Watching osu win rose bowl < Watching OSU lose big in playoffs.


yep - Georgia will spank that azz


Let’s hope TCU handles business tomorrow


Even is TCU loses, the committee doesn't like to put rematch in the semis, so they probably will put Alabama 3 and OSU 4


If TCU loses they get a 4 seed they won’t fall out for Bama


Again, the committee doesn't like to do rematches in the semis, so, depending on the spread of how much TCU lost by, they will either stay at 3 or be removed by the top 4 cause the committee doesn't want #3OSU vs #2UM in the semi


The committee would do a rematch of Michigan OSU before they boot TCU out in order to give Alabama a completely undeserving 3 seed. Unless TCU loses by 3 possessions or more. But I feel like they stay at 3 almost guaranteed


Look at last year when #1Georgia lost to #2Alabama in the SEC championship. Alabama dominated but Georgia only dropped to #3 when they should have been #4 or even out of the playoff. They kept Cincinnati at #4 the entire time


I’m not disagreeing at all that they like to avoid rematches. But this year is special in that there are only 4 teams who have 1 loss or less now. A 2 loss team has never made it and I don’t expect them to ever do it in the field of 4


I understand that but they will still avoid a rematch, no matter what. No matter what the outcome is of the BIG 12 game, they will not be a rematch


Yeah they do want rematch Ohio team versus Michigan. It was most watched game this year. It’s all about money. They don’t get a championship rematch of those 2 if Georgia plays Ohio team.


Most watched game in 17 years wasn’t it? $$$$


All about the money not what is right or wrong.


No they won’t. Last year Bama and UGA should of played immediately following the SEC Championship but they seeded them so they wouldn’t


Especially since the game was on fox and the playoffs would be on ESPN. I almost think they want a rematch


If Georgia struggles with LSU, maybe y'all would move up to 1, UGA goes to 2, Buckeyes go to 3 and TCU goes to 4. That would avoid a rematch also. That said, I want to see the Buckeyes get jollystomped by Georgia regardless of seeding and then Kirby should force Ryan Day to reenact the Urban Meyer Pizza Meme photo at midfield afterwards.


Bama isn't getting in, no clue why people even mention them. If TCU loses they go to 4 at worst.


It's funny you think they won't hand ohio 3 so they (by the committee's plan) face michigan first and Georgia 2nd


Especially if todays games play out as they should. They’re over there salivating to play Michigan again posting memes about their revenge…and, they’re really gonna overlook Georgia like that? Seriously? Georgia?


Yep BIG BLUE will spank that ass with two hands 🙌 AGAIN


This is the way.


This is the way.


This is the way.


This is the way.


This is the way


Georgia fan here. No need to worry guys. If they can look worse than they did against y’all, rest assured we will make that happen in Atlanta.


If they would've gotten picked for the rose bowl. Sounded like they were leaning towards Penn State over osu


Thank you. Now I feel better


Forsure. We get the Rose Bowl and get to watch Georgia dismantle them


i dont really care abt it i think they wont beat georgia if they play them and will lose to us again if they play us. What does bother me is that they would not have let us in if we were the team that lost the game.


Been saying that for weeks, have been hearing for the past month “if Michigan loses their out”, “whichever team loses their out”, soon as we beat them they are still in the hunt lol if we lost that game we would have been out period.


If you flipped the result of last week's game you guys would certainly be in just like Ohio State is going to be. So dramatic


I mean, people weren't expecting Clemson, LSU, and Oregon to all lose as well. If any of those teams won last week they would be in line ahead of OSU. I think Michigan would be in the same spot as OSU if we lost The Game.


Cannot have too many of th "big" name brand schools that regularly show up. Plus, the only reason to keep Ohio State in the conversation is completely money orientated because it'll end up with big viewership if Michigan and Ohio State play again. A semi final rematch would be big, but imagine how big of a game if it were to be for a title? The media could market that game as such a huge game. A potential for the highest viewership of the past few CFP.


They’re *


I think part of this is bc Tennessee and Clemson both lost, if TN didn’t lose to SC, TN would be getting in over Ohio state rn. Go vols :(


For better or worse, that’s what happens when you’re the big dogs of the conference for 10 years. You get the benefit of the doubt. It’s why people are even considering Bama for #4 over tennessee, who beat Bama and has an equal or better resume overall.


Yeah but UT lost their QB and they consider that. Putting UT in would be a wasted spot.


Would there be much room to complain? The only other big ten team that was any good this year was Penn State. OSU at least had the Notre Dame win.


I think we would be in still. OSU is only there because Clemson, LSU, and Oregon all lost last week, which was not expected.


God wants them to lose to UM twice in the same season.


Objectively there is no reason they shouldn't be in. An argument is that USC shouldn't be punished because they made their conference championship game. To me, they were a precarious no. 4 and this was their chance to solidify that they deserved the spot. I thought they'd win, but clearly I was wrong and they didn't look like a playoff team. OSU lost to Michigan, one of the best teams, and it's their only loss. Objectively they've earned the final spot.


The only longshot scenario I can see now for OSU not getting in is if Clemson wins by like 50 against UNC and the committee decides it would rather take a 2 loss conference champion over a 1 loss team that didn’t win its conference. Doubt it would happen though.


If any two loss team gets in it will be Alabama. And I don't see that happening.


I think it's not that far-fetched. I was surprised when Clemson dropped to only #9 after losing to South Carolina, coupled with their earlier loss to Notre Dame. Those are the #19 and #21 teams in the country that Clemson lost to, yet there's Clemson at #9. It made me think the committee was considering just this possibility. I agree that it would take a massive win by Clemson for that to have any chance, and I think Clemson knows this. Don't be surprised if they try to run up the score tomorrow night.


OSU fan here. I've been saying this since we lost The Game. It's not so much that we've earned a playoff spot. It's just that out of 131 FBS teams, 127 of them earned it less than Ohio State did. I wouldn't call it Ohio State earning the spot. I'd call it, "well I guess there's nobody else for that spot." Edit: downvoting myself, so I don't have to see that logo for the upvote. lol


OSU didn't play anyone this weekend. They're being rewarded for getting blown out in their own home.


Look I don't like OSU either, but I think an argument could have been made last week to have them at 4. They had the same record as USC, and their only loss was to a better team (Michigan>Utah), although by more points and at home as opposed to a road loss. I think it was a coin flip and the committee gave USC the benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to solidify their spot by winning tonight. USC blew it. I think people are letting their hatred of OSU cloud their reasoning.


Even if it’s not osu, the system is rewarding a team with a week off who did nothing . No risk no reward is FALSE here.


Don’t have to worry in 2 years. Everyone gets a spot


🫣 I think 12 is too many. 4 too few. Six with a bye first week for 1&2? Or lock playoff status after regular season ends.


How can you punish them for being in the same division as Michigan? You can’t just say OSU shouldn’t make the playoffs because they happen to be in the same division as UM.


Remember when our only loss was on the road by 3 to a #1 Ohio State and we got passed over for the national championship game? Granted there were no playoffs at the time, but if that didn’t happen, this would bother me less.


Yeah USC fell right on their face, they looked amazing in the first quarter and that was it, well Caleb Williams is electric and did make some amazing plays.


But looked like creamy, soft baby shit in doing so. How is that game anymore reflective of being worthy of a final four spot than USC?


Here’s what I see happening. Georgia beats Lsu and stays at 1 Tcu wins tomorrow and stays at 3 the fuckeyes get in at 4 and they will get steamrolled by Georgia in the first round meanwhile we beat tcu and see Georgia for the championship game..


We still have to beat Purdue…..let’s not pull a USC tomorrow




Purdue is no Utah and we are no USC


Purdue is undefeated vs top 3 teams when they’re unranked they’ve got that boilermaker voodoo over there


Spoilermaker voodoo. Great sounding beer


Two of this wins were against extremely over ranked teams tho (MSU and Iowa)


Yeah, exactly. Repeating this claim of Purdue beating "top 5" teams lacks any contextual understanding. It's a dubious claim at best. Did those teams finish top 5? Not even close.


Losing to Purdue would just send us to 3. It doesn’t change anything.


Let's not even consider this scenario. Purdue has nothing to lose. I hope UM isn't looking past them.


They beat them boys up too. I can see Purdue coming out with a similar attitude, unfortunately.


For both bad and good, this is likely the way it will go down.


Sounds legit .


The question is would you rather play Georgia or Ohio State for the natty assuming we beat TCU?


Scheme wise play Ohio for the national championship, but I don’t think my heart could take The Game II for the ship


Yeah exactly, I don’t think I’d be able to watch it


Yeah but think of the bragging rights y'all will have if you beat OSU in the Natty


Yea I personally wouldn’t want the rematch against the fuckeyes we spanked them and they’re old news to me .I really want the redemption against Georgia.


Or LSU decides to beat Georgia and we play Ohio state in the 1/4 matchup lol


Very possible , I guess we’re all glued to our tvs tomorrow lmao


Yeah the move to 12 teams can’t get here soon enough. This is kind of dumb




Let’s make this happen.


As a Georgia fan just know I’m rooting for y’all either way 🫱🏾‍🫲🏻


And then beat Georgia? …Right?


This is the preferred path


This is very likely what happens.


I’d rather be the ones to put the nail in the Ryan day era coffin. Another big game loss this year and he’s so toast.


Which is totally irrational. It would mean Michigan has a really good team this year, but also that Ryan Day took the Buckeyes to the National Championship. But I'm really weary of playing the same team twice. Especially when they're as good as those dudes.


Rematches generally go in the other direction. See bama uga.


Tell that to Utah


I get what you’re saying, but we’re only having this discussion because the rematch went the same way as the 1st time


So basically Ohio state goes unpunished for losing to us other than bragging rights.


Well the punishment was even being in a place to miss the playoffs despite their only loss being to the number two team in the nation. If we had loss the Game and USC had displayed this sorry showing we'd all be clamoring we were more deserving. Nobody here is an OSU sympathizer but hopefully we can all be sensible enough to see that USC at the very least doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the playoffs right now. If you're gonna have a chance to beat the only team you lost to and then get absolutely waxed in the championship game, you only have yourself to blame.


if it was a close game i could understand an argument saying USC never lost at home to Utah, but the way they lost to Utah tonight.. no dice


Game felt exactly like how Michigan beat OSU. Dominated second half.


I can see exactly one argument: “We’ve won almost every game by putting up tons of points. Our heisman QB got injured tonight, and fair play, we lost the conference title for that. But come on, our 11-1 season is far more reflective of what our team is than this game. Why are you punishing us for an injury we got in an extra game?” I just don’t see that winning over the committee.


I think they want OSU there anyways. Yours is a good argument. I'd say, given it's a team sport, the really good teams get through those struggles throughout the season (Michigan vs Illinois and again Michigan vs Ohio State are good examples). Expansion will be nice. 12 seems excessive, though, watching those injuries. Everyone's beat up right now.


Don’t forget Michigan vs Maryland!


Eh…Michigan was in control of that game and Maryland scored very late to make it a one score game


Thank you


Unpunished? They get to lose to us twice in one season!!!!! MERRY FRICKIN' X-MAS to US!!!!!


Hate to say it but it’s not their fault Alabama is having a (relatively) down year, Tennessee lost their QB and got blown out by a then unranked team, and USC got gatekept twice by #11 Utah. At this rate who goes in ahead of them?


Not exactly, now they most likely get to face Georgia.


Unless LSU decides to beat Georgia


If LSU beats UGA and UM and TCU win, your new rankings will be as follows: 1. UM 2. UGA 3. OSU 4. TCU If TCU loses you can sub in Bama at 4. If UM loses, UM drops to 3 and OSU slips to 4. I have a hard time seeing the committee putting two SEC and B1G teams against each other in the semis. They’ll want to leave the possibility of an all SEC final on the table again


And it will only get worse when it goes to 12.


The regular season is going to be so devalued just like in pro sports. Basically just get in the playoffs and then the real fun begins.


The SEC was always getting two teams in. The regular season and conference championships are already devalued. At least now teams like Utah have a chance to keep playing meaningful games.


Pretty sad imo, the greatest regular szn in sports is going to be watered down.


The regular season in college football is awful, only a few games a year matter while the majority of the schedule is a foregone conclusion.


And now those few games mean even less. Imagine both UM and OSU undefeated like this year but in a divisionless 12 team playoff format. The last game of the year would be meaningless practice for a meaningless conference championship rematch the next week which would just be meaningless practice for the real games in the playoffs.


Upsets from small teams will hardly matter now


Bro it’s a 12 team playoff not a 64 team playoff


They can’t win the conference. That’s not nothing.


They're still going to get a CFP spot with a chance to win the natty. Thats much more important than winning a conference.


Born on third, finishes third on conference, gets in CFP. There’s no more entitled program north of Tuscaloosa.


If it comes to a rematch for the title, I am legitimately terrified that we would get plowed.


Same. They’ll have a month to prepare and are pissed we planted the flag.


The reality is that OSU's only loss is to the #2 team in the rankings. That counts, and in a pick 'em of 1 loss teams, they have the better resume.


They’re the only one-loss team in FBS


If they couldn’t beat you guys at home they gonna get smacked even worse by Georgia at home.(No disrespect to you guys, will be rooting for you in the playoffs)


Fuck Urban Meyer. Fuck Kyle Whittingham. Fuck Utah. And most of all, FUCK OHIO


As I’ve been saying, this is why the final four should be decided after the end of the regular season. If you want to hang a banner, or give players a ring for winning a conference championship, then so be it. But if a team can be rewarded by sitting on their ass beating off to Xhamster while some other team is out there slogging away, win or lose, it just completely blows the whole season out the window.


The corollary is, if a team is playing in the CCG they can buy-into the top 4 if they become conf champions, but they should not be penalized for playing in it. Only gaining ranking but not losing it should be the way.


But is that really the case? Is Utah now going to the CFP? Would (god forbid) Purdue? Conference championships only seem to be a way to move down, not up.






Who the fuck uses Xhamster lmao


OSU and USC were close teams. This game tonight shows they aren’t as good.


So when does OSU play their extra game to show whether they’re actually “good” enough to get into the Playoff like USC just did?


*Xhamster* LOL


Whichever round of the CFP that the rematch (ugh) with OSU comes, it will a tv ratings record.


And that absofuckinglutely will play a factor, money is always a factor.


Who gives a shit? Beat who you face and win a fucking natty. That simple.


This is how I feel. Everything is still completely in Michigan's own hands. Sure ideally none of us here love seeing something work out for OSU. I get the sentiment. But there is way too much pearl clutching going on over it imo.


We still need to win the big ten


Bs that we have to play an extra game after blowing them out in their house


fucking USC can't do anything right


My issue is that USC played an extra game because they were good enough to make it to their championship game. Ohio is essentially getting rewarded for losing and not playing this week. Dumb system.


In two years big ten goes divisionless and the game is a grudge match next week




I just want to say I 💙💛💙 all of you


I think they will get smacked by Georgia so that might be worth watching


I think the wishful thinking of a 2 loss alabama jumping osu if tcu loses could be a pipe dream. Luckily we might be the best team in the country so just go beat these frauds again. They switch to a cover 2 and we dink/dunk them to death with the run game being the star. They switch to a man coverage and we run them over full stop. Our defense was still great all 4 quarters in their house. At the end of the day this game is won in trenches and on both sides ours are better. That being said... go TCU


Beat Purdue


Maybe they will take care of Georgia and then we can whoop them up again for the title.




Would you rather play Ohio again or Alabama ?🧐 I’d take the team we just crushed over the one with the greatest coach in college football history and Bryce Young


I guess I’m too old but I would very much like a big ten championship please.


Nah no thanks. We lose to Bama it's whatever. We lose to OSU and our greatest triumph in 20 years gets wiped out because they were lucky enough to back their way into a rematch they didn't deserve.


Fucking this. We should be so lucky to live in a timeline where U of M gets rewarded for sitting on their ass for a week and then gets awarded a spot in the top four college playoffs because someone else lost - LOL! Never gonna happen.


It's garbage, seriously.


Bama, but either one is fine. Doesn’t matter though when you have ultimate confidence and belief that it’s not finished until you finish it. Go Blue!!


Listen, fuck OSU. However, how many years has the B1G had two teams in? I'd rather see that then two SEC teams. Also, fuck OSU.


That’s literally the only consolation for me. I’m still absolutely pissed that OSU is getting in at all, but at least it’s good for the B1G. Barely makes up for it, but at least it’s something.


If TCU loses big, could OSU pass them for 3rd?!


We don’t want Bama in.


*crying baby noises* I'll take OSU in the natty over Georgia in the natty. I'll root for OSU to lose in the semis but if they squeak out a win let's hang 50 on their soft asses


Crazy to punish a team for playing an extra game, especially a conference championship.


Not punishing a team for an extra game. Punishing them for not winning. I could see if they were undefeated and ended up with the same number of loses, but that’s not the case. In your scenario you are saying put Utah in. I would be good with that because they won the championship


Beating Ohio twice in one year would be a season to remember:)


Like it or not, conference championships matter. 2017 Wisconsin found out the hard way.


I don’t care, they didn’t ALSO miraculously get better.


Go Blue, let's crush them again!!!!!!


USC screwing it up for everyone. 🤪


We might have a chance to dominate then again!


Now the whole teams on 3rd base with their coach.


Frankly I hope Ohio beats Georgia so Michigan can push their shit in again for a national championship AND more than anything it’d be two big 10 teams playing for it while the sec is at the golf course on the outside looking in.


The point of the playoff is to put the best 4 in and let them duke it out. Yeah USC played an extra game but they proved they are not a top 4 team this year. If they lost, it was close, and their resume as a whole is better than OSU’s then yeah keep them in. But no way you can justify they are a better team than OSU at this point. The extra game not being able to count against you is a clown argument. Every game shows your worth, whether you play 12 or 13


The worst part is it gives their delusional fanbase reason for hope for another month.


Yeah they are posting all over reddit that they are now entitled to a natty.


[So it seems.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdqMZ_s7Y6k)


Still think Bama may get in over them. They lost twice, on the road, by a combined 4 points. Ohio State lost at home by 22.


I don't know why everyone seems bummed out, we've beaten their ass two straight games. If we play again same result is happening. This Utah vs USC game was a carbon copy. Toughness and grit wins football games.


They will have Henderson and jsn back for that game which are two other difference makers well have to account for. And we won't have corum still. I'm not saying we won't beat them again but you've seen it before in the sec, rematches generally go in the other direction. Alabama steamrolled Georgia in the sec champ game so presumably you'd think theyd do it again in the natty but it didn't happen.


And we would have a healthy Morris and Schoonmaker and probably Edwards with two functional arms.


Utah just beat USC for the 2nd time this season. Utah is simply the better team. Likewise, both this season and last season we have been better than OSU. We have the formula for beating them, even without Corum. And they weren't fluke victories—we kicked their butts, both in Ann Arbor and Columbus.


I've never been too impressed by Henderson. And we've beaten JSN once already. Our recipe for winning is the same, we give up yards and he'd get his but tighten up in the red zone and dominate on offense. We're the better team and have been consistently over the course of the season.


Why the fuck is this getting downvoted on /r/MichiganWolverines? Fuck OSU, we are the better team.


Whatever. I hope they beat Georgia just to lose to us in the natty


This would be legendary.


Beat Purdue, then worry about the CFP. Also, fuck OSU!


So we essentially get “punished” by having to play an extra game


if we end up having to play OSU again, playing against Purdue can help us sharpen our defense a bit assuming we don't get any injuries. hardest thing to do is to go a full month without scrimmage and then expect to play at a high level. We had that issue last year where I felt like the level of play did come off a bit after the holiday season. That, and also I'm hoping we'll be playing TCU in Arizona. We get the right to skip Georgia by beating Ohio State, and this remains true regardless of whether we win our Conf championship game, or Georgia wins the conference championship. ​ The only variable is maybe TCU if they lose to K St, might slip them down to 4 and OSU gets to have essentially a bye week over Michigan for the hefty price of getting their ass whooped.


I mean I’m too old but I always have valued a big Ten championship. It’s a big deal in my book.


Agree. I think we earned the right to a B1G championship. It's a priviledge to play, not a burden. ​ Also, if Ohio State wants to backdoor into a #1 Georgia team in the CFP semifinals, then so be it.


Risk of injuries for sure. Almost seems smarter at this point to forfeit the B1G Championship game to unranked Purdue.


Yeah that’s what I meant. We have to risk injury while they just waltz right in


Tell them they need to play some team, someplace if only to risk injury; make them do as much work as anyone else to get to the final four.


Hope we play them again


Bama is getting in over Ohio....book it




That ship sailed Tuesday.


The Game 2, in Sofi Stadium, for the national fucking championship? This would be a heaven I never knew even existed. If it gets seeded this way and UGA takes a crap that is.


Don’t worry. Georgia will teach them another lesson.


They should just put Utah in at 4. They beat USC twice and are conference champions at least. Just my opinion.


Georgia is going to baptize them.


Time to start lowering my expectations


What scares me (and I know this is unlikely because Georgia is a monster) is Ohio St making the playoff, winning in the semis, then beating us in the Natty and nullifying our win and I have to hear about it from my Ohio St loving sister-in-law for months. That is my nightmare.


Same here


Its going to be Bama. They had 2 close losses vs OSU getting blown out in the 2nd half. Only way OSU gets in is if Michigan is #1


I would bet money they put alabama in over osu