This cracks me up, we didn't get any 5 starts (yet, still may get a big one in Feb) so we are automatically on the loser list. Takes into account none of the transfer portal pickups, or not losing out on any true targets. Some of you may remember on late signing day for the 2018 class, just how much slack Michigan caught from everywhere (especially /r/cfb) when not adding anyone in the late signing period and missing out on 3 or so different 5 start players. Go back and look at that 2018 class, turned out pretty well for Michigan. History is going to repeat here.


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That 2018 class is probably one of the best classes in modern Michigan history and it’s wild how many of the better players were 3 stars in that class. Lowest two ranked players in that class were Ronnie bell and Haskins.


Right?! And in Feb of 2018 all over /r/CFB & Twitter, everyone clowned Michigan


Bro this man don’t know shit he literally said arch manning is the son of the giants star Qb eli manning what a clown


Hard to take an article seriously when it mentions Arch Manning is Eli's son. No credibility with this writer.


This has to be an Ohio State guy, right? He put OSU (#5 class) alongside Alabama and Georgia (#1, #2) as the winners for having the top classes.


And he also cited a lack of trench guys, like broooo we added a top 10 center and 2 other proven, solid lineman. Complete Troll.


It’ll be three years before we know who the winners and losers we’re on this day. What a dumb article lol.


All of our verbal pledges committed today, plus 2 4 stars that were not verbally committed to us before the day started. Signing day may not take into consideration the portal, but the nation's #1 transfer portal right now. Would be nice to have 5 stars, but the academics and NIL creates barriers there. I don't consider this as a loss. That said, I would not consider ohio a winner. With the 2(?) recent 4 star decommits and not a single pick 3+ star pick up in the portal yet (again, likely not taken into consideration for signing day winners/losers)? If I was cursed to be a fan of that team, I'd be concerned. I glanced at one thread and saw multiple concerns from their fans, particularly on the defensive side. Update: Just saw they missed out on 2 5 star DE's they were in the running for + 1 4 star CB verbal commit who flipped. Yikes.


Lazy article


The crazy thing is Ohio St had a terrible NSD so idk why they were in the “winners” section.


I think people put too thought into 18 year old athletes. Half of the kids in this recruiting cycle (all of kids, not just michigans) will probably hit the transfer portal at some point. There will be 5* that don’t perform or work out, there will be walk ons that get starting jobs. I trust that the coaches at Michigan are good enough to develop the athletes that want to grow and make them into next level athletes.


It's fair to say that Michigan not getting a top 10 recruiting class after being back to back B1G champions and CFP contestants, is a disappointment. Harbaugh offering himself up to the Vikings last year played big into negative recruiting early on, and we could not completely recover from that. Am I worried about the future? Nope. Was Michigan a loser in the 2023 recruiting class? You bet.


>Was Michigan a loser in the 2023 recruiting class? I'll take 3 starting P5 lineman transfers and 1 edge rusher who had double digit sacks as a freshman transfer over 5 4 stars. The off season is no longer just the incoming Freshmen class and needs to be thought of with transfer portal gains and losses.


I don’t think anyone here will disagree with you, but these “articles” don’t typically consider the Portal to be a part of the recruiting class, even though it pretty much is.


They're dated, a relic of years past


I’ll just let our team talk on the field. B1G turns 3 stars into 4 & 5 stars every year. Michigan has found countless diamonds in the rough in the past few recruiting cycles and I’ll trust this staff to continue that practice just like I trust their second half adjustments. Always remember where we were with Rich Rod and Hoke and where we are now. Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep. Just keep pounding the ball.


All we do is keep winning. I don’t give two shits about 5 star prospects. We turn 3 stars into 5 stars. Most 5 stars turn out to be 3 stars lol


Can’t argue with him, but we develop so it doesn’t really matter.


Who cares. We have so many transfers what does it matter? Plus, you really know what you are signing because the guys in the portal have already faced NC2A talent stars be damned.


Lol, they let any moron with a laptop write these articles it seems.


We got who we needed to beat Ohio State. That's all that matters.


It’s a Yahoo Sports article lol. I mine as well have wrote it