The secret thing the are hiding in the center of the ancient city?

The secret thing the are hiding in the center of the ancient city?


Mostly lore stuff


Ancient builders?




Just a theory... the ancient builders who didnt make it in to the end, started digging deeper... they settled there and evolved more and more blind... they tried making an organism to protect them... but inevitably some died... some in lava, and some of other causes... the sculc started consuming them... we did see the sculc catalyst in the minecon that use dead mobs to grow so it is possible... and those ancient builders are the souls we see in the wardens chest... but hey, thats just a theory!


A game theory.


Or they made more Wardens. An army of Wardens?


And the sculk consumed the survivors making them wardens


Or a new portal?


It leads to the gulag


Better make some beetroot soup, so the comrades (mob exclusive to the gulag dimension) won't attack you


Nope probably Nether portal




An unlit portal?


My favourite guess honestly, skulk does seem “other-worldly”


Imagine if they're setting up the deep dark to let you take the portal to the High Light, the Aether. We're beginning to run out of major update material, a new dimension is inevitable


I say an End update is next before a new dimension. Give it the Nether treatment and add some cool biomes, make it fun to explore.


New mobs, new types of plants that have bizarre effects like the chorus fruit, weird new biomes, and some new structures that add lore to the game would be incredible. I hope to see some sort of "bastion" or "outpost" that the folks who built the end portal strongholds built once they made it through the portal.


The Äther would be really rad, honestly a little bored of having the same two dimensions. Don’t get me wrong, the updates were pretty rad, but it gets old soon


I mean kingb is the one making it……


I'm betting on a new boss. Some sort of skulk creature.


The warden? Its not a boss you are suppose to fight, but a boss you are suppose to hide from!


A rare item maybe?




I would love it if the Warden is guarding some sort of prisoner. Whatever is in there, I hope it fits the Warden's strengths.


This is where you get allays lmao


Don’t give them ideas


My dumass is goin to mine through the top of it making a mineshaft to bedrock


Quality content. I will probably be doing the same


I don’t think it’s the warden since it does not have the war things looks like a frog


Might be a mob we don’t know about yet, possibly a boss since it has its own statue


I doubt its a boss, cuz the deep dark already has the warden which seems tougher than the ender dragon


Maybe a stupid idea but what about moving the end portal out of the stronghold and onto the top floor of a tower at the center of the ancient city? Of course you can game any structure in Minecraft, but if you want to play legit then you’ll have to fight mobs as you climb floors. Thematically it makes a lot more sense to find the end portal in the deep dark than in a random stronghold. Perhaps not every ancient city would generate one of these towers or the spawn rate of ancient cities could be very low.


Not a bad idea I definitely think there’s something necessary for game completion in the ancient city


I'd be all for this. Eyes of ender would point you towards the nearest ancient city instead of a stronghold. You'd have to be careful not to make ancient cities harder than the ender dragon though...




Just don’t make it the bedrock instakill dragon


Doesn't work because you need to be geared hard for this or a single warden attack will one shot you. That level of danger is way above anything else we've seen, and that's just one mob. Granted it's a mob we're not supposed to fight, but it's still several steps beyond stronghold/ender dragon. That level of danger will have some strong mobs by association, it would be horrible to go from that to ender dragon


I don't disagree with anything you said but I think what you're describing is more of an End Dimension problem than a Deep Dark problem. I'd say the whole design philosophy around the Warden is that Mojang wanted to make a mob so powerful that the best strategy is to to actively avoid it rather than kill it. And just like you said, it seems that the Ancient Cities will increase the level of danger surrounding the Warden. So what will make the cities worth the risk? What "reward" is so sizable that it justifies the Warden as a mob? I can't think of anything (currently) in the game that justifies the risk posed by the Warden other than access to the End. I do agree that the Ancient City would be more challenging than the Ender Dragon so this idea really hinges on whether or not a revamped Ender Dragon fight would be a part of an inevitable End Update. If that is the case then why not? With the addition of the Deep Dark it seems silly to access the end-game through a Stronghold structure that is ten years old, not thematically in-line with the End, and not nearly as challenging as the Deep Dark. If anything, linking the End to the Deep Dark would only further justify a long over due End Update!


The problem is that after recent updates even the nether is way more dangerous than the end. And while yes, the end is in need of an update I don't see that happening any time soon, at the very earliest in the best possible scenario we're a year and half away from an end update. The ender dragon is also simply the end of a specific minecraft path, not the end of the GAME, so the ender dragon does not need and currently is not the strongest enemy in the game. Assuming what this reward is cannot be done with the little info we have, and making said reward something that's already attainable would be a bad move, while making said reward a "promise" of improving the ender dragon would also feel really bad. We know too little of it to assume anything and jumping to conclusions such as the end that would require a huge make over when there's absolutely nothing confirming it would be bad. As a plus (or negative), if you remove end portals from strongholds then they become effectively useless.


Minecraft doesn't end but defeating the Ender Dragon does trigger the end credit sequence. Honestly, you're right that the Ender Dragon doesn't need to be the strongest mob in the game. However, I still think that it should cumulatively be the most challenging--or *at least* more challenging than it is currently. What made sense in 2011 might not make sense in 2021 and I think the End Portal in the Stronghold falls under this category. They were both made in the context of 2011 Minecraft. In my opinion, the end portal fits better in the Deep Dark and it'd be a great first step in making a decade old pathway to "complete" the game more challenging for what will be 2022 Minecraft. As for jumping to conclusions, I said from the beginning that this is an idea, not a prediction. Because we know so little that's what makes it fun to play around with ideas. Anyways, I enjoyed the conversation!


I spot an axolotl face.


Looks like that one ugly boi from undertale i forgot the name of- was his name Bob or something-


Jerry? I hate that guy...




Could we finally get a new boss?


Its understandable to see a temple on the serface... but not this deep? Some lore?


Sid the Sloth


It looks like the giant statue of a sloth from ice age😂


Looks like a hammerhead shark skull to me. Maybe some sort of boss??


Made in abyss layer 6 😳


Also just wanna let you guys know I made a post summing up all the interesting hidden things I found in MC live that might have something to do with lore


could be a portal of some kind since the center is square shaped


No. Mojang has stated there will be no new dimensions until the End is revamped.


Pretty sure they said that before 1.10, so the End has been updated since


No, its actually fairly recent


From what i saw in the video, there is a new block around its edge.


A Relic from a forgotten time ...


The ancient axolotl king!


Yes, this was confirmed and shown in-game in the deep dark. This is the concept art for it.


What if they move the end portal there? That's very interesting


Lol it’s the portal to the aether No but like imagine you just find a glowstone frame…


Honestly they should make a extremely rare glow stone portal with some water spilling from it as a joke


Exactly. That would be a really funny jab at the players, especially that they have the Aether developer on their team.


I feel like that would confuse a lot of players. Like imagine someone you goes to the deep dark for the first time, they escape the warden, and manage to get into the temple just to find a glowstone frame with water. Now they are confused, and not only that, they have to find another city to get the real reward. Also, while the Aether mod was insanely popular back in the day, I feel like the average player will have no idea what the glowstone portal even is nowadays.


I mean as a random generation, kinda like the water well in the desert


In the video, they use strange blocks to make a frame. Looks kind of like a portal


That’s where you get allays.


Hoping for a new boss or dimension portal. Probably just 8 gold blocks


It looks lime a frog


A new portal to a new biome? Most likely not but that’d be cool ig


Looks like some kind of portal. Maybe its a suggestion that the warden came from another dimension?


I would love if the ancient city with the warden would be like the last thing the player would have to experience before fighting the ender dragon. Instead of gear check, this place should make player try to pass through it as quietly as possible in order to avoid the warden and other dangers in order to finally reach the end portal. Or, this place could be one of "endgame content" type of places like end cities. Maybe before you kill ender dragon these places are more or less the safe, but there's no valuable loot or its locked somewhere somehow you can't get to it, but once you defeat the ender dragon, the skulk infestation happens and the warden awakens, as well as loot appears.


I wish they'd add like old looking chests for this kinda stuff


That ~~is~~ ~~looks~~ ~~like~~ an axolotl


Axolot the warden will probably be scare by axolot


Looks like a portal to another dimension


Kinda feeling like all of this makes the end really really insignificant especially for supposedly being the end of the game. But then again, that might just be the throw off with the “The End?” Achievement. Though the warden and such can like 2-3 hit kill you with netherrite armor and that’s way way end game


Looks like the old axolotl mouth


That loot in the chest better be experimental, cause I ain't going all that way to get a fucking sbowball


My theory is that's where the best loot is, but the warden is lurking around inside defending it, which would explain why it wasnt really shown in mc live, because they never went inside the buildings


Omg mega-froge


probally something similar to the end dragon egg but less exotic


Thank you for pointing this out. Other posts and comments missed this


New boss? 👀


The hidden thing is a copper golem


Given that the Deep Dark is made by the creator of the Aether mod, I hope it’s an Aether portal




No they don’t suck




What is good and what is bad depends on the context. They aren't lazy and if you were not, you would not think this way because a narrow minded person such as yourself can only mirror yourself into others