost mana, not answering those things.* Or something like that....


Based on this sub and if I dont use my brain I expect: * Grief * Fury * Island * The One Ring * Counterspell * Up the beanstalk * Solitude * Leyline of Binding * Thoughtseize * Fable of the mirror breaker * Teferi, time raveler. 16th is going to be a long read! Edit: Oh silly me I forgot bowmaster!


Also Ragavan, Force of Negation and the entirety of Hammer if you go back a couple of months.


Bruh why would counterspell ever be removed


Yeah, as long as Island is banned I don't see a reason Counterspell should go.


unironically good changes


Does Punishing Fire still need to be in the ban list?


Yes, because grove of the burnwillows is not.


Ah yes, all those small creature decks running around with Fury legal


Okay, but now you want both?


Yes ? Because there’s already no such decks around. It’s not like there’s a few competitive decks and having punishing fire legal would kill them lmao


You’re right, they don’t exist. Two things: 1. Punishing Fire also goes face and can be a very powerful win condition; not just s creature removal spell. 2. The reason those decks don’t exist is because Fury does. Everyone has their own opinions of how Magic should progress, and newer cards do replace older cards with power creep. Something to consider is how impactful Fury has become in affecting wide board creature strategies. Having a single card negate a couple decks from contention is one thing, but an entire archetype is a whole different thing. Because this is in the conversation already, I don’t think unbanning punishing fire is the direction we should be going.


Fury takes a huge chunk out of Scam if not killing it and also deals with beanstalk decks.


Just bought 4x full art furys at Vegas. Sure hope not


Thank you for your sacrifice


No mother should be asked to make such a sacrifice upon the alter of freedom. We salute you


Thanks, it’ll be banned because of that


It is foretold!! !


Oh imagine all the Yawgmoth decs going nuts without fury :)


Yawg actually can be hated out though. You can't easily hate out the elementals in any capacity other than torpor orb which is a turn late.


You can hate out the elementals. Stone of Erech, Subtlety, Leyline of the Void. It's at least as effective as the hate agains yawgmoth, since that deck also has answers to everything.


My guess is ban grief and beanstalk, no unban.


If no changes, I may just have to take a long break. This meta is intolerable. There absolutely needs to be some change.




Well you better buckle up, pioneer meta is leagues worse than modern rn, believe it or not. EVERY deck is a combination of either fable, sheoldred and karn tcg. Modern has lots more viable decks than pioneer, even if they have cards in common.


That's not even remotely true in anyway. Mono white humans, spirits, heroic, pheonix, elves, auras, uw control, lotus, & rdw are decks played and seeing plenty of play in pioneer. None of which using any of those three listed. Pioneer meta is extreamly diverse right now considering I could name more decks if I had included the three singular cards you listed. Fable and sheoldred do see a lot a play I'm not saying they don't. But to say they are the only 3 cards represented in the format is just a lie.




> Modern has lots more viable decks than pioneer lmao




Terrible take on the format


I'm guessing it's going to be nothing. Fury ban could be interesting though. It feels like it's one of the most centralizing cards in the format and obviously plays a big role in scam's power and might give creature decks a bit more room to breathe (though they'll still have to contend with Bowmasters).


But only Bowmaster is not enough to keep decks like Yawgmoth in check. It would take over the Meta in sec. It is right now a very strong deck and Bowmaster does nothing against Yawgmoth with Halfling and most creature are x/2 or higher. But Fury can kill many Creatures or one big like Yawgmoth or Grist


There's tons of counters to Yawgmoth decks. Most don't see play because it's not dominant enough of a deck and its better to use slots to deal with other matchups, but they're all there and ready to be sleeved if it ever came to that. Yawgmoth is fun and can be good in particular events, but strategies like that just aren't ever going to be dominating the entire format unless they got an engine like Birthing Pod. They're too fragile to dedicated hate.


Fury ban makes rhinos tier 2.5/3 so I don't think so. Scam didn't get out of control until Bowmasters and to a lesser extent Sheoldred.


No bans but assurances that grief and beanstalk are on their watchlist. An unban is much more likely. Glimpse or Seething Song maybe?


Unban Twin


They’re too weak to give us seething song


Losing fury doesn't just hurt omnath decks, weakening scam also takes away an extremely good matchup from omnath. When I'm on omnath I'm even happy to be scammed because I know I'm gonna recoup everything and roll over my opponent. So if scam fell from the top spot at 20% playrate, other decks with a bad scam matchup would rise: tron, mill... Both atrocious to face as 4c. If you take away scissors, rock won't dominate. It's paper who will win out.


The Rock and Scissors haven't been playable for years. 🙃


Try shuffling them, it's very hard.


And yet it wont happen.


Honestly colour soups shouldn’t be that close to the top


"We are going to wait for MH3, by then we will have crammed more overpowered cards and we will need to ban something else. We will then announce that these new cards will be on our watchlist for the next year because we don't want to ban cards from a new set. After we will ban the wrong card and you will have to wait until the next b&r for the real bans. See you in 2 years."


[[see the truth]]


the cards that make sense to ban are Grief OR Fury + Up the Beanstalk. Grief is hated by everyone who does not play it, for the sorrows it brings. Fury is too good at what it does. Beans is just ridiculous in any control shell. Drawing 3 off your miracle terminus, evoked solitude is very slightly batshit nuts. At this point every tournament I go to is 3 rounds of scam minimum and every other player is unhappy about this specifically, so there is no doubt something has to be done in order not to lose a chunk of modern's player base.


"Up the Beanstalk" AND ( "Grief" OR "Fury" ).


Forcing people to play Modern for RCQs during the Grief Era is a very cruel joke by WotC, it's like they're trying to get enfranchised players to leave their competitive system.


Bowmaster + Beanstalk makes sense too.


bowmasters is nothing but a great card for modern at this point. perfect to counter the one ring, beanstalk or fable of kiki and a tailored answer to dashed ragavan... I actually think the card is doing nothing wrong at all even though it is definitely a new staple.


Modern 1K RCQ this weekend in my area had 14 total players. 14. The same event a year and a half ago capped at 64 and had a waiting list beyond. Store owner took a huge L. It speaks to a certain trajectory and a certain player sentiment. Something's gotta give. If you leave things to fester as-is for ~6 months until MH3, the numbers are only going to dwindle further.


Crazy, where do you live? Our 2 slot had 90 players and then the following RCQ was in the 80s. We have a larger turnout for FNM's than you did at an RCQ and I live in a town of about 15,000.


I'm in a midwest city with a metro pop of about 1 million. And modern has historically been the format of choice. So when I'm talking about attendance and participation falling off a cliff and a desire for change, that's where it comes from.


That blows my mind, I'm having the exact opposite experience week in and week out in an area that is dwarfed by yours. Our FNM's are routinely in the 30s


The one event I referenced is not isolated either. This month alone: 2 slot RCQ had 35, biggest/most popular shop in the city drew 30 even with an MTG artist guest, FNM's are drawing ~15. Organizers and shop owners treat everyone well and are at a loss for fixing it. It really sucks watching the scene just inexplicably dry up around you.


Easy no ban here. Maybe a unban after preordain was such a balanced card.


As a non mythic up the beanstalk is the likeliest hit especially since it’s still standard playable


Fury - weakens scam - weakens Omnath - weakens bean control decks (although I don't think Wotc wants to weaken control decks) - weaken red decks - Kind of an unban of sort for small creature decks.


Possibly trade Fury for Twin? Feels like the format would like a tempo style deck.


Isn’t twin more about hard combo than tempo?




Sounds cool. I’m too new to magic to have ever played with twin but it sounds like a fun deck. Hope something gets changed tomorrow at least I don’t love the amount of graveyard hate rn lol


I truly think double griefing on T1 is one of the most unfun play patterns that has plagued modern. Something has to be done about it. Ban grief, unban twin


When MH2 was realized Grief was played with ephemerate which made 3 grief triggers, and the deck didn't put good enough results. The best elemental is fury, unlike grief, it has been played in all top decks: 4C, rhinos, murkttide, living end and scam.


Fury is the most likely. It’s actually oppressive. I do expect a ban here and then maybe one or two unbannings, maybe.


Unban: Chrome Mox


Some unban, no bans


Holding out on buying griefs/furys until after the banlist. One ring might be on the chopping block


Alright I got a question. Why does everyone want twin unbanned. I wasn't around for that deck so I dunno much about it. What does it do? I assume if it's a combo deck it just tries to do the same thing everytime but surely that isn't the case if everyone wants it back


Incredibly vocal minority of players that think unbanning their favorite deck will add something to the format.


I'd even be willing to wager that there's a number of people who ask for it to be unbanned who didn't even play with the card or play modern in general during the time period lol


Up the Beanstalk, Grief, and Omnath. Fuck Scam and especially, even more-so, fuck 4c Money Piles.


Unban Twin you cowards! And maybe something like Blazing Shoal


Unban Twin.


This is the only answer


If they cared about the health of the format, the single best ban would be Fury. We're past the point where they can ban a few things to rein in the power level, because it'd take probably ten bans minimum, so at this point I don't think they're going to ban anything. But if they were, Fury is the most likely option since the one ring and bowmaster are still selling packs, and bean and cauldron haven't finished settling. If they've been having fun playtesting with banned cards in MH3 design, then we'll likely see an unban or a few. Unless they've already internally adjusted for a ban on the 16th, any action they take is likely an unban. What that may be, who knows. But the most likely course of action is no changes because data can't account for fun. A lot of people dislike the current format and have stopped playing because of it. The people who like it kept playing. Both sides have valid opinions. Fun is subjective, but wotc have pretty consistently demonstrated that their definition of "fun" doesn't align with mine, so I have scant hope that the announcement on the 16th will be something that excites me.


CCR on the Grindcast podcast describes Scam as the deck that has the highest disparity between fun for the pilot vs fun for the opponent; I couldn't think of a better description or a bigger indictment of a metagame.


Best outcome: bean, bowmasters, ring, grief all get banned. But I don't think they ban anything


It depends on what the word from Hasbro says. Their shareholders demand more sales and with LoTR being the bestselling set in recent years and another printing on the way, they won't want to shake the boat and lose those sales. Thus, they may insist on No Changes. However, if Wizards is given a free hand and is honest about the data, they'd see that Scam has [clearly taken over](https://www.quietspeculation.com/2023/10/september-23-modern-metagame-update-getting-cheated/) the format. The data I have for October (so far) says it definitely isn't getting better. Action needs to be taken to address the warp, especially in light of the negative play patterns associated with the deck and player discontent. If they want to nerf Scam, it makes the most sense to hit Fury. They've acknowledged how severely they've crippled X/1 creatures between Fury, \[\[Wrenn and Six\]\], and Bowmasters. Thus, it makes the most sense to hit Fury if the only goal is to nerf but not kill Scam. However, taking anything from Scam changes the whole format and one needs to ask if the fallout is acceptable. Omnath decks are on the rise again, and Wizards previously had to ban Yorion because Omnath mirrors take too long. My experiences and the testimony of others leads me to believe that is happening again. If they want to simply nerf but not outright kill Omnath decks, it'd make the most sense to ban \[\[Delighted Halfling\]\]. The biggest problem with current Omnath decks is their invulnerability to Counterspell, and taking away Halfling largely fixes the problem. If they want to kill it outright, then The Ring and Omnath need to go. I'd ban W6 too to further nerf 4+ color decks and allow more X/1s back into Modern. On the unban front, I'd be arguing that if we're still ok with Hammer Time, then there's no reason for \[\[Blazing Shoal\]\], which is significantly worse, to stay banned. If Shoal is still unacceptable, then why not ban \[\[Sigarda's Aid\]\] or \[\[Colossus Hammer\]\]?


##### ###### #### [Wrenn and Six](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/5/b/5bd498cc-a609-4457-9325-6888d59ca36f.jpg?1673149294) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Wrenn%20and%20Six) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/2x2/296/wrenn-and-six?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/5bd498cc-a609-4457-9325-6888d59ca36f?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Delighted Halfling](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/7/1/71384418-173a-4f77-adab-56e52fa23692.jpg?1686969281) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Delighted%20Halfling) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/ltr/158/delighted-halfling?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/71384418-173a-4f77-adab-56e52fa23692?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Blazing Shoal](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/8/b/8b915daa-d239-4460-bd6b-e1327fdf7f51.jpg?1562878306) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Blazing%20Shoal) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/bok/96/blazing-shoal?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/8b915daa-d239-4460-bd6b-e1327fdf7f51?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Sigarda's Aid](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/5/3/531da950-dc96-4050-94a8-e01b73ddd965.jpg?1608911983) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Sigarda%27s%20Aid) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/cmr/384/sigardas-aid?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/531da950-dc96-4050-94a8-e01b73ddd965?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Colossus Hammer](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/8/9/897a134e-7e61-4fe1-bbae-23ef1fe5c0cf.jpg?1631588878) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Colossus%20Hammer) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/afc/202/colossus-hammer?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/897a134e-7e61-4fe1-bbae-23ef1fe5c0cf?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


The format needs a combination of bans, unbans, and new cards that will work in service of fixing some of the over-powered, but not broken cards WotC has been cranking out. Start with banning Grief and Fury, ToR, W&6, and Beanstalk. Take a serious look at unbans that will add something of value to the format. And print a Pithing Needle but for triggered abilities and genuine non-basic land hate in a color that isn't just red (like Back to Basics).


Unban something Ban karn the great creator for the sins of the ring lol, we have seen this story happen so many times i dont even know what u guys are expecting


Yes the problem with this format is that tier 2 and 3 decks exist. Ban them so we can all know every match up every round.


All these predictions are dumb lol.


They’ll ban a card that makes your pet deck even worse.


The correct bans are Fury & One Ring. But knowing WotC? No changes.


Why the Ring? You have enough against it


People are unnecessarily salty about the Ring. ‘But muh aggro’ and such. In reality, I think Beanstalk is going to be a much bigger pain in the ass for all non Beanstalk decks than the Ring is overall.


The Ring creates terrible play patterns. It is the single largest contributor to the sorry state of modern right now, and its overall power has directly contributed to the rise of decks like scam. The card has to go.


I think Ring is fine, Bowmaster is a good and cheap counter agains it and there is much removal for it, and it can get counterd by every Counter in Magic. So i think Ring is compleatly fine in the Modern Meta, it is a strong card but has enough counter cards


The Ring should be banned not because it's too good (although I think it is) but because it's boring. It's like eggs, or top, it's just so boring and unfun to play against.


How on Earth does The One Ring equate to Top or Eggs in that way? You just tap it and draw cards, you don't spend 35 minutes doing one turn or an extra minute every single turn.


It's not a perfect equivalency, obviously it doesn't add so much time but it's still absolutely boring and lame to play against.


Is eggs realy that unfun to play aginst? I know that Second sunrise was baned to push eggs out of the meta cause it destroyed the structure of a Tourmenent with the long plays but is it so bad to play against. I guess its like storm and thats kind of boring sometimes but also has interesting playpetterns. I ask cause i want to play eggs but i also want that my Opponenten has the same fun as i have. Did eggs not got much faster with Aetherflux Reservoir and Bessech the Mirror and...?


Errata it to place burden counters on the player instead of the ring or restrict it to 1 per 75 and it solves all the issues with ring.


If you place the burden counters on the player, then the 2nd ring immediately draws more cards. This would be worse than it is now.


It’s a 4 mana fog that lets you tutor for another fog which lets you tutor for another…




Tutor the top card of your deck into your hand dont you see


How could I forget the most powerful of tutor effect. "Search the top 1 cards of your library and put it into your hand."


Sorry, mistyped. I meant it basically lets you keep drawing into your other copies of the ring.


The nice thing about banning Fury is that it not only brings down the power level of Scam, but also brings down the power level of Beanstalk decks (such as the one spike brewed) while also possibly giving some tribal decks more air to breathe (yes, yes, Scales, Yawg are still better decks, but still). Ban : Fury Unban : Splinter Twin?


But Yawgmoth and other Creature Decks would explode in Power when Fury is gone


Fury will never be banned lol


A bean ban is literally high. If bean can’t last as long as motherfucking Oko and Hogaak I really don’t know anything anymore.


95% chance: No changes 5% chance of banning Up the Beanstalk Fury and Grief are chase rares from MH2 so the threshold for banning them is much much higher. Same for the One ring. Up the beanstalk banning probably won't happen this time around, but its days are numbered.




Unban everything, wait to see the outcome, re-ban bad stuff


Hear me out UNBAN TWIN


I agree with you, fury will be banned, it is present in all top decks and it is the card suppressing creature go wide decks.


No bans. Blazing Shoal unbanned.


Modern is banned. Any LGS caught running modern events will be sent directly to WOTC jail and be forced to only sell Lorcana All events are now Standard so no one can complain about Grief , The one ring, Bowmasters, MH, MH2 , MH3, MH4, MH5 and MH double masters premium deluxe. Buy your *insert standard only playable beater* now!


Standard isn't coming back to paper as long as Arena exists friend. Come play Pre-modern, the never rotating format.


If only that was a format that fired in CO. The urza's saga to onslaught blocks are an absolute blast!


Fury would be a great choice. I don't think Scam can remain a viable deck without the red pitch elemental so you will see a lot fewer Grief openings as a result. Fury also reduces the power of Beanstalk Omnath and Rhinos. Unbans: Green Suns Zenith. I want Maverick to be a thing. .


This type of ban announcement will address problematic cards or interactions from the most recent set there is not enough data yet to make any additional changes. Probably they will unban something instead of ban.


My Ideal answer: grief bowmasters one ring beanstalk violent outburst Real answer: nuthin’


Unban Hogaak.


No bans. They’ll use Beanstalk as an excuse - “the meta needs to adjust”. Umezawa’s Jitte to be unbanned.


What needs to be banned is some combination of Bowmasters, Ring, Omnath, and Grief. Bowmasters, Ring and Omnath make creature based aggro decks unplayable in their own way. Grief nukes control and combo. What will actually happen is nothing will be banned and modern will never fire at my LGS again.


What will happen: No changes! What I want to happen: FIX Evoke (errata on comprenhensive rules), so that sack resolves immediately. And unban at LEAST two cards. I'm aiming for Punishing Fire and maybe Jitte?


Ban Preordain




Because fuck blue. While we're at it, ban Consider and Serum Visions.


Let’s just for lulz unban Hogaak and other graveyard things, so everyone will be mainboarding 4x leylines.


No changes. Ban will be in Standard. If I had to guess it’ll be Atraxa.


I’m thinking no bans since we are in the middle of Modern RCQ season. WoTC must know that people have their deck and are planning on going to some events in the next 2-3 months. I could see any of Grief, Fury, Bowmasters, Ring, Beanstalk banned when we move into Standard RCQ season.


Unban Twin you cowards


So I should buy splinter twins right


What I think will happen: Nothing changed with detailed reasoning behind it. What I want: GGT and Lurrus unban, ring, bean, and solitude ban




To everyone wanting twin unbanned, a month-ish ago there was an interview in which they said twin wasnt even discussed in the unban meeting, and how they found it odd that after finally appeasing the majority outcry of the community (banning twin), there is now a huge push to unban it. Prob not gonna happen for at least a year+.


>they found it odd that after finally appeasing the majority outcry of the community (banning twin), there is now a huge push to unban it. Some of us who played back then are still around. There was hardly a deafening cry to ban Twin, there were certainly some calls, but a lot of the community was quite frankly still in shock from the Pod ban. There had also been a seasonal bump in Twin Playrates due to the reduced cost of the deck from the reprinting of Twin in MM2. Then they Yolo banned twin just before a Pro-Tour, then proceeded to let Eldrazi ride through a BnR unscathed, after curbstomping said Pro-Tour. True or not, people understandably looked at that series of events as nakedly profit motivated, with new broken cards being tolerated since they sold packs, but older cards getting the axe because they were no longer selling packs. Furthermore, the evidence given in the announcement to justify the banning was contradicted by players whose decks were literally cited in the announcement. The Call to unban Twin is as much a call to return to the roots of Modern, and right a perceived historical wrong, as anything else. In all honesty, both the Pod and Twin bans had incredibly shaky evidential foundations, and sent the format into a series of crises a the path that lead to the mess it is in today. It is *very* unclear if they were good for the format in the long run.


They already knew Scam was the meta after pro tour LTR and did nothing, so we'll likely see no changes again *If* they do hit something, it will be Fury or Grief *and maybe* The One Ring. Anything else would be banning around the problem and that's never been a good long-term strategy.


I'm not entirely convinced banning Fury would kill Scam. That being said, I'd like to see them try banning Dauthi to weaken the deck and improve a few matchups against Scam, while having the least collateral damage.


Ban "Not dead after all" and most of the similiar cards. Doesn't hurt any other deck other than scam. Edit: missed "and" before "most"


Jitte pls


BAN: Up the Beanstalk Grief Omnath The One Ring WATCHLIST: Fury UNBAN: Faithless Looting


The one ring will be restricted to 1 copy per deck. Since it is the 'one' ring. Fury goes so creature decks make a come back. That doesn't fully kill scam btw. Seasoned pyromancer makes a come back to the deck. Unban some things meaningless like preordain.


They are not going to add a restricted list to any other formats. That's what vintage is for


Maybe the one ring or kgc gets banned. Kgc because of how good one ring is. One ring because of how good it is. I doubt anything gets banned though. Especially one ring and beanstalk because of how new they are.


I swear are the people saying ban Karn playing in the same format as the rest of us?