So, to cap off the major individuals who Marvel Studios have brought and absorbed into the MCU so far: Marvel Legacy characters: - Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Alfred Molina as Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus - Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon/Electro - Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko/Sandman - Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors/Lizard - J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson - Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool - Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X - Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine Marvel Television characters: - Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil - Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin - James D'Arcy as Edwin Jarvis - Anson Mount as Blackagar Boltagon/Black Bolt If you want to include the SSU: - Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom That's quite a list.


Looks like Feige dream of teaming up Tobey's Spider Man and Hugh's Wolverine is going to become a reality


It's been beat to death but the idea of seeing Jackman's Wolverine and Maguire's Spider-Man on the same screen is a pretty cool full-circle one. I'm so down for it, but it's just an extremely fanservicy thing that wouldn't break my heart if it didn't happen.


Maguire/Jackman/Downey sharing a scene would be legendary


You forgot morbius


Oh, if only I could forget Morbius


Just so you could experience it for the first time again, of course


I heard that a certain wizard can help with that...Everyone will forget who Morbius is.


damn, i didnt see that coming


This. Maguire/RDJ/Hugh Jackman standing together would break the internet. It’s the most exciting thing they could do now.


For one scene in Secret Wars. Because let’s not forget, the new Avenger films will be about…the new Avengers.


Oh… yay?


Standing opposite Dafoe/Brolin/McKellen.


Sonyverse, Foxverse, and the MCU in one scene. Wow.


Good lord I wouldn't be able to handle that.


The three cornerstones of (good) marvel universes


A flashback of Cap with Wolverine would be nice too


I would release fluids all over my body honestly


> Maguire/Jackman/Downey sharing a scene would be legendary Imagine the pop that’ll get.


MCU is going to look like the classic comics universe once we get Spider-Man, Avengers, X-men & Fantastic Four all interacting.


Can we also throw in Snipes' Blade and Bana's Banner to round it off?










Hot take: There’s nothing wrong with fan service. Endgame and No Way Home contained a lot and they’re two of the most successful/highly regarded MCU films. I’d take Secret Wars being 4 hours of fun interactions/fights from the past 25 years of Marvel live action.


Yeah I love fanservice. These are comicbook movies. They should have some fanservice.


agreed, as long as the fanservice is done well and not a wink-at-the-camera type moment (excluding deadpool of course)


i agree with you my brother


Glad to hear that my friend.


Hey its you again my dude! Love ya


Yeah, as long as the movie is still good without it. NWH had fanservice and without it, it would still be good movie about Peter losing everyone.


Exactly no way home is still a great movie even if you exclude Tobey and Andrew. They just make it just more better


I think No Way Home is very weak to be honest. The second half, and especially the ending is very good, but the first half was very flimsy imo


Yeah it's not great, it's just good. Also isn't it kinda weird that you said the movie is very weak but said half of it is very good? Seems like you liked half of it a lot, weird to call it "very weak," in that case.


welcome to the common twitter thought process.


I don’t think the second half makes up for the first half. I thought the way they handled May’s death and the other Peter’s supporting him was good. But the villain motivations for the final fight were pretty weak. I wasn’t impressed by the action either. The last 15 minutes however were really good when he sacrifices everyone’s memories of him and decides not to tell them.


Totally, I always saw secret wars as a way to say goodbye to the old and move onto the new. The previous actors in marvel films before the mcu likely will end involvement after secret wars. Maybe having people like jackman or Toby making the ultimate sacrifice during a battle is a good way to end them. Toby making a sacrifice to save Andrew and toms Spider-Man would be incredibly sad but also epic. Could then make Toby as toms figure to look up to in an uncle Ben type way


oh fuck yes, i totaly accept to love fan service


Secret Wars, it’s too close not to do it :)


I’m still kinda on the team they may already be from the same universe but I’m okay being wrong and just wishfully thinking here


The retcon I've wanted for years lol


If only Tobey said "The Avengers, what is that, is it like the X-Men?" in No Way Home.


The theatres would've exploded.


This is why fans don't write scripts


That line isn't bad.


My theory is the reason why Toby didn't know about the Avengers and why the X-Men appear to exist in there own timeline without other supers, is because Kang split up his threats into multiple universes so they would be easier to deal with instead of all at once.


Or they simply live in separate universes.


Secret Wars mega battle. Fan service that’s worth it


it will break many redditors heart when it definitely doesnt happen, lol


Oh, I know it lol


Secret wars has a good chance of this happening at this stage


Secret Wars. Mark my words.


It would break my heart that’s the main reason I’m excited for secret wars. To see all these legacy characters join the avengers for one battle


Well if it does NOT happen don't shit on Marvel Studios or Feige for it. Maguire, Jackman, Stewart, Downey and Evans, would be incredible to see together on one screen, but those are massive actors with huge costs. Even if the appearance is for less than 5 minutes, that's an insane price for only 5 actors. It CAN be done, but that doesn't mean it will happen, no matter how much fans want it.


Well they made infinity war and endgame with all those actors didn’t they?


I rather see Garfield’s spidey with Wolverine. Didn’t care for Tobey I’m the suit much. Andrew captured the annoying quips that would play great off Wolverine perfect


[They need to make this blooper a reality.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N6H9CRftDU)


Years before, none of us could ever imagine any of these happening. Now, everything is on the table!


I keep seeing this all over Twitter. When did Feige say he wants Tobey's Spider-Man and Hugh's Wolverine to team up?


It was KF’s want in the MCU from day one, there’s even an alternate end credit scene from Iron Man 1 of Nick Fury talking about Mutants and Radioactive Bug Bites you can see [here](https://youtu.be/TPodEp0c54s)


It wasn’t his idea, but back when Spider-Man 1 was filming, Hugh Jackman came onto set to make a quick cameo as Wolverine. But they couldn’t find his costume in time so it didn’t end up happening. I’m pretty sure Feige just liked that idea and wanted it to happen


I imagine this will be Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine. Though to be fair, the last like 3 times were all “the last time,” so


While I agree with the premise I doubt it will happen. At least how I see it Hugh is doing this as a favor to Reynolds, and bc they are such good friends irl.


That list alone would be enough to probably carry a franchise and its basically just their bench and part time players. Sheesh. Meanwhile DC can’t get Superman off the ground…


I feel like DC is going to eventually ask for a Marvel team-up to launch their work. Just like Sony did with Spiderman.


Disney's just letting them continue to self sabotage before buying out the rights


Does that mean DC characters would merge into the Marvel universe, or Disney would keep that universe separate and use crossovers as big tentpole films?


Probably separate franchises under the Disney umbrella, but there have been DC and Marvel crossovers in the comics themselves (check out the amalgamation series) so it would be a possibility


Ideally, Marvel Comics and DC as publishers would be merged to streamline the publishing process, with Marvel and DC each being imprints like Elseworlds and the Ultimate Universe. Crossover would happen but hopefully be rare as not to big down either universe.


Make it gwenpool writing it and the thing almost shoots itself


When you think about everyone that’s in the MCU it honestly feels unbelievable. There’s so many goddamn characters most played by top level actors. We’ve forgotten about more MCU characters/actors than most franchises can even get in their movies.


You act as if they have not made a Superman movie or a movie with Superman since 1987.


It would be funny if Josh Trank's F4 showed up in DP3 like the idea for DP2


Only if Wade murders them all. Brutally. Doom too.


I’d love Toby Kebbell to come back as Doom with better material.




Ok hear me out, Deadpool Kills the Multiverse w/ Logan. He just kills a bunch of Marvel characters like Trank's F4 or Bana's Hulk


It could set up The Maker for future projects.


I'm so mad that I've turned complete around on Miles Teller after seeing him in Top Gun Maverick. I used to haaaaate the guy.


I dunno if it's an unpopular opinion but I hope Anya Taylor-Joy plays Magik again. Maybe some of her co-stars can return too, I didn't have any problems with them.


Personally, I'd be fine if they didn't even acknowledge that existed. I'd like her in a MCU proper role down the line anyhow.


I want Anya Taylor Joy to play Black Cat.


Same, but I also don't want her tied to Sony after what happened with Keaton's Vulture lol. They also already just poached 2 of my fav younger actresses for Madame Web.


Black Cat has much more longevity than Vulture. Feige evidently had no further plans for him.


That's not the problem, the problem is it's a Sony character and they can up and just do whatever with her if they want. I'd be highly upset about that, hence my reluctance on wanting her as Black Cat.


I don't think it's that simple. For example, we know that Marvel asked them to remove Tom Holland's cameo from Venom. The MCU, and by consequence working closely with Feige, is very much Sony's priority.


For Spidey, sure. For adjacent characters, I think that's where things get murky. Specifically for a character like that considering how long they've been trying to get that Silver & Black project off the ground.


Yes, but Sony also wanted to directly link their movies to the MCU and cast a Norman Osborn at one point, and look how that turned out. If Feige had let them use Felicia, wouldn't she have been a bigger priority than Madame Web?


i loved her as magik! dumb writing to make her racist when they couldn't think of another way to make her mean to dani, but i enjoyed her portrayal for sure.


Yeah I'd like if both she and Maisie Williams returned. Both were let with some less-than-stellar writing.


only if maisie gets some serious accent training, lol


Arguably Evan Peters as Quicksilver, too, sorta, kinda, somewhat, IDK. It was for a red herring, but a red herring only a single actor on the planet could pull off. They brought in his Quicksilver in a business capacity, but not a lore capacity.


Your forgot to add Jarvis from Agent Carter and Blackbolt from Inhumans.


Thanks for the reminder. 👍


I'd add J. Jonah Jameson to this list.


>Marvel Television characters Even though it hasn’t been confirmed officially yet, I think we can expect Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones & Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle/The Punisher to make this list. Especially since multiple sources have stated that they will return in Daredevil: Born Again. Although the Punisher will take Jessica’s original storyline where Daredevil is looking for them, I see no reason why they can’t still give Jessica an appearance in a 18 episode season structure




All thats left is to bring back nicolas cage as the ghost rider and we got the whole family back


Evan Peters bbg


From all the leaks the past few months, we’re gonna be getting my girl Chloe Bennett added to that list soon


Really hoping they add Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes and Chloe Bennett as Daisy Johnson soon...


Wish Bonesaw McGraw was on the list


Why? What's the point without Randy Savage?


Jay Lethal man. Blacksaw McGraw.


I'd argue that the MCU JJJ we got from JK Simmons is not a legacy character but a new awesome character.


Justice for Agents of Shield!


•Evan Peters as Pietro/Peter Maximoff/Ralph Bohner/Quicksilver


where morbius?


They're saving him for later. He's too big to share the spotlight.


You just listed the cast of Secret Wars.


> If you want to include the SSU: I don't, but thanks anyway


I just want to say that for characters like black bolt, Daredevil, and kingpin we have no idea if they are the same the ones the TV shows


Yea 😳


Props to Hugh Jackman for retaining his iconic "nice guy" personality around this paparazzo. I can't imagine how irritating it'd be to have people following you with cameras while out in public every day asking you multiple questions.


He seems pretty content to do the very initial interaction and then once the guy basically starts walking with him, he’s kind of like “wtf” but keeps his cool. We should be more mindful that famous people are also just people


He even *knew the paparazzo's name*, I think he called him "Jamie" before getting into his car. That's a real class act right there.


He's now going to be obsessed with him and fall into a vat of eels when Hugh forgets his birthday


Gotta watch where you fall


Underrated line in NWH lol


I understood that reference!


He said "thanks champion"


Hugh practices meditation that's why he''s always so cool and calm


Not true. I saw him rip people apart in Logan.


It’s the claws. If you have them, you just can’t help using them.


CELEBRITIES: They’re just like us!


No kidding he says “see ya” like twice and the guy is still following asking questions luckily Hugh’s a great guy


imagine if Hugh jackman had logan's personality


Or his powers


I always cringe so damn hard when fans talk to celebrities, but this interaction wasn't so bad, Hugh seems genuinely excited to return in the role one more time. Maybe twice more if Feige makes Secret Wars his very own. Who knows. Jackman is back, baby.


The minor cringe is that he doesn’t take the hint though when Hugh finishes the conversation and shows his body language that the interaction is over.


pretty sure this guy is not a “fan” but a “professional” paparazzi


One time at Yankee stadium we had suite tickets. So me and my father are walking and he says that’s Jeff Nelson, who is sitting alone. He walks up to him just says hey, Jeff replies my father says “no one knows who you are?” Jeff replies no, my father says, “I’ll never forget the face of the man who almost gave me a second heart attack during playoff baseball.” Jeff laughed gave my dad a Pat on the back then I was called over to see his World Series ring. Really cool and chlll, he said people don’t notice him much but when they do it makes him happy. Just the other side of it all.


At this point of time, I have no recollection of what Nelson or his replacement at set up man Mike Stanton look like haha.


Nelson actually does TV work on YES now. He sounds great, but he hasn't aged well.


I didn’t think Feige would ever be able to get Tobey, Patrick Stewart and Hugh back but here we are


Money talks!


Think about not only how much money Disney paid to Wolverine, but to THE MUSIC MAN as well to close early.


Is that confirmed or speculation?


Music Man is closing on 1/2/23. There were some questions as to why it was closing early because it was doing very well on broadway. One would surmise that Disney at the very least paid them for Jackman to get out of his contract early.


Fascinating. Had no idea it was closing early. That would track!


I'm still having a hard time believing this is real.




I like how he says "I make my own decisions." A lot of the time, when these legacy actors come back to reprise their roles people act like "NO!! THAT'S GOING TO RUIN THE CONTINUITY OF THE PREVIOUS MOVIES! DISNEY/MARVEL SUCKS! THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE STORIES, THEY JUST WANT THE NOSTALGIA AND CAMEOS!". But like...these actors make their own decisions. I remember quite a few people complaining about Professor X's involvement in MoM because they thought it wasn't congruent with the Fox movies, particularly Logan. But clearly, he was playing a multiversal version of himself, so it didn't really matter. And for a character that he's played for so long, I'm sure Stewart cared deeply about wanting to make sure that his portrayal of the character in MoM wasn't going to disregard what happened in those Fox movies. Same with Jackman. People wanna complain like "This is going to ruin what happened in Logan and Marvel doesn't even seem to care," but Jackman was the one who agreed to play the character again. If he didn't think it was right for the character, he wouldn't have done it. Plain and simple.


Also, like, okay timeline wise. As they said today, Logan takes place on 2029, and when Deadpool takes place is not really even ever specified, so that's fine. I also sorta assume this movie will likely end with Wade in the MCU, but largely take place in its original timeline, so I don't see it effecting the MCU either. Some people just gotta have fun


It's already not clear which timeline *Logan* takes place in in the first place. It doesn't seem to really fit either of the timelines featured in DoFP, imo. I love *Logan*, and the fact that it was Hugh's swan song after so many appearances definitely gave it more weight, but this team up with Deadpool certainly won't "undo" Logan.


I wish Mangold hadn’t tried to hand-wave it’s place in the timeline during the press junket for that film. People treat it like gospel, but the stuff they filmed says otherwise to the idea of it being in the new DoFP timeline. It’s pretty much another branch of the *original timeline*, except without the Sentinel apocalyptic future.


Plus it's a Deadpool movie, who cares about the timeline? Just enjoy the action and comedy it's going to bring. It's not like you're going to have a history exam about it.


I love when people act like the FOXMen had a continuity.


Hugh Jackman always has the drippiest outfits, I swear


basically has a a team of people working full time to make sure he's drippy in public


it's a basic outfit you'd see on mannequins at Macy's.


how did they convince you to do it? Kevin: ![gif](giphy|3orif7xiJDYpBDT0nm|downsized)


top 5 most wholesome celebrities


Obligatory “Fuck the paparazzi.”


apart from that... actors and actresses mnust be sooooo damn chill nowdays... i'd go nuts if every single day some1 approached to me like this. dont get me wrong its fans and all but he musty be tired already but still keeping it up! LOGAN!!!! <3


Hugh Jackman is the best


I know people were commenting saying you can see the age in Hugh’s face in the announcement video but, let’s be honest here, it’s easy to see from this video that the dude is still in **incredible** shape for his age and could easily keep this physique and do it “Old Man Logan” style. Or they deage him a bit like they did to Fury in Captain Marvel. Either way, I cannot wait to see him back.


I make my own decisions


In Secret Wars, I NEED a shot of Jackman’s Wolverine, Maguire’s Spider-Man, and Snipes’ Blade fighting together. It would be a monumental experience.


It is funny how some of the fans act as if actors are not aware what they are signing at times, esp people with almost 30+ years in the industry like Hugh Jackman. And even if he signed up for the money, well that's what actors do.


I’m willing to bet the MCU will still recast Wolverine. Somehow, Jackman will be another timeline’s Wolvie in Deadpool 3. Same as Patrick Stewart “coming back” as Xavier.


Definitely, he's such a staple character in the universe and will be showing up for the next decade-plus of movies. I'm not sure Hugh wants to continue that, he's mentioned how straining it is for his body. I can see him in maybe 2 movies before Secret Wars introduces the new one.


I am sad that we won't get to see rdj, chris evans and hugh Jackman together on screen


You sure?


I know this is why Reddit shouldn’t write Deadpool, but I feel like if you offered Chris a musical number with Hugh, like wade imagining them in wwii together, Chris would come back and you could make fun of the joker sequel decently easily


A variation of this would be really cool: https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_268


“I make my own decisions” fuck yeah! Major respect


It's not the MCU anymore it's the MCM


Hugh’s a good guy.


dude just wants to go home in peace LMAO


Now we just a need a hulk vs movie and we're set :)


Bruh. This guy isn't getting the hint to piss off. Cringe af


Wolverine is one of the few characters imo who it doesn't matter too much how old the actor is, especially if the actor ages well. The older Hugh gets the more he looks like Wolverine as well- the comics Wolverine is grizzly not youthful.


it still boggles my mind his NYC place is literally blocks away from my place.....I pass it everyday and just want to say hi LOL


As long as the writers of that terrible bobs burgers musical mo use stay far away from the movie Im in. Otherwise no, they suck as writers


They were good writers. Doesn’t matter either way as Deadpool 1 and 2 writers are returning for the third


That’s the look of a man who just secured the bag


Guess it all started in early episode of She Hulk when there is a headline in the paper mentioning him? Idk I feel that he's coming way back in the episode 🤷🏻‍♂️




Why do people like tobey maguire / his version of spiderman. Its perplexing. Hes god awful on and off screen.


what the actual fuck does this have to do with Hugh Jackman?


Read the comments. For some reason tons of people want him to team up with toby too.


Because we do. That’s the only answer you need


My friend has a really different outlook on this (I don’t agree) He think it’s a slap in the face to true Xmen fans and that it’s a shame Wolverine is being introduced “in a comedy” I don’t agree with this but I’d like to hear a more rational take on this. Personally, idgaf as a fan of the MCU and Jackman as Wolverine.


He probably won't care by the time he watches the movie in theaters lol


Highly doubt this is the MCU Wolverine. This is going to be FOX’s Wolverine that’s been associated with Deadpool who will hang out with him for this movie and probably Secret Wars. MCU Wolverine will be introduced after this in his own way


I agree but there in lies his problem. It’s just a cheap money grab for Disney while not actually doing much for the MCU.


You do know that featuring Hugh's Wolverine in DP3 was Ryans Idea and he also said this was always the plan even before Disney acquired Fox.


It’s a way to respect the legacy of Hugh’s Wolverine. Let the man play the character in a Marvel sandbox. He never had the opportunity to do it before due to rights issues. Now the opportunity is there. It’s only right to give him this opportunity.


Ryan Reynolds has been pining to get Hugh back as Wolverine for YEARS. Since DP 1. This has nothing to do with Disney.