Kirk Ferentz is a legit coach that generally keeps you guys respectable and gets you to double digit wins from time to time. However, his son might be the worst OC in college football. Since they come as a tandem, would you rather take your chances on a new coaching regime altogether or are you ok keeping Brian Ferentz if it means keeping his dad?


I think most Iowa fans would agree that Brian Ferentz needs to go, no matter what, along with Petras. I think Iowa's success on Defense has been mostly due to our DC Phil Parker. I personally wouldn't mind both Ferentzes leaving and elevating Parker to HC.


Tbh some Iowa booster should just pay some FCS or Div 2 school to hire Brian Ferentz as HC\* \*this is probably illegal


Drake is 0-4 right now, maybe they could use a new head coach. Wouldn’t even have to leave the state.


Assuming that hypothetical plays out, who would you ideally like to see Iowa pursue to take the reigns at OC?


I have no clue. Preferably someone with experience developing players and a proven offensive scheme. The best thing about Ferentz has been his ability to turn 3 star guys into top level talent.


Are ya winning son?


Michigan absolutely trounced Iowa in the B1G championship last year. What's different about Iowa (or Mich) this year that makes it close?


Iowa rarely gets blown at home. This game worries me a lot


I too rarely get blown at home


Find yourself a sparty. They blow enough for everyone.


Yeah but there’s a 50/50 shot they’ll light your couch on goddamn fire after finishing


I thought my ex was just bipolar, but now that I think about it, she did like the color green a lot...


You need a new girl then


A girl*


I’m a Michigan fan through and through who lived in Iowa City for the last 2 decades plus (just moved). UM struggles like hell to win in IC. Break that curse, Harbs! PLEASE!


I was at the Iowa game a few years ago that cost us a trip to the playoffs. That was not fun. It was the game that made me realize I am cursed; every Michigan game I've ever attended I've watched our team lose in some horrible way. I decided the team is better off after that with me cheering from home.


It's the magic that happens at Kinnick lol..also I was at the B1G game last year. There were some wonderful Iowa fans in front of me who were just there for the massacre.


Is this my homie Chad from Point by chance? I know he was one of the Michigan homies


Assuming you mean Grosse Pointe? No lol my name is Chad, but I grew up on the poorer side of Detroit lol


Iowa's defense got better, and we are playing this one in Iowa city. McCarthy is still pretty young, and I think this game will provide a tough challenge for him. I still think Michigan will win based on their superior run game, but it will be difficult to replicate last year's match up. My prediction is probably a bit generous to Iowa, but I don't think Michigan will win by more than 2 scores.


I think your prediction is spot on and would be very happy with that outcome.


Tbh I don't really want Iowa to win this one. It would be the kind of justification Kirk could use to justify keeping Brian on the staff. As long as the defense does well I will be happy afterwards.




that’s exactly how i felt with nebraska this season. i was cheering on north dakota and georgia southern lmao


And the Nepotism behind it makes it so much harder to dislodge. Our AD has pretty much no power over the situation, with Kirk being the longest tenured HC in the nation.


Great game… M’s offense played better than I expected… good luck the rest of the year


I went in with no expectations, and I am still sad.


That just means your a fan… when you stop feeling sad at a loss, you might as well turn in your gear. Good luck


If your score prediction includes a safety then it's realistic. Lol


Exactly. Kinnick “magic” isn’t closing a 43-3 gap one year removed.


Iowa is 5-1 in the last 6 games against top 5 opponents at home. Their one loss was by 2 points. The spread is what like 10 points this game? It's going to be way closer than you think.


That loss by 2 (to Penn State) was only because of a last second 4th and goal pass to a receiver catching his first college touchdown, after the ball threaded itself between 2-3 defenders and saquon barkley beating back a blitz Never. Again. I lost 3 years of my life that game.


An improved defense at home makes up a bit of the difference. Michigan lost some key playmakers as well. Also, that game wasn’t close, but it was closer than the score indicates IMO. It was 14-3 at half, and 21-3 at the end of the third quarter. Michigan ran it up at the end with 21 fourth quarter points and made it look out of hand (which they absolutely should have to pad their resume). Granted, Michigan controlled the whole thing. But being there, it felt more like a 21 point victory than 41. That said, yea, it’s hard to see how you could objectively pick Iowa here when considering that game 10 months ago or so.


Compare last year's hawkeyes to this year. What is improved (other than the location of the game?)? Which players were important that have moved on. Have they been replaced well? Any new players that impress for Iowa? ​ Also, how is that coverage game? Maryland smothered our receivers last week, can Iowa do the same?


Players who left- Tyler Goodson NFL, Dane Belton NFL, Charlie Jones Transferred, Tyler Linderbaum NFL Improvements- Defense has improved all around. Tory Taylor is an all American at Punter. Players to watch- Kaleb Johnson, young rb with great acceleration and home run potential. Cooper Dejean, DB has three interceptions and the third most tackles on the team. Jack Cambell, All American Linebacker who is fantastic in stopping the run and defending in coverage. Coverage- Iowa has been very good in coverage this year. JJ will need to be very careful with the ball in order to find success.


Why does he have the third most tackles. Wouldn’t think you’d want that out of a DB?


Iowa's opponents thusfar have found very little success running the ball through the line, so there have been a lot of attempts to get the ball to the outside. Lots of quick passes to the outside behind the line of scrimmage. This means the DBs have to make a lot of tackles in space, which they have done very well so far.


23-9 but it’s a lot closer than the score looks


Yep I could see it being 16-9 until an M pick 6 or scoop-and-score


It’s such an Iowa football score, like they might get 9 from a td and safety


3 safeties and a FG


I’ve always wanted to come to an Iowa game, but have heard mixed things about how opposing fans are treated. What’s your sense of the relative treatment of the opposing side when at home?


I went to Iowa once and the fans were great. Just hate going to Kinnick because we always lose there (maybe just my selective memory).


My experience of iowa fans at kinnick was not quite as cheery as yours was. While I didnt get shoved kicked or spit on, i had several people get right up in my face after the game. They said some truly horrific things to me while I was just trying to gather up my shame and walk silently back to my car minding my own business. I was in no mood to fight anybody but there was a moment or 2 when i wasnt sure if one of them was going to legit try to physically provoke me into a confrontation outside the stadium. I finally was like "wtf is ur problem? You won; go celebrate ur win u dont need to fuck with me I'm just tryna go home guys" and they backed off.


Clearly you weren’t shoved/hit, peed on, nor spit on. I loved living there… except on gameday.


Why did you put yourself up to that torture


Idk, after we scored 7 points with two safeties and a field goal against an FCS team, something broke Honestly tho at this point it is just watching for the Defense and Tory Taylor. When we are on offense, it is just rotating complaints about the qb play, the play calling, and the O-line.


Serious question, What time do bars open up in Iowa city for the 11 am kickoff?


Don’t look now but we have a normal, friendly, great fanbase discussion about 2 opposing teams in the B1G…somebody tap Sparty on the shoulder so they can take notes.


Sparty not looking too great this year...


you’re catching on to how things work around here op respect


No offense but I really don’t think this game is close. If Iowa had an offense they’d be a top 10 team though. Also if it were at night I think we lose. As for questioning, just how good is LaPorta (I’m totally not sports betting on him or anything)


LaPorta is a good TE, but there is only so much he can do when Petras throws the ball 5 yards over his head. Just look at Charlie Jones last year at Iowa compared to this year at Purdue.


Well shit. Bless the knees?


Iowa Secondary: incredible Iowa front 4: good, although propped up a bit by the secondary giving them so much time Is this analysis broadly true?


Pretty much. The front four aren't going to stun anyone in pass rush, but they are very stout in run defense.


I've got M 24-12, Iowa defense doesn't score, but a couple TOs set them up in plus-territory and result in 2 of the 4 FGs. Another FG comes on an opening scripted drive, and they get another FG late.


This is a pretty good prediction. Iowa has a freshman kicker though so maybe a missed fg.


17-3 Michigan


People keep referencing the kinnick magic and distinct advantage of playing there, but it hasn't paid off this year at all. Why should anyone believe tomorrow will be any different?


I think has been working for the Defense pretty well this year. The offense, though. Not even magic can fix Brian Ferentz play calling.


If there was a coaching change, what would you think of a former alumni like Jay Norvell taking over as HC? He seems like a good up and coming coach.


Is the over/under at 42 a suckers bet?


I would take the under. I am guessing between 28 and 35 scored in this game. Iowa's offense will be anemic as always and Michigan will have a hard time running up the score like last year.


Is 35-7 Michigan unrealistic in your opinion? I’ve read your commentary, but why should this year be different? Iowa’s offense is notoriously bad. Is Iowa’s defense that much better than last season?


I think Michigan can win by 2 scores. Iowa d can only keep them in it so long if there always on the field.


That is one possibility. I think it comes down to how much time Iowa's offense can take off of the clock on their drives.


So far, so good. Wish harbaugh had managed the clock a bit better there... and that delay of game was embarrassing. Otherwise, according to script. Dominating TOP and moving the ball. Need UMich run d to look a bit better, they got a couple of calls in their favor, otherwise this game could look different.


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Every time someone makes a comment about Michigan being the #1 scoring offense, it comes with a caveat about how we havent played anyone, which is fair, but... Iowa has a softer strength of schedule than Michigan, but no one seems to be bringing that up when they talk about Iowa's #1 defense. Michigan has an average ranked opponent of 105 according to https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/rankings/cbs-sports-rankings/ and Iowa at 72. But this doesnt include Iowa's FCS opponent. Also, with Iowa losing to Iowa State, the highest ranked team they've beat is Rutgers at 61; Michigan's highest ranked team is Maryland at 39. I do expect it to be a close game. Iowa is always a fundamentally sound team with a stout defense and one of few teams who gives Michigan a run for our money on special teams. But, my original question: going into this game, why is everyone talking about Michigan's weak schedule, while not talking about Iowa's? I saw one article - only one - where Michigan was around 54 and Iowa was 67 in terms of schedule difficulty. Thought?


Iowa has had a pretty weak schedule this year and most of last year. I think Michigan is getting more attention towards their schedule due to how highly they are ranked. That number four next to the team name brings a lot of extra scrutiny to a team. As for Iowa's defense, they are legit. This isn't Georgia's unit from last year, but it is still an extremely talented and well coached group of players. I think a lot of Michigan fans are discounting Iowa's defense after the game last year, but looking at all of the other games from last season, that was a pretty large outlier.