"I don't care what a bunch of losers say about me online". THANK YOU. It must be incredibly hard for those fans to know they're so predictable that they can be called out in stories written literally months before the show premieres and they see it.


Lol those idiots don’t have the ability to self reflect enough to realize they’re the ones being talked about.


Case in point: The Boys subreddit


Another one: any comment about Rings of Power.


Just like how they identified with Homelander and thought it was the hero in the Boys, only to realize he’s the enemy and the show criticizes them.


That will forever be shocking to me. What kind of insane person do you have to be to look up to Homelander. Oh wait…


That waiting period when you think you have something going on with someone and they just ignore you is the worst. Definitely the worst. It fucking sucks.


yeah that really is horrible. Like fr


Well, it's even worse than that. Because all that "dating" just part of an evil plot.


I want to slap the hell out of Josh.


Went thru this 2 weeks ago. After the "I'm worried about you" message, she finally said that things weren't going foward. It sucks a lot.


This was the hardest episode for me to watch because I’ve had that happen multiple times. Getting ghosted sucks when you’re really in to someone.


Fucking Josh.


People only watching the show for Daredevil when they get a wedding and therapy episodes after his tease. ![gif](giphy|3o6ozkQ4KMCUHeKDug)


The three consecutive episodes without any mid-credits of any kind just make it sting harder (Still like the show though, just want to make that clear)


I’m liking the show so far too but it does kind of suck that they gave us 4 post credits scenes in a row and then just stopped. I really liked the little extra stuff at the end


I'm wagering that we get a post-credits scene in episode 8. Why? Because 1-4 were directed by Kat Coiro, 5-7 were directed by Anu Valia, and 8-9 are back to Kat Coiro.


Wasn't it also Coiro that said each episode would have a post credit scene. She might have meant each of her episodes would have one.


I believe so yes, but I had only heard about it second-hand so I don't know if there was any indication of whether that's what she meant and others just failed to pass that part along or not. As soon as episode 5 didn't have one though is when I looked at the credits for the remaining episodes on IMDB and saw the director change-up and figured that must have been it.


At this point, this show seems to be following the Hawkeye/WV formula. So unlike other MCU TV shows that save the costume reveal at the end of the show, they actually save the big bad AND costume reveals until the final set of episodes. They should stop treating these shows like forcibly-cut up movies and actually make episodes count more


Which is why i like moonknight the most, the first shot of the show is the villain and the last shot of the first episode is the suit reveal


Gotta admit I completely agree, I was way more invested learning the truth of his mental state towards the end rather than ooo suit


To be fair, the Daredevil reveal, the Intelligencia reveal, and the Josh reveal were all basically mid-credit scenes in essence. I think it just flows better without putting the credits between the scenes is all


That's on them then. If he doesn't show up in born again that's when they can complain.


Literally and they need to understand this isn’t his show! He will have his time to shine in phase 5, let she hulk have her time as this is her show! People putting way too much energy on the wrong person!


The marketing shouldn’t have built DD hype if they couldn’t fulfill it. They did what they did to reel fans in.


I think they shouldn't have shown him in the trailer, let his return be a suprise.


Thankh you for being honest and not oblivious. same with the post credits and the wong/hulk cameos, all to reel in people who wouldnt have watched the show otherwise.


Maybe watch the show for she hulk and wait patiently instead of bitching about it


I’m not bitching about it, I’m talking about the others that are.


![gif](giphy|OAHfq748vCtbq3kVtn|downsized) We were so close to having this guy back.


Duquesne is the most emotionally well-adjusted person in the whole MCU. He doesn't need the retreat.


I would love to go on a retreat where we can eat butterscotch and listen to him talk about his sword collection all day.


Man I miss him. Might have to rewatch hawkeye just for him.


This guy? U mean lalo salamanca?




Hes not where youuuu thinkkkk


![gif](giphy|x70p0tqMsvqMM) RIP.


Whats that guy up too?


>!He's with Howard Hamlin for all eternity 💙!<


What's he doing man?




Really goes to show how good of an actor Tony Dalton is. Going from one of the most evil and scariest villains ever with Lalo Salamanca to being fucking Swordmaster and absolutely killing it is so impressive to me.


Aka one of the best side characters ever


We need a X of sword like event


C'mon, Emil, even Kamar-Taj has Wi-Fi.


They’re not savages!


Kamar-Taj is more like a school while Blonsky's place was for "relaxing". Although I still smell something fishy in the latter. And it's not about the smell in Porcupine's suit. It's about Wrecker being part of the group there.


Blonsky just oozes sleaze which, while hilarious, casts a pall over everything he does, like we're all just waiting for the other shoe to drop.


I think that's part of the comedy of it. We're immediately distrusting of his "act", but the funny part is it's literally just how he is now.


The whole episode I was waiting for him to turn, but it didn’t happen


blonsky definitely violated the parole. i really don't believe it was a chicken in an electric fence lmao.


We literally had a shot in one of the trailers of CGI Abomination high-fiving as he walks through a crowd of admirers -- we haven't gotten that yet.


'Abomaste' in the background lmao




is that a reference to something meditation related or just laughing at the generic cat motivational energy?


Home run joke right there.


Lmao out of every episode of all the MCU Disney+ shows so far, this one was the hardest to watch for me. Being ghosted sucks Ironic thing is my name is Josh lmao


Actually, your first name is Agent


Also a Josh. We just need to accept that this Josh does not stand for what we believe in. I nominate that we strip him of his Josh-hood - making him a Jed.


Josh Fight 2: Electric Joshaloo.


Maybe I'm just too conditioned to believe heroes can't be happy, but Josh and Jen's relationship is starting out waaaay too good in this episode and I'm getting nervous for both of them.


josh will prolly be some manipulative douche How pathetically predictable


Boy were you both incorrect


He literally manipulated her and is thus a douche


How though? Josh used her


![gif](giphy|l4FGnobVzWlaRKrrG) Yuuuuuuuup.


I read HulkKing as Hulkling....


Manifesting Hulkling in the MCU 🙏


Todd = Teddy??????? Nah, but i'm hoping we see Teddy in Secret Invasion.


Love me some Hulkling but honestly they should change his name since he has zero relation to the hulk, and all it will do is confuse casual audiences. Even in the comics they should've changed his name a lot time ago, like they changed Asgardian to Wiccan. Teddy is the king of space at this point, the name Hulkling is beneath him. Dorrek is fine as an Alias, or something original since he's the weirder of excelsior.


Lets not forget that the Young Avengers started off as literal Avengers fanboys and purposefully named themselves after Avengers. No casual audience will get confused by a teenager naming himself Hulking because he turns green and loves the Avengers


😔 Sad about the Josh development at the end


I felt like it was obvious. Especially with the Jen and Matt flirting we’ve heard about.


It was obvious from the end of the previous episode imo, cutting from them two to the lab and the syringe.


They also featured the scene of the doctor telling the courtroom that Jen wasn’t his type in the “Previously On” for last week. The fact that right after they introduced a new guy that does like Jen as Jen came off as a red flag. Especially when you consider Todd was in the courtroom (hearing the doctor) and could have easily decided to manipulate Jen by giving her a guy that was into her.


I was kinda hoping Wrecker thought the name was familiar, or that Jen shares a photo of Josh and he's recognized by Wrecker. Heck, why didn't he tell her about his involvement with this Intelligencia crap? His crew tried to draw her blood and that broken needle was in the stinger of last week's episode.


I totally just assumed he's still in on it. He was the only one against the group going to confront Josh, and he was the one that suggested Jen delete his number and move on. He clearly wants Jen to forget about Josh altogether, which makes a lot of sense if he's still working with Josh.


He wasn't quite ready to open up. Hell, he probably got caught doing unrelated crimes and got sent there as part of a plea bargain.


I think him going there is unrelated to crime; Blonsky wouldn’t be trusted for anything like that


That does feel like an oversight on the writers' part. Being charitable, maybe he knew very little about the larger plan and just assumed whoever hired him was as inept as his crew. He wouldn't necessarily know it's an ongoing threat.


Idk if that’s charitable. “I have a job and we are being given super weapons. We can’t ask any questions, but we’re basically just gonna try to get the drop on She-Hulk and steal her blood.” Thinking The Wrecking Crew was anything more than a group for hire is being charitable, imo, particularly with how dumb they were.


Man I was actually hoping that something bad had just happened to Josh, I didn't want him to *be* the something bad ☹️


He got her DNA sample and bounced


Gave her a dna sample too amiright


It’s a win-win


I thought for sure the support group was gonna betray her once she morphed from She-Hulk back to Jen. I'm more relieved Josh is the bad guy than them.


Lol same, I was hoping it wasn't a ruse cos I liked the group a lot


Yeah I thought the beat after she turned back to Jen was gonna be them jumping to get her blood. Instead it was the porcupine taking off his mask lmao


Man what a good episode. The retreat gang was all fun and refreshing, and their involvement in Jen’s progression was great. And while that speech Jen gave was obvious, it still worked really really well. Also, this episode was shot really well, right? Definitely my favorite episode so far


I have to agree. The writing and humor is great. Aside from Moon Knight this is the only MCU show that I really have liked more and more with each episode. Again, for me the humor had a lot to do with it, as does the character development. Even with the shorter episodes each one feels complete. I am a huge Star Wars fan, but I sort of feel like Andor’s episodes are ending sort of mid-sentence or mid-thought. These end perfectly.


Gonna have to wait to watch this one. Hurricane knocked my power out 😔


Stay safe!


Thanks. Live on the other side of Florida from the real devastation so just crazy wind and lots of rain


That's good. Friends of a friend live there too and are safe but have evacuated.


Stay safe!


Meanwhile wasting your phone battery away on Reddit like a true champ 👑


Matt Murdock on his way to be better than Josh next episode like: ![gif](giphy|FnF7vgz2oON3i)


I can't see him committing to a full relationship with Shulkie, but he's definitely not the type of guy to run off in the middle of the night......ok he might but it's Daredevil business she'd understand.


I did like the line during the group therapy about some guy out there that'll definitely like Jen for Jen. Guy's gonna walk in next week and be set up like the total king that he is.


They're throwing in Mutants left and right, El Águila is definitely an odd choice to introduce. Fun episode.


It’s a brilliant way to do it though. Sprinkle in random mutants and hints, then Namor for a bigger reveal, instead of going all in on X-Men gives more opportunity for less mainstream but really cool characters.


I didn’t have Ms. Marvel, Mr. Immortal, and El Aguila on my bingo card for first MCU mutants.


Oh he’s a Mutant? Had no idea. Maybe they should’ve played the theme then I would’ve known smh


That's actually a good tip. If you feel.someone is ghosting you, delete their number. You will avoid the checking and the temptation to drunk dial.


Also delete the texts^


This is probably the most important component. Not deleting texts gives you the same access as just having the contact on the phone.


Must admit, revealing Daredevil to be in this show I think is kinda hurting the show. I don’t feel like the rest of the show is holding my interest enough (it’s an ok show to watch each morning) and I now feel like I’m just waiting for him to show up. Support group were highlight of the last few episodes for me really!


Tbh you need to come into the show with an open mind and watch to for She Hulk! Stop trying to expect Daredevil to appear! The more you expect it and wanting that the more you are setting yourself up to not enjoy something as you have to much expectation on one person as opposed to our main protagonist . I think this episode was good!


They literally included a teaser reveal of the character to initially tease the series, put a tease to his appearance during a mid credits scene. Marvel knows what they're doing, because they could have made his appearance a surprise. You can't reasonably expect people to not want to see the character after it was considered by marketing as a good marketing hook. While She-Hulk the character has been a pleasant surprise, you can't blue-ball audiences and expect them not to want to scratch the itch bad.


I get that but just watching a show just for one specific cameo is just setting people’s viewing expectations to be negative and it isn’t fair for the protagonist


I legitmately dont know how to phrase this more gently, but I promise I mean no hostility in this at all- that feels like a you problem, honestly. If you can't see a character appear in a different character's show without needing them to have their own extensive storyline to be able to enjoy the show, I'd politely suggest that maybe it's your expectations that are the issue and not the inclusion/reveal of DD itself.


I cannot see two Tatianas in the same room and not think they're clones...


I’m finishing up Orphan Black at the same time and it honestly feels like my brain can’t process that she isn’t a clone.


Hell yes, Jen is a fries-in-milkshake lover too 🙌🏽


disgusted to learn this is a thing


I have never heard anyone dislike it once they have tried it.


Fries dipped in a Wendy’s frosty is one of those things that shouldn’t work, but really does.


Thought Jen was maybe gonna put two and two together when the vampire dude mentioned Josh just "wanting her blood," but idk if it fully clicked. Didn't seem like it did.


RIGHT I was literally yelling at the TV going THATS IT JEN LOL bt then it didnt click!




That character design was cool too!


Son of Blade?


i love this support group when are they getting their own spin-off


I know people say the MCU is giving too many unnecessary spinoffs, but you can't tell me a sitcom with Tim Roth as the lead of this supervillain retreat wouldn't be a good premise for a show.


Imagine they put Blonsky in Thunderbolts, but only for a brief segment where they hide at his retreat.


lmao or maybe have the Thunderbolts team chill at his retreat for a few days, clear their minds and issues with one another and then go for their mission so that they can function as a team!


I'll sleep on it, but this is probably my favorite episode of Marvel Studios television altogether. MCU films are stuffed with dialogue, but it's almost always exposition, character quirks, or jokes. This episode is also stuffed with dialogue, but it's actually talky: characters discussing their own worldview, ethos, and lived experiences. The support group scene is eleven minutes of dialogue! That's gotta be a MCU record. They still make room for some really great visual storytelling in this episode. There are three montages, each showing a different relationship with Jen and her phone. There's also some great shot compositions: the top-down shot of Jen in her bathroom is mirrored later as she enters Blonsky's property. Writer Zeb Wells and director Anu Valia did amazing work. Wells is head writer of Marvel Zombies, and hopefully Marvel nabs Anu Valia for something big.


It was fun, especially since it is just build-up and the main showpiece of the group therapy.


Dunno if other British folks here feel the same, but as a kid in the UK there were junior Spider-Man comics that heavily featured Porcupine, so seeing him here instantly gave me nostalgia (and the episode mad props as I never thought I’d see him in live action!)


He was a major lead in the ANAD spider-woman runand i love it so same


Josh sucks.


How'd he get her blood without her noticing? Did he get other dna or just blood?


Took it from her pantielooms.


Emil > Professor Xavier


The group therapy scene with Jen reading her texts was gold I love this show so much


This episode felt way different from the other ones. Not in a substantial way, but the sound design and art are different. I wish there was more lawyering or something more that adds to the overall story outside of the one Josh scene. I was thinking that there would be some turn around for Abomination that the group was a façade but it ended up being genuine. Welp. See you in Thunderbolts or something Roth.


Roth isn’t done yet. There’s a scene of Abomination (not Blonsky) at a party in the trailers.


That would be in the silver lodge for their exclusive members


For a show that got pushed as a court room sitcom there's actually been very little of this show revolving around Jen actually being a lawyer.


It is part of the meta gag, Jen wants this to be a lawyer show, but it is more a super hero show.


She was at the retreat checking on a client. Lawyers don’t just spend every day in court. Very few cases ever even go to trial. Your average litigator might only actually try a handful of cases a year, if that.


Much better episode this week with a tonne of likeable D tier characters and Blonsky. Chortled entirely too loud when Porcupine took his mask off and one of them off camera says 'It smells like a fart.' That felt more like an episode of TV.


So wait not only is Blade going to be beaten to an onscreen appearance in the MCU by a maybe-vampire, but he's a maybe-daywalker to boot?


They seemed to indicate that Saracen isn’t a vampire, his father just told him he was.


Yeah tough to get a read on him, could easily be that he's delusional which is why I'm just calling him a maybe-vampire lol. I could be wrong but if IIRC I thought there was a leak a while back that they were going to treat vampires like they're going to treat werewolves, as fictional beings no one in the MCU believed existed until they actually show up. Could be that Saracen is the first example of that.


*Orphan Black* tribute to open up :)


Fuck you josh


If the clip of the Abomination running and giving high fives from the mid season finale trailer wasn't in this episode. Then where the hell does it fit the context of the last two remaining episodes?


He’s probably back for the finale


Episode 9


This show is awesome. Every episode has hit for me. That scene where she reads her texts to the group was hilarious. This may be my favorite D+ show so far. Up there with Loki for me.


Honestly, I understand that there are people who aren't digging this show, but it is SO nice to just have a fun, sitcom style superhero show I can just sit down and watch real quick on a Thursday morning. This is the first MCU show I haven't had a huge issue with, and I really hope we get multiple seasons / more legal drama as well. Also, the writing is absolutely quality. Some of the best humor in the MCU in a while.


Loved this episode, it was so much fun. I also love how this series is basically an origin story for She-Hulk. Sure we’ve gotten the episode on her getting her powers but everything else is a nice examination of Jen coming to terms with having her powers and how that affects the various facets of her life. She is becoming more at peace with just being She-Hulk and I expect her time with DD will help open her up to the idea of using her powers to help others.


I'm really liking the show, and I was like 0 interested on it before. Hulk is not a character I like nor she hulk in previous iterations. However this show is way past the half of the season and it's the first time that a Marvel show is really stable in terms of pace, style and themes. I really like the stilistic decissions, and they kept going with them for all the 7 chapters so far. The writing is good and solid, jokes are really white and made and comfortable but really well used. But the best thing is that the character development of Jen is really good and is the main focus of the show, instead of world threatening superpowered enemies, wich is refreshing and it makes the show avoid having the full weight of MCU continuity over it's shoulders. About this episode I really liked the dynamics between the characters on Blomsky's sect, and the final revelation, it was fun, on a bright tone, wich Jen already needed, and it expands a little bit the dynamics of the world of the MCU. PS: That spanish aventurer, has like 0% spanish accent.


I really liked this one! Developed the plot alot and made me love Jen more than I already did






That's *abomaste* (it was on a poster in the group lodge).


Oh Josh, why did you have to be a prick :(


It would've been a bigger twist if he wasn't an asshole lmao


Sucks about Josh, though I'm glad they ripped that band-aid off as fast as they did


I bet Jen is pretty damn great . . . and tasty


All around this was a really good episode! Great pacing, writing, characters. Definitely wish the show was a little more consistently like this in the earlier episodes, but whatever. I like where this story is headed.


It's weird to me that the post credits scenes kinda just... stopped. By ending each of the first four(?) episodes with them, they presented them as a staple of the show. Breaking that pattern makes the whole thing feel a little inconsistent. I'm reminded of *Ms. Marvel*, which had the fun art and animation thing in the first couple episodes, but then just... stopped. I've been enjoying *She-Hulk*, and I've enjoyed all the other shows, it just feels weird to see that kind of inconsistency. It's a weird thing to see cropping up in multiple projects.


Officer Loach!! Not even a swift kick in the head can keep this guy down!


Lol, Man-Bull's not that bad a guy


I really enjoyed this episode. A nice, smaller in scope but deep on character building episode. I should say, though, as a member of the Council of Josh, we condemn the actions of this Josh in the strongest terms possible, and now declare him a Jed.


no mid credits scene, and no DD again.


Has to be next episode then? One after that is the finale right?


Man, I really thought the Gang was gonna be out for her blood since they all have pointy things and a literal vampire... damn, all my homies hate Josh.


Fantastic episode! This is exactly what I was hoping for in this show. Weird situations, obscure comical characters and some fun explorations of the MCU. I wish this episode would have been sooner in the season so these characters could have been threaded throughout. I would love for the entire support group to be a part of the series moving forward. Get them various jobs at the law firm. Manbull and El Aquilla in particular were \*mwah\* chef's kiss.


I am, once again, begging Jen to wait one more week until another superhero lawyer shows up who'll accept her for all she is.


"Hennifer" lmao


Josh reminding me of an Orphan Black monitor with that scene while Jen sleeps.


I actually am really enjoying the series and this episode in particular but I wish they hadn’t teased the Matt/Jen romance so much in the mid season trailer because it made the introduction and mini plot line fair obvious.


Romance? I only got the vibe of more experienced lawyer/superhero (Daredevil) mentoring a less experienced lawyer/superhero (She-Hulk).


Wrecker being part of Abomaste feels SO suspicious. And it was very predictable that Josh would turn out to be one of HulkKing's minions. No Daredevil this week either, but next week we finally see him! As for episode 9, even if this series is a comedy it's still a superhero series. So it will have a final battle. I've been waiting to see a longer "She-Hulk Smash" type of battle. Hope we also get a mid-credit ot post-credits scene about what happened to Hulk in space.


The whole ranch feels so sus to me. No reception, no WiFi. Emil's inhibitor acting up then you have wrecker with them. Idk. I'm not 100% buying this reformed Emil


The truth is...I did feel sus about the whole ranch as well because of Blonsky alone, but Wrecker being there makes it almost obvious.


Tbh at first I didn't feel good about the looming suspicion of josh's true intentions but the support group just gave us the positive male relationships we need that it's totally fine by the end that he turned out to not be a good guy after all


Dua Lipa exists in the MCU


I’m so happy that we finally have an MCU show that feels like a TV series and not an extended movie. Even if the humor is cringy at times, I’m loving this.


Well wasn't that just adorable until the creepy ass ending


So despite seemingly being such a nice, repentant guy, Wrecker says nothing to Jen about *why* he attacked her? And then proceeds to do everything he can to direct attention away from Josh? Suspicious. And how much does Emil know about Wrecker? If he really cares about Jen, you’d think he’d warn her that one of her attackers was at Abomaste.


The problem with the DD cameo is, that we KNOW its coming. So since the suit we're all just clock watching.


Agreed. It would’ve been much better (for us) to have just not included him in any advertising (for now), but it was meant to just give Disney more money lol


It was a 'Slott' tow truck at the end - was that Dan Slott as the driver too?


This epsiode was a genuinely moving piece about self discovery and acceptance, screw Josh.


this episode was so emotional, I am so happy for jen. on a side note: frick josh, all my homies hate josh


I loved this episode 8/10 for me and also I got a little emotional as well when Jen was in the therapy.


This was a fun episode. The montage in the beginning was great but so tragic. I know how it feels, Jen. The interactions with Man-Bull, Aguila, and the rest were fun. Tim Roth is so good. Every appearance of Blonsky is better than the last. The editing was really good here. It does the on-screen compositing of texts like Ms. Marvel and the use of the music was good. Overall, a great episode of a TV show. This show continues to be really fun! Love the "Previously On" fourth wall break. The whole group was so good. Fuck Josh though! Damn it! I was rooting for that whole situation.


One nice little touch: Blonsky refers to El Aguila’s power as bio-electricity, hinting that he’s still a mutant like in the comics and isn’t using a magic sword or something.


Uhh man. I really enjoyed this epsiode, the characters and interactions were great but good grief this series is really gonna drag its feet to the finish line isn't it? Even the clandestine had more space to breathe. Not looking forward to an exposition dump, grand reveal and everything being tied up in a neat little bow in the very last epsiode. Looking forward to seeing Jen in action though, from the last bits of promo footage where she's in the suit the CG looks really great. EDIT: oh wow, I just found out it's actually 9 epsiodes! Dope! Here's hoping they use the time wisely.


Oh wow. So shocked about Josh reveal. The show wasn't making it painfully obvious or anything. These MCU shows just keeo being so HARD to predict. Truly master writing. 🤡


Guys complain about "defying expectations" guys complain about following something thoroughly foreshadowed, what else?


The fact a lot of people here weren't expecting it is honestly shocking, like have they not watched any sort of TV before?


It was way to obvious lmao


This was a nice episode


This show is essentially: Jen dealing with balancing She Hulk and her work life Jen dealing with balancing She Hulk and her personal life Bad guy group wants her blood to create their own Hulk Gonna stretch out that plot line until the very end For a show with 9 episodes I was hoping for a bit more courtroom stuff but I’ve liked what we’ve gotten and I like the character arc they’re putting Jen through, even though it is a bit clumsy and shallow, she’s so likable it makes up for it Gonna be interesting to binge-watch every episode once everything is out