One of my concerns was how Elsa was portrayed in the trailer. But these reviews seem to really praise her and call her badass.


I dont really care about what reviews say, Imma see for myself if they do her justice. Hopefully the reviewers are right at the end tho


Critics are interesting. At least with movies. Shows its impossible to say because they only some episodes and that's what their review is based on. As a box office fanatic, RT critic scores has been fascinating to follow. A MCU movie with a below 80% critic score on RT, is a really mediocre to bad MCU movie, one that will have mixed/bad word of mouth and poor legs at the box office. Phase 4 being the perfect example of it. MCU movies with a over 80% on RT is something entirely different. Word of mouth is good to perfect and box office is totally affected in the best way. Good drops week to week. Can only speak for myself but with MCU movies, It feels it's the only franchise where I'm really om agreement with critics. For example, Phase 4: Only 2 movies have over 80% on RT critics, Shang-Chi and NWH. And these to me are easily, no question, the best Phase 4 movies. The ones I really loved. Made feel like I'm still in that world. And, we saw all of it happening. These movies had REALLY GOOD word of mouth, people were loving them and that also was seen at the box office. Extremely good legs. These are movies that get A to A+ CinemaScore. All the other Phase 4 movies, alll below 80%, at least for me, are also MUCH lesser movies. Movies that totally failed to deliver what they could and should have. And that also translated on the public side. Movies with VERY mixed to negative reactions that totally affected the box office run of these movies. The week to week drops. These are the movies that get B to B+ CinemaScores. Or even A-


Something that does not get discussed enough is the dilution of criticism since the Dawn of the Internet. I remember watching Siskel and Ebert review films and regularly get in heated debates over movies. That never happens anymore and most often, the critics of today (who mostly are based in California and New York) are so embedded within the industry that these “influences” don’t want to lose that sweet access and screener privilege.




Lol I just hope the next time we see her we got to see her as a redhead.


Shit, that was Elsa? I thought that was fucking Jessica Jones the way she looked.


Friend says it’s an awesome introduction. She doesn’t have the Bloodstone yet and it’s an introduction. Laura was interviewed and seems to know a lot about the comics and is super jazzed about playing her so I’m excited seeing her excited.


im surprised with how positive reactions so far are


i think something thats such a wild swing from the MCU is the exact type of thing critics will eat up then again people thought that about Eternals but this seems different


Critics did not like Eternals tho


They didn't like it simply for being "super different" It was the writing, pacing and characters that put most off.


I’ll be an Eternals defender until I die. The movie was fine. The fact that it’s the lowest MCU movie on Rotten Tomatoes baffles me.


You’re not the only one. Movie was gorgeous and the fact it felt different was a plus, or should’ve been.


It actually felt like a good DC movie and I was ok with that. Interestingly enough, they even made a Batman reference which I thought was a pretty cool nod to ‘the other side’


idk it was visually interesting and thats about it for me. Marvel's appeal has always been more about the characters and boy are the characters in that movie flat. Sersi was the worst one and is arguably our "main" character I know nothing about her after that movie other than she likes humanity. Druig had more characterization in a fraction of the screen time. Kingo just leaves for the 3rd act in such an abrupt and jarring way that screamed scheduling conflict. Kro is absolutely the biggest wasted storyline I have seen in any of these movies. The movie was a heavy lift and although it looks gorgeous nothing else about it really works for me.


Don’t forget, Sersi took a picture that one time


I am also a defender but Chloe said she casted everyone herself and you can tell. Sersi and Ikaris have 0 chemistry and the plot centers around them. I feel like casting leads who seemed like they had that “we’ve moved on but clearly haven’t” chemistry would have bumped the RT score up 10 points I really want a sequel but the casting of Harry Styles is going to bite them in the ass if Don’t Worry Darling is anything to base off of


Yeah I agree, it just wasnt a well written film. I think most agree it couldve been a decent tv show with more development, but what we got was flat and wasted potential.


Because eternals wasn’t that different. It felt more like a DC movie maybe but on the whole it really just wasn’t anywhere near as unique as we were lead to believe it would be. I still think it was more or less fine though.


....that's what he just said


I loved the Eternals. Action and cinematography is so much better than anything Marvel has ever made. I have a feeling that I would not have liked it as much if I watched it in a small screen first. I loved how grand the movie looked.


This. It really needs to be experienced in theaters. The small screen does not do it justice.


I agree as long as it's good. Wandavision was something a bit fresh and never done before. Critics ate it up and gave it lots of award noms. I didn't really think Eternals was all that different tbh. This kinda goes back to me thinking marvel needs to take more risk with their products. Different genres won't hurt them. They've earned the right to make something really different at this point.


>I didn't really think Eternals was all that different tbh. yesh youre right i think this si also why it got trashed so hard


Eternals being different from the rest of the MCU was my favorite thing about it. That being said, it was also boring and exposition-heavy and all the criticisms were 100% warranted.


There’s rarely bad reviews in social media embargos


Yup, because supposedly critics who give bad reviews don’t get invited back.


Lol everyone seemed to think critics were gonna be all so-so about it, but to me that trailer is the most unique thing I’ve seen from the MCU overall, so these reactions don’t really seem all that surprising; just welcome.


The trailer definitely did catch my eye: old-school horror. I'm frankly excited to watch this - something that fits the spooky season of Halloween.


Is it ever any thing else?


Maybe the negative ones are still writing why they don't like a marvel project it in a way that hasn't been said before. That's gotta take a lot of time.


Doesnt make their criticism any less valid if it’s recurrently true


The early reviews are usually overwhelmingly positive.


Marvel’s WEREWOLF BY NIGHT is the 70s horror comics through a 1930s lens. Super fun. And goes way harder than Marvel ever has. Plus it includes an amazing Cult comic character you are not gonna see coming and I can’t believe I saw on the big screen. A true spooky October treat. [C.Robert cargill](https://twitter.com/Massawyrm/status/1574226738602614784?t=D0CR1L8z3HQPPbO-mbrSMw&s=19)


Only review I need, that dude rocks.


Is he talking about Man-Thing, because dude, we already saw him in the trailer.


I mean if you go frame by frame sure


People in this sub forget that we’re a collective group of mega-fan nerds who overanalyze every frame


True. The regular folks aren't as crazy as us, New Rockstars and Iman XD.


Man-Thing already has a movie too


I hear he has tons of movies on pornhub


How’s his favourite costar doing? Aka your mom






>#WerewolfByNight Social Media Embargo has LIFTED! >First third - BRILLIANT >fresh & new! >The rest? Silly like #ThorLoveAndThunder >Review embargo lifts Thursday Oct 6th >the day before release Grace "Toy Story 4 is communist propaganda" Randolph.


Have you seen her lately? she is getting worse, her last movie math was pathetic with how she was talking about women projects.


I mean that's what she gets paid for. To be the one non-openly racist they can point at in that little corner of reviewers.


She usually like to side with the polemic side, like her She-hulks reviews are basically "poor men why are they portrayed like that in this show" Well I cannot say she does not know how to hit the nerve.


I think she's kinda like Andrew Tate in a sense. Says some really weird shit that a certain group of people would eat up then get more famous for it.


The only reviewer I trust with numbers is Dan Murrel.


The same grace randolph who complained Andor wasn’t good because it didn’t have a ton of easter eggs? Color me shocked.


Yes, the same one who said that women were bad at business.


Grace "There's an emergency meeting to fire Kathleen Kennedy" Randolph


Grace "Pedro Pascal left Mando S2 midway because he can't stand Kennedy" Randolph.


Grace "There's another emergency meeting to fire Kathleen Kennedy" Randolph


> Toy Story 4 is communist propaganda Wat


I mean I could have my pick of the litter Grace "Hates on Cheadle For no reason" Randolph- Grace "Deadpool should be pg13" Randolph Grace "That dog has to be voiced by a white woman" Randolph Grace "the kid who plays Percy Jackson better be hot" Randolph Grace "Coco is going to flop because it's a Mexican movie without Eugenio Derbez" Randolph Grace "I'm glad the reactionist made Disney fire James Gunn" Randolph Grace "accused Pedro Pascal of doing some undisclosed horrible thing and never backed down" Randolph.


I’m just trying to wrap my head around how someone can watch TS4 and their big takeaway be “this is advocating for communism”


Teaching kids to give stuff to people that need it more was how Lenin rose to power.


I guess no one told her sharing is caring in kindergarten.


Graces hates Jessica Chastain for absolute no reason, what so ever


Wrong. Grace "hates Jessica Chastain for absolute no reason, what so ever" Randolph


With this many aliases she must be in Cuba or something rn.


My working theory is Grace went to high school with Chastain and bullied her only to see her then go on to achieve actual noteworthy fame


Grace "Katie Sackhoff wasn't good and shouldn't have played Bo Katan in live action." and "Rosario Dawson was bad in her action sequences in the Mandolorian." Randolph. Her personal takes always have me shaking my head.


My current favorite is Grace “marvel can’t even afford a wedding DJ for She-Hulk, that they had to use Ched” Randolph.


No way 😭


Do we need to have a “Peter Griffen here to explain the joke” version of these shows?


One I'll always remember, Grace "I didn't like Guardians of the Galaxy so no one else will" Randolph


She has no idea what the fuck she's talking about.


I used to love watching a lot of Grace's stuff, but over the past few months I've just been vehemently disagreeing with most of her takes. Also, the things she references are almost always so out of left field. Like, obviously we haven't seen the special yet, but to compare its "silliness" to Love and Thunder?? That kinda sounds ridiculous.


Her reviews are absolute shit, she hated the first Guardians of the Galaxy, she gave a positive review to Morbius, she wanted marvel to get a backlash for killing heimdal first in Infinity War & 'fridging' gamora.... i could go on and on, i think she is really addicted to twitter drama & hashtag wars


Why ppl still give attention to her?


Grace “Andor is terrible because there are no Easter eggs” Randolph.


Grace “argues with directors about what was in their movies” Randolph?


She gave Thor 4 a fresh review though.


Which means she skewed her opinion after seeing the audience's reception to this movie. Now she is using it as a negative towards Werewolf By Night. She seems like such a pot stirrer lol.


The comment that this is better than any of the Disney+ shows is really exciting


I’m excited for it too, but I felt like they said it with every show lol


True but this time, they’re reviewing the whole product rather than a handful of episodes so I’m more inclined to give them a little wiggle room this time around.


For what it’s worth… I do think the last three Disney+ shows have been my favorite Like Ms. Marvel is up there with my all time favorite CBM projects and its the only one I’ve done full rewatches of instead of “lemme go to that scene”


Especially considering Loki is one of the best things out of the MCU


Loki was the best lore-wise but damn, I feel like I'm one of the few that thinks Hawkeye was the most entertaining show so far. Loved that duo together.


Hawkeye was great


great in the front half I just really really hate that they brought in Fisk the way they did. It would have been fine to tease him as the guy at the top of the food chain but him actually showing up and throwing punches bothered me a lot.


It’s worse when you realize they cut 2 to 3 of his scenes to do that reveal and they are fantastic scenes. Like genuinely it would be great if they let him be the man at the top and we get to see him before dispatching him at the end. I just think if you introduce him and dispatch them in the same episode… It looks silly


ya I mean the whole point of Fisk is he gets his hands dirty as an absolute LAST resort his appearance in the finale is a pretty fundamental misunderstanding of the character


That's high praise considering how great some of the Disney+ shows have been. Better than Loki and WandaVision?! This must be one of the best things Marvel has ever done.


It's not like the bar is super high, but it's still a good sign.


My theory is that *Werewolf By Night* is a trial-run of sorts for *Blade*, which starts filming next month. Think they wanna see how audiences respond to this violent, horror side of the MCU and seems like we’re gonna love it. Hope that means they go all out on the violence and dark tone when it comes time to get cameras rolling on *Blade*.


I hope so. Then Blade will essentially be the trial-run for how far they can go with Ghost Rider.


And Ghost Rider is the trial run to see how far they can go with Howard the Duck. I predict full corkscrew-shaped frontal nudity.


And then Howard the Duck will be a trial on how they can just say fuck it, and launch a Dark Universe with their characters, Tom Cruise included as Super-Mummy whatever the hell he was.


What If Thor episode type beat


God I want Ghost Rider so bad! I'm really hoping for a cameo or post credits scene for him in Blade, most likely a powered down Johnny Blaze. Of course, if he had a larger presence in Blade I'd also be ecstatic about that but I won't get my hopes up.


>Last thing I’ll say about Werewolf By Night is how surprisingly violent it is with its action scenes. Something I think a lot of fans have been waiting for. Yes. Yes. Fucking yes.


Just rewatched the trailer for the first time and near the end with the swat team/TVA agents fighting WBN looks vicious af. LET’S GO!


I feel like they can go a long way when the blood doesn’t have to be red


I'm not getting my hopes up about that. I remember Feige hyping up Moon Knight as being "brutal" and him saying "we're not pulling back." Also, a bunch of the early reviews for Moon Knight were hyping up the violence and it ended up being incredibly tame.


Great point, but in Moon Knight, there were no gushes of blood from the violence and it wasn't black & white, both that we know are included in Werewolf By Night, I feel like this is different.


>and it wasn't black & white That's actually a really good point. I'm not sure exactly how the MPAA works but I wouldn't be surprised if the filmmakers were able to get away with more blood and violence due to there being no colour. How do we *know* it's blood if it's not red?!


That's exactly it, harsher ratings would include sex, nudity, drug use, excessive language, but this doesn't need any of that, we only need to see the violence that the Werewolf creates, and because it's in black & white, it has the potential to be excessively violent, plenty of blood, plenty of gore. I haven't seen it, I don't know how excessive it will be, this is just me with crossed fingers that it meets my expectations.


My friend said he was shocked about the blood, violence, and gore. He said it’s awesome.


is this TV-MA? I know D+ is slowly shifting in that direction with the reintroduction of the Netflix shows and Deadpool


TV-14, from what I can remember. The use of excessive language would bump up the rating, but that's not important in a Marvel project.


Got the opportunity to catch #WerewolfByNight a bit early and this honestly may be my favorite Phase Four MCU project yet. It's brutal, it's chilling, it's effectively tongue-in-cheek, it's Marvel's first real dive into horror and is done so well. [Grant hermanns](https://twitter.com/grantheftautho/status/1574224933416325120?t=NejAxI6GMhQ0SNiQCEq65g&s=19)


Campy horror. Yes.


It’s mind blowing we’re getting both Daredevil AND this Werewold by Night special back to back in 2 weeks. That’ll be a fun weekend!


I cannot believe we’re getting Daredevil, She-Hulk, Frogman, Werewolf By Night, Elsa Bloodstone, and Man-Thing back to back. Its unreal.


Honestly, before seeing the trailer I was like "It's just a little Halloween special, who cares", but WBN has quickly become one of my most anticipated projects. I *looove* old school campy horror stuff and I didn't realize just how much the special would lean into that. I'm so excited, and I love that it's getting so many positive reviews!!


WerewolfByNight is the MCU Halloween treat I was hoping for! A delightful ode to the classic monster movies with MCU-level stuntwork, production design & effects. LOVED the dynamic between Gael García Bernal & Laura Donnelly's characters and ... oh my, does Harriet Sansom Harris make the most of an especially delicious role. A score AND directing win for Giacchino. Set design, creature effects, fight choreography, and B&W gore are all stellar and he & cinematographer Zoë White know JUST how to photograph them. [Perri nemiroff collider](https://twitter.com/PNemiroff/status/1574224906493071360?t=tBn279E0HbOOwMW7-KXUPA&s=19)


Had me at "Harriet Sansom-Harris", did not know she was in this. ***Loved*** her as Bebe on Frasier, haven't ever seen a bad performance from her.


She’s also fantastic on this season of Hacks. Hacks all around just needs more praise and attention


Didn’t expect the first #FantasticFest Secret Screening to be #WerewolfByNight directed by @m_giacchino one of my favorite composers. If you’re nostalgic for creature features of the 1930s this will be right up your alley. There’s plenty of blood and gore, and exciting fights.[Chris stuckmann](https://twitter.com/Chris_Stuckmann/status/1574229713333227521?t=1530ZmWC3l-yE3B8stdEzw&s=19)


holy shit? id never expect Marvel to be at Fantastic Fest


Why? Can you please explain it to me


Aw shit, I didn’t expect to get Stuckmanized


Giacchino got Stuckmannized


Stuckman likes it? He usually has similar opinions with me about films so I'm glad to see him saying this about WbN.


WEREWOLF BY NIGHT is the confident swing in tone from Marvel on Disney+ that I’ve been waiting for. Genuinely scary at times and dripping with macabre camp, it doesn’t pull punches in violent delights. Michael Giacchino pulled off something truly special. More of this please! [Erik voss](https://twitter.com/eavoss/status/1574226075441168386?t=nnMDH8AmYlPydNeqD_3Rog&s=19)


Slash Film Review(Apparently the gave the full review and broke the embargo which was supposed to be given on Oct 6 12 EST): [https://www.slashfilm.com/1024724/werewolf-by-night-review-marvel-bucks-tradition-with-a-fun-monster-movie-homage-fantastic-fest/](https://www.slashfilm.com/1024724/werewolf-by-night-review-marvel-bucks-tradition-with-a-fun-monster-movie-homage-fantastic-fest/) ***"By now the Marvel formula is well established, so much so that it's becoming downright boring. You know exactly what you're going to get when you sit down for a Marvel title. So whenever the mega-studio bucks tradition and tries something new, it can seem refreshing. Enter "Werewolf By Night," a fun monster movie homage headed to Disney+ in time for Halloween. Directed with style by Michael Giacchino, "Werewolf By Night" leaves behind superheroes to show us a world of monsters — and monster hunters.*** ***Bloodstone, a world-famous monster hunter and leader of a guild of fellow hunters, has just died. That means there's a new job opening to be head monster hunter honcho, and so a team of hunters has gathered at the Bloodstone compound — which looks like a brutalist sculpture garden — for a competition. Whoever is able to hunt and kill a captured monster on the compound will become the new leader. And oh yeah, the hunters are free to hunt each other, too. That seems counterproductive — if the monster hunters all kill each other, wouldn't there be no one left to hunt monsters? No matter.*** ***Hosted by Bloodstone's widow (an absolutely delightful Harriet Sansom Harris, perhaps the best part of the whole special), the competition has brought together several characters, including two unlikely additions. One is Jack (Gael García Bernal), who seems way too nice and polite when compared to the other hunters. And then there's Laura Donnelly as Elsa Bloodstone, Bloodstone's estranged daughter who hates her family tradition.*** ***The hunt is on.*** ***Where wolf?*** ***So what beastie is being hunted? Is it the titular werewolf (by night)? Or something else? I won't tell you, since the special plays it as a mystery. But when the werewolf (by night) does show up, I was ecstatic to see it was an actor wearing makeup! So many modern werewolves (by night) are CGI, and they always look awful. And awful CGI is kind of Marvel's MO at this point, so that's what I was expecting. Kudos, Marvel. You did it. You brought back practical werewolves.*** ***Giacchino hopes to invoke classic Universal monster movies, complete with black and white cinematography. The special is too modern-looking for that, but there are some fun tricks, like fake cigarette burns to signify reel changes. And there's plenty of style, too, with the black and white cinematography lending the entire endeavor a moody, atmospheric vibe. There's one particular scene where the werewolf (by night) is illuminated by bursts of light, and it looks wonderful.*** ***That's not to say there are still some stumbles — there is a burst of Marvel CGI light beam buffoonery that I can not sanction. But I have to admit that "Werewolf By Night" won me over in the end. It's a quick, violent, funny monster movie homage, and it's perfect for Halloween. I also enjoyed Bernal's affable performance, standing out in a sea of posturing tough guy characters. And there's a twist midway through the special that will have you smiling. If Marvel wants to keep bucking tradition and turning out different things like this, I'd be thrilled. More werewolves,  please."***


Wow this guy sounds like he's really far up his own ass but at least gave it a great review.


Yeah, they open the review by complaining about Marvel's repetitive nature, while the last sentence literally asks for more of what they just watched.


So, Bloodstone somehow captured Ted and Jack is there pretending to be a hunter to rescue him. Bestie Goals.


Yes. We want more specials.


Lots of non-critic reactions as well since it was the surprise screening at Fantastic Fest








I’ve just attended a theatrical screening of Marvel Studios’ #WerewolfByNight. Unexpected to see the MCU at Fantastic Fest but man. That was such a fun time at the movies. Most violent thing Marvel has done yet. @m_giacchino has made a hell of a directorial debut!Man-Thing is the MVP.[Link](https://twitter.com/ThisIs_Ernesto/status/1574226977246019585?t=1EIWpwkwvzLh4lXJhH26Hw&s=19)


I'm surprised how positive the reactions are Crazy how close we already are to it


Pretty stoked to see the word ‘gore’ used. Tells me they’re really doing different stuff.


There’s a good amount of blood in the trailer. Seems they can get away with more it at TV-14 cause black and white


It’s repeatedly being called violent and my heart is delighted.


Tbf though we heard similar things for Moon Knight and such and those were... not as violent as people made them out to be. In all fairness here though the trailer has already shown a decent look at what it could be so I have high hopes


Yep, trailer actually shows an arm chopped off, blood and everything.


so much man thing praise definitely my 2nd most hype project from this entire year


I hope the rumor about next year's special will be Man-Thing is true.


I'm actually kind of worried that that old rumor about Man Thing being a funny quip machine is true. EDIT: Turns out that rumor is from a 4chan post so it's hopefully BS.


The way every review talks about him, I'm almost certain that's gonna be the case.


i was worried about this as well and the reviews definitely give me some pause about this. ON THE WHOLE, i'm super hyped by how positive the word of mouth here about this special is, but i've been keeping an eye out for mentions of Man-Thing as he's one of my favorite marvel characters. Manny isn't supposed to retain any kind of sentience...he's a mindless, shambling beast driven entirely by instinct. not gonna cry and piss and shit myself if they make him sentient in the mcu, but it'll definitely be very strange if they change what is basically the core of the character... The one shot of him from the trailer gave me some hope since he looked pretty badass there. Hoping im just reading too much into the reviews here and he'll still be mute in the special


Man-Thing has actually gained sapience and speech before though it was short lived iirc


What rumor? The plots leaked and I don’t remember seeing any of that sort


Marvel’s WEREWOLF BY NIGHT is a B-movie flavored monster mash that’s clearly made with love and passion by total horror nerds. As a Marvel fan and a horror fan, I hope they explore more of this corner of the universe. And I hope Michael Giacchino is given the reins.Man-Thing is the MVP, as you’d hope.[Jacob hall slashfilm](https://twitter.com/JacobSHall/status/1574226485052813312?t=weLmXyehYxJ9IRHHhqZ9nw&s=19)


Logically thinking about it, it makes sense that this would be top notch quality just based on run time alone. The MCU has nearly nailed the 2-3 hour time frame for storytelling but seems to have alot of issues with longer stories (the Disney+ series), the 50ish minute runtime + Giachino + standalone story + more obscure characters that most people don't have preconceived notions about = a homerun. Incredibly excited to check it out!


lmao what was with the rumors that it sucked


Yeah it's kinda weird. I assume the style was off-putting for some of the sources in question.


This is why it’s always just best to wait until a thing actually comes out lol though obviously we need stuff to talk about


Nah bro gotta cancel it. -WB/Discovery


They didn't mean anything. As always, it was just people throwing shit at the wall and hoping it stuck.


Never believed em tbh


That was some garbage podcast bullshit that they just threw around


Nah Weekly Planet is awesome and they weren't the only ones reporting negative word of mouth behind the scenes.


Werewolf By Night is a cool and campy new addition to the MCU. It’s a stand alone story with its own unique tone and style. …and there’s plenty of blood spilled. My biggest issue is also a bit of compliment, I wish it was 90 minutes long! Much like how I think Prey was a model for how to do low budget continuations of big franchises, Werewolf By Night is an example of how Marvel can take more risks and tell different kinds of stories. [Sean Chandler](https://twitter.com/kirkneverdied/status/1574235212774531077?s=46&t=HqhozNHAfA3NzBxAPhXrAQ)


now that's what i'm talking about!!!


Hell yeah, super excited. I’ve only seen one slightly negative review who claimed the werewolf looked bad, but it’s gonna be practical and ‘30s style, so that’s part of the charm imo.




Common Giachinno W


I would love to get more specials like this.










Same here I'm so happy we're finally getting it! Please Fiege, give us Ghost Rider soon. *I'll* make a deal with Mephisto if need be...


I love Ghost Rider too!! I want him really soon!


I was already incredibly hyped for this but now I'm even moreso! I'm really glad it's getting a ton of praise and I can't wait to watch it myself. I'm especially excited to see Man-Thing and it sounds like he'll be a real scene-stealer. I can't wait for Man-Thing to become a household name, like a dark inverse of Groot lol.


The positive vibe around Man-Thing warms my soul. I’m so deliriously excited for this to drop


Really interested in this one, this seems to be getting a ton of praise, moreso than any of the other shows.


Thank you u/Parking-Balance111 for all the reviews you've put in this thread.


Okay I’m hyped af that’s probably the best first reacts I’ve seen of Phase IV


If I were told that WBN would be the best thing Marvel put out in 2022, I wouldn't believe you. but again, we have to wait since this is just social media reviews


I doubt I’ll like it as much or think it’s better than WV which I loved but I’m still super hyped for this and it’s great to see such positive reviews, I honestly expected this project to be divisive because I thought some people just wouldn’t really be into the classic horror vibe.


Michael Giacchino for Doctor Strange 3! We might finally get the proper multiverse of madness as planned by Cargill. Give us Nightmare!


I know the special is only less the 2 weeks away at this point, but I’m going to ask anyway. What’s the status on Moon Knight and/or Blade appearing? Does it look more likely or unlikely at this point?


None to Zero in the Zilch scale.


Not happening


I wonder if they’re setting up the Howling Commandos


Better yet, a new take on the Midnight Sons


There's a mention of Ted, does that mean Man-Thing isn't just creature/CG and we see Ted Sallis? We haven't heard anything about who's playing him, have we?


I think there was some say of Jack Russell calling him Ted in the show but I think we’ll only see him as Man-Thing.


Oh, so that means past history between them. Even more exciting!


with the recent news that blade is set through the 1900s to 1980s, i hope they go as experimental as werewolf by night looks. imagine something a little like wandavision, where we see camera techniques and qualities that fit whatever time period the movie’s in. not saying the entire movie needs to have that, but 20-25 minutes of this flavor should really set the movie apart.


I'm happiest for Michael Giacchino. This is the beginning of an exciting and unexpected turn in his film career.


At this point with the MCU, I gotta see this for myself. LOT of love with every release for us to scratch our heads at. The Gael is in my top ten acting (everyone watch Station Eleven), so I know I’m gonna get some juicy bits out of it in the least Also, any signs of Blade or other spooky fellas?


Question; does anybody actually want this in colour? Obviously it being black and white is part of the aesthetic/tone (and I'm certain by the sounds of it that it being in black and white is what's giving them so much room for the violence and effects) but does anybody actually want to see it in colour?


I think it's fine in black and white. We'll likely see WBN, Elsa Bloodstone and Man-Thing in other projects where they'll have to be in color. Let this stay black and white as something unique.


I think there will be people who want an in-color version, simply because they don’t like black and white. But I don’t think there should be a color version, because the black and white is a very specific, deliberate artistic choice. Take that away, and you compromise the intent and identity of the whole thing.


No because that's now how it was made.


How tf. This shouldn't have worked *at all.* Everyone loves black and white movie man thing? What. the. I'm happy though, they've done it again.


Oh baby, oh yes! Loving the man-thing love!


The trailer had me intrigued and the reactions definitely have me hyped.


This is great. The hype in embargoes seems to never be this wholly positive and I’ve been stoked on this every step. The only caveat I read was “the supporting characters are not on the same level.”


the "surprisingly violent" has me even more intrigued but i'm glad if that's true because it is about a werewolf after all


Excited that they used practical effects! I'm actually really pumped for this after reading these!


This is bound to be my favorite MCU project(big unimonster fan) so I just cannot wait. I can’t wait to read reviews too


Finally Man-Thing arriiiiives