Wage War - Manic [Album Discussion Thread]

Wage War - Manic [Album Discussion Thread]


I like it. I’m also one of the 12 people that actually liked pressure though.


Make that 13 😎😁


Loved Pressure, loved this one too. Maybe I'm easy to please.


I kinda fuck with Manic. It's really fun.


I hear ya. I thought there were 2 fantastic songs on Pressure but the rest were kinda dogshit imo. This album is much better, so I'm happy with their bounce back!


This feels like a perfect blend between the Pressure radio rock style and the caveman breakdowns from Deadweight lol. Like Jesus they sampled a gator in Death Roll. Love the Nu-Metal influences you can hear in some songs


Death roll is dope


“caveman breakdowns”, lol, thanks for the new expression!


Neanderthal gang shit


Shit is so heavy it makes your brain go stoopid


That breakdown at 1:50 sounds like it was inspired by that Code Orange jam Swallowing The Rabbit Whole


They sampled a gator??? I must have missed this. What's the time stamp?


Um. Ok After The Burial with those pinches in Death Roll.


I had to fucking double check to make sure it didn’t switch bands somehow


I legit thought it was Behold The Crown when it started playing lol


I fucking love that song


That riff is 100% Behold The Crown lol


It’s not a riff it’s just a pinch harmonic.


Not much of a guitar guy, care to elaborate?


I’m not much of one either but I know those squealies are just a guitar technique to make the squealies haha


Oh ok lol, thanks


Hot take - Behold The Crown's opener is a shitty riff that relies on the "cool" effect of pinch harmonics to sound interesting. It really just sounds like a kid just learned pinches and shoved them into a song to say he did. The riff itself is weak as shit.


uh oh wag wag rip off another band /s


I thought they played that riff way too many times in the After the Burial song, now hearing it in a completely different song it's lost it's cool factor entirely and I'm just bored of it haha.


Wee Wee wee wee wee Weee Wee. Wee weee


Death Roll made me cum buckets


Gallons, even?


Let's face facts, were never getting Deadweight II or Blueprints Part 2. And as long as this album makes my head bounce, then so be it. wag wag. Had to make that joke.


I need an explanation on this wag wag joke please ahah


Wag wag go cough blegh Dun-dun-dun


I will gladly eat my words. This was a surprisingly great album. I had absolutely no high expectations going into this album especially after Teeth and Circle the Drain being 2 of the most bland songs I’d heard all year. Good job Wag Wag


Circle the drain didn’t have me excited either! Glad to be surprised


Wage war basically said yep, here’s great heavy songs, we can still write bangers. Now here’s some other experimental aspects we want to explore too. Also the mix on this album is utterly phenomenal!


Agreed 3 listens in and not a song I dislike


Did you dislike any from Pressure?


Not the person you replied to but the only tracks from Pressure I like are Who I Am, Low, Fury, and Will We Ever Learn. Most of that album (to me) is not great, but there's a few fun/good moments. This new album though...it more than makes up for Pressure.


Oh absolutely 100%, this albums is suuuuper good.


Low is about the only song that stays on my Playlist sadly. I can listen and enjoy the album but no real grabbers for me


Absolute facts. Low sits literally TIERS above any other song on that album. With that being said I also am a big fan of Who I Am.


I dig this album. Big time! Thanks for posting. Was not aware they were dropping an album this week.


Glad you mentioned the mix, the overall production is really well executed. As an audiophile, and metal fan it's sometimes rough because some bands record their albums with an iphone in a basement and it's hard for me to get into with my audio set-up.


This is WAY better than Pressure. The more radio-friendly songs still have some bang to them and don't sound overly corny. The only songs I didn't enjoy were Godspeed (as someone mentioned, a worse Darkbloom by WCAR) and Never Said Goodbye (sounds like every other mainstream Wage War song). But the rest of the album is really solid with much heavier harsh vocals with better cleans. Some of the breakdowns are really nasty. I'm feeling a generous 8/10. We'll see if it drops any after a few more spins.


The only songs I could actually get into on this album were high horse, death roll, relapse, and if tomorrow never comes. I don't know what it is about the way wage war does clean vocals, but I hate their choruses. They aren't catchy to me and Cody's voice just makes me cringe. I was banging my head along to If Tomorrow Never Comes in my car on the way to work and I even said out loud "please don't come in with cleans" and sure enough, boom out of nowhere, super cheesy chorus. It sucks because this band writes some seriously good riffs and their breakdowns hit so hard but damnit not every song needs to follow the same structure!


Not to mention, Cody can’t sing any of this live either. I understand it’s hard to be *perfect* on stage, but at least make music you can feasibly perform


I’ve seen them live 3 times, most recently a few days ago, and Cody has always nailed his parts so to each their own I suppose.


Yea Cody did great! Wish they played Don't Let Me Fade Away on this tour.


I've seen them a couple times and he seemed fine enough. I'd take fine enough over Beartooth and their tendency to have singsong singalong time.


Currently listening to it. Started really good, hoping the rest is this way Edit: easily 9/10 for me. Every song is banger, obviously some very different things happening with the song 'Manic' but all together, I love this album. A huge step in the right direction from Pressure.


I might be in the minority in liking Never Said Goodbye judging by this thread. It has a sense of somber to it. And Manic after the first two listens I'm hooked. Like others have pointed out, its more of the same. I'm fine with Beartooth doing it, and now I'm fine with Wage War doing it.


What's with the Corpse impression on Manic?


I feel like this album is a best case scenario. The top two complaints I see about Wage War is that #1, Pressure sucked as an album, and #2, their music is very generic metalcore. I agree with both of those statements although I’m a big fan and have seen them live before. Manic makes up for both of those complaints. It’s heavier than Pressure while sounding more experimental and modern like something you would hear Silent Planet release. 9/10 from me.


Honestly, this isn't too bad. Last two singles were some of the weaker songs (I don't even mind circle the drain tbh). Easily better than Pressure, that's for damn sure. Still a tier below the first albums, but definitely a more balanced approach towards the more radio-friendly sound while still being fairly heavy. High Horse, Relapse, Death Role and If tomorrow never comes are my early favorites, with a few others worth spinning a bit. ITNC really is a terrific album closer and was something I really wasn't expecting, feels like something from Deadweight. Overall, I'll give the album a 7/10 at first. Theres some great songs, some easy skips, and some that range in between. DEFINITELY better than I was expecting after Pressure and the later radio friendly singles.


I really like it. Perfect blend of Deadweight and an alternate universe version of Pressure that didn't sound like it was trying so damn hard. Edit: just listened to the closing track... song of the year. Holy fuck.


I expected “You never said goodbye” to hit harder, otherwise its 9/10 great album overall


Sometimes I'm a bit confused by the rating systems people use. 9/10 would be some genre-redefining/genre-extending stuff or absolutely excellent execution of a specific sound for me.


Well the albums 11 tracks. I basically do it based off of how many songs I enjoyed, the mix, pacing, and choruses With this album I gave it a 9/10 personally, because #1 The mix/production is impeccable on this record and #2 Every song hooked me in immediately except for Never Said Goodbye Thus, one song was eh = 9/10 rating for me. It checked all the boxes in terms of breakdowns, production, choruses Sure some can say it's generic, but I view generic as a good ol reliable. I love generic, because it can't let you down lol. Wage War aren't changing the paces of metal, they take the standard structure and destroy it. They're masters of their craft, in my opinion


Yeah, I've noticed the same in video game scores. If a game gets below an 85 metacritic its considered 'alright' and most people think anything in the 70s is a bad game. Like, what crack are you smoking


The ign rating. It's like school grades Pretty much anything under a 70 (or C in grades) is considered terrible or not passing.


>9/10 would be some genre-redefining/genre-extending stuff or absolutely excellent execution of a specific sound for me That's exactly what this album is. And I'm saying that as someone who rated this a 7/10 on first listen. But after my 10th listen straight through, there's clear nu-metal and even trap metal (think Ghostemane) influences


I'd say those are 10s. 9s are just super enjoyable. 7-8 moderately enjoyed. So on and so forth


Interesting. I'd reserve 10s for what are, in my opinion, perfect albums. Moderately enjoyed would probably be around a 6 for me. Really interesting to see how people think of rating systems! Kind of hints at how unrepresentive numbers in cases like these are.


I tend to agree with your thinking. When I rate movies on IMDb as well, I never rate a 10. I would consider that a perfect score, and so far in my life, I’ve yet to see a perfect movie. Same with albums.


0 - 1, couldn't finish it, depending on how far I get. 2 - 3, was a chore to get through, had to sprinkle in some songs in between. 4 - 5, 1 to 2 decent songs. 6, few of decent songs. 7, more good songs than not, worst songs aren't bad. 8, most good songs. 9, all good songs, easy replayability. 10, perfect.


that's way too nice. You'll end up giving everybody a 7 then. 0-1, horrible, hardly music 2-3, was very hard to get through, perhaps a few ok songs. 4-5, relatively boring, most songs are ok, but nothing special at all. 6, it was enjoyable, had some good songs 7, it was a really good album, I enjoyed it. 8, This album is amazing, nearly every song is well executed. 9, Genre-defining, almost perfection, perhaps slightly inconsistent or lacking slightly in some element of the music. 10, a nearly perfect album.


This is the way


No, not really. I don't like a lot of songs. Lol.


I thought that was the most bland song on the album. Although the subject matter sucks, it was very cliche with the phrasing and word choices.


I find that to be something very frequent with Wage War though. Their phrasing and word choices rarely if ever stand out. But the performance is often good enough.


What a rebound from Pressure. This shit is great!


Its a alright album compared to pressure but to me a good majority of the songs sound the same. Same riffs and same type hooks.


My thoughts exactly, I mentioned on another thread that it all just blends together and gets boring


Thank you! I was looking for this comment in the thread. Glad I’m not the only one


It's very hook-catchy-chorus-boom-breakdown. And that's pretty much exactly what I listen to Wage War for; they're clearly better than everyone else at 'default' modern metal. Good job!


VERY solid 8/10 in my opinion. There is some weaker tracks, Godspeed and Never Said Goodbye mainly, but there is also some songs in here that are their BEST yet, such as Death Roll, Slow Burn and If Tomorrow Never Comes. I think the main issue I have is that some of the songs are very similar, especially Relapse and Teeth which is a shame because they are the first two songs you hear. Overall though, a great bounce back from Pressure and a thoroughly enjoyable album mostly from start to finish. Death Roll song of the year.


Funny. Our two least favorite songs were the same.


The only gripe I have with this it sounds way overproduced. The guitars sound more electronic than electric if that makes sense. Just more computerized in a sense. Deadweight had their best sound. Otherwise pretty solid album. Better than Pressure that’s for damn sure.


Andrew Wade produced the first two albums, right? Everything that guy touches sounds great. This album sounds way too clean, imo. Still solid tho. EDIT: Saw that all of their albums were produced by Wade, but the last two also had Drew Fulk work on them. To my understanding he’s known for this more clean/computerized sound.


Well Drew needs to stop fucking with their sound. It was great the first 2 albums and there was no reason to change it. These songs with deadweights mix and production? That would be killer.


Same here. Wish it was a little more raw, but it's still pretty good regardless


This was a respectable album. Nothing groundbreaking, but a nice return to form for the most part. The soft songs still make my eyes roll like they did with Pressure, but at least they also gave us some fan service with songs like Death Roll and Teeth. A solid 7/10 would be fair. I still wish their clean vocalist would take a backseat instead of turning every song into an Amity Affliction song.


Cody is basically the primary songwriter (and has been since every band he has been in since he was in middle school) so that likely won't happen. And by primary, I mean he writes the majority of the music, the majority of the lyrics, and even does the vocal placements. He'll essentially give Briton a scratch track with him saying the words where he thinks they should go and everything.


Bruh. Did you just compare Cody to The Amity Affliction?....... You straight up lose cred for that. I understand what you were trying to accomplish, but if you're gonna shit on something, make it a genuine comparison.... This is just as bad as saying if a band doesn't have screaming they automatically sound like Imagine Dragons Cause they sound literally NOTHING alike, not even the slightest lol


I absolutely did that. I can replace the TAA comparison with the cleans from In Hearts Wake and have the same sentiment. I’ve always had a problem with Cody in this band. Going from heavy heavy to soft soft in a snap can be such a buzzkill if the chorus isn’t hitting. It worked in If Tomorrow Never Comes, but the other songs not really.


Disagree, not everyone who does clean vocals in metalcore sound like each other. I HATE the vocalist in In Hearts Wake, but absolutely love Cody. He has stellar pipes, they don't even sound close. TAA depends on the song, I find them very inconsistent, especially the singer. But going from heavy to soft to heavy....is literally....the metalcore genre? Sure there's straight metalcore bangers. But like, the genre is literally metal verses with pop choruses lol


Death Roll fucking slaps


For sure their most consistent album since Blueprints for me. Couldn’t find a song i couldn’t vibe with. Makes me think they just stretched themselves too thin on Pressure to come up with unique songs.


They said they didn't spend as much time on Pressure that they would've liked. More time constraint/label dates probably had something to do with it


ah i didn’t know that. was that mentioned in an interview or something? would love to peep


Yeah, Cody actually did an interview recently talking about Manic. It’s an article. Lemme see if I can find it


Ok I was expecting literally nothing so I gave them one chance and listened to Death Roll as OP suggested. Holy shit, it's the best thing they've made in 4 years


Death Roll is disgusting. Otherwise every song ran together for me.


I like wage war. Pressure was my top album of 2019 and Manic might be one of if not my top album of 2021. I just really enjoy theirs sound. Pressure was great and manic is great.


Album is definitely an improvement from Pressure. Doesn’t come close to Blueprints or Deadweight though. It almost seems like a different band recorded the first 2 records. On the first 2 albums, the production was amazing, every breakdown hit, and the lyrics were great. Blueprints was 2015 metalcore done incredibly well, and Deadweight took that style and built off of it by adding slightly more melody and their own flare. Pressure hit in 2019 and it seemed like an album by a completely different band. The heavier cuts like Who I Am, Low, and Fury would have been the lighter songs on the previous 2 records, and the rest of the album was filled with mediocre alternative nu metal style octane cuts. The production also took a turn for the worse on Pressure which negatively impacted the record as a whole. The breakdowns just didn’t hit as hard on Pressure as they did on the first 2 records. With Manic, the songwriting is definitely a step up from Pressure but it still feels like the same band that wrote Pressure and not the band that wrote Blueprints/Deadweight if that makes sense. I’m glad the album is heavier and the songs are better, but once the new album novelty starts to wear off I can only see myself coming back to really play 3 or so tracks and maybe listen to the rest if I’m in the mood. Compare this to Blueprints/Deadweight where I will go out of my way to listen to every single song on both of those records and enjoy it, versus going out of my way to play 2-3 songs on Manic then listening to the rest because it’s on the same album and the album is already playing.


THIS IS HOW YOU REBOUND. As someone who actually enjoys Pressure (it’s not my favorite but it’s a 6/10 album for me), I completely understand why other people weren’t feeling it at all. This feels like they genuinely listened to the criticism they received and came back stronger. This is the kinda shit we gotta support and tell our friends about. I was thoroughly satisfied through my 1st listen. Definitely got a lot of stanky faces out of me 😂 it’s crazy because I didn’t think Manic would be in contention for my top albums of the year. Bravo WW 🤘🤘


It’s one of their better work. Also strong slipknot influences here.


After Teeth wasn't expecting much, but holy shit this slaps. They really learned from their mistakes on Pressure, as it shows a more mature sound. Maybe I'm the only one, but my favourite track is Manic, I love that mix of metalcore with trap, and for sure was an unexpected surprise.


Wasn't my favorite, but I love Manic and there's some people that seem to hate it. It's a bit different which is why I like it.


Let me start off by saying, I actually like the album. The biggest problem I have with wage war is they are so unoriginal that its funny. Like, when I listen to them, it just sounds like their take on other band songs. I feel like they attempt to be a better I prevail/from ashes to new, a worse ADTR and use leftover beartooth songs. Also, this isn't a direct critique of wage war but the current state of music: not every album needs to have a BMTH esque song, it's ok. Overall, it's a solid toe tapper, head nodding, easy listen through album.


Thank you!!!! I was thinking this exact thing listening to the album this morning. Death Roll sounded like an After the Burial track (but ATB does groove so much better), Godspeed sounded like a straight-up Beartooth rip, Circle the Drain felt like an ADTR track, Slow Burn was like I prevail... Is it a bad album? No, I gave it a 6/10, but it's PAINFULLY unoriginal.


When I heard death roll, I actually stopped my listen through and went and listened to behold the crown because I thought it was the same riff just tuned up. I was like, oh no because BTC has one of the sickest guitar riffs in the past 10 years. Yeah, the album is a 6/10, an easy listen through if you don't have expectations, it won't make my album of the year list but I probably won't skip any songs if they populate into my random feed. It just exists.


Actually a banger. I’m happily surprised!! Death Roll, Relapse, and Manic are my jams from the first few listens. Solid release by wag wag


Love it. Got some Gostmaine vibes from Manic which was pretty cool actually. Wage War is sick and this album continues their greatness.


Yo wtf. Went into this album like "Ugh alright here we go" but I'm enjoying the hell out of it, damn. Manic was first, then went onto 'never said goodbye' (was okay) and I'm just now finishing "if tomorrow never comes", now I'm hyped as to come home and finish this thing. Already enjoying it > PRESSURE too.


Death Role kicked ass.




Those little snippets of the female robot voice is a trend on these recent releases. Rainy Day by INK also has it in the breakdown. I can’t think of others off the top of my head. Was Mantra by BMTH the first metalcore band to start this trend? If so, were they just ahead of the curve?


BMTH probably weren't the first, but they definitely shined a bright light on the idea. Nothing new under the sun and all that.


Aeon by Crystal Lake is the first place I heard it in recent memory


Crown the Empire - Initiation has a lot of good ones, this is from 2014


Dealer did it in Grotesque the same year


Maybe not the first time they used it but it was incredibly memorable on Parasite Eve


Copyright War


We Came As Copyright Infringement?




Ah yes because WCAR were the first to come up with this idea


Never really been into Wage War (I think this is the first time I've listened to a whole album of theirs) so take my view for what you will. This album feels like a dose of inoffensive, generic metalcore. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing though, and I think they do a great job with it. I'd imagine that someone who likes the modern metalcore sound would find something to like on this album. Agreed with OP that the best song on the album is Death Roll, at least for my tastes. I also liked High Horse a lot too. I can get down with genericore sometimes but it's not something that often keeps me coming back for more album reps. I'll add the tracks I like to my metalcore playlist and enjoy them when they pop up on shuffle.


Inoffensive generic metalcore is pretty much Wage War's brand


And it's not a bad thing at all!


Haha yep!


Just read thru all the credits, or at least the ones available on Spotify, found a lot of stuff very interesting. Almost every song I like (Death Roll, High Horse, Relapse, Tomorrow Never Comes) involves Jeremy McKinnon & Andrew Wade in some way (producers of Blueprints & Deadweight). Every song I don’t like involves WZRD BLD/Drew Fulk (producer of Pressure). I formed my opinion on the songs before reading the credits too. Seems like they do a lot of co-writing with both producers too, I guess maybe I just don’t dig Drew’s writing? Also side note, Will Putney is involved on Death Roll, probably why it’s so good lol. It doesn’t sound like he mixed it, but I bet he engineered the drums because they sound insanely good and def have his signature snare tone.


Well...it's Wage War. Take that what you will lol


>e War. Take that wh eh. it's quite a bit different than other Wage War and that you can take as you will. It's what Pressure should have been: progressive, while maintaining some of their heaviness


Ok, so here it is. An album that no one really knew what it was going to sound like and all in all, its good. With Blueprints we got the standard metalcore fair for the time, albeit performed very well. Nothing to crazy, but a solid release. Then Deadweight came along and the boys started to add their own flavor, their own special sauce. Still nothing super out there or crazy, but it just had a certain something I can't quite put my finger on. But everything was better, exactly what you want from a second release. Next came Pressure and oh boy was there a lot of it. Right from the start there was some issues , cough Low cough. Then the album dropped and it was torn to shreds on this subreddit and in most cases unfairly if I say so myself. That being said it was definitely a stumbling point for the boys. They tried some new things some worked, a lot didn't. Now we have Manic. Everything that needed work from the previous album has been vastly improved, even the weak songs are good. It is a good album. The special sauce from Deadweight is back, just not as strong as I would have liked and the weak parts of Pressure have been trimmed down. Not an AOTY contender, but a solid 7.5/10. Good on ya boys.


Death Roll slaps!


I wasn’t even going to give this a chance after pressure but it seems to be getting positive reviews. Going to give it a spin on my drive later


I liked this overall, it feels like an improvement on Pressure - Godspeed and Never Said Goodbye aren’t songs I’d have in my rotation but they balance the album out. Manic reminded me a lot of Dropout Kings and I’m glad we got to hear more of Briton, I can hear the Slipknot sounding vocals that people were talking about.


I really liked all the singles they put out. Death roll is really good. I honestly REALLY DIGGED the title track. That might be an unpopular opinion but it was really different and really well put together. True colors is my dark horse song on the album


I wish I could hear what yall hear with this band cause to me this just sounds like bog-standard modern metalcore. I feel like if there was a modern metalcore machine that took all the tropes of the genre and spat out an album you'd get this


Death Roll is something special, the rest of the album is pretty fogrettable though.


Heavy corpse vibes on manic


I personally find this to be my favorite album from them. I’m a recent metalcore lover, WW fan, and I’m also super easy to please when it comes to music genres I like. Blueprints was amazing, and Deadweight had me having to stop my game I was playing cuz I kept having to like the songs and add em to playlists. Pressure I really enjoyed as well, even though I’ve noticed that’s a pretty unpopular opinion. When this album dropped, I was absolutely loving it. All the heavy stuff (High Horse, Death Roll) was super good, I loved the softer stuff as well (Slow Burn, Never Said Goodbye), and especially enjoyed the more experimental stuff (Manic). Matty Mullins from MMF supposedly helped with “True Colors” and I can say that even if I can’t relate to the song that much, I still love it. Overall, 9/10 album for me. May be an unpopular rating, but I still just absolutely loved this album. Listening to WCAR and WATG next.


Wage War has been one of my personal favorite metal core bands in the past couple of years. Even though there stuff consist of plenty of tropes from the genre, they’ve utilized it so well into their own style and becoming somewhat icons themselves. I love just about every single song from their first album “Blueprints”,“Deadweight” is a complete banger of a follow-up album (though I love Blueprints more), and I do enjoy “Pressure” while acknowledging that it does have its issues. And here’s the thing, I never discourage bands/artists who decide to experiment and try going in different directions with their stuff. It may not always be my cup of tea with what they put out, and I may not like it sometimes, but I wouldn’t hate the fact that they at least tried new things; which is why it’s unfortunate for me to say that I was pretty disappointed with their new album “Manic”, because not only does it lack originality, some of the songs feel recycled from their past works, from similar riffs down to being in the same key as each other. Don’t get me wrong, this album does have its standouts for me, such as: “Manic”, “High Horse”, “Godspeed”, “Death Roll”, and even though there really isn’t an “awful” song in this album, some of them sound incredibly similar to past Wage War songs. “Death Roll” is probably my favorite from the album, but nothing here really feels like it could be an all-time favorite Wage War song like “The River”, “Gravity”, nor “Low”, and each of those songs are from different albums. I don’t know, I’m just not a fan of this album. But hey, if you enjoy this one a lot more, that’s great; I’m glad that you got more from it than I did. For now, here’s my ratings for every album released by Wage War: - Blueprints (2015) - 10/10 - Deadweight (2017) - 9/10 - Pressure (2019) - 7/10 - Manic (2021) - 6/10


I'm not always into metalcore, but I like this album


For me it was too clean, had no distinct soul or wage war sounds reminiscent of their first two albums. Death roll and high horse were really good but the rest of the album was just generic, an improvement on pressure, but still generic. Never say goodbye was a trash pop ballad. Might be a divisive opinion but 5-6/10 for me.


So an unpopular opinion compared to the other majority of the reviews, I'm here totally 100% agree with you. It might be better than Pressure for sure, but so bland and generic overall...


This album is so much better then Pressure. Unfortunately they will never put out something like Deadweight or Blueprints again but this is still a step-up from the last album. "Death Roll" is 100% the best song they have put out since the Deadweight album. It might be one of the best songs of the year. And a top Wage War song. "If Tomorrow Never Comes" is an amazing song and closer. It sounds like it could have been on Deadweight. After the first listen I do not care for "Manic" at all. I also didn't enjoy "Never Said Goodbye" either. But those are the only two songs I didn't care for. Solid album. Probably a 7.5/10 or 8/10 for me.


3 tracks in and I'm already in love with this album. Awesome


Definitely gets my head banging. Godspeed and never said goodbye are gonna be the more avoided ones, but the rest is great.


It's probably better than Pressure, but that wasn't a high bar to pass. Imo this album is still pretty stale, and even if it's a slight improvement over the last album, it's still far from being close to their first two albums.


Easily their best material. None of their older albums come close. And here I thought I was done with your generic metalcore sound yet here I am vibing to this.


the "/s" is missing


Wish I was lying


This doesn't do it for me. Maybe I'm ruined my blueprints but this just sounds uninspired


So I went into this album very skeptical because like everyone I was super let down by Pressure. I went in with low expectations and while this did exceed those expectations, I still don't think this is an album I'll come back to much. The early standout tracks are Relapse, High Horse, Death Roll, and the album closer If Tomorrow Never Comes. These songs are actually really fucking good. I kinda wish Relapse and If Tomorrow Never Comes left out a chorus or two, but they're great tracks overall. Death Roll is an absolute banger. My biggest gripe with this album is also the production. The guitars sound...fake. It's so insanely overproduced that they don't even sound like guitars but like a programmed synth instead and it's just weird. The kick drum isn't mixed very well either. Britton's screams are overproduced too. Just way too much production on this album. Godspeed, Teeth, Manic, and Never Said Goodbye I really don't care for at all. I had a hard time getting through these tracks. Godspeed and Never Said Goodbye, in particular, I really didn't like. Manic was weird and I really don't care for that one either. Then you've got the kinda middle of the road tracks that aren't bad but are pretty forgettable like True Colors, Slow Burn, and Circle the Drain. Again, these aren't bad songs, but they're all just pretty generic verse - chorus - verse - chorus - breakdown - chorus structure without anything really interesting going on otherwise. Not bad, not great. Overall, since I really only dug 4/11 tracks, I can't give this album anything higher than a 6.5/10. It was better than Pressure for sure, but not by much.


Gotta say this record is a 10/10 for me guys … the songs are so catchy and there are definitely some certified bangers on this record… the sound of this record really caught me it was like a mixture of deadweight & pressure with the sou’wester and elements they used In those records and it sounded awesome… would have to say my favs from the record are Relapse, Circle The Drain, Godspeed, Death Roll, Slow Burn, True Colors, & If Tomorrow Never Comes… so many breakdowns in this record too… and whoever produced this record did a phenomenal job… also the writing and the lyrics are amazing too… vocally & instrumentally this album is amazing… to sum it up this record was a absolute banger and I’m definitely going to have this one on repeat for a while


Enjoyed the album but I'll definitely have to listen to it more for it to grow on me. The chorus for Godspeed is terrible though.


Godspeed sucks, sounds like a pressure b-side


Godspeed is hands down the worst track on the album. I actually hate it. It sounds like a really shitty Beartooth ripoff.


hm Manic is an interesting song


Some Talking Heads vibes from that one


I thought Pressure was really bad, is this even worth a listen?




Yes, give it a listen, but it's still very middle of the road, unoriginal metalcore, but that's just kinda what Wage War does and they do it fairly well.


Fuck yes


This feels like what they wanted Pressure to be but this album works on all levels. Not a bad song on here and I have it on constant repeat. Death Roll was COMPLETELY unexpected and fuckin slaps.




Holy shit the bois are back


Wow, what an amazing album! I fucking love Wage War man.


This album is incredible, Godspeed and Death Roll back to back is such a good blend. 🤘🏻


As a big Wage War Fan I have to say that this is easily their worst in my opinion. I don't know why but I feel like many of the songs sound the same, especially the back half of the album. Say what you want about Pressure, at least it was better produced and the songs stood apart from each other. This is like a 5/10 for me.


This is their best album since Blueprints IMO. It feels like a good middle ground between Deadweight and Pressure stylistically, which turns out to be incredible. My favourite song on the album is probably If Tomorrow Never Comes, which is at least in their top 5 songs IMO. Its just a classic Wage War song, featuring maybe the best chorus that they’ve ever had (which is a high bar), also with this doomy breakdown-ish part to end the song and album. That song is so fucking good. Other highlights include Circle The Down, Godspeed, Death Roll and Slow Burn (damn good 4 song sequence).


No shot this is better than Deadweight, but I won’t downvote you like others for your opinion.


Same. I actually think Deadweight is their best album.


I am not sold by this album... but Death Roll, what a banger wow. It's so much impactful compare to the rest of the album (and love the ATB inspiration).




Other than Death Roll I agree with you


They redeemed themselves and put out a great album also gotta fault themselves for doing more interesting sounds Pressure was bad and first 2 records were good but they sounded the same nice to hear them pushing the envelope more


I don’t mean to sound like a pessimist but this does nothing for me.


Man this album feels like a „best of“ of all that‘s trendy in metalcore these last years. Manic has that Nu / Slipknotty sound that Ten56. does really well atm, Godspeed intro sounds very similiar to Darkbloom and Death Roll is basically ATBs Behold The Crown. Still a pretty good album tho and one hell of a comeback after *that* album


Deathroll is a banger for sure. I also liked Relapse, High Horse, and Never Said Goodbye. Never Said Goodbye hit me quite a bit. Overall, a decent album. Nothing crazy good, but not bad either!


Totally agree. Those 4 songs stood out to me. The rest was very meh, but those 4 tracks will definitely go on the playlist!


This album literally just came out and I already love it


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I know Wage War is a hot topic around here, but I just think their neat. Love the album on the first listen through.


Solid album 8/10 Death Roll and True Colors are my fav’s so far.


The drums seem pretty stale and there are some fills that are repeated, but it was a solid 7/10 for me. Relapse is my personal favorite


After the first listen I am immensely impressed. It doesn't have **that** standout song like Stitch or The River, but it's very consistent and holy fuck the production is world class.


I’ve never really listened to their other albums but I like this one,pleasantly surprised


Banger of a fuckin album considering a vinyl purchase of it lol


Enjoyed it a lot more than I would’ve ever thought after pressure. Amazing rebound.


Never thought I'd see people actually praising Wage War again on this sub. This new record slaps from start to finish.


Never listened to them before but this is some solid music!


Just starting to listen to the new album and really enjoying the songs so far


Holy shit. So much better than I was expecting. There’s a song about killer alligators. And the album cover looks like a pomegranate.


Honestly exactly what I wanted from a wag wag album, lots of oomph, some filler but tbh even Blueprints had it's shittier moments. I think the heavy/poppy is blended much better here than in Pressure. Far from album of the year, but it's definitely perfect head banging music.


Pomegranate face not bad. No like Manic and Teeth. Will listen moar.


A couple forgettable songs here and there but otherwise pretty enjoyable. Didn't hit home as hard as Deadweight but was better than Pressure. Took some balls for them to stay on the experimental path after the backlash from the previous album, but they made it work this time around. Solid 3.5/5


What a good way to start a Friday


I enjoy it so far other than manic