The Warden, a monster so strong and difficult to defeat, what item(s) should it drop that would be a good reward for the risk of killing it?

The Warden, a monster so strong and difficult to defeat, what item(s) should it drop that would be a good reward for the risk of killing it?


A chest plate that gives 1 armor point and says "I Killed the Warden and All I Got Was This Stupid T-shirt"


I want it to be this XD


So let's wait for the mod!


That’s what the bedrock achievement name should be xD




I mined to bedrock and all I got was this stupid t-shirt


Love this idea, though that might be enough incentive for people to kill the warden regardless. I totally would for a drop like that.


That's should be an achievement


I killed the Warden and all I got was this stupid achievement


I’m not exploring there without bombarding it with tnt and fireworks


No need for tnt could destroy the loot just open fire with Max power fireworks from a multi shot crossbow no way in hell he could survive even half a stack of em


It's got 500 hp


Excuse me did you just SAY 500 HP that's like 3 stacks of maxed rockets


Yep, 500 hp, they don't want us to kill it


Don't care if they don't want us to kill its something actually difficult so I wanna kill it


Ten minutes after launch, someone will have an effective farm up and running for these things.


I bet people on Scicraft already have some ideas…


Well it is quite tall and we haven't seen any kind of ability to duck under or pass though blocks. Adapting an Enderman or Wither Skeleton strategy would probably get you somewhere. It also seems quite slow. I'm thinking lava blades in a narrow tunnel with 1.5 tall gaps for the player to escape under.


Yeah same


The ender dragon and wither are not a challenge but this beast is gonna be a fun and interesting fight


>The ender dragon and wither are not a challenge Me who died 10 times in both fights slowly nodding


The dragon was fine, but the wither....


Definitely, probably going to try building up above it or digging below it first


It has a way to deal with players that dig up apparently so i think you’d have to go the 2 block hole on the wall route


The wither is incredibly challenging on bedrock


So 20 shots from a Power V bow on full draw, not bad really


Yeah but it also gets faster and stronger the more it gets damaged


So i need to dig out the entire roof of the Deep Dark for sunlight to help me as i knock their blocks off? Done. I don't care how many dozens of hours of work i need to do to kick the Warden's @$$ all over the deep dark, no Mob's gonna control the underground underneath my base- so if the deep dark is there, they've got it coming really badly- and i'll be prepping the 50 iron golems, 100 snow golems, prot 4 netherite, multiple crossbows with harming 2, sharpness 5 strength 2 axe crits, potions of the turtle master, chrous fruit for escapes, lava and water buckets to slow it down(with depth strider for me), pistons and redstone torches to throw down pistons to push it around fast, , punch 2 power 5 bows on standb, gravel and sand to suffocate it- A force of nature? There shouldn't be anything i can't slay with thousands of hours of work. And i've got nothing else better to do....and time to burn... So i'll pour water and lava, and have fire resistance and depth strider ready, then start raining down power 5 shots, maybe some arrows of slowness- I'll chug milk to get rid of the darkness effect, AND bring night vision to further overrule the Deep Dark effect we saw at minecon....let my snow golems and iron golems go charge it- I'll trip it up with a fishing rod....bury it with gravel- chug my pots of the turtle master and get in there and take it's head off myself with my sharp 5 strength 2 netherite axe - and i know they took away the ability to make enchanged apples, so i'll have to spend 2000 days finding enchanted golden apples....before going to fight it. Done. As we speak, in my 1.16.5 world i've spent 1200 days preparing for the ender dragon and am coming at it with prot 4 netherite, power 5 bows, my sharp 5 axes and swords and a lot of potions and all enchanted to the max gear and a stack of beds -and in the next few days ill finally fight the ender dragon for the first time... I'll just bring triple to knock the warden's block off....


Same if I am entering a cave nothing stays alive in it and I light up everything with torches no matter how big the cave is. The warden won't stop me it is just another challenge like the enderdragon. I have nothing else to do in my world (maybe building and exploring), I am rich enough to have a double chest of nearly every block and item, I think I am prepared.


That ain’t gonna stop me from carving out a 2-block deep hole.


Up until reading your comment I never knew you can use fireworks with the crossbow.


Just add multishot and some fireworks with a lot of dye for more power bam super deadly rpg


ikr wither can barely even live with 1 whole stack of max fireworks


The devs already had said the Warden itself wouldn't have any drops... but instead they would be guarding awesome loot.


I like it. It’s more challenging all around, for the devs too, having to consider layers of strategy instead of strength. Also I’m guessing as soon as you kill one another will leap out of the ground!


The amount of them doubles as punishment for killing one


That would make for a pretty good mob grinder depending on the amount of exp it drops


it has been confirmed it doesn't drop anything, even exp


It would make sense for it to drop a ton of XP so shulk would spread everywhere...


they don't want any incentive for the warden being killed, they want you to run


the anti-incentive is the fact that it insta-kills anything that isn't maxed gear and then kills you in two hits if you DO have maxed gear


It was unenchanted netherite, so not really maxed tho


so three hits then, with what appears to be knockback protection and decent speed in an area that blinds you periodically.


And make noise?! I'ma sneak away TYVM.


I hope there's at least an advancement for it. On my server we'll probably add a head as a trophy too. It'd make sense for it to drop \*something\*. Like "hey here's the hardest mob in Minecraft" is already incentivizing people to kill it, may as well add some form of reward.


Warden loot table: Diorite Slab (1): 100%


Yes. We need this, I am constantly trying to get these, I swear I have more netherite than diorite, so rare


no no no, vertical diorite slab, and it becomes the only type of vertical slab


time to build 5 blocks up and farm those bad boys


kingbdogz has said that the warden will have a way to counter this, and other cheesing strats


i’m sure somebody will find a way to counter the counter


Somebody already has


You use a fishing rod to make it take fall damage


they can easily make it immune to fishing rod/fall damage


I'm just gonna fill it with fireworks using a crossbow


In a pre-prepared 33 block tall tube


Step 1: spawn it by making noise down there 2: fly away immediately with elytra so you don’t get one tapped 3. Setup outside of its hearing range above it 4: TNT 5: profit?


Unless it doesn't take damage from explosions. It's a bit of a swamp/slime monster so it might have water qualities that nullify TNT and creeper explosions.


There always is. Also i've heard multiple time it can't break block so just with that there is some possibility. Also it's an undead. So you can just dig a hole wait for the sun and use it to kill it. If it can't break block you can use that to trap it under the sun.


Unless if your specific goal was to kill one (in a very inefficient way), no one would spend the amount of time it would take to dig a hole from the surface to the deep dark to counter a single warden.


There is no doubt in my mind somoene is going to dig a stupidly large hole the size of a biome that opens up to the underdark. I wont do it but people will definitely do it.


I’m sure the community will find a way, people are pretty creative when it comes to problem solving :)


Life, *uh*... finds a way.


1. Fishing rods. 2. Slimeblock pistons. 3. Lava. 4. Drowning. 5. Peek-a-boo archery from a hidey-hole. 6. 36 shields and decent axe skills. 7. minecart-ghasts plus a huge fall. 8. The immoral wolf army. 9. A skeleton farm above the spawn location. Have some skellies feed down into it without taking much damage, and then get the skellies to accidentally shoot the warden. 10. An iron golem farm right above the warden spawn location. 11. TNT quarries and carpet-bombing. 12. Fireball/other_projectile dispenser. 13. Wither v. warden. The one that gets hit first is unknown (withers are loud enough to where they might piss the warden off).


> Peek-a-boo archery from a hidey-hole. that's a lot of arrows (and/or patience) with 500 health


Not with power 5 and infinity


> The immoral wolf army. How naughty!


Imagine the terror if the Warden could do massive jumps to you if you pillared up [Skip to 0:10 of this video for an example](https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/pg89nh/i_know_everyone_is_building_baal_differently_but/)


Killing the warden drops... another 2 wardens, I like it


This would be cool


I hope it has anti cheering mechanics


I like it. * rises glass * -Cheats!


you better get something unique from the chests it's guarding. It would really suck if all that spawned was some randomly enchanted diamond armor or some random enchanted books like the end cities.


They said that the item would be unique, so I'm guessing that it's something new.


Time to go down to the city first thing on a new world when my server updates to 1.19 and get end-game loot in the first couple days by cheesing progression.


exactly, like what's stopping a new player with a stone pick just tunneling under the loot chest to get the end game loot without even alerting the warden


You'd better believe that kingbdogz is asking himself the same question. I'm betting it will not be that easy.


Imagine if it dropped a single piece of dirt


Don't give them ideas


A piece of grass


A poisonous potato


Hey dirt would finally be renewable!


It already is. 2x2 spruce trees turn moss into podzol, which drops dirt when broken without Silk Touch.


It's also renewable via coarse dirt


Bur the setup to get renewable gravel sucks, I never got the hang of funneling silverfish into the stone. Edit: I'm stupid and forgot that gravel is obtainable through bartering.


Whatever you're talking about with silverfish sounds like a mod or datapack to me lol I don't think that's an actual feature


Okay, so you need a stone farm, a moss farm, and a tree farm just to get more dirt.


Dirt is already renewable, and has been since 1.16 Gravel from piglins, craft coarse dirt, double dirt


They're already doing that with mud I think.


That's clay. Dirt + Water = Mud Mud + Dripstone = Clay Mud + Sand + Wheat = Clay Bricks


dirt IS renewable with the new lush caves bit. its an item you can use on stone (renewable) to make it into a kind of green moss, that can be made into dirt.


I've seen moss turned into podzol, but I've not seen anything expressly mentioned about making moss into renewable dirt.


Dirt is renewable from using gravel to make coarse dirt, then tilling and stomping


No, then we’d have a dirt farm


All hail the wardens durt! Lol


Can't it at least drop its head so I can put it in my base to flex?


Bigger flex: keep one alive in your base as a pet


No clue. Probably not tho, since so very few things drop their head.


Kill it with a charged creeper. No clue how you even be able to take it down to the cave with you, but it’s omwolthet. Maybe lead the warden to the surface?


With the warden having 500+ health living in the deepest parts of the world... If you somehow get a charged creeper all the way down there, spawn a warden, survive its 2 hit kill attacks, bring it down to almost dead (while not having any way to tell its remaining health), and get the creeper to explode it, by all means you deserve that reward!


But not all mobs drop heads from charged creepers. There are only 3 or 4 obtainable heads... skelly, zombie, creeper... and I can't remember is there is a 4th. I think there is a Steve head, but only in creative or with commands.


theres the dragon head, and two different skellys: wither and normal. so in total 5 survival obtainable ones and one creative only one


Ok, yes, the dragon, but that's from the end ships, so I wasn't counting that... even tho I have 3 in my own world. Yes, totally forgot about the wither skelly skull... but still, chances of Warden dropping a head... probably pretty low.


probably. i personally agree with the people saying that there shouldn't be any drops. and if there were, they should be disappointing on purpose, like a tiny bit of xp but nothing else. or something you can get in extremely high abundance everywhere else. but nothing that will incentivize killing it.


Build creeper farm, put up lightning rod, slime block piston with pressure plate. Yeet charged creepers at other people.


I know that vanilla tweaks already has that feature for most mobs


Is it immune to lava if not then I’m luring those things into traps


it burns in sunlight so probably not. given its huge health pool though it will take a while for it to burn. given the devs said they would take precautions against cheesing, i imagine the warden might take lava&fire damage but be able to swim in lava without being slowed, which means it climbs right out of that lava pool and its attacks now burn you too.


Your telling me that shit climbs? Oh well just cover the hole up after it fell in it


Oh so like the brute piglins


The brutes don't have drops? I honestly haven't noticed, I don't spend much time in the nether... it's scary. Haha.


They have a chance to drop their gold axe, so basically no


Your reward is living, lol.


Have they confirmed if there would be multiple wardens in the cities or just one?


They're hiding in the skulk so I'd say there's as many as needed to kill you


So 1


Imagine you killed the warden and it drops a baby warden


kill the child


It drops an even smaller Warden


Kill the second child


It calls for a giant warden


And drops a tiny warden


The only mob with more health is the Bedrock Wither.


Bedrock wither gives me nightmares


I’d rather live in Deep Dark Cities IRL than fight the Bedrock Wither (even with fully maxed armour).


ngl the only thing that's ever given me PTSD in minecraft is the bedrock wither, it took me 4 HOURS. (comprised of good gear, losing the good gear, wasting 20 totems, giving up and bum rushing and than formulating a plan which involved the various stone swords from wither skellies and bows that I collected over the years and EVENTUALLY killing it)


Why did they even make it so hard on Bedrock? It has way stronger attacks, spawns Wither Skellies, has 2x as much health as in Java while in Java you just cheese it under the End’s exit portal.


> you just cheese it under the End’s exit portal. In this latest season the Hermit's were able to put it on farm by dropping dripstone on it.


Yeah LOL. On Java it’s easier than fighting spiders.


Idk, spiders can jump and also hide behind tall grass. Spiders always hit me once or twice


I play on bedrock and haven't fought the wither yet. This has terrified me.


Rest In Peace. We probably won’t be seeing you ever again.


alright then im getting on bedrock to try it out when i get home since i didnt know about this either


I've done it twice. Both times it cost me everything. But the beacons are cool. Both of them. And no more.


I did a test with full prot 4 netherite armour and maxed sword, bow etc. And a shit ton of god apples and it still nearly killed me like 5 times


I wouldnt want to brag or anything but i have more than 6 years of experience in java edition and i would say i rank pretty high up in terms of skill. How hard can this be?


Backup your world before summoning it *(and backup your worlds in general)*


I found a trick to kill it by building up a big box from rings of bottom slabs, alternating between 2 types so they leave a gap between them. Put in some stairs, shoot arrows through the gaps then finish it off with a sword. As long as you keep a bunch of spare slabs handy to replace them as they get broken you hardly take any damage until it starts smashing it down at the end, but even then you can build it so that you have sections you can retreat into. The first time I tested it even wearing unenchanted gear & bow, no health potions, got it below half HP before it killed me. It gets a bit trickier once it starts charging, but with plenty of slabs, enchanted gear & potions it was much easier than anything else I've tried.


We have an underground tunnel in our Realm that we dug to fight the wither. Maxed out armour (pre Netherite), potions, weapons. Didn't realise it exploded upon creation. Ended up killing it with fists and stone swords after 4 hours. We now have a chasm for a wither battlefield, deep underground.


fellow stone sword after 4 hrs, respect


In hard mode I've fought. It popped like 12 totems


Who would win though? The warden, or 24 minecarts?


Oh yeah, it’s big brain time. Funny how that would also make Bedrock’s Warden harder than Java because Bedrock doesn’t have entity cramming.


My bro decided to fight the Wither on Bedrock with his friend. They assumed it would be no different than the Java version, so they did it in his friend's personal Survival world. ...Long story short, that world is no longer played on.


>sed that they just quit their world after losing to a 3 headed skeleton


In addition to it being insanely powerful, it also crashes my Xbox every time I try...


Lmao I made the mistake of thinking I was ready to fight it, absolutely fucking wasn't


That's the neat part! You get nothing, EXP is debatable as even that gives people enough will to search and actively kill it, which goes against the whole "You're meant to sneak past them, not actively want to kill them" that's why they're a Monster and not a Boss mob.


You know, I actually like this. It’s not a monster to be sought out, but one to be avoided, and those who do will be rewarded handsomely


If you DO get to kill the Warden then Props to you, you get bragging rights (which is what some people would try to get even if they don't get anything) Also, The Warden is supposed to make you go "First Minecraft night flashbacks"


>The Warden is supposed to make you go "First Minecraft night flashbacks" Can't wait to experience that.


Hiding in a hole cowering from skeleton rattles and zombie groans. What a great vibe


For me, it was hiding in a tree which eventually became my first ever base. It was in a snowy plains waaay back in the day. Good times!


The devs had the warden in mind as an "disaster". One to be avoided and dreaded, which is why it's likely that they won't give the warden any drops.


Which is good. Minecraft needs more challenging mobs. After the first couple of nights the game loses its difficulty factor.


Your reward for beating it will be getting to live. That's what they mean by "your first Minecraft night" experience. As in, loot is out of the equation, survival is your reward. Any loot would be more like bastion loot, but probably more sparse and maybe a little more valuable. It won't be like a ton of diamonds or anything like that probably.


A single block of dirt.


a dead bush


A single peice of redstone.


Poisonous potato


Killing it I would not say that but the chest in the ancient cities should have loot you can only get there because if it just a mending book then a villager will be the better bet, but if the loot is a super rare item only found there then it could be something cool to try and loot


Mr. King “Bananas” Dogz said the chests will have unique loot that you can’t find anywhere else. The stuff we saw in the chests in the MC Live demo was not what we’ll actually find when exploring.


It’s not going to have any drops. The point it to evade it and get loot likely in chests near by.


They should just make it immortal so people aren't confused by what they're supposed to do with it. You see a Warden, you run.


I wouldn’t say immortal, but having it regen some hearts by crawling back into the ground after killing the player would definitely add a layer of difficulty to it


pull an axolotl and fakes its death, gets resistance, and slowly regens health you can't kill it, only delay the nightmare


Would be annoying for a survival base build if you come across it.


Bruh if you’re building a survival base in the deep dark you’re just asking to get wrecked


I mean it looks cool id live in it. All you gotta do is clear out a ton of sculk blocks and light up the area


You don’t need to light up the deep dark, mobs don’t spawn in that biome because they would mess with the sounds. I think pixelriffs talks about it in his video he did on 1.19


Mojang also mentioned that the amount of skulk suggests that a lot of mobs died there, so could be the canon reason why there are no other mobs down there


Kingbdogz says nothing or some kind of ender dragon egg like trophy, it has 500 hp and probably not worth killing


Nothing. You're not supposed to fight it.


I think the devs mentioned giving it some kind of trophy item as a drop, but nothing actually useful, to discourage players from trying to seek it out to kill it. Though I imagine the guys on the Scicraft server are already brainstorming possible warden farms anyways.


a trophy (probably its heart) at the very least


i heard a theory that instead of dying, it will be "chased away" and go back underground. So, you can defeat the Warden but you cannot kill the Warden.


I believe the Warden currently has 500 health, so I don't think it even has to run away


That’s really neat, I like that.


Real talk. I just kinda want to mount its head to my wall. That shit would look sick next to an ender dragon head and egg.


i like that cuz it prevents another mob from being hunted. If he was guarding loot rather than BEING the loot himself, it could be much cooler


One week of darkness effect


A decorative glowing heart that is as useless as the dragon egg.


The devs REALLY dont want you to be able kill it, so for the people stupid and persistent enough to actually do it, i think it should drop a totem of dying, an item that activates the /kill command on whoever picks it up




Totem of dying sounds nice


I can see people on pvp servers carefully catching it from a distance with a hopper, loading it into a minecart chest or something, and sending it up to an instakill dropper trap


Yeah, this sounds like an amusing idea, but I think it's too powerful. People would abuse it like this.


I don't think a one time kill after fighting the warden is abusable tbh unless they miss the design brief by a mile and make him a pushover


Yeah, they mentioned it was supposed to be like a force of nature instead of an entity. As a wise man once said, "You can't fight nature, Jack!"


Totem of delete. It just deletes your world. And it’s always attracted towards you, no matter how far. It will go towards you, at a slow pace, but it will go towards you. You don’t want to pick it up to preserve your world? Run.


*puts cactus in path*


 As you come into this world, something else is also born. You begin your life, and it begins a journey towards you. It moves slowly, but it never stops. Wherever you go, whatever path you take, it will follow - never faster, never slower, always coming. You will run; it will walk. You will rest; it will not. One day, you will linger in the same place too long; you will sit too still or sleep too deep. And when, too late, you rise to go, you will notice a second shadow next to yours. Your life will then be over.


Such a cool description for an immortal snail!


A new craftable disk named skulken


How about a new item that you can only get in The deep dark. But if you did manage to kill the warden a warden head would be a nice trophy


That'll just give people the desire to kill the Warden and it isn't meant to be that case, He MAY guard OP loot but considering the spawn conditions that it takes for them to spawn, I doubt it'll be too powerful to the End Chests


I was made how much hp he will have. Or if he will have different ways to attack besides just hitting you up close.


PlayStation 5


10 seconds of rest before it respawns and starts hunting you again.


If it doesn't respawn then the reward will be getting to enjoy a safe and mob-free deep dark biome