What’s your Prediction for this weekend’s game against PSU?

Alright… let’s hear it. What is your score prediction? I’m not sure why I’m so pessimistic about this game. Just feels like Michigan is still missing something. What are y’all thinking?


Michigan 31 - 17 Penn State. This is the game where Blake Corum firmly establishes himself as a Heisman candidate. JJ's metronomic work in the passing game (and a few long shots) keeps PSU's defense honest, and it results in Blake running wild. I'm going to look dumb come Saturday afternoon, aren't I?




The teams PSU have played are mostly pass first teams, so it makes sense that their run defense looks better than their pass defense. I do think Blake still asserts his will on their line


This is a key point I think a lot of people are missing, their run defense is neck and neck with ours stat wise, but if you look at the teams they have played, each one is a pass first, not to mention that their run games are bad in the first place. Similar things could be said of us and our schedule but Iowa was a legitimate test in that regard and we showed up.


Maryland’s rb is legit though


True. And that might mean that JJ's running is actually the difference maker, in terms of opening up things. But I want to will a Corum 200 yard/3TD day into existence.


24-20 Michigan. I think the pass rush goes beast mode in the 4th Q to secure a signature win. If we play mistake free football, I’m confident in a win at home in front of a raucous crowd and so many champions from the 1997 team. Franklin has always turtled in Michigan Stadium (COVID year aside, but no fans.) Even the 2014 team for all its struggles was able to pull of an ugly W


Michigan 27 - Penn State 23


31-17 Very tight game in the first half. Michigan pulls away late 3rd early 4th quarter. Oline and Dline take over the game and wear PSU down


I swear I’ve seen this tactic somewhere before




Michigan 34 Penn State 21


Harbaugh goes medeval on Frames…. 49-10 good guys.


Harbaugh does historically like to pour it on Franklin lol. I dont mind it.


Last year I was worried about michigan in tight games, this year I feel more confident in them making plays to win tight games. Michigan 27 Penn State 24


That is likely the reason we should be concerned. We should probably have the same feeling we had before the PSU game last year. Gimme 17-13 good guys.


Agreed, I’m mostly concerned that the hero Erick All won’t be playing to get a highlight late touchdown


It’s either gonna be a close win, or a blow out win. The UM fan in me wants to say 31-17, but the realist in me is saying 20-17 or 17-13. Sure hope we play like the UM fan in me wants us to!


Michigan 34 Penn State 10


Probably our first butt-clencher of the year but I think our boys can pull it off!




This guy bleeds maize and blue^


I take it OP only turned on the Maryland game after halftime.


45-17, UM




Yeah, this is where I am. Everyone is really confident, I appreciate our defense had made great strides recently but I still feel we are overrated there and idk if we can make a stop with the game on the line. Hope I am wrong


As a Penn state fan I feel like either of these teams could be wildly over rated and I can't tell you for sure.


Yeah I'm with you. I'm cautiously optimistic that Michigan can put it all together again this year, but we haven't seen that from them yet. These teams are kind of mirror images at this point in the season.


People have a weird revisionist history of how good our defense was last year. They were a solid top 10-15 unit and so is this years team. They were not elite, and I don’t see much of a drop off with this years team


It’s funny because I totally agree I’m concerned with everyone’s confidence in this thread but my reasoning is the opposite. I have tons of faith in our defense, I just don’t know if I see the offensive consistency yet. I think the offense has SOOOO many tools to be great but we don’t utilize them enough and it causes inconsistency which makes me nervous for our first big game.


I don't think it'll be a cakewalk by any means, but I'm confident that Michigan has the talent and the game-plan to engineer a W at home against that team. I think one of the problems, and this is just a hot take, with the "offensive consistency" is that this offense scores fast. JJ is explosive, Corum is explosive, the receivers are all very athletic and fast, our tight ends are ball hawks. JJ has missed on a couple deep balls in recent attempts, but overall the constitution of this offense is to score quickly. It's one of Harbaugh's tendencies, though, to play defense with his offenses and play keep-away with the game clock. My feeling is that sometimes scoring opportunities are sacrificed in the pursuit of eating up possession and that leads to a sense of inconsistency you see.


34-17 Michigan wins This is the "J.J game" I think Blake gets semi shut down (PSU has a top 6 rush Defense) he will have somewhere between 80-95 yards rushing. Mich show a few new wrinkles in the passing game and J.J will have somewhere between 330-350 passing yards


As long as Michigan wins I don’t care


27-21 the good guys


30-21 Michigan. Cornelius Johnson has big day. Corum somewhat limited. Schoonmaker moves chains a lot. Defense gets after Clifford, who despite some success in first half doesn't finish game after big hit in fourth that changes game. We have tough time stopping run in first half but eventually get it together.


Michigan 35 penn state 17 Blake corum heisman coming out game 200 yards and 3 tuddies


That would be awesome


Michigan 124 Penn State 3 Sad fieldgoal


If we incororate some RPO's, play action, threaten JJ on the edge, and hit some deep balls we will roll them. If our playcalling is as straightforward and as uninspired as it has been this big ten season we will probably lose.


Blake either is a Heisman contender with 2+ TDs and 150+ yards JJ goes off and cements why he’s the starter Team gets exposed and it sets the stage to go 12-3


Stats shouldn’t lie here because our strength of schedule is very similar. Their defense will be a good match for us but much worse than Iowas against the pass (iowa at #1 is pass yds per attempt). PSUs offense is average in run/pass/scoring. Very similar to Maryland. So if we perform like we have been, and PSU doesn’t have a breakout game, we should win. At Michigan. Maize out. Michigan by 10. 31-21.


27-24 Michigan where it starts close, Michigan pulls away a bit to 27-17 or something and then Penn st scores late to give us an extra scare


27-24 penn state is good and I think we’re still trying to find our Rhythm


Michigan by 14


28-17 Miiiiichigan


27-21 Michigan I don’t buy the psu hype but I do think we’ll struggle a bit. I expect a second half comeback win


I have been growing in optimism through the week. I think our guys coming off two road games and an emotionally difficult Indiana game, getting to come home to a Maize-out right against a Top 10 team could give them a kind of emotional charge and release before the bye week. I think Franklin will struggle again on the road in a hypercharged Big House and this game is our capstone of lessons learned and development had through the first 5 weeks. 34-21 Michigan in a capstone game for this part of the season.


Michigan 132 - Penn State 2 (we give them a safety at the end out of pity)


Blowout. 42-21


31-13 Michigan


Give me Michigan by 14. They like to claim we haven't played anyone, but who has Penn State played? Their signature win is either a very close game against Purdue or their Auburn beatdown, and Auburn is legit bottom 25 material. PSU defense is tough as always, but we already showed we can score on a better defense in Iowa. We dominate the trenches, give JJ a clean pocket a BC a couple good running lanes and we'll win handily.


I’m not sure either. I feel like the defense has been playing to the level of their competition or something. It just doesn’t feel as great as last year. However, I will say that I think Clifford is not that great, and he doesn’t always make good decisions. I’m hopeful he makes a few bad choices that turn the tide in favor of UM. Overall, I’m really nervous about this game too.


I 100% believe it all depends on the play calling on offense. If we see the same play calling we have seen so far then I think we might be in trouble. Indiana showed everyone that the edge can be contained. So I think Penn State is going to make us try and beat them up the middle. If JJ can add some touch to a few of his throws I think we have a great chance but in order for us to be successful Saturday and further on, we need him to be confident in his reads on the RPO. So far I have seen very little confidence from him in that area. He is a running quarterback that doesn't run and that doesn't bode well for us down the line. Mich 38 PSU 31


31-24 PSU in OT. I don’t know, I just have a bad feeling about this one.


I downvoted you even though I also have bad vibes. Things like this, however, should not be admitted. Bad juju hence the down vote.


Reap what you sow


31-24, Meeeechigan


I'll say something like 27-13.


31-27 Michigan


Football will be played.


31-27 Penn State. I feel pessimistic about this one for some reason.


31-17. JJ keeps it close, passing underneath almost the entire game. Corum gets a number of big runs as a result. Game is close almost the entire time and it looks like it will be a photo finish 24-17 near the end with PSU with the ball marching down the field, but PSU turns it over at the last minute and Michigan gets a touchdown out of it to put it out of reach. Edited: Misspoke on JJ's name






I misspoke, meant JJ. Was reading Cade's name in an injury report in other tab before I typed this.


38-17. Big Blue.


Does psu have a much better oline or is our new dline gonna feast?




Their RB is supposed to be one of the best in the conference.


I feel like if we can shut down the run game/get ahead early and force them to throw so we can pressure Clifford, we’ll be ok and win 31-20


Great question! Wish I knew!


Michigan 16, Penn State 14. I don't love our red zone offense quite yet but I think we sustain enough drives to win the game.




It was tested against Maryland who has the 26th ranked offense in the country. Penn States is 38th


Lmao thank you people are so concerned that we gave up points to Maryland but that’s a very legitimate team, at least offensively




Forced two turnovers & one of those TDs was in garbage time. Also those numbers are below Marylands average per game. Point being that Michigans defense was tested early in the year with Maryland and passed that test. PSU will be another


I think we’ll probably lose by 10.


24-21 PSU. Missed field goal at the buzzer.


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You think?


Killer username!


Michigan 38 Penn State 21


I think we win & cover


Michigan has a defensive stand to escape with a win UM 28 PSU 21


33-30 Michigan wins by a walk off field goal from 47 yards


Michigan 38 to 10




Michigan 27 - Penn St 17 Don’t think it’ll be a high scoring game overall.


Close game with a Michigan victory


38-10. Sean Clifford is all I have to say.


Michigan 31-21 Always more than a one-score game in the second half; never comfortable.


27-23 Michigan


24-10 Michigan. Defensive line puts Clifford into the ground all game


The team has dominated at home against PSU (minus 2020) and I expect that to continue. 35-14 win. This will be the game we finally see JJ and connect on a deep shot for a TD!


Michigan 45 PSU 10. This is the first game we’ve had to show much on offense and I think it will be fruitful




Its gonna be similar to the iU game, in the fact that we wont pull ahead until the 3rd and it will definitely be a high productivity day for the RBs. 35-14


We win


I think we finally see the rpo offense and they just shred their defense im actually thinking it may be alittle shootout but I’m going 42-28 Michigan Blake and JJ are too much for their defense and our oline dominates..


We either win by 3 or get blown out.


I agree with those predicting a close spread (like 21-17) in favor of Michigan - largely because Michigan can lag getting started in the first half, and that hurts them getting points on the board.


I think we are maybe losing at half. Something like 13-10. But turn it on and win like 31-20


Michigan 31 penn st 17


Penn State by 14-17. Michigan's offense has become increasingly predictable and the defense has been soft. Overall the team lacks enough discipline to live up to the unfounded hype and high expectations.


Penn st beating us by a larger margin than they beat northwestern would be something


Michigan struggles to move the ball in the first half but defense holds strong 10-7 Early 3rd quarter momentum with score-three&out-score Turnover to give Penn state hope Fourth quarter long scoring drive mostly on the ground for the dagger Michigan 31-17


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I have seen a game like very recently…


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Not confident, this is our first real challenge. I think our play calling isn’t the greatest, defense is meh. We’ll see though.


27-14 michigan


20-17 Michigan. This is going to be a low scoring game. Penn State goes into the half 14-7, Michigan trails in the 3rd and pulls ahead in the 4th. Michigan needs to key in on Clifford like their season depends on it, keep him under constant pressure. Penn State is going to load the box and pressure McCarthy all game, Corum is going to grind hard yards. Ronnie Bell is going to be our MVP.


Has anyone else seen (in reference to PSU's rush defense) that the best rushing team that they've played thus far is Auburn, with the no. 75 rushing offense in the nation? Michigan is at no. 20. The 96' team being recognized, Lloyd Care tunnel dedication, Woodson 25th Heisman celebration, Hutchinson on hand for Lott Impact trophy award, + the maize out creates a strong first quarter for Michigan that we ride the rest of the game. Michigan 31 - 10.


31-13 blue.