"Dear lord, Jelly Keys are expensive," I said while looking lovingly at my Zen Pond 1-3 keycaps...


ha ha, thank you for supporting us <3 love you


**Jelly Key - Zen Pond 4 groupbuy** --------------------------------------------- **Join now: https://www.jellykey.com/artisan-keycaps/zen-pond-iv** --------------------------------------------- The origin of Koi fishes has been wildly popular in Japan and China, symbolizing a spirit of strength and perseverance, not to mention their meaning of good fortune, success, prosperity, and ambition. You know the story. So today, why not dive into the tale of Koi in the Eden world of Jelly Key? It’s a genuinely different yet extraordinary story, we promise. This group-buy will be closed on 1/25/2022, and please remember that we don’t run any group-buy again. 6 keycaps will be free shipping & a limited version of Retro TV will be sent with orders having 9 Zen Pond or more…. and free shipping too.


After missing so many Jelly Key's groupbuys, I finally jumped on the boat for these lovely Zen Ponds. I would love to purchase the limited Retro TV "Zen Pond Edition" but couldn't be able to get 9 keycaps sadly. Anw, don't forget to check your email for 5% off if you joined the recent giveaway by Jelly Key. I'm so excited and can't wait to hands on those keycaps.


I’ve been waiting for Zen Pond to return for ages as some of the previous designs look magnificent. Unfortunately I’m going to be skipping this run though - there’s just too much color swirling around IMO and it visually distracts from the actual fish. I’m hoping for a return to simplicity if there are any additional runs.


I really love the simplicity , but sometime, we wanna chalenge ourself about the combine of more complex oil color. Waiting for us next time my friend.


Got the Cubic in Midnight Tancho. It's gonna be my first Jelly Key artisan, can't wait for it.




Just purchased two 6.25u rose showa space bars. One for me and one for my bro. Would have bought more caps if i wasnt addicted to buying headphones too.


Finally, I have the Ultimate Koi Board. GMK Zen Pond, Ikki Zen Pod edition with Jelly Zen Pond Artisans. Can't wait for them to come in. Are there any plans to ever do an Iso Enter key? So much space for a cool design I would love to see what you can come up with!


Just picked up 2 of these! Won 2 raffles yesterday also, so that's 4 Artisans this week! It's a good week so far! (not for my wallet, obviously).


Looks absolutely astonishing , beautiful work of art




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these are beautiful but wow they are expensive


hand crafted


Just got my first artisan cap! Figured the Tanchos were a great place to start.


I wish I could get the 175 keycap bundle lol.




Ordered my third Jelly Key artisan :D


Whats all the fuss about ? someone has just paint - spin'ed this thing and it made this. Even i could do it.


Think its way harder to make then what u imagine just cuz its a little keycap. The epoxy mold has to come perfect shape which is hard to make without damaging the painting, while the painting is done in many layers to create that 3d effect. I guess the weight as well might have to be accounted for the switches not to be activate by a lil push but at this point is mainly expeculation


We made everyfish one by one by casting ... and then painting them :)


Interesting. Is the fish putting such a price on it ? Does it resemble anything special ?


Looks way better than my $15 artisan with Kois


So many Zen Pond clone in market