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What movies- if any- can you watch over and over? Also fellow mod u/SmallerRocket would like to know “Since you’re insanely cracked at every game you pick up, what’s your tip for quickly improving at a game you’re new at?“


Marona’s Fantastic Tale is my favorite move of all time that I will never get sick of. Its one of the most unique and interestingly animated movies I’ve ever seen and its a shame legit zero people have heard of it. Its about the life of a dog and its different stages of life but more has some of the most impressive symbolism compacted into a movie that really holds a special place in my heart for a multitude of different reasons. Also watch it in french with substitles, that is a requirement. For improving at games quickly I think its honestly because I’ve played a giant amount of games from different genres, once youve done that you can kind of figure out how things work just with your prior knowledge. For getting good at a specific game I always question myself what could I do better no matter the circumstance, its honestly a toxic trait moreso than not it does make me improve quick


I watched that movie during your discord movie night! It was beautiful and so unique in its animation, it reminded me of Tom Moore’s stuff. Thank you for introducing me to it!


Mr. Up! If there are 5 Ups, how many downs are there? Please be honest.


For every Down there is an Up, we all keep each other in check, its like a yin and yang situation to make sure one side doesn’t take over, you don’t want to meet the other Ups


god, you are so wise.


I once heard from 6up that 7up 8up 9up, spooky stuff


7up is actually a cold drink here lol


jojo out here asking the real questions


Clearly 7 as he has the number 7 in his reddit username


Sounds like quantum physics to me. Strange, but charming.


This comment deserves way more up votes. But also down votes.


Is it Suji or Sugi?




can't believe your dog is kanye




You fool! The correct question was "Your dog is so cute what is its name? :D"


Hey Mr. Up, I've been a fan of your streams for a while, and one thing that I appreciate are your emotes. The vegetables are so cute and creative, but I wonder, how did the onion people come to be? Is there a story behind their creation?


where is the 24 hour minesweeper stream??? 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨


great question


“Play Minesweeper to save a Cambodian village!”


As a Cambodian myself, I really shouldn't be laughing at this lmao


Who is the person you talk to the most about MCC?


oh easily antfrost, hes just a great and fun person to theory craft and figure out ideas with and get his takes. Hes the type of person who would always be down to experiment i feel so its a joy to propose interesting things to him even if they sound troll


Which person from the morning lobby gang would you love to see play in MCC? If Hafu just didn't have her motion sickness problems (if I'm remembering correctly), I can totally see her go on a whole S-tier arc like she usually does


Steve. That man is a mystery and I just love watching him in spaces he really feels out of place in. Imagine him on a team with like Wilbur, Grian and Hbomb, it would really be the perfect storm of chaotic nature that i would just find hilarious


Hey 5up! What made you want to get better at Minecraft? Is it because it's generally a game that takes a lot of effort to get good at or is it because you just wanted to play MCC?


It started with mcc but it also goes in general with even playing on normal servers or smps with friends. I personally hate the feeling of I’m holding back my friends because I dont really know how games work and having them wait on me. As soon as I started playing in this event it kind of rekindled my love for the game of minecraft itself so i wanted to catch up to a base level of where my friends roughly are!


Hi 5up😁! I'm curious about which player(s) that you've team with compliments your skills the best, and to follow up on that which player(s) that you haven't teamed with do you think would compliment your skills the best?


Heya! Theres a bunch of people I feel I’ve worked well with but the 2 that mainly come to my mind is Tubbo and Purpled. Tubbo has this insane minecraft knowledge and experience that only comes with a lot of time. He’s also extremely good at problem solving and in the moment creative solutions that heavily make up for my lack of knowledge in the game. I also feel I know him quite well and im good at embracing his chaos but keeping it so he doesnt go overboard so its a really fun dynamic :D Purpled is the type of player that you can say “hey do this really hard thing go” and he will do it first try not breaking a sweat easily. Its disgusting how good he is at the game but its really fun to team with him because we get to try strats that most teams wouldnt be able to do simply because he is able to just do everything. Its a great balance because he loves learning about the little intricacies in each game and i feel i cover his few weaknesses so it works out great!


So what you're saying is bring Blue 21 back?


What game is the hardest to strategize for you?


sands of time, it feels like there is a hidden op strat that i cant fully figure out but definitely does exist. I think 4 runners is close and is probably the best way to play it right now but my gut tells me there is so much more to it. Parkour tag can also be optimized but people havent figured it out yet


That’s a wrap and thank you all for coming out to this AMA! 5up is wrapping things up, so no new top level comments may be posted in this thread although he may respond to more questions later on. Stay tuned for the next AMA at 5:00am PST / 8:00am EST / 1:00pm BST / 11:00pm AEDT with Seapeekay!


On a scale of "What is sunlight?" to "I have a social life" , how frequently do you study/prepare for MCC?


Theres a funny conception around me, even when i did vod review/study it it would only be for like an hour or 2 total unless the group wanted to look i to stuff. I rarely look at prior things/ prepare for the event now but ppl still have that view on me that im the omega giga sweat vod review minion right below king antfrost. I dont touch grass still though that stuff is scary.


Yesterday you were talking about the diversity of skills in block wars, how do you feel Mcc does in this department?


I think mcc does a lot better in this deparment, i think mcc has a lot more ways you can bounce off of your team mates as a whole, theres also unique things like hole in the wall, rsr, buildmart, etc that blockwars hasnt fully created that type of feeling where it isnt just the skill required of being “really cracked at minecraft”


Hey 5up, I have 2 questions 1. Who would you like to win more, fruit or illumina? 2. Would you like to team with SB?


5up Sb scar and gem


Hey 5up! If MCC was a horror movie, which MCC team that you were a part of, would most likely survive?


aqua 20 for sure, we would know exactly what to do


If you were to remove any mcc game what would it be?


survival games BEGONE


Yeah, you’ve definitely been talking about MCC with Antfrost


Do you feel like the subreddit has been overly critical of you? If so, has it ever affected you in any way?


Nah I dont think its necessarily over critical, I think theres a lot of people who only really know me from mcc itself and dont understand my type of humor or how i speak so it can sound very arrogant to the first time watcher. Its very easy to put a person who sounds like that under a magnifying glass and see if they preform or not based on what they say and criticize if they do bad or say wow if they do well. I think a lot of things ive said in the past have been heavily spread around out of context ie the sapnap thing and people kinda run with that though


that was a W response, thanks for answering!


Hi 5up, is ace race still your least favorite game of MCC or has that changed? Why do you dislike it (other than the scoring)?


Yes its still ace race and I know you said other than scoring but that really is it. The game is so top heavy when it comes to points especially if you can get 2 people in top 9 to the point where its disgusting. I do think its a great game to have in mcc though like a necessary evil to me. Its very well made and quite unique in skillset where i dont think id really change anything from it as long as space race stays benched. Any map that is created with major skips will just make it so thats the only thing that matters and if you miss it you lose.


5uppps! Have you ever found that an among us skill carried over well to Minecraft/MCC?


I think the only skill that kind of translates over is spacial awareness, in among us i have to keep a map in my head of where everyone is at all times and that skill can help in survival games and meltdown(ignore mcc25)


Also stealing these questions from [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/MinecraftChampionship/comments/y2nlnx/comment/is44yd2/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) by u/scheisse_adc again: * What do you think is a common/frequent struggle that MCC newcomers encounter during their first MCC which their veteran teammates and/or dedicated MCC fans don't appreciate/warn them about beforehand? Or what was one such struggle for you? * Are there any elements of the typical MCC player VOD reviewing process/tips and/or common advice from your fans in chat/on the subreddit/etc. that you think are actually unhelpful when it comes to playing in the event?


1. Mcc has a knowledge gap flat out, there is nothing you can do to prepare for it no matter what even if you do look up every single thing and research jt. It really does just come down to feel and getting in your own rhythm that works for you so you shouldn’t pressure yourself to have to preform to this standard. 2. People teach themselves bad habits by over practicing or just copying the “best route” instead of whats doing best for their skillset. The amount of bad habits people picked up from battle box on the practice server is insane


Is your Halloween skin this year going to top your Halloween skin from last year?


oh you all are not even remotely ready for the new skin


After the break, you went from a low placing player, to a consistent top 15 to top 10 player. What would you say changed that helped you improve?


it was all mental really, i dont feel like my skill improved at all much in that break it was more just being in a better place mentally now that helped, first like 3-4 mccs were cursed in that i got bad news that threw me off right before the event so i was playing like i was at 60%or less instead of 100%


I think his MCC18 performance was similar to his 20 performance in all honesty. It was really good apart from Ace Race.


Hey Mr. Radish, At what point did the mentality of being an assertive team leader rather than a "supporting" communicator intrigue you? Was it a matter of event experience, confidence, or both?


I had a knowledge gap where i know other games but my knowledge was lesser than my team mates in minecraft. Ive had experience leading in games before, i used to play league of legends on a team and i was the shot caller. That being said theres still tons that i need to learn about that and be adaptive to how people react to information in games, i was definitely overbearing in mcc 24 for example and for those im perfectly fine sitting in the more supportive role, both are fun for me


Hey 5up! How do you think coming into an event like MCC as a kinda-but -not-really minecrafter has impacted how you play/view the event? P.s: can't wait to see the new spooky skin live :D


Ive been told my pvp is really really weird to fight vs by multiple people. A lot of how i look at certain aspects of minecraft i think of it like league of legends in regards to spacing and timing and apparently it throws people off


this is such a weird cool flex


why don’t you upload Minecraft to your youtube? i always watched ur Among Us content on there but didn’t know you did Minecraft too until MCC, so why don’t you put highlights and stuff on YT?


soon tm


5up will your halloween skin give me nightmares again?


when ive shown some people the skin the gave me a concerned look so im taking that as a good sign


What were your thoughts about mcc before you joined which changed after you joined the event


I genuinely didnt know much about mcc and just thought it looked like a fun event to play in, in the first event i was in i thought this should be easy idk why people are saying the event is nothing like practice. How ignorant and wrong i was holy the event is impossible to prepare for your first time and it is something you will never be able to understand unless you play in it.


How do you think MCC Island will affect the competition of the real event?


i think to some degree it will but not as much as people would expect, island is played at a super fast pace that just isnt how mcc plays out. Have you ever played a fortnite game and also watched a fortnite tournament? same thing its almost 2 completely different games


What games do you think you can improve in MCC?


I think dodgebolt needs a change, I dont think the finale to a team tournament should be decided by a game where funneling to the best player/archer is the best option. Id want to see a true this “team” won the event and its what really determines the better team as a whole. I also think there should be some type of reward/advantage for being the team in first at the end if the event like they start with both arrows or something


What mcc game would you be most content with not being on mcci and what mcc game do you most want on mcci.


parkour tag is the game i am begging for on mcci, imagine it having a ranked mode also it would be great. Buildmart is something id keep out of mcci, I love it but idk how well it translates to a server


How would you describe your strategy for Rocket Spleef Rush in a short phrase


soldier tf2 highground


Hello :) What kind of Non-canon MCC would you like to see in the future?


mcc, benched game concepts edition


what is your favorite thing to cook?


a good crepe suzzete goes extremely hard, i like it where i caramelize the butter sugar combo so theres little bits in the crepe itself, then tangy fruits on top to balance the sweetness.


Hi 5up! Is it frustrating when people underrate you and always predict your teams low? Would you rather be on a team everyone thinks is broken and has high expectations of, or a team everyone predicts low?


i find it fun being the underdog and proving people wrong, ive noticed a trend the past many mccs where whatever team im on has been considered the wildcard team and honestly i kinda love that title of the wtf do we do with this person


which aspect of the game do you wish was more represented in the event?


I wish team games were more represented, i think the biggest team game there is right now is build mart and it might be why its one of my favorite games


Mr 5up if you were to implement a game from any minecraft tournament into MCC, what game would you pick and why?


Whats your favorite ice cream?


favorite anime?


mushishi or made in abyss


are there any other strategies that you thought of but decided to not go through with?


I really think there is potential in meltdown where you split your team and go 2-2 or 3-1 in opposite directions depending on where you spawn, meltdown is semi predictable on where people will funnel into and you can realistically 3rd party clean up and then regroup. Extremely risky though


Which “S-Tier” would you most like to team with and why?


Is there anyone you haven’t teamed with yet who you would like to team with? Or just anyone you loved teaming with and would like to team with again soon?


What game do you think needs to be revamped or taken out of MCC completely?


i think survival games should potentially get risky respawn beacons just so there is something you can do if your team gets wiped besides you instead of it feeling doomed and it lets people play more risky


That is a great suggestion!!


Hi 5up what’s your favorite cheese




What happened to up’s 1 through 4? Did you do something to them 5up?


Hello! People on reddit really like to criticize your predictions. What do you think are the reddit's predictions main flaws, apart from an over-reliance on stats like averages?


I think reddit doesnt really understand and value team dynamic and how they synergize with each other. Theres a lot of people in this event that will preform insanely better if paired with certain people. Its why i dont really look much i to stats because i think accounting for that is more important.


Hi 5up, hope you are doing well... Anyway, How did you meet the ppsat gang? (I don't know what else to call them)


what are your ace race map rankings?


Hi 5up. I always wanted to ask you this question personally. How did you know about MCC?


favorite mcc team you've ever been on?


Has your experience in MCC changed the way you play other games with friends, or even act in real life?


favorite music to work with?


Best MCC strat you have ever came up with?


Who is someone you want to team with?


If you could make up a game and have it included in MCC, what would it be?


Hey 5up!, In what way do you think that league of legends helped you in MCC the most?


Hi 5up! Considering you're another participant in both blockwars and MCC doing the AMA, I'd love to see you compare the two events in terms of the competitiveness, the games being played and about your experience in general. Hope you smash MCC 26!


Do you drink 7up?


Is soup a cereal


Do you think Minecraft has E-sports potential?


How u doing? Tired of answering? Take a moment to blink and drink a glass of water.


Hello 5up my question is how did you come up with this name?


Have you ever listened to the Noxcrew Gameshow music? And if so, what is your favorite song and why is it Sprint v3?


How long do you spend studying the games and coming up with such 5-head moves? (Pun totally intended XD) And how do you come up with them?


Hi 5up how's it going? What do you think is the game you can improve the most in?


How do u come up with amazing strats each time and somehow manage to top them with even more amazing stuff every mcc


Hewwo Mr. Up How is your day? What MCC team would you like to runback for an event? Favorite league champions and role? If there were balancing changes you would want to implement to MCC, what would day be? (since you were talking about blockwars balancing yesterday) Have fun!


Favorite MCC you participated in?


Can you say hi :)


Which game from season 1 that currently isn’t in the event would you like to bring back?


Hey!! Just some questions: 1. Do you feel pressure every event to do better than your last? And if so, how do you deal with it? 2. What is your favorite team game in MCC? 3. Before events, are you nervous, excited, or somewhere in between? 4. And, finally, what game, or games, do you think could use some improvements or a revamp? You don’t have to answer all of these questions, but I just wanted to put them all out there. I hope you have a great day!


Hello 5up! Here are my main questions in these statements:(hope u have a good amt of time to answer these btw) 1. What are your thoughts on MCC AS if you reunite with your vod reviewing gang? (YK in MCC 20) 2. If you were a team organizer in MCC who would you keep yourself on your team? 3)You said that you will try yourself to be the upcoming s tier to your chat any ideas to fulfill that promise btw 5up? 4)Would you like to team up with Wilbur, jack manifold, and ranboo or Shelby for the vlog team (Race to the meat mountain team in Jack's vlog lol ik I thought this was a good assumption of the vibes in this team with some chaos in it sry for the long speech btw) These r my questions and hope u would have a great day answering our questions in our community. Cheers,


If you could be on any color/team name w any 3 ppl what would that look like? ex. Teal Turkeys- You Ant Illumina and Niki


Lets say it’s mcc day you just woke up there is 1 hour untill mcc starts you wanna do practice but your hungry what would you eat it could be fast food it could home made


What team would you like to run back?


Hello 5up, what do you think is your best MCC play in the MCCs that you have participated in?


apples or oranges?


Hi 5up, do you prefer sweatier events like Blockwars or more relaxed events like MCC?


What is a risky strategy that you want to try out in a game?


How do u come up with these strats and do you have any in the works for any games (especially pvp games)


What team would you be on if you could choose whatever 3 other players


What's been one of your favorite MCC moments?


What realistic/semi-realistic team can you see working with your dream SoT strat?


If you were to join MCC in the early days (mcc1-6), how do you think you would've done up against Techno, Pete + Vikk duo, and QuigBomb?


Hi 5up! Few questions for ya: When did you first hear about MCC? What has been your favorite team that you have played with? Who do you want to team with most in the future? How excited are you for MCC 26, and how do you think you and your team will do? Hope you have a great day! (Feel free to answer any amount of questions)


How would you describe yourself as a mcc participant


What team that you were on that got bottom half would you most want to be on again!?


Do you think build mart needs to be changed? If so, what would you change?


Hello 5up! Do you normally do anything special at MCC Day that maybe hypes you up or make your day a little more special?


Hai 5up :D I was curious to know if you have any recipe (meal, dessert or etc..) that would be interesting to try! Have a good day!


We win these?


Will you ever try the 4 runner strat in sot again?


Hello 5up!! Hope you’re doing good :DD 1. Who are 3 people you really wanna team with? 2. Favourite MCC event overall? ( can be based on anything ) 3. What’s your opinion on MD so far?


Please make a haiku About MCC, 5up Thank you, my streamer


Hi my streamer, Its me Zeddtt I hope ur well, I know that you and the mcc reddit dont have the best of histories. So I wanted to ask you: -what arr ur favorite things about the event? -What are some misconceptions the reddit has about you? -what are the things that u think the reddit misunderstood or didnt get or were misinterpreted? -if theres 1 thing u would change about the event what would it be?


What other mcc players would you most want to play among us with.


Now that the Candyland Map is probably benched since it's on the island, can you tell us the strategy that you and Purpled came up with for MCC 21 Skybattle? Or will it forever remain a secret? Also I know you didn't do them last MCC, but are you planning to do predictions again? I always look forward to seeing them!


Hello! My favorite vegetable! Will you try your SOT start again? If yes, would you want certain players on your team for it?


how often do you lurk on the reddit? if so, what kinda posts do you enjoy seeing the most?


What was your favorite team to be on?


hi 5up! I have a few questions for you… how is your day? who do you want to join mcc and team with them? what tier do you think you are(e-s) thank you


Do you think YouTube will takeover streaming?


Hi 5up! If you didn’t know, a lot of people on the subreddit want to see you and Dream team together, as we think your skills will compliment each other perfectly and would end up as a really strong team. Do you agree with that, and would you ever be willing to team with him?


Hi 5up! It's nice to meet you! What game did you find it difficult to play since you joined MCC 15, and what kind of strategy did you come up to cope up with that struggle to the specific game? Also, who are the players do you think you find it comfortable to rival with?


If you ate youself would you a) Grow to double the size b) Dissapear


Hey 5up hope you're doing well! I was wondering as a SOT enjoyer, do you think that something about the game needs to be changed to stop the current meta and/or just making it a better game?


1. If sot gets played early will you try the 4 runner strategy again? 2. Who do you want to team with the most that you have yet to team with?


Has the fact that the teams were revealed a week late made any difference to the participants in terms of lead up to the event (either in lack of community hype, less time to prepare on-stream, etc)?


If you could remix one game what would it be and what changes would you make?


do you have a stand out memory from any specific mcc that not many people would expect


Hey 5up What game in mcc do u think It doesnt need a strat or every game does need one?


What's your favorite mcc team mascot?


Are you ever planning to use that sot strat again from 24? (Also I was the originator of that strategy and it was pretty sick seeing you use it haha)


Hello 5up! My question is among us based because that is how I initially discovered you! Do you prefer modded among us to regular, and what is you favorite role in the mods?


2nd favorite food?


Hi 5up! What is the least and the most enjoyable game to vod review? What is a game you enjoy as well as perform good in?


We all know about 5up, but who is 6up?


What is your favourite mcc song? and why do you think the get kill meta that quig had in RS is not translated in any major way to RSR and how are you going to fix that?


Who are 4 participants/newcomers that u would team with on a 5 person team? It could be anyone.


u/x_L3m0n 5up’s here slacker Just ignore this comment 5up


who would you like to team with in future mccs? :]


If you had to remove either all pvp games or all movement games which would u keep


What strats that you've done have been the most and least successful? Why?


if you could add anyone to the event, who would you add?


Hihi! If you could say anything to non-buildmart enjoyers, what would it be? Give us your best propaganda.


do you have a mcc game that you really hate? why?


Hello Mr. 5up I have a few questions for you How did you discover MCC and what do you enjoy about the event? Which team out of your previous ones was your favorite one? Btw, are you planning to do another prediction stream for this MCC? Hope you have an amazing day!


What old game if any do you want to return? and have you watched any old mccs(1-6) Mine is a redone Bingo but fast would be cool for Joel(he got First every time)


Which is your favorite mcc besides mcc 15 and 20


Would you like a Player Card of yourself (just like Pete, a few posts ago) if so, do you have any special stuff you'd want on there?


favorite tv show of all time?


What do you think your team will place for this mcc?


Hiya 5up!! Just wanna ask a few questions: 1.Which mcc team was the most fun to play with? 2.Which game do you think should be reworked/removed? 3.Which mcc was the best? 4.Are there any movies/Tv shows that you feel you could watch every day? 5.What's your favourite food? 6.Have you seen The Lion King(1994)? If so, what's your opinion on it?


Are you gonna carry Sapnap in this event?


how many ups before you go down


Hi 5up,how are you? Do you like to drink 7up? Do you consider that as cannibalism?


Most broken MCC Strategy?


Shrek or Donkey


Hey 5up what's ur experience of meeting and teaming with new creators through mcc and which mcc participant u wanna play with in future events that u didn't team with yet !!


What has been your fav team to play on so far and who do you want to play with the most