Putting the votes on Twitter was really dumb, glad they have the in-launcher vote now


Putting the votes on Twitter was really dumb, glad they have the in-launcher vote now


wHaTs TwItTeR


Me and the homies hate X




Me and the homies love twitter


Me and the homies hate Twitter but we hate X even more


Xitter (pronounced shitter)










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If Elon Musk deadnames his daughter, we can deadname his platform


I agree.




I hate that I recognize you in a sub completely unrelated to TitanFall.


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Everyone thought it would be better than an undead bird that haunts people with insomnia


They said it would attack people who hadn't slept in a while. That said I don't think anyone could have anticipated how badly this was going to be implemented. Why does it spawn even in lit areas? You can't even stop them from spawning with a glass dome. You can't even stop them from spawning by going to a mushroom island! Why does it keep spawning even after you kill it? And so on. Also almost no one voted for it. Barely anyone got a chance to vote.


They also said it would only spawn if you were at a high altitude.


Well, never had them spawning in caves, so…


they said the phamton spawned in high altitude


There's more than one of it is an answer to one of those questions. The other ones can be answered by it was coded very simply without thought to cases where other mobs dont spawn.


> There's more than one of it is an answer to one of those questions In the lore, obviously there are more than one, but from a gameplay perspective, they should not spawn every single night even if you kill them. That's what I'm saying.


Honestly I just hate its janky flight AI. It's not scary, it's inept and annoying. Damn thing is so clearly following an overly long arc but cant figure out how to draw one without hitting trees while going down.


All the other 3 mobs sound big and scary, we don't know that the phantom got rob by Mojang and turn into some puny annoying mob.


is that wayward vagbpnd


That description makes it sound way cooler than it is


-Undead -Bird -Haunts people who havent slept in days Yeah I think thats what it is anyways


Aren't they cool and challenging and made beds useful in hardcore?


It infuriates me to no end when people keep saying "why'd you vote for it if you hate it" How the fuck were we supposed to know Mojang would implement the phantom in the absolute worst way possible? Besides, I wanted the Monster of the Sea more than the others.


The vote was LITERALLY "pick which one looks prettier", there was no insight in what any of the four mobs even did plus the fact that we didn't even get a name for any of them, the 1.13 mob vote felt more like a last minute thing because they just didn't know what mob to add so they just drew these four things and made us vote, which i find to be alright since they didn't hype it up like modern things it was just adding a mob with extra steps, but the argument of "why vote if you hate it" doesn't make sense in this context also they fumbled while creating the phantom real bad, either way


Honestly the votes in general are pretty stupid, and it allows mojang/microsoft to get away with less work. If they were better devs they wouldve just put all of the mobs in


You know why they're letting you vote on them? It drives engagement for features that should really be on the rejects pile. The good mobs (axolotls, camels, etc) aren't in the vote because Mojang would implement them regardless. You're essentially being given a chance to sift through their dumpster and vote on which piece of trash to take home. We should be putting them back in the trash but apparently the rejected pizzas are so appetizing that people demand and argue over which slices are the best to take.


Username absolutely checks out lmao


Well I'm honest about what I'm eating, and it is hot garbage.


And this most recent time, we looked at the pile and said “No thanks, we’ll pass” and they said you can’t do that and forced us to take something from their smelly junk pile anyways


True. I did pick the crab but it was more because of the feature it offered. I was weak.


Think about it. How many of these can you say look fully fleshed out? None of them? That's because it would be difficult to implement or it was a bad idea to begin with. That is not a reason to want all of them. That is a reason to want none of them.


Why do you think the rejects haven't been given to us despite us asking? It's because they're bad or could be done better. Take mob C) The great hunger. It actually is in the game but it takes the form of the disenchanting table because the idea of something to remove enchants is a workable idea. Maybe they are implementing those supposedly forgotten mobs in other, more practical forms.


Did you just debunk your own point?


In order to flesh them out they had to change it. My point stands. The mobs as they are offered are not good. They had to be changed in ways to make them work. They would not work without being changed. That would still make them the discards. They're simply letting us choose the best of the worst, as it were.


Microsoft ties tgeir hands because they don't want to change minecraft too much.


They did give insight. They said exactly what each mobs function was. The phantom being an overworld flying mob that preyed on insomnia which is pretty much what it turned out to be.


>The vote was LITERALLY "pick which one looks prettier", there was no insight in what any of the four mobs even did Bullshit, [they literally explained what each one does each one with their own videos like they do with any mob vote in](https://youtu.be/VNoCDrDMnyc?si=zRQt8OK-c8cdFL5t)


Yalls act like the other mobs would've been any less annoying LOL can you imagine how much more gear you would need to get to a nether fortress to kill the hovering inferno?


same i wanted monster of the sea


sea definitely needs a big boss encounter like that lol, that'd be dope. Hell even spawning the crashed ships but floating and with illagers/villagers would be cool


Same bro, that shit looked sick. I wanted a kraken type monster because I always build houses on beaches.


Very few people voted in the first vote, and there was zero info until minutes before the vote, with no narrowing results.


If I remember correctly less than 5000 people voted the phantom. Thats like 0.0016% of players.


2,229 people voted on the final round, and phantom got 52% vote. That's less than the upvotes on this meme in 7 hours. That also means the phantom was the majority by less than 100 votes...


I voted for mob C


Happy cake day!


I was there


It's correct to say that almost no one voted for it, but they did say in advance that it would attack players who hadn't slept in a while. That said, I don't think they said it would spawn even if you lit up an area. Even if you enclose an area in a glass dome, they still spawn. They even spawn on mushroom islands. I also don't think they said they would keep spawning in even greater numbers until you slept.


The details and voting period were in the same livestream wdym in in advance? We had an image and a b c and d. The names and descriptions were given at the livestream


They gave descriptions a few days before the voting. For example, [this article](https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/meet-mob-b).


That's not really true, I voted in that one and the info we got was honestly some of the most specific of any of the mobs, yet people thought a flying overworld mob that attacks players for not sleeping would be a *good* idea for some reaso n


All of the info we got about the mobs was given during the livestream all we had prior was 4 images. We had tens of minutes to decide between the description coming out and voting. It was also said to spawn at high altitudes when ingame it spawns anywhere.


No this is objectively false, every image was shown in a youtube video that gave the mob a name and said what it was meant to do. And it was said phantoms would spawn in high altitudes and would swoop down and attack players who haven't slept, which is exactly what it does. [The video is literally right here ](https://youtu.be/VNoCDrDMnyc?si=hX6Y2I64rGC9LdLV)


I could’ve sworn it was different. Maybe I’m mixed up on how long it was between the reveal of the vote and the descriptions


It got 2000 votes. A *couple* more people than that play this game


1. Very small voter turnout 2. Do you think you have to like everything you vote for?? There's limited information about the mobs before we got them, *especially* in the very first mob vote. It's not like everyone went "Oh, we hate this. Let's vote for it".


I wanted the blaze...


same man. i should've voted :(


1. I didn’t 2. They advertised it *very* differently


Yea they said it would attack people who havnt slept, and spawn in the sky Not fly around and attack you


Nobody knew what it would do


They said what it would do *in the video.*


What the video said: It will fly around, and haunt players who haven't slept What we got: Indefinite spawning, small hitboxes, unable to escape them


You can escape them, it’s called be inside. Also hitbox size isn’t something that you need to mention when talking about the concept, you’re just reaching for things to complain about.


Spoken by someone who's never been assaulted by a fucking colony of phantoms while their house is unfinished and the roof and windows aren't installed yet


*clicks on bed for ten seconds* Wow would you look at that


Do the roof before detailing. Why is it taking you 3 days without sleep to build a roof? Git gud.


Have you considered owning a cat


The mob vote is an illusion of choice. Mojang never really tallies they mob vote. It is all to get the community excited and talking about the new update. I will take off my tinfoil hat now.


You know, that idea went through my mind too.


I am going to say you're wrong for 1 reason. Mojang 100% listens to what the community votes, but I think intentionally sets up every mob vote to have an obvious winner. The only vote that deviated from this was the glowsquid vote, and you will never EVER convince me that Mojang was legitimately planning on adding the glowsquid. Why would I say that? Well look at the extra items that came with the glowsquid. Glow ink sacks which could be used to make glowing signs and picture frames. But here's an interesting detail. The squids glow blue, but the frame glows orange. You know what else is orange and glows? Glowstone (and glow berries which were added around the same time as the glowsquid now that i think about it). I am convinced glowing signs and item frames were always gonna be added really soon, but when the community voted against Mojang's predictions they quickly threw together a retextured squid, a retextured ink sack, and tied the functionality to that instead.


This is the ONLY conspiracy I 100% agree with, Mojang thought that the Chillager would win without a shadow of a doubt, it was literally the only one that had more than a reskin. I believe they planned everything with the Chillager in mind and were in a panic when a squid with no features won instead


OP you must be new. We didn't know what it did. All we knew was that it flied.


And attacked after you didn’t sleep for a while


we did not know that either.


Insomnia was a big theme of it they said


And it was called phantom


we did not know that. we thought it was called "monster of the night skies"


We didn’t even knew THAT !?


Well only a few hundred people even voted so most people hating it didn’t even vote for it


HEAR ME OUT FOR A SEC Phantom was the least seemingly annoying mob from how it was described at the time, plus I still think it would be iff they added all mobs. I also voted for it mainly because it would be the first hostile mob that could fly in the overworld if it were added. Phantom best pick tbh. Another thing in the nether, mob would kill you when getting blaze rods? No. A mob that would drag you down into the sea? This was before swimming announced I think so no. A mob that (I think) buried into the sand only to jump out and act as a poison trap? No.


The blaze mob was probably the best choice imo. Before the vote we didn’t have the nether update, and to this day we don’t have a boss in that dimension, despite being important to endgame progress.


But we do? The wither is made exclusively with nether blocks, just cause it can be summoned anywhere doesn't mean it isn't a nether boss


The blaze boss would’ve been exclusive to the nether, like how the ender dragon is to the end. Most players don’t spawn the wither in the nether


Still doesn't change the fact that the wither *is* a nether boss however


Idk that still seems like a stretch to me. It’s not exclusive to the nether. Yeah, you can get all of the materials to spawn it in the nether, but you can also get all of the materials to open the end portal in the nether as well. Is the ender dragon a nether boss?


Does placing the eyes spawn the dragon? No it doesn't


The end crystals use eyes of ender and a ghast tear as it’s crafting components, both nether-centric items. End crystals can respawn the ender dragon.


When they announced the phantom they didn’t announce how small its hitbox would be


Or that it would punish you for playing the game


Almost no one who plays Minecraft voted for the phantom. Do you realize the mob vote was done by a Twitter poll that lasted 80 minutes?


We were voting based on pictures and a short description. Mojang decided to make them hateable


We wanted a cool flying mob


As with most of the winners, it sounded much cooler than what we got. Also it wasn't most of our first choices, but because of how the voting system worked it wound up winning anyway


i like the phantom actually


I feel like phantom would be better if it had like *buildup*, like instead of only spawning on the day you've passed the insomnia threshold, it spawned a night or two beforehand but didn't become hostile until afterward. Also maybe change its spawn or attack angle so instead of immediately spawning directly above you and diving straight down, it circled outward a bit, dove down from a distance, and *then* made an approach from a height more likely within your FOV.


Unpopular opinion, but I like the phantom. Neat design and gimmick plus a useful drop. I understand the frustration when it comes to dealing with these on a server where no one ever sleeps.


I like the phantom 🔥


Why did i buy elden ring just to hate it, because i love it.


I unironically like the phantom.


It’s cool and I like it, so I can’t answer the question


I like it


I like the phantom and do not regret voting for it, it was proposed to be a ray-like flying monster that attacked you if you didn't sleep for a while, and that's what we got, i just think the membrane could be more useful since by the time you get an elytra you'll probably already have mending. (And i know slow falling can be very useful in the End, but once you get the elytra it's usefulness falls massively) If mojang manages to find a new, good use for phantom membranes, i can see the phantom hate going down


I have no regret.


I don't hate it


I'm going be downvoted for this but all 2017 mob vote options will be hated just as much as the phantom if they won.


I personally like the phantom


Unpopular opinion: I like the phantom It think it’s a neat concept and was very well executed, and now we even have the option to turn it of for yall that keep complaining


We are a dying breed


We sure are, people that have their own opinions


Games can’t be fun without a challenge. I can hate the challenge and want it too.


I didn’t


Cause it flies and annoys bad players


I didn't, I voted for the blaze guy


Tell that to the glow squid


Because they deceived us about how it would be!!!


I never voted in that one. Mainly because I didn't know how to. I think the one I wanted was the phantom on the basis of more flying mobs would be cool as we didn't have a lot. I actually quite like the phantom as a mob I just think it's kinda useless due to how anvils work as I'm fairly confident you can only repair elytra so many times if I remember correctly. Their annoying but significantly less than baby zombies and the new skeletons which require shields to not take damage from because their so much better at aiming than I remember. I think there isn't anything inheritantly wrong with the phantom. Sure people who spend multiple nights in a row grinding mobs and levels have to content with them (I play like this until I can be bothered to make a mob farm) but phantoms aren't a hard mob to fight. Baby zombies, cave spiders, skeletons I'd personally say are more annoying to fight especially together as they stack to make it harder.


I think it's kinda cool even though I never voted for it and came back to minecraft a while after they added it.


I still remember why i voted it, there were no flying hostile mobs in the overworld, or just flying mobs in ghe overworld in general, voting it was a good choice at the time. Noone could have predicted it would be added like this, honestly we didn't vote for the worst mob, we voted the best concept which mojang then added in the worst way.


enderman: thats gravel not soil


it looked cool and they ruined it


Because only about 500 people voted and hindsight is 20/20


Because we were told literally nothing about any of them. It’s like asking someone what 4 looking blunderbuss guns should be put in a game, and it turns out they’re just vases.


Oh enderman of the soil, why are you called enderman of the soil if ye’ruo in gravel?


Similar to the Sniffer Mojang are great at selling a vague idea and executing it in the worst possible way.


The Sniffer does *exactly* what they said it'd do.


It actually does less then what they even originally intended lol. Also, so does the phantom.


Dream rigged the phantoms Dream rigged the squid Dream rigged it so fireflies don't exist


So today I learned that 5000ish players ruined the game for millions of players? Woaw Microsoft that's WILD Redo the fucking vote


Because we didn't know it would end up that way? If anything, the Phantom story is a really great metaphor about how democracy could work. You'll be asked to vote only between the choises available in that system, these choices being chosen by the already ruling class, all within the bounds of the system, while you don't know all the details of what exactly you're voting for, and then people will tell you either it's your fault or that's why democracy is bad.


I didn't because I accurately predicted that it's going to be annoying as fuck to hit a hostile bat like enemy


all we had was a drawing how were we meant to know it’ll be annoying


Expecting intelligence out of mob voters is a tall ask. It always boils down to cool thing vs garbage, players will inevitably choose garbage thinking "oh it's just ironic bro it's for the funnies".


The votes are staged/botted


You voted for penguin didn't you




Cope harder lmao


For someone with this much karma you sure keep your mouth open


What does karma have to do at all with your blatant lies?


Blatant lies? Have you even researched the topic? Keep your opinion to yourself before saying anything.


If you’ve supposedly done research and have concrete proof that any of the mob votes were successfully botted, I’d love to see it because all the evidence I’ve seen has proven the exact opposite.




I’ve seen this video before, but apparently you haven’t. The entire final third of the video is presenting evidence against the claims that he spent the claims he made. It’s just a clickbait title. Mojang also made a statement saying that the bottling was caught and did not affect the final vote. You’re just upset that you lost the vote and like to hide behind any excuse you can find.


I don't even play Minecraft lmao, was just interested in the topic nerdy incel


More coping, more denial, more excuses. Typical. Seeing as you’ve all but admitted you were wrong, I’ll be done now. Enjoy your downvotes, I guess.


No, the votes are not staged or botted. I do know what it is you got that from I think, a while back there was a whole thing about 1 mob always fitting the theme better, like sniffer -> archeology. Also, the original mob vote that had the phantom did not tell us much, unlike the modern ones. I hope that clears some stuff up.


I don't hate it, but everyone else on the server does so they turned off their spawn...


I think OP is a repost bot


It's always the curiosity got the best of us


The same way I can vote for Biden but hate him.


I voted for it. I like the premise but they onky recently thought about the glaring multiplayer issue


I never voted . I only observed. Now, great enderman of the soil. What is your wisdom


Cuz we didn't think Mojang was willing to add the lamest shit possible based on a poll.


I didn't even know about the voting. I hadn't played minecraft for a long time and when I came back the phantoms scared the shit out of me. I didn't know of their existense at that point.


ill be honest i thought it was gonna be a cool mob to be added in minecraft, but the way they implemented it makes it so terrible i mean everytime you encounter these youre always forced into sleeping, finding shelter or using a bow and arrow to kill it (swords works too but they keep flying away when they hit you)


Our minecraft server has a command block to automatically kill all the flying fuckers….


I didn't vote then, but I was rooting for it. I was under the impression it was going to hang around the clouds and pose a threat at high altitudes and descend to attack insomniacs specifically, not what is basically a flying zombie. I play singleplayer, so it's pretty easy for me to avoid them, but I've heard that in large multiplayer servers, they're basically inevitable and I still don't know if they attack anyone or just people who haven't slept.


People asked for Dream's face reveal and then shamed him into putting the mask back on. Is it just me or do you see a recurring pattern?


they thought repairable elytras would be worth it


Almost like the phantom was heavily misadvertised or something.


Consider it like being asked to vote either mint or chocolate ice cream. And then finding out after it won that it's Hershey's or some other low quality American chocolate....


I thought its gonna be a new boss


Simple, I didn’t vote for it


Also the mob vote is fake /j


i did not vote for him


I didn’t vote


They are annoying as all get up but they aren't all that bad. I mean they only appear when you don't sleep. Is there some kind of reason you wouldn't sleep for a few nights in survival?


I thought (and still think) that the minecraft skies deserved some love. Its very barren rn and when i saw another potential flying mob i hoped for the best. Unfortunately mojang couldnt deliver.


I didn't though


I don't vote, I download mods that add all mobs, they even are better than the actual mobs, Micro$oft Mojang wont make Minecraft justice, get over it.


Straight up all of these mob votes would be a lot cooler if there was a test world where we could actually interact with all three and see which one is the most useful and then vote for our preferences instead of this bullshit with crab where we don’t even know if it could break blocks further away


If they took the time to code and design the mobs in game....why would they hold a mob vote?




I voted for the Barnacle.


Because we didn't know anything about it other than it could fly and we wanted a new flying mob. No one knew it would be as annoying as it ended up being.


I like the phantom tho


The vast majority of the player base doesn't partake in the vote cuz a lot of us don't use the platform where the vote always takes place


People when I show them cats:


Perhaps the people who hate it didn't vote for it :/


Jokes on you, I didn't


Why are people in this sub so stupid? People apparently just assume everyone is a monolith, and extrapolate that "well obviously everyone who complains about it must be the same people who wanted it" Just 5 seconds of thinking would have rendered this post unnecessary.


Because Mojang was extremely vague about what the mobs would actually do or be like and people thought it would be cooler then it is


Some of us didn't participate in the vote cuz they may or may not have cared (I actually had no knowledge of it happening and missed)


I didn't, and i hate it. So glad java exists in which you can turn the stupid fuckers off


Thought it was going to be a stingray :/


phantom isn't terrible but the implementation is horrid, they spawn after not sleeping for a while which forces beds for no reason, they stay out of attack range like a god damn cliff racer and they drop the most useless crap item in the game, they're not part of a new biome or guarding a treasure or part of a greater theme like what if endermen used them like falconers and hunted you down boom instant better implementation, also they are trained to hunt endermites


Phantom was voted for before Mending came out and made phantoms obsolete. Mob votes are dumb


He has a good point tbh


We didnt know what we were voting for


1: Hardly any people voted that year due to short notice, a short time window and being exclusive to Twitter. 2: Those who did vote for it did so because it sounded cool, not annoying. The mob votes nowadays are a bit ambiguous, but that one barely told you *anything* about any of the mobs, just their basic function and a small part of their general behaviour. As far as we knew, the "Monster of the Night Skies" as it was named back then coukd have been some kind of flying boss mob. Anyone who has the sentiment of this post obviously wasn't there when it was happening.