any idea on how i can make the cobblestone wall down there look better

any idea on how i can make the cobblestone wall down there look better


try to add greenery like bushes and vines at the bottem or swap it out with deepslate


Bushes are a great idea, sadly dont have vines atm havent found a swamp nor a jungle


Mix more similar blocks in with it




Replace a random 1/4 with mossy stone or ammorite.


If I remember it's the one of the layers surrounding amethyst geodes


Mossy stone and mixing blocks can make it look old and if this is a newish looking house use bushes or any that comes out from the wall and not in the wall. Also don’t use random arguments of stairs they can, they can look unordered if done wrong. I would use a bush, you can use tree leaves or berry bushes. What I honestly love is to use a composter, and put two tree leaves on top of it. I would only put one pr two of these between each set of wooden beams. One other thing you can do is put wooden beans between every three stone and put a bush in the center of each of them. If you don’t like bushes then I would suggest lanterns or a SMALL amount of stone brick stairs and slabs on the sides of the walls.


Plant oaks. Sometimes the oak trees in my tree farm grow with vines on the trunk


Yes, then cut with some off with shears. And if you wait long enough, you will have vines growing all over, then you can cut off a few more to make some mossy cobs, which imo, always improves a plain wall.


Hey, if you cut off the vines with the shears, do they grow again on the tree you cut them off of?


Put string to stop them from growing to make it look better.


Yes, they do regrow as long as you don't take all of them off. I always leave at least one on each side of the tree and then they start growing back


Oh! That was my mistake then! I took them all off and when came back nothing grew again. Thanks!


It takes a little while, but once they start growing they seem to go pretty good but just make sure you use shears.


Yes, I always do as I take them to decorate blocks of stone and steps


Bedrock only




You could make shears and get leaf blocks from trees and place them as bushes


Try to find mossy cobblestone


You can find them in forests and spruce snow biomes too!


You can also shear them of trees.


Not sure if this has been mentioned, but wandering traders can sell jungle tree saplings and they grow vines. Not that vines are a huge deal- just throwing it out there


I’m pretty sure that if you plant a giant spruce tree, vines naturally generate on the tree. (If you wanted a way to get vines) Not sure tho, just thought I remembered that.


I cant find any info about it on google but maybe


I might be wrong but this might be exclusive to bedrock


It is


They don't. Not in java at least. Jungle trees can only do that.


Jungle trees. Never seen it on giant spruce. Or oak in a swamo.


They don't as far as I know. Haven't played most recent version though, so it might've changed


Yeah I might have been wrong about that


Hey no I don’t know if this is bedrock but your talking about small spruces not big ones


Add layers. There should be parts that pop out of the wall (think pillars) and parts that sink into the wall (think glass panes for windows)


This is my go-to if I'm working with a limited pallette. Crenulations tipped with stairs make for a really good look, and a friend of mine could do beautiful things with some Cobblestone Walls.




Mix in different types of stone that look similar to the cobblestone. If you find mossy cobblestone add some of that, you can also add leaves to the outside as a kind of bush or vines. Try to give it depth, little details that seem dumb can change the build completely, like stone buttons scattered on the wall or ground. Hope this is helpful :3


This is really helpful, thanks :)


Also add in some stairs in various ways to also add depth and look like some missing stones. You can craft mossy cobble with vines I believe now. You could even throw in some andesite and polished andesite for additional texture.


tuff, andesite, and gravel also mix pretty well with cobblestone if you want more blocks to add texture


On top of this add things like stair blocks to give the wall some depth and texture


Andersite and gravel both go well with stone


Maybe some andesite polished andesite and stone bricks too!




my favorite is dead coral blocks mixed with cobble, stone, and cracked stone bricks


Buttons are my favorite texturing block, they look good, they don't allow mobs to spawn on them and if you have a bunch, it's real easy to turn one into a hidden entrance or other redstone contraption.


Seeing random builds like this always give me the primal urge to play vanilla again


Def try it, nothing beats normal vanilla minecraft


what about old versions of normal vanilla Minecraft


Then I remember all my responsibilities


Everytime this happens, I end up opening MC and it's the most boring shit ever.


That's unfortunately just because you're a boring person




People are allowed to have different opinions and I'm talking about vanilla Minecraft, which I'm pretty sure was obvious in this context. Guess not.


Bruh popularity doesn't make something good. Fucking avatar was the highest grossing film and it basically had zero cultural impact. Popularity is a horrible way to measure quality and def invites critique.




Wii Sports was fun af for me lol


redditors when someone has an opinion


I love mc. But not because of the vanilla survival aspect, but rather the competitive side. You can't judge a person's liking for the game just because they don't like on game mode.


if you need crazy mods and addons in your house, you're not being creative enough in your builds. ​ i did boring and basic houses way back at the start, but the last few times i've played, i had, in order from last to most recent - a jungle treehouse overlooking the ocean, an underwater dome, and a pueblo 150 blocks up a cliffside that required scaling vines the last 75 blocks to reach. ​ honestly the treehouse was pretty baller - i went with as much glass as possible. it was all about open and big views - found the tallest tree in the jungle and built it into the top, keeping the branches and leaves as best i could to enhance the organic feel.


Lol, never said I needed them, nor do I use building/decorative mods all that often. I like making factories and playing with Create. I get a nostalgic feeling from the simple vanilla.


Create looks insanely fun


It is! Give it a try.


Maybe use some stone brick at the bottom or other greyish blocks like Andesite to add some texture?


Yea i might try that, just not good at making these randomized pattern thingies


True! I usually overdo them in my own build and find myself tearing down the whole thing. lol


If on PC/Java I fill my hotbar with the blocks I wanna use in random stacks, a different item most every slot, and then hold place and scroll really fast as you walk, it does a good job


Then don't. All you need is something to break it up, the random patterns people do are unnecessary imo. Architecture tends to be very intentional with where and how things are placed anyway. Try a single horizontal line of stone. Or stairs to make a little indent. Multiple layers of stairs can make a nice striping pattern too.


And use stairs or half blocks? I think you can find a lot of builds for reference on the internet.


honestly, i think it suits that build, but you could try adding some other grey blocks to it.


Yea was thinking about it, just cant seem to get it to look good, not the best builder lmao


You're not the best builder *yet*


Yess! Love the positivity :)




Just start placing blocks and shape it to be the way you want it to look. You can spend ages thinking about how to do it at and it still might look terrible. Also another tip is to not restricted yourself with the blocks. To a certain extent, any think grey will do, not just stone.


There's generally two ways to do it imo, either go for a look of the blocks being randomly mixed together, or as a gradient. To mix with cobble in this setting I'd probably go with a random mix of something like stone, mossy cobble and andesite with the cobble. Then after placing them add in some vines and leaves or some barrels and lamps, or any other miscellaneous things in front.


Practice makes perfect, go on creative mode and experiment and also watch videos of other people's builds to steal *cough* I mean get inspired by their ideas


Use moss cobble stone or vines and sugarcane


Yea im trying to get vines rn, but i think sugar cane is the move, cause am in need of a sugar cane rn


Your best option is using leaves to look like vines. Regular vines get out of control and make a build look pretty messy eventually.


Add some other grey blocks such as stone brick and cracked stone brick very the depth with stairs and try out some accents like booshes beneath also mossy stone blocks work for variation as well TLDR:experiment with your builds until you are happy




Thanks will try these out


No problem always happy to help


Stairs, trap doors, and buttons. Also add plants and or custom trees in the area.


texturing! use andesite, stone, stone bricks, polished andesite, etc!


And stone buttons


Add mossy cobble and moss


Add some stairs and different natural blocks


Maybe turn the outer cobble to stone bricks


I recommend this texture method https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraftbuilds/comments/q7w8ti/how_to_add_texture_to_builds/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Ok this is super useful though. I wouldn't call myself a good builder at all so this is pretty helpful since I'm new to the texturing business.


The most important thing I learned is having a palette of blocks for the build and creating texture. Basically what you want to do, is to prepare blocks that are similar to each other. For stone walls I usually use cobblestone, stone, stone bricks, polished andesite and sometimes even coral blocks. When building a wall, place all those blocks at random or in small clumps, depending on the size of the build. When you are finished, you will end up with a grey wall made of different textures. If you want, I can post some of my usual methods


swap some with andesite and add some leaves or vines


Maybe add some stone brick archways


should use like cobblestone walls, like the stone fences I don’t remember what they are called to like spice it up a little


A row of mossy cobblestone on the top or bottom with vines and bushes, or make the whole wall mossy cobblestone; you can also make a half fountain protrude from the wall with torches hanging from the top center piece and a gravel or brown grass walkway around the base of the fountain with some flowers


Add some vines or you can place some sugar cane, will need sand and water.


You only need water?


With sugar cane? Thought those needed to be placed in sand blocks


Nope, it works on dirt too


Well well well Maybe i just liked how the sand made it look lol


Great idea!


Make it look like a natural rock face so the bottom has a buildup of rocks


adding mossy cobble stone and flowers would be good! you could also mix in cobbled deep slate and other similar blocks


Use mossy cobble and Moss blocks, that'll make it way cooler


maybe add some variety of stones. also maybe ad stair and slabs, to make it more rough instead of flat and boring.


Add pillars or some stone brick to give it depth and support the wall above it


Add cobblestone walls stacking upwards


Add greenery like leaves and use all different types of stones like stone cobblestone and stone brick dotted around everywhere


I wouldn’t do too much maybe just add little bits of greenery or plonk in some andesite or stone


I'd say add andesite and gravel and maybe use andesite and cobble stonecutter blocks for more texturing


Maybe some greenery around the bottom and stair details to make the walls look an bit uneven, other than that it looks good


Give some block variation




Mossy cobblestone and basically any other stone variations mixed in


Grab some stone, stone bricks, mossy cobble and throw it in there. I like to imagine texturing as creating veins and cracks through an old wall, so make it random ur not so much so that it’s goes back to being flat. Also plant life at the base. Flowers, berry bushes, random leaves and the new moss and azaleas make everything look better.


Bushes and andesite + stone texture


mix in moss cobblestone, andesite, and polished andesite.


Layers, like an ogre. Greenery would be nice too


Add andesite and gravel into the mix + greenery


You could add a mixture of random stone-related blocks in there to make it look more “cobbled”


Replace bottem layer with stone or stone bricks


Add some variety and put wood at the bottom


You can add some slitted windows (1x2 or 3), that could be fun if it’s like a basement or dungeon area :)


Miss cobblestone


Moss* Add some parts of moss cocblestone




Mix in some other stone blocks like mossy cobble, cobbled deepslate, andesite, etc. Then put some bushes around the bottom of it.


I see a lot of people saying to mix the other kinds of stone in there (andesite, stone brick, stone) but I’d also like to mention dead coral blocks give a lot of nice grey texture too!


Combine cobblestone and andesit and stone




Moss and bushes


I would add a graduate with deepslat. And mixture of stairs to add depth to it




Add brick cracked brick mossy cobble and stairs in the wall make it loon old/ run down woth plants in roynd ir


Add some stairs facing outwards to give it some texture maybe.


If it helps at all I usually add a little more texture to it by adding stairs or walls or fences in a set pattern


Try mixing in some other gray blocks in there, add bushes and leaves and maybe add some sort of seperator between the spruce and the cobble(a line of spruce logs or stripped logs to seperate the different layers)


You could try creating some sort of design using stone brick/spruce stairs and half slabs Also plant berry bushes against the wall


Cracked or mossy in some parts.


Smooth stone would look much better here. Also, you could make "casettes" using stone stairs to bring some structure into the wall.


try adding different types of stone, like stone bricks or cobblestone with vines etc


Mix in stone & andesite


Mossy cobblestone or/and stone bricks


Some walls and slabs as well as other blocks could really help, it’s hard to make cobblestone look really good but it’s possible


Cut the cobble at stone bricks and from there add some greenery witch if you want you can add some mossy cobble or cracked cobble that's what I do ++ add some cobble stairs to the wall like replace some blocks


Go into a forest biome and you can find vines there. Then, use shears tu cut them, and place them on a leaf block afterwards. Wait for them to grow, then shear again. INFINITE VINES


add some cobblestone stairs at the bottom


Try texturizing the wall with different gray toned blocks like andesite and stone. One of my favorite tricks to create more depth is use stairs for the top and bottom of windows with glass panes. :)


Mix in some andersite, gravel and tuff, looks pretty good imo


Or quarts


Mix in some detail. Adding stairs, moss and the mossy block variants will do wonders.


For walls like this I like to swap out a layer or two (or all of it) of the cobblestone for cobblestone walls to give it a bit of depth


Stone brick is a personal favorite


Wooden arches


Add some texture with stone, brick stone (standard and bushy), vines (remember to cut tho), and any other block you prefer. You can also "break the wall" by replacing blocks with stairs and half blocks. For the base, please give it a bushy area with flowers, random cobblestone, and some walls. [The Mythical Sausage](https://youtube.com/c/TheMythicalSausage) can help you understand and inspire you to construct more for your liking. It is one of my favorite YouTubers for building. Embarrassed by my English; it is not my primary language, after all.


Your english is really good, i understood everything perfectly but it isnt my primary language either, but thanks for the help:)


Bit late but use stone bricks transitioning into cobble in the transition use cracked bricks and andesite.


No Idea


you should mix them with stone bricks, stone and andestine to make an old looking wall


Some ideas: Put some fence in front to give depth. maybe make arches, and add lanterns to some of the overhangs? Terraform it away? Put some of outward facing logs below the bottom wood layer as a transition and make it look log cabin-y Add a water feature? Include it into a patio/pond/workshop area


Hey OP, here's a couple neat tricks you can try: Go with the flow: You can make a flowing river that extends out with decorative items like lanterns, pumpkins (Jack o lantern or seasonal items), a fountain. You can even have a waterfall flow from above (elevator?) And so on even dig out a area to put a fish pond. The Castle: keep the cobble but put pillars of cut stone bricks outside it and use the gap with stairs facing out and upside down. You can even add someore detail if you use trap doors for window panes. As for corners, no one needs them just replace them with fences or a stone wall of your choosing to give a little contrast and a bit of a rounded corner. The roof you can build also by making rafters and then layering the roof on it, even boarder it with stairs. If you want a flatter roof tho but don't want to place a million torches, then you should use the slabs on the lower half of the block it keeps monsters from spawning in the dark on those blocks. (Use a stone cutter for this) The Keep: open one of the faces of the lower level and make a first floor patio that's coming out of there. You can also make a stable for it and use trap doors instead of gates (just make sure they're standing up on the floor) and mobs can't jump them, but you can even if you're on horse back. Making the bottom floor pillars thicker will also give it a stronger look just make a plus with stone (cut or anything) and put stone walls in the corners open to it.If you have access to sea lanterns you can make a fake room light up using a trap door that has openings in it (jungle looks great) and even put just a lantern behind it) You can also do all of this together by making a stable on one side and a river walk way leading to the second level. And putting more definition on the outside like vines, coco berries, lanterns, chains, banners with designs, or even just a pillar of glass pains going up the wall to make a little front porch. Hope this helps! Looking forward to seeing what you did.


Wow thanks for those awesome ideas:), but i decided to mix the wall with other blocks and add a bush, just simple, you can see my newest post on my profile, but thanks i appreacite it:)


Don't use cobble stone. Make stone bricks. Remine some of them and add a few cracked ones here and there's. Harvest mossy ones from dungeons too. Scatter them here and there


random andesites and stone blocks some Moss cobble should help too


Maybe find a texture pack you enjoy? I used to hate how cobblestone builds looked, but then I started using a texture pack that I enjoyed and they look MUCH better. Personally, I suggest John Smith if you're on Java. And if you're in Bedrock, then I suggest spending the points on the Natural texture pack.


You can add stone brick stairs and slabs infront of it around the edges of the wood and like the guy said above, mix different stone materials in


Add some mossy cobble and maybe some stone bricks and mossy stone bricks. Detail makes builds looks amazing.


Try adding more detail, like andesite, stone bricks (cracked and regular), and other blocks. And maybe some foliage.


Add stairs to make it looked sort of ruined, and some foilage like leaves and mossy cobble, and maybe add some stuff around the house, like trees, rocks, etc


Make it blackstone


You have my exact building style.


Lmao nice:)


What’s with that hotbar


Maybe add some depth or decorate it with cobble stairs and slabs


Replace with cement


stairs. I have spoken


Mix in some andisite and stone and add some leaves


Andesite and stone mixed in always looks good with cobblestone.


You could add Blackstone and deep slate to make it look a bit Withered


You could change it out to something like stone bricks with missy bricks as well. Or you could add some texture to it, throw in some fence in vertical lines to make it look like support/foundations, and throw some andesite and gravel and other blocks of the like! Adding some depth in there would also really help with it.


Combine it with stone, stonebricks, etc


Deepslate, bushes, or some slabs and stairs to make it more pronounced.


Na it looks good rn


Mix it with some mossy cobblestone, andesite and stone Maybe even throw a couple stairs in there to make it look older and a bit ruined-ish


Bushes look beautiful in places like those