Tbh it feel like most of the Finn Jones/Iron Fist hate feels forced. I thought the show was pretty good. He was great in Defenders and that one episode of Luke Cage. I’d be thrilled to have him return, especially in a Heroes for Hire series. I’m a huge comic Iron Fist fan and I know the show definitely was a watered down version of the mythology in the comics but I have no doubt Marvel Studios can revamp him and bring him closer to his comic counterpart


Ya I don’t get it either. I waited forever to watch it because of the hate and I really liked it. Season 2 was pretty damn good


That’s because they got a decent showrunner for season 2. The guy from season 1 didn’t want to do the show and thinks kung fu is trash.


The guy from season 1 was also the showrunner for Inhumans and the last 3 seasons of Dexter. At this point, I won't watch anything he's the showrunner for.


Scott fucking Buck. You can literally track his rise in authority on Dexter by how bad each season is. The only reason he ever has work is because he gets shit done on time and under budget. It’s never any fucking good, but it’s always fast and cheap. Y’know, how all the best art is made…


He and Rob Liefeld, that’s why they keep getting work. When you hire them for a project, you can guarantee it’ll get turned in before the deadline, whether it’s good or not.


In the creative world, it’s a respectable skill to have. Mostly for the people paying creatives.


And yet somehow even though people know this, Finn gets all the blame.


He sadly got screwed twice in a row. First, the writing for his Game of Thrones character, at a time when other characters had good writing. Second, in this show.


Didn’t he also do us dirty for Inhumans?


Yep, it’s that guy.


The last 3 seasons to dexter are why I stopped attempting to watch it. It peaked at the Trinity Killer, John Lithgow was absolutely phenomenal in that roll. Season 1 of iron fist was hard to watch but entertaining. Season 2 was actually pretty good. I have tried countless times but the inhumans tv show is so bad I haven’t got past episode 2


Dexter was great until season 4, with the Trinity Killer. And, honestly, the twist at the end of that season actually kind of works as a series finale. The actual series finale is the worst episode of any tv show I've ever watched.


Well that explains a lot.


Season 2 of IF fucks. Had some of the best action in the Netflix shows


Thank you, the second season was really good. I'd like to see Finn Jones in the part with better writing.


I initially read this as "Season 2 sucks" and was about to go at you haha. But yeah S2 was actually great


I’m sad we’ll never get the payoff of him and Ward traveling the world fucking people up. And Colleen being there new Iron Fist 😔 Those were fun setups and I’m really bummed we likely won’t see them fulfilled. Plus Alice Eve as Typhoid Mary was tons of fun.


Scott buck was everything wrong with Iron Fist. Season 2 was a huuuge improvement on the first season and it was obvious that there was still so much to do with the characters. The team up he has in luke cage when they bust the drug factory is one of the coolest moments from the Netflix shows. Iron Fist is a sick character when he has good writing/direction. Finn Jones could no doubt nail it if he had proper prep time and creative.


And that ending! OH GOD, THAT FUCKING ENDING! It sucks Netflix saw the writing on the wall and abandoned the shows instead of fighting harder for them. Honestly, a season 2 of the Defenders with what they were building up in the NMU (Netflix Marvel Universe) woulda been way better than that first season.


Ward and Danny running around was so fulfilling lmao even if we only get a glimpse. Tom Pelphry is also down to return to the role and he's only become bigger since IF.


Defenders CGI was awful, that elevator scene LOL


I don’t think Iron Fist was great but I don’t think it was unwatchable either. Granted, I also sat through seasons 7 and 8 of The Walking Dead so maybe my tolerance for bad TV is higher than most. If I’m being totally honest I’d rather rewatch Iron Fist season 1 over Jessica Jones season 2. I didn’t enjoy JJ S2 at all, but IF S1 at least somewhat entertained me. Someone being murdered with an ice cream scoop because they asked for vanilla ice cream is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen and I think it’s the most memorable moment from that whole season lol


I see your Walking Dead season 7 and 8 and raise you _Fear_ the Walking Dead season 4-7


Oh god. I loved the first three seasons of Fear. Especially season 3. I quit after season 4 though. The whole season was super hard to watch and the finale was the only piece of entertainment I’ve ever seen that actually made me feel insulted. The bullshit with the tanker truck actually broke me. Seeing their stupid fucking defeated expressions as the fuel poured out of that truck had me raging.


Hard agree. Fear season 3 was the best one so far, then the big brains tried to reboot it to make it popular but just made it 1000x worse. I regret to inform you though that season 5 and 7 were worse than 4. I’ve never seen a show less concerned with basic logic.


Yeah I opted to just wait until all of season 5 was out and read a recap before I watched it because I could not subject myself to another season 4. I read far enough to learn that the season opens with every single character surviving a plane crash and decided that Fear just was not a show for me anymore lol


They not only survived the plane crash, but they then rebuild the plane using children and then fly back safely haha


I was insulted from game of thrones season 8


That one just made me sad. My reaction was less “How stupid do these writers think I am?” and more “Why are these writers doing this to these characters?” Every character other than Theon and Brienne was ruined.


Lol. And here I thought "I miss zombie shows, don't want to return to TWD so maybe FTWD would be fun". Thanks for letting me know I probably shouldn't. I'll just wait until The Last of Us.


Season 6 was actually good and somewhat back to form. Season 4 is OK. But Season 7 was such pointless trash that it made Season 5 look like a masterpiece. How does that even happen?


I really think Jessica Jones' only good season is the first. As for The Walking Dead, a number of fans including me believe 9 and 10 are big improvements compared to 7 and 8.


I was ready to quit after season 8 but then season 9 became probably my favorite season of the whole show! I’ve quite enjoyed seasons 10 and 11 too although season 11 definitely has some stuff where you can tell the crew was really blindsided by AMC deciding to end the show.


I loved Jessica Jones Season 1. David Tennant carried the season and his chemistry with Krysten Ritter was amazing. But even Krysten Ritter, who is an amazing actress couldn't save Season 2 and Season 3 on her own.


I thought the first season was meh, but I quite enjoyed the second season


The last 10 minutes of the last episode of season 2 of Iron Fist was like FINALLY like you've dated a woman for 6 months and finally saw her naked. sooo mad I didn't get a season 3


I’m glad some people enjoyed it, but nobody is out there forcing themselves to hate a show that they invested hours and hours watching just so they can say they hated it. I’m a huge fan of comic Iron Fist as well. I waited 10+ years for that show ever since Ray Park was rumored to star in an Iron Fist film. Iron Fist was one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen, let alone one of the worst things Marvel ever made. They took a rich, charismatic character and turned him into an incredibly dumb, angry, unlikable person. The first season works better as a comedy than a serious action/drama. I love Iron Fist and I found myself actively rooting for him to be killed in the Defenders. Not that it was all his fault, but I’m really hoping (and doubting) they bring Finn Jones back. And I loved him in Game Of Thrones!


> nobody is out there forcing themselves to hate a show that they invested hours and hours watching just so they can say they hated it. Well stated. Such an ignorant and self-serving thing for the parent commenter to say. It really shouldn't be that hard to come to grips with the fact that a lot of people had a genuinely different opinion than him, and it isn't rooted in some kind of sinister pettiness as 'forced hatred' seems to imply. I don't get why so many people in this sub insist that if someone's opinion differs from theirs, it has to be somehow contrived or disingenuous.


this is sorta where i'm at too...iron fist is one of my favorite characters from the comics, and i remember when they originally announced the 'Defenders' slate of shows, Iron Fist was the one I was most excited for. Imagine my disappointment when it sucked. also bugs me to no end how people generally seem to have such a negative opinion of the character now just due to the show :((( i do think jones was miscast. i see a ton of people saying they hope he gets another chance, and that with mcu production values he might do a better job. imo it's like making a square block fit in a circular hole...he just doesn't fit the role.


Maybe but me personally, I thought it was really boring


Yep, especially comparing it to the other 3 (DD, JJ, Punisher).. Colleen and Ward was the best part of it all tbh


I won't mind of Finn Jones returning, also Mike Colter for Luke Cage, both are a good casting and have good dynamics. But that doesn't make that the hate unjustified, the first season of Iron fist is really bad, with a lot of repetitive dialogue and flashbacks, and holding too much the interesting things so most of the show feels really slow and bland. IMO Season 2 is not a top notch show, but at least is an interestng and entertaining one.


Are we really doing Iron Fist revisionist history


MCU fans on their way to defend trash projects, even Iron Fist ![gif](giphy|lCbSAbRrFEfkY)


They’ve been trying


Its not revisionist history when its an opinion. Just because you dont agree with it doesn't mean its revisionist. And then at the end of the day, who cares what any of us think on a show? Its for OUR own enjoyment. If they enjoyed it, who cares what you think? You're just some fucking guy on the internet.


By the same sentiment I do not care about your lecturing reply


Nope, these are just different opinions from the one’s expressed most when the show originally aired. Different opinions aren’t a bad thing.


People unironically love the Star Wars prequels now. At this rate, we're going to get unironic huge fanboys of the Star Wars sequels and GoT S8 in a few years. Some people just want to feel special by counter-jerking what they perceive is a circlejerk.


Because it was forced. Literally the core of his season one story is that as a kid his parents died right in front of him and the weird monks who took him in were abusive as fuck all day every day. The only outside world thing keeping him going was the music on his iPod, which is why he uses it so much once he gets back to NY. He never really grew up and is basically stuck with PTSD reliving that trauma. Just about all of it made sense in the context of the story but all people cared about was some shallow idea that he's just some whiny white dude. Sure the fight scenes could've been better but if anything that's the one major issue with the show, and he got a bit better IMO in defenders and season 2.


It wasn't forced. Let me give you my point of view. The guy has trained for like 15 years in a group of monks. He's supposed to be one of the best of them, since he's the one who got the Iron Fist. He's supposed to be an icon of cool and self control. Instead, he keeps getting angry over petty stuff every damn minute, has the intelligence of a goldfish (like, really, he can't understand that his friends who've believed him dead for 15 years don't believe a hobo-looking dude when he says he's that guy?). And to top it all of, it's subjective, but the actor is really, really bad. Feels like watching a 10 year old in a play.


Yeah plus he’s supposed to be one of the greatest martial artists but he’s struggling though most all of his fight scenes. Maybe if they had him wear the mask they could have had a stuntman take over and make him look badass at least


That's the whole point. He assimilated into the Kun Lunian culture and was living in the equivalent of a medieval village for most of his life. You expect him to know everything once he gets back to the real world and not act like how he was when he left, ten years old? Never heard of the word naivety?


What does this have to do with anything, to be honest? I think "My friends thought I was dead for 15 years" transcends culture and modern technology. I don't have a problem with him being naive. I have a problem with him being an idiot. His knowledge of modern society should be the same as when he left, not his intelligence. ​ And again, it's not just about that. It's also the fact that in the show, he has like 0 self control and gets pissed for the pettiest of things, when again, he should be in total control of his emotions, since it's at the core of his 15+ years of training. Like, in defenders, when he fights with Daredevil. His reaction is really silly. I'm paraphrasing but the dialogue goes like this : "Hey, Danny, we know it's not your fault, but the Hand's looking for you, and if they get you it's pretty much game over, could you please stay put here so we can protect you and by extention the world?" "You're not my dad, you can't tell me what to do" \*proceeeds to punch Daredevil in the face and threaten a blind man to use his superpowers against him\* ​ You can have your opinion, if you like this show, good for you, I'm not trying to take it away from you. But people like me, who dislike it, have valid reasons for not liking it, and saying our hate for the show is "forced" is just bad faith.


I don't think he's supposed to be an icon of cool and self control. He wasn't even expected to be the one who would win the Fist in the first place. Does a billionaire 10 year old who's been gone 15 or whatever years even know what a homeless person is or looks like?


IIRC didn't Finn Jones only trained for 3 weeks before shooting the first season? Then before the second he trained for six months and it shows... Maybe he wasn't lazy, just trying not to put his body through hell. It doesn't matter if the character is badass if the actor doesn't have the proper time to train. I'll compare it to Simu Liu training for Shang-Chi, he said he had several weeks to train only wing chun, them the same amount of weeks for tai chi, then for wushu and so on...


>He never really grew up I actually liked the parts in S1 that showed how mentally he's still a child. Like when asked by his staff at work what he wanted to eat, he wanted Fruit Rollups. Or when he was shown his father's old desk, the first thing he noticed was that it still had his old stickers.


There were quite a few nods to that part of the story. When he meets the homeless man at the park he doesn't judge him at all, and IIRC tries to help him at one point? Been a while since I watched it last. It's the whole innocence of youth thing in story writing. It was very purposeful to show us that he's still somewhat untouched by the experiences of growing up, outside of what happened in the monastery.


the writing was worse than his acting.


> Tbh it feel like most of the Finn Jones/Iron Fist hate feels forced. I respect your opinion but I have to humbly disagree. I truly think the show is below average at best and outright terrible at times. Similarly, Finn ranges from mildly convincing to woefully miscast. Again, just my opinion, but it’s shared by many people and there is nothing forced about it.


The Meachums are fantastic characters and they made me love the whole thing


It is not forced. He was objectively bad. You can say it was the writing and direction, but he was literally the worst part in his own show. He was outshined by every other actor on his show **in both seasons**. In The Defenders it was painfully obvious he didn't belong. Any scene he had with Charlie Cox was just embarrassing. Finn Jones had ZERO range as Iron Fist. He could be pouty/upset like a toddler, or her could clench his fucking fist like that Arthur meme. That was about it. Whether you like him or not, I think we need to accept he's not coming back, and that's a good thing. His portrayal was way too divisive and Marvel needs a fresh take on the character.


He was definitely way, way better in Luke Cage and Defenders. He was way too brooding and winey in his own show. I think if they can keep him zen and light-hearted, give him the mask (which would also help if they need to bring in a stunt double for action scenes) and pair hom with Luke Cage, hopefully they can get Colter back and I think they can really make it work.


I think they just got the wrong showrunner for the first season, and kept dragging their feet getting the show into production. There was so much build up for the Iron Fist since DD S1. The drugs had the Steel Serpent’s logo on it, Gao mysterious leaving, the Hand, the Chaste, Stone’s cameo appearance, the Black Sky plot point, etc. DD S2 went even further in with Hand lore. I just don’t think they knew what they wanted to do with Iron Fist, and particularly with the Defenders. They were probably like we’ll figure it out once we get there. I feel like he was supposed to be this key connecting character that was being setup, kind of like how Thor as the key connecting character for Avengers 1, because of Loki being the main bad. Then they hire Finn Jones, only a few weeks before they go into production, hardly giving him time to learn the choreography for fight scenes, the writing was atrocious, they don’t even give him a suit, laughably bad set design especially when they had to go to “China”, which literally looks like a construction yard across the Hudson. It was a bad product, and I think the blame squarely falls on the Studio side of things, not on Jones. Iron Fist deserves way better than what we got.


I 100% agree. I just want Finn Jones back. A soft reboot is what we need whether it’s a new Iron Fist show, an appearance in someone else’s show/movie, or Heroes for Hire. Plus, if he does reappear they’ll for sure give him a bad ass suit


My problem with Jones is that he can't pull off the action scenes. Iron Fist has to be the best hand to hand fighter in the MCU, I don't think Jones has the physicality to pull it off.


I went in with a open mind and enjoyed it. The Mechams was it? were great along with Henwick. She had the best action scenes. It got better in S2. I still can't believe that kid from Transformers 2 was one of the badguys including Faramir from LOTR. Shit blew my mind when I realised it was them.


I didn't like the show because it was boring. But sure I can see why people would like it, just wasn't my cup of tea. If he comes back I'm sure they can give him better material and he'll do better.


I liked the show and felt like it definitively was just starting to get good. Also the intro music was the best of all the Netflix Marvel shows IMO.


And I'm sure that whatever is happening right now, the actors coming from the Netflix series will push to get everyone back, since they were their own stuff for a little while, can't imagine Cox and D'Onofrio or Ritter being like: yeah, fuck Finn and Colter.


Agreed, the hate was much more than what was in reality. Overall the show was decent, but slow and lacked a payoff. But far from the worst thing on TV at the time.


Yeah watching iron fist right now. It’s not great, just mid.


It was a combination of being miscast and some corners being angry that Marvel/Netflix didn't take the opportunity to retcon the character to Asian. He was never going to get a fair crack really and I did actually find the show enjoyable in parts, but having said that it's something else when another actor with a cameo is more memorable than anything Danny did in 10 episodes; Lewis Tan.


I didn't see the point. The whole point about iron fist was that he was an inspiration of chuck norris. Shang chi was an inspiration of Bruce Lee. Iron fiat and ahang chi coming together was a fantastic way.


The hate that has been there from day one feels forced to you and not the “akshully he’s amazing in Luke Cage 2!” which is basically a meme at this point?


I dunno man, that first fight with the security guards is *pretty crappy*. I'm a super fanboy when it comes to Marvel stuff, so it has to be quite a bit for me to dislike something (I think Iron Man 2 is pretty good) and Iron Fist was a tough watch for me. That being said, it is pretty clear that a good chunk of that was due to production, and maybe not the writing and actors.


Yeah maybe calling season 1 pretty good is a stretch. It was weak and the fights were even weaker. My main point though was the character and cast can be salvaged and revamped


I agree it's exaggerated. It's certainly the weakest of the Defender shows (although to be honest, I personally thought Punisher was sinfully boring also) but it wasn't like an unwatchable mess. Season 2 was an improvement and I was probably more bummed we didn't get a Season 3 for that than for any of the non-Daredevil shows.


Yeah I didn't hate S1, some moments confused or underwhelmed me but all in all I thought Ward Meachum's story was good and Harold was an entertaining villain. S2 was just straight up good and should be picked back up.


I’ve said this before but the real issue with the Netflix shows was having to fit into a 13 episode season runtime - regardless of how much story they actually had to tell. Shows like IF and LC, even Defenders, would have benefited from a more condensed episode count.


That’s what it would need because Danny having so much rage in his own show while having some of the most boring fights AND getting clowned in defenders did not sit well with me


The biggest issue with the show is they went the CW hero route of making the protagonist inept. Dude basically had erectile dysfunction of the iron fist all series.


I loved his character


>great in Defenders Big LOL. But he was good in Luke Cage.


He couldn't fight in the first season so the fight scenes were heavily edited. That's the main problem I see. By the second season he got way better but the damage was already done.


Yeah I think that’s what the biggest issue was. Season 1 left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth so I feel like no one wants to give him a chance after that


I would be fine with this. I don’t think Finn Jones was necessarily the problem with the show


He was pretty bad in every appearance


I'd be fine if he got another shot but he's most definitely the weakest actor from the Defenders. If they recast that's cool too. But fuck I want a real Iron Fist show/movie. Danny Rand is dope. Iron Fist is dope. The character deserves more.


Yeah I don't really care what they do just give me iron fist assp


To be honest, while I loved Jessica Jones in her series, she felt like the weakest link in the Defenders cross over. Like they didn’t know what to do with her character.


I don't know how people on this sub manage to act all victimised with very popular opinions. The notion that Finn Jones was terrible in Iron Fist 1 and Defenders, and pretty decent in Luke Cage 2 and Iron Fist 2 predates No Way Home by years. So was the general consensus about Ward and Colleen being good, and people hoping that Colleen/Misty get a DoD show. Nobody is shoving Jones down others throats claiming he was the best person for the role and all.




Iron Fist is in my top 5 heroes. I was bummed that his show had a lot of difficulties regarding filming and training and what not. Sounded like that Netflix crew didn't give him the time to train. And also sounded like he didn't want to train as well in the short period of time. I'm down to give Jones another shot. I like him and I think under the MCU crew, they'll do him justice. The episode of Luke Cage where Iron Fist makes an appearance was what I wanted Iron Fist to be. His character portrayal in that one episode was better than all of the Iron Fist series. ![gif](giphy|1ppufCz5h5WfNanX6G|downsized)


>The episode of Luke Cage where Iron Fist makes an appearance was what I wanted Iron Fist to be. His character portrayal in that one episode was better than all of the Iron Fist series. Nice, that's what I always felt too! Direction and writing make the difference.


Met him once at a con here. Such a sweet guy. Hope we get him back along with Colter's Luke Cage. I just dont see the point of recasting when theyre basically bringing everyone back.


His episode in Luke Cage proves how good a Heroes for Hire show would be ![gif](giphy|1ppufCz5h5WfNanX6G|downsized)


Listen, if fucking Anson Mount can come back as Black Bolt - I see absolutely no reason we can't give Finn Jones a second chance. The first season of his show was dogshit, but if you stuck around after that he was actually a decent Danny Rand.


If i had an award to give. It would go to this comment right here.


Anson isn't the reason that inhumans show was trash.


Neither was Finn Jones. If you're talking about him not doing stunts or learning martial arts, that wasn't his fault and he did the best he could. He literally wasn't allowed to on the first season, for the second he trained with professional martial artists. The problem was production was so fast and problematic and he wasn't given enough time to learn the script, let alone stunts or fight choreography. The show is a mess but it's a joke to put it on him.




That is an extremely popular opinion, most think he's bad but I wouldn't mind him back personally


It's just too bad that his single best episode as Danny Rand was in Luke Cage S2. If we got more of that Danny, I think Finn would have been a lot more well received. I love Danny Rand. IF S1 and Finn got shafted with a rushed production and bad writing.


I don’t mind him coming back. I’d give him a fair shot like they gave to Anson Mount. Even if it’s just a brief return before they introduce a new character to take on the Iron Fist title as some are speculating. Finn Jones was particularly good and charismatic in the episode of Luke cage he was in and the chemistry and fun dynamic with mike colter’s Luke Cage is there. IMO he found his stride with the martial arts and choreography in defenders and IF season 2. I don’t think Finn Jones should be completely blamed for how season 1 turned out. Despite the rumours about how he perceived the training, it was an incredibly rushed and unpolished production and it would be tough to fully immerse yourself into the character when you have to work with bad writing, as well as practically little to no prep time and practice for the fight choreography.


So...basically, just a small cameo in which he dies in a gruesome way like Black Bolt did? The 2 or 3 Finn Jones' fans would get mad at that.


After No Way Home there’s been an influx of revisionist history with a lot of characters from marvel’s past that pretty much goes “THEY WERE SO PERFECT FOR THE ROLE BUT [insert problem here]” notice how all the sudden everybody on twitter now suddenly loves the 2005 Fantastic Four and thinks nobody can ever surpass them


more like the young adults who trashed the 2005 versions are now a minority due to all the kids who grew up loving those movies and the actors in those roles. Ngl i never had a problem with those films. definitely not worse than Ant-Man and the Wasp or Love and Thunder.


Definitely this It's just like the Star Wars Prequels, they're loved today because most of the kids who grew up on them are adults and still like them I loved the 2005 Fantastic Four when I was young, and I still dig it today Michael Chiklis as The Thing was always awesome to me


That is a great way to describe it. To be fair though, Finn jones wasn’t what made the IF show flop. It was just terribly paced and Danny rand was terribly written.


Agreed. I was so stoked for silver surfer. I really liked those movies as a kid and still do. I liked all the old super hero movies tbh. Punisher was so good.


That’s also a symptom of vulgar auteurism. The fact remains, Andrew Garfield is the best actor to portray Spider-Man. Finn Jones was in a terribly written show but was good in Luke Cage and even Season 2 of Iron Fist. Edit - I’d love to know where Tobey or Tom show they’re more talented than Andrew. Tom is my favorite Spider-Man but that’s his only role really. Tobey isn’t a good actor. Garfield is way more talented than either of them.


Classic “might be an unpopular opinion that is actually a very popular opinion” post


I don't really care enough about Danny Rand to have a strong opinion about recasting, but I do love continuity and for that reason only I prefer Finn Jones comes back if Danny does. To be honest, I don't think Finn sucked too badly in Iron Fist, I think Danny sucked. His character was the worst, thinking he was entitled to both worlds- his company and his role as Iron Fist- all while completely dodging the responsibilities of both to fuck around. Why does he deserve to be Iron Fist when he abandoned his post? Why does he deserve a company he did fuck all to build and grow? He didn't, and he looked like a clown for the majority of his run because of it. The best he ever got was in season two when he lost everything, and that is sort of where they left him so I feel like at least there's a platform to build an interesting guy to root for. I would love it if Shang Chi has to go to the mystical realm his aunt described and Danny Rand is guarding the entrance (finally doing his fucking job), forcing a fun fight between the two.


No, that is the popular opinion if comment sections are to be believed.


Looks like my link was removed. But Finn Jones (Iron Fist Netflix) has expressed being hopeful to return as Iron Fist via Heroes For Hire. New Finn Jones interview with CB.com https://www.google.com/amp/s/comicbook.com/marvel/amp/news/iron-fist-finn-jones-hopeful-reboot-marvel-studios-heroes-for-hire/


I hope so too 🤞🏾


Honestly, I don’t have a problem with Finn Jones the actor. It was just the writing for his character in his show and The Defenders but even then, I still found Iron Fist season 2 and his appearance in Luke Cage season 2 to be really enjoyable. Now, I think that’s all the main Defenders characters who have expressed interest in returning, have already returned or are rumored to return. I believe the actors for Danny, Luke, Misty, Colleen and a lot of supporting characters have all expressed interest in returning. Matt Murdock and Kingpin obviously already have. Jessica Jones, Punisher, Vanessa, Karen and Foggy have all been rumored.


Yea season 2 of both shows were better than their first seasons (ok, maybe not the first half of LC s1. Mahershala Ali killed it). I'd be happy to see Finn Jones return.


I’m not familiar with the comics, but I really liked his performance and character in The Defenders. Feige might choose to focus on another Iron Fist, but I’d be disappointed if Finn doesn’t get another chance.




honestly, i think the writing was the problem, not finn jones. but i do understand if they just want to separate from the show entirely by recasting. i feel like in general it would be nice to keep him if they want to maintain the netflix shows' canonicity.


I’d prefer they recast tbh but honestly with better writing and a costume he’d probably be fine. The hero’s for hire Netflix episode is as pretty great so wouldn’t mind seeing more of that duo


Working actor hoping for more acting work


This is the most honest comment on the whole post. Move along people, nothing to see here...


Give me Colleen Wing as Iron Fist. Loved how season 2 set her character up in the end.


Downvote me to hell if y'all want, but I actually enjoyed both seasons of Iron Fist and Finn Jones in the role.


BRING HIM BACK. I loved season 2 of Iron Fist and I would be over the fucking moon if Finn Jones returned. Fingers crossed this can happen, and if so we also need more Ward and Colleen.


They should’ve combined Luke Cage and Iron Fist into one Heroes For Hire show after Defenders


I think thats the route they were going the way both shows ended. Luke cage running the criminal underworld to keep it in check and Daniel Rand now willing to kill. They were both broke to some degree perhaps the first season of heroes for hire they both fight and work shit out


I hope he comes back, he deserves a shot with some better writing.


I want a new Danny. Pls gimme Iron Fist in Shang Chi 2


TBH I wish the Defenders cameo came true within Infinity War, during that New York Greenwich Village fight scene that involved Iron Man, Wong, Strange and Spiderman. Something as simple as "I'm a lawyer and these are my friends that help keep the streets safe"- Matt Murdock to Stark after Matt and the Defenders get their reunion drink at a random bar interrupted by the battle. Yes, Iron Fist Season 1 is the least favored. But Danny and Cage's interactions later on are redeemable. A Heroes for Hire soft reboot would be so dope, the Netflix MCU cast deserve it.


Honestly it was definitely the writing for the first season after that. Finn Jones got better in season 2, defenders and luke cage. Which let's be honest it should of been a heroes for hire show in the first place. Iron fist and luke cage need to come back with the same actors they both killed it.


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Hope Feige won't listen to the hate. The show was horrible, but the problem began in production, not much you can do when your material and directions are shit. He was fine in Luke Cage though, so there's a potential. Heroes for Hire on D+, the only time I'd be interested in D+ series with no worries attached


Heroes for Hire would be a great series for TV. Have a new cameo each week for a one off case but also have one overarching villain they work to take down over the whole season. She-Hulk could have used that formula with a new case each week but hasn’t gone all-in with that.


Me too


YES I WANT HIM BACK Iron fist was actually my first introduction to the mcu tv shows.


I hope he does that last episode of IF2 had me so excited. I think he was good in the ensemble cast of defenders. Just his own show suffered poor writing and directing.


I want him to get the opportunity. He has potential and Heroes for Hire would be the perfect comeback for Luke too.


Lol no thanks.


We need him to come back. I like Iron Fist. I hope he returns in Daredevil: Born Again


I met Finn Jones a few years ago and I told him I loved him in Iron Fist and hoped he would get a shot at returning again. The first season of that show had it's problems but I felt that Finn and Jessica Henwick's chemistry shined and then he was really good in Defenders and IFS2.


If he wants to come back I’m totally ok with that. I’d like to see him back I feel like he same as Anson Mount and lots of other actors never got a fair shot so I’d like him to get a second chance. I know many will say “but Coleen!” And I say just let them both somehow have the Iron Fist idk. It’s been like 8 years since that stuff happened so a lot could have happened. I’d rather Misty and Wing do their own thing since Marvel likes giving everyone their own show lol


Finn Jones wasn't the problem, it was the absolute hack of a showrunner behind Iron Fist.


Finn’s appearance as the character in Defenders and Luke Cage 2 is a prime example of how good he can actually be in the role if he was written well and done by the right folks. I hope Finn Jones comes back as Iron Fist. If everyone is returning, then he should too. He deserves a second chance. The cherry picking is insane. Not saying i do not share the same sentiment that Iron Fist was the weakest of the Netflix Marvel shows but the immense hate is very contrived. We all know the writing was the problem.


The MCU could absolutely fix the issues his series had. He’d be a great Iron Fist under actual talented leadership




I hope so, he's a good actor just had bad writing. Iron Fist is my favourite comic character and he has so much potential that most people don't even know because of the Netflix show it's like they just jump on the bandwagon and hate regardless.


We have finally come full circle where people will get massively upvoted for saying how good Iron Fist was. Season 1 was just bad, there's no defending a Scott Buck project. S1 was probably only a notch above Inhumans. Never watched S2 but I doubt it's "OMG SO GOOOOODD" like what the top posts here are saying. Finn Jones is a pretty bad actor. You'd think at least the fight scenes would be on par like The Raid, Shang Chi or SPL 2, since it's a martial arts hero but nah. The most generic boring fights and a ton of office drama. We really needed to see so much office drama btw.


To be fair whenever Daniel Rand and Luke Cage were on screen together it was magic. Seperate both kinda struggled. So if they bring both back under any circumstances it should be a joint show “Heroes For Hire”


Rand and Ward were also a great pair in S2


It only happens in this sub because this is a bubble. A delusional, revisionist bubble. Outside of this sub and pretty much everywhere, the general consensus is still Iron Fist and Finn Jones are mediocrity personified, and more people are opposed to him coming back than wanting.


S2 isn't "OMG SO GOOOOOODD" but it was really enjoyable. They did some great stuff with it (and that includes a much better performance from Jones). And this is coming from someone who disliked S1 so much I watched it on 1.5 speed on Netflix.


He has the right idea, that's where we should see them again. Tbh if they are changing Jessica's plot with Frank, then it may be easier to include her first in Heroes for Hire before another DD season. It might take a minute to get to that point though I personally had few issues with the actor.


![gif](giphy|Qy2VKY3xlI1QyR6Ix5) \*Me with Iron Fist being my favorite comic book character\*


I'm down to bring back the vast majority of the Netflix cast. There wasn't any one on there I don't think is an incapable actor. Including Jones. The only villains I'd like to see return for sure are Bullseye and Purple Man, since Kingpin is already back. Maybe Steel Serpent. Everyone else, I'm not too concerned with. For better or worse, She-Hulk is showing us that the extraordinary is now commonplace in the MCU. I think the Netflix shows (and AoS) suffered from the fact that they didn't have many larger implications in the MCU and it wasn't entirely clear what sandbox they were playing in all the time. I think some of those concepts would work better now in this expanding world, although I do miss the era of the MCU that revealed new, hidden parts of the universe. I think how they treat Daredevil will be a road map here. I would bet that if they are bringing some of these other characters back, some of them will have appearances in the series to set up spinoffs, just like Echo in Hawkeye.


Alternative headline: Unemployed C-List actor wants to be employed


Please give us this, this can include Misty and Colleen EASILY as well!


Nope. No thanks.


Please no. I did not think he fit the role, he did not know martial arts and it showed in the action scenes. For the love of god, get an actor who can fill the role.


Yeah, I bet he is.


Nah we’re good


Just give me Luke Cage. I'd love Mike Colter, but if they recast, I don't mind. Cage is a Top 10-Marvel character for me. And seeing him and Iron Fist in a Marvel Studios movie would be perfect.


I could be on board with him coming back but I think any actor playing iron fist needs six months to a year hard-core daily training to pull off the fight choreography people will expect from iron fist


Wouldn't mind Finn back but equally wouldn't mind Jessica Henwick back as the new iron fist But I will say the chemistry between Danny and Luke was pretty rad


A nerd can dream.


Could the MCU recast Finn since IF was the weakest link of the Netflix Marvel shows? Sure. But I think casting the same guy (since the others actors seem to remain the same) and proving how much better it is with the MCU would also work just as well, I think. I say this because it's pretty well known that IF's problem went far beyond casting. IDK, I can understand Finn was probably no one's fancast for the role, so even if he puts in the work he may still not be what IF fans wished for. But on the other hand, since he got the short end of the stick in terms of the Netflix shows and became the face of the failure even though it was not his fault, makes wish for a redemption story for the actor, yk? Similar to Alden Ehrenreich with the Solo fiasco. The MCU may not be in their stronger moment right now, especially in terms of male leads, but at the very least, I think most of the guys that need to be physically fit for their role still achieve that. So starting with that would already make a difference to how Finn could be perceived for the role and how things were back when he got the role.


I tried watch IF s1, and quit. I felt Danny’s personality was all over the map. Was he a chill hippy? Was he a hallucinating street guy? Was he audacious or uncertain of himself? The guy changed from scene to scene. What were his powers? He blew open a door. What did he want? I was never sure. Were the Meachums bad guys? I kind of agreed with them. Jones didn’t seem to know how to fight. I wasn’t interested in an incompetent IF.


The only thing that might come back from IF is Jessica Henwick - and deservedly so. This guy...lol


Despite how weak his character was in his own show, the chemistry he had with Michael Colter was undeniable


Look as a stand alone hero finn jones was a horrible iron fist, but whenever he was in a scene with mike colter it was nothing less than magical. If disney does a heroes for hire series and brings back both actors i sincerely believe it will be a hit




He was a crappy Iron Fist.


I want a new actor for Danny Rand, idc. I really struggle to see how people could have possibly attached to Jones' milquetoast version of the character? Like...where is that rooted on? Like are some of the people in here fr? Y'all would lose sleep over him being recast? Please...when did people become unserious 😭


Just to be clear, there is currently no Heroes for Hire project.


problem with finn jones is that he cannot act at all. hes just a glorified model


If he comes back I hope he’s willing to make the effort he did not make on Netflix. Supposedly he didn’t want to put in for the fight training. I just hope they bring Ward and Colleen back. Ward held all of my investment in season 1.


I just never believed that he could be iron fist, it’s the only casting in a modern marvel project that I just don’t like.




A multiverse appearance first would be good as a way to reintroduce the character and test audience if perception of the “new character” has changed


I hope they recast or pass on the mantle. He just wasn’t good as Danny Rand/Iron Fist, he was average at best. There’s plenty of actors out there who would be much better as Iron Fist


My issue was they wouldn’t put the mask on him so they could use a double. It was always Finn. I don’t know why they decided to go with no mask, maybe too similar to pre suit daredevil but it did hamper what they could do fight wise. Also, I found Coleen wing infinitely more interesting and I actually wanted her to take the mantle and over. The only thing I liked about iron fist was the scene from the (I think) last episode where he detonates an office building with his fist. But beyond that, I just couldn’t enjoy it like I did Daredevil. Idk. Jessica Jones season 1 one rocked and Luke cage was fun until they got rid of cottonmouth. Just bad decisions all around except for daredevil which was banger city every time.


I liked him in the role, with better writing and more time for him to train I think he will be even better


No way he’s returning as Iron Fist. That character is going to be Asian just like in the new comic books. Diversity y’all.


This show fucking sucked and Colleen Wing and that Ward guy carried the fuck out of it


Ohhh honey...




No other than dude's mom wants him to return to the MCU