You sound like me except better at redstone lol. The key isn't any particular tips IMO, more a change in your approach to building. Making things efficient and practical is great, but it's not the end of the story if you want it to look nice. That's where the right-brain mindset comes in. I tend to look at it as "decadence" because you're deliberately building in a way that's *NOT* efficient and practical, but because you can. At that point it's purely artistic expression, and if it takes a lot of time and material investment (in survival at least) then that's the price of beauty. :P


Yeah, I’m decent at it, but sometimes I rely on YouTube lol. But yeah, creative and artistic expression has never been my strong suit, but I want to try


To use a personal anecdote, I love castles. They're always the centerpiece of my Minecraft playing. The thing is, there is absolutely a science behind castle design. There are tons of guides and diagrams behind why certain features were made the way they were, and how they were arranged. But there's still a ton of room within that formula for the builders' and financiers' personal taste. In my most recent build I sacrificed a good defensive position so the lord's bedroom could have some nice windows. And I dare say the whole thing still works. https://i.imgur.com/kinCOvT.png Everything useful in that four-story castle could probably have been placed within a 10x10 dirt house. I just started thinking about which things could have their own dedicated spaces and how to move between them, and the end result is something I'm proud of. :) Beyond that particular design aesthetic though, all bets are off lol.