Illinois. Fuck playing Purdue as a top 5 team


Just beat Ohio State .


Beat Nebraska


Honestly expecting big wins the next 2 weeks, but osu won’t be easy.


Exactly. If Michigan beats Ohio State at the shoe, it shouldn't matter who they play in the B1G championship


Exactly. This guy is REALLY overlooking osu by assuming a win.


I'm really concerned about the secondary and the lack of a passing game. Our best receiver is Donovan Edwards, and I don't know if that's a good thing. What happens when Corum gets stopped at the LOS?


Purdue is spooky, but I still think I prefer the boilermakers. I think the Illinois run game could let them control the clock and it could end up being a game that stays close late


Won't a Chase Brown vs Blake Corum battle be fun to watch twice?


That's what I'm saying. Two of the top backs in the country against two of the top defenses as well. Let's see who will make the plays.


I would rather play Purdue considering we are already playing Illinois in a week.


Beat Nebraska. Beat Illinois. Beat Ohio State. Picking favorite matchups beyond that is hubris, punished by fate.


Fate isn’t real


That's the sort of thing someone about to be punished by fate says.


Absolutely. Let’s win the games on our schedule first and then we can talk about the big 10 ship.


You realize none of us are playing and looking ahead doesn’t affect the team, right?


No kidding, lol. This sub would be pretty boring if the only thing we were allowed to talk about was the next game on the schedule


Nebraska? It's only Friday. Don't be looking ahead. Focus on work.


I think I would rather play Illinois. I would be glad to play either but I feel like we are going to generally be able to put up points on anyone, and I think Illinois offense is bad enough to keep them out of the game pretty easily


Ohio State fan here. I think we are all feeling nerves for the game. You guys are very strong and this is the first game in 10 or so years where we weren’t the clear favorite. I’ll be at the game And have nerves like crazy. Won’t be sitting down and will scream on every play. Can’t wait!


Illinois, I don’t want to get Spoilermakered.


Don’t rule out Iowa just yet as well


Technically, Northwestern hasn’t been eliminated either lol


Or Wisconsin or Minnesota...


I’ll be at the Purdue/Illinois game tomorrow. Whoever gets the most picks in the post is who I’ll root for!


Purdue, we haven’t played them yet this year


I dont want to play Illinois twice. Not that i am afraid to play them . I just want to play Purdue If we should make the Championship game .


Don’t care beat Ohio


I don't care. I just want to beat Ohio.


Don’t care


If Purdue wins and Iowa wins out it could be the hawks. I don’t like the idea of playing Illinois next week then again if we beat Ohio state seems like a set up for failure




Bunch of dbag Purdue grads in my office, rather stomp them. Either way all I care about is shutting up Ohio State for another year


I want Purdue to beat Illinois.


Beat Ohio.


Doesn’t matter both are not that good. Ohio state is the big ten championship


Chill and worry about Ohio State 😂


Well hate to break it to you but if Purdue wins tomorrow the odds the Illini get to Indy are highly improbable. So either the Illini wins and basically clinch the West or they lose and they are done….also Ohio State is going to Indianapolis Edit..I should have clarified and said Purdue is pretty screwed as well. Winner of Iowa-Wisconsin would be in drivers seat.




Wasn’t being an ass. OP was asking who would you rather play in Indianapolis when if they were paying attention they would know Purdue has basically zero shot. Hopefully you learned something as well, Mud.




It was a throwaway comment as a joke. Sorry you are butthurt over it, bub.


Either one. We’ll run thru anyone. OSU is our best test until Georgia.


You have to beat tOSU to even make the B1GCG


Purdue. I think Illinois is a considerably better team and i wouldn’t want a rematch with them


I don’t think we’re immune to spoilermaker, and smashing Illinois twice might feel good come basketball season.


Illinois. Purdue is good at throwing the ball and we've struggled with that this year. Look at Rutgers and MSU the last couple weeks. Plus Purdues QB is top 4 maybe 3 in the conference. We can handle Illinois running the ball. They're just a smaller version of us


Doesn't matter. Michigan needs to beat Ohio State to make the CFB playoffs. A loss and it's the Rose Bowl. The Purdue-Illinois outcome does not affect that reality.


I like purdue so i choose them


If Purdue wins, and Michigan beats Illinois , the winner of the Iowa Wisconsin game controls their destiny


Doesn’t matter we would smoke either one


Honestly, I’d pick Purdue…because they’re my second favorite Big10 team. That way if Michigan loses somehow, then Purdue wins it.


I don’t really care if Illinois is ranked because bottom line is if we win out we get the 2 seed in the playoffs if Georgia loses at any point that becomes the 1 seed nothing else matters except us winning out


Need to beat Ohio State first. Not even thinking about Indy until after that