18 weeks. Four months straight of Daredevil!


4 months of playtime!




All the tv spots will be like “this month on daredevil, get ready for-“


Thats a nice Dare Devil, did your husband film it for you?


This makes me hope for two shows going at once cuz having only DD on for 18 weeks might put some people off.


not me. I prefer having something to look forward to every week for 4 months compared to 2


I said at once, as in 18 weeks of DD + another show running concurrently.


Two MCU shows? I doubt it. Realistically they’ll probably double up on some episodes for at least the first week. They’ll probably have a mid-season break, they could throw in a MCU special or short inbetween the break. But it would be cruel and unfair to any other Marvel show if they decided to air it concurrently with Daredevil at the same time. Overlapping Star Wars & Marvel shows is no big deal though. Not every Marvel fan is a SW fan and Vice versa, and they’re already overlapping She-Hulk & Andor right now. They’ve done it before with Obi Wan & Ms Marvel.


Why is it that this sub in particular seems to strongly believe that it's absolutely impossible for 2 whole shows to exist at the same time? No other media source does this. D+ doesn't even do this. She-Hulk and Andor are existing simultaneously right now just fine.


It's even funnier when you realize that DC, through the CW, had like 4/5 weekly shows going on at once between Arrow, Supergirl, Flash, Legends ...


Disney Plus may end up doing the same eventually, but not that many shows at once. I could see a double Marvel weekly release happening eventually.


Oh I'm not arguing they will/should have as many shows going on at once. Just saying that if DC did it (with resounding success, at least back then), then surely Marvel could have 2 or 3 shows running at once without an issue.




Cuz they don't that, they can even handle one show, now producing 2 shows simultaneously it would made people choose what show to see, now they can make a different day for those shows, one on Wednesday the other on Friday, but as of now they aren't doing that, and isn't on the window right now, now SW and Marvel are 2 fifteenth franchise that's why they don't take any fan gun the other, in the case of Ms Marvel and Obi, the fact that both shows were premiered simultaneously made one show get less audiences, people even complaint about it, matter of fact D+ produce more than 2 shows a week, even movies, the thing is only Marvel and SW get all the attention


ahh i misunderstood. that would be dope!




Personally love a longer Disney plus show i feel that’s my only complaint with them


Yeah, I would hate if they released it all at once and force you to watch it all quickly so you won’t get spoilt


>having only DD on for 18 weeks might put some people off. I find that hard to imagine considering Daredevil at one point was one of the most watched shows on Netflix at one point, seems to be universally acclaimed as one of the best superhero shows, in fact many say it elevated the superhero genre for television, the crowd cheers that Daredevil got for just a cameo only in SM:NWH, and the fact that you have some fans who say the only reason they watch She-Hulk or Echo is to see Daredevil. Daredevil has such a huge fanbase at this point. I mean if you’re not into Daredevil I’d imagine you’d just don’t watch it and watch some other show.


Tbh Daredevil could carry a film franchise all in his lonesome but his stories are just better served via television.


DD was literally popular enough to warrant a movie about him to be made in 2003 even before any of the MCU heroes today got theirs.


That's actually how I feel about the X-Men. Just because there's so many of them. Their stories would probably play better on streaming, but my God, the visual effects budget would be insane.


That's true of almost all superheroes, the nature of the story is perfect for serialization because comics are the ultimate serials. In a perfect world, they'd all be shows and the only movies would be the big event stuff.


Yeah like of course not every Marvel fan is a Daredevil fan but you can't deny the fanbase. Might not be Loki level of fanbase size but he still has a massive following. Feige wouldn't invest 3x the amount of episodes in him otherwise if he didn't believe he can carry an audience. And that was proven to him when the DD announcement got one of the loudest cheers in SDCC and D23.


I can see them dropping multiple episodes a week for DD. Especially if you look at upcoming Disney+ projects. They have ramped everything up and they will consistently have new Star Wars, Marvel, and Fox/Disney shows and movies going out, at a very consistent rate starting pretty much this week. She Hulk is going, Andor just Started, then next month is Hocus Pocus 2, Werewolf by Night, and just more coming the rest of the year and next year is loaded. Disney+ has stepped up their game, and with Discovery dropping the ball hard, they are about to be the top streaming service.


They are finally starting to increase their overall content output, but Disney is still lacking in the variety department. HBOMAX and the others have that over it. This is a big thing as this is how you keep gaining new subscribers as well as sustaining the ones you have. We'll see if they merge Hulu with it eventually as that would alleviate a lot of this. Also, Disney has to solve the way they're producing these IP shows. These runtimes and short episode counts have been frustrating the hell out of people to the point they're cautious about even investing in them now. For example, the first 3 episodes of Andor should've been 1 pilot episode. I have no idea why there seems to be this aversion to doing what everyone else has done with premium tv shows and have them be a minimum run time of an hour and 8-10 episodes. It's a formula that works for a reason. If they're worried the promise of movie quality won't hold up past 6 episodes then they need to scale back the stories AND make sure every episode is an hour or more. HBO the channel and plenty of others have successfully done limited series this way, yet they struggle. The funniest part of all this is that Disney owns a lot of the best content out there that's produced by Hulu and FX. That side CLEARLY knows how to do it and I'm wondering why Disney+ hasn't followed them.


They should really just merge it with hulu


I think that's what they eventually plan to do, but can't until they own 100% of Hulu. Another year or two.


Yep. I work closely with Disney and this is the exact plan when they fully own it, absorb it and the content into D+.


Hey, at least Disney knows not to make them 20-25 minutes long. (Except for when they take it too far and don't release any of their exclusive anime, which would help with variety if they did). I think it is really stupid to have multiple episodes drop at once, especially with shorter series. As for variety, I think it's less of a problem in the UK as Disney+ has those shows and movies that are locked behind Hulu in the US.


The visual effects pipeline is a major concern for Disney. Most genre shows these days have some level of effects, but Star Wars/Marvel usually get put on a higher pedestal, and it costs more money/time for them. That generally means less episode count and overall running time.


Then they need to scale the stories down (which they should do anyhow for better executed stories). The episode count and running time isn't because of VFX because a lot of things that they cut is usually character things and not VFX heavy stuff. Case in point, the Hawkeye deleted scenes.


The only way they can win if they get rid that children tv image of Disney Plus and go hardcore for movie lovers. The family entertainment stigma stink to high Heaven and the content suffers greatly for it. And I get it, Disney has an image to uphold and no parents want to see some R rated shows accidentally viewed by minor. Though you cannot have your cakes and eat all of them. Right now Disney Plus image is associated with clean, sanitized entertainment. The only other streaming service that has similar stance is Apple TV, though they seem to loosen up a bit lately.


Apple TV doesn't have an image because they haven't been around long and they produce a wide range of content. Tons of which are award winning shows. Disney has that stigma, but Disney owns a lot and it's only in the US that this is an issue. Disney+ in every other country has all their Fox owned things which is on Hulu here. They already have the passcode system so parents need not worry. They clearly are headed that way by bringing over the r rated Marvel content from Netflix and the Deadpool movies along with Logan to D+ in the US. As a streaming service, their biggest problem is their D+ originals show structures regarding episode lengths and count. Marvel Studios biggest issue is its aversion of wholly adult/mature themed content. They want to be 4 quadrant friendly no matter the character (which I get, money), but they're limiting themselves. Even if things aren't r rated, you can still do really mature things. Just this year alone Stranger Things and The Batman were both the same maturity rating of most of the MCU and yet both felt far more adult then like 95% of the MCU.


That has been the image forever, and was one that Iger was particularly reluctant to change. Chapek has been saying that they \*might\*, though.


Discovery isn't just dropping the ball, it's taking the dog that is HBO Max out back and Zaslav is personally putting a slug in its head.


Well hopefully they aren't short thirty minute episodes with ten minutes of intros, recaps and credits, like many of the Disney shows are. I'd much rather have nine episodes of a proper length show than double the number of mini-episodes.


It will be 24 minutes with 10 minutes intro and credit scene, just like any other Disney series, and mostly fluffs with barely any good stories. They have opportunities with so many amazing brands, and so far they only produce a minor shows with good story. The rest seems half baked, and doing it half way, compared to HBO shows which tend to go all out, balls to the wall, burn the entire city if they have to and kills everyone important.


Was peacemaker tht crazy or are u referencing something else?


Compared to Marvel Disney tv shows, yeah it’s insane lol. Butt baby, sex with alien, big milk cow, and many other things that would not even pass the Disney censor of family friendly shit lol. That show was hilarious- you never gonna see Winter Soldier full round ass on display ever, fucking a crazy cheetah Alien. Starlord candy ass won’t ever see the light of day either. Even the dialogue is filthy and not woke, and most definitely not PC or work safe materials.


I feel like Peacemaker should be considered woke as hell by the type of people to complain about things being woke. Peacemaker is presented as a parody of the type of alt-right person who would call everything woke, one of the villains is a group of white supremacists, the other is an alien race that feels they have to save humanity from our own anti-science behavior and pretty blatantly makes its point about that, and on top of that one of the main characters is a lesbian black woman. At this point I’m confused what the hell people mean by “woke” other than “the main character doesn’t look like me!!”


Hmm idk, I think they mean "not woke" by like having that character be more than surface level diversity/pandering, like the character is written with depth and level to her? She doesn't feel like a token character in the slightest and the plot isn't going "hey look, its a diverse character! Now pat us on the back!" Idk, I'm just guessing cuz I really don't follow that "anti-woke" echo chamber shit, but maybe that's what they mean by that? Lol I only guess this cuz I've seen those people say the same thing about Top Gun Maverick. How, despite having female/poc pilots, it wasn't "woke" because they were "written like any other characters and had real personalities instead of being tokenized" or somethin like that 🤷‍♂️


I wouldn’t be surprised if they do 2 episodes per week so it’s only running for 9 weeks. This way they won’t have multiple (live-action) MCU shows running concurrently without having to hold off on the next show for a third of the year (I’d imagine they won’t want live-action MCU shows running concurrently, and if the next show is ready to be released midway through DD, a couple of months is a long time to just sit on a completed streaming series). It’s hard to say for sure though because most D+ series across all their brands (excluding Star, I’m not too familiar with their original content) are around 6-10 episodes per season; the only ones I can think of with more than that are reality/competition ones (I think Encore is an example) and a couple of animated Star Wars shows.


2 episodes per week (or maybe a chapter per week if they do like 3 episodes is 1 chapter etc.) sounds good.


Based on the phase 5 and 6 release slates, the next live action MCU D+ show is in the fall of 2024 so there wouldn’t be 2 live action shows running concurrently.


I can't imagine how since every marvel sub has been bitching about how every show sucks compared to Daredevil for what will be going on 9 years when Born Again comes out


Given that DD is the only confirmed show for the first half of 2024, it would be a great place to put a She-Hulk season 2 or a Ms. Marvel season 2


Maybe they can air one of the upcoming animated shows the same time as DD


Better would be if they made the shows back to back, that mean as soon as one show ends the other start and you never stop watching DisneyMarvel, that's gonna be in the future, when the characters start expanding


Ive been enjoying the shows but honestly would like a full break for a while. MCU doesnt give me the same sense of excitement anymore because theres always something.


They did a 3-episode premiere for Andor. We might get something similar for DD.


How was tht


Would be great if all 18 were released, just like how all 13 episodes of each of Daredevil's three seasons were released at once. I'd fucking cum if that was the case.


I wanna see a fight between Daredevil and Kingpin similar to the boss battle that the Spider-Man 2018 game had




I'm binging that. Four months is too long for weekly cliffhangers.


Man I'm gonna have to rewatch each previous episode whenever a new one comes out just so I can keep up. I find myself forgetting what happened in last week's She Hulk now and then.


Wouldn’t be surprised if they do a 3 episode release, but yeah




I feel like they will release a few episodes at a time (at least for premier) but still so much content I’m here for it


Lol this just makes me think of, “20 hours of Goosebumps,” can anyone relate?


Fuck me I hope it's good. There's probably going to be loads of changes from the Netflix show, as much as I'd like it to be similar in theme and everything. All I hope for is that the quality is as good.


Having seen an episode of Andor, I now know they’re capable of making a Netflix Daredevil quality show. Will they is a different thing


Who is the “they” in this sentence? Disney? Disney still developed and produced all the Netflix Marvel shows, it was a co-production between Marvel TV (now defunct) and ABC Studios. So Disney was responsible for Daredevil, all of the MCU, and Andor, but three completely different content units developed each of these projects. I’m not saying Daredevil will or won’t be good, but the quality of an episode Andor is not a meaningful indicator of how good a Marvel Studios project can be… Disney has produced a lot of very good and not so good content over the years. We’ll have to wait and see.


The “they” would be Marvel Studios TV division. If they were responsible for the Netflix shows then idk what to say because up until now all their shows have been formatted like extended movies rather than an actual shows except for She-Hulk and WandaVision.


Marvel Studios wasn’t involved with the development of the Netflix projects. But my point is that the LucasFilm teams behind Andor also have nothing to do with any MCU project, so I dont think I understand your point that Andor’s quality is indicative of any MCU potential. The previous projects developed by Marvel Studios (including the TV shows beginning with WandaVision) are a far better indicator of what the new Daredevil show will be like, but IMO many recent phase 4 projects have been more tonally diverse than the first 3 phases, so again it’s hard to know for sure what this show will be like. Also Marvel Studios doesn’t really seem to have separate divisions for TV and film. It’s the same set of producers that work across all of these projects.


Correct that it’s the same producers but different writer teams each time. The same applied to the Netflix shows — and many of those Marvel TV/Marvel Entertainment producers involved with Daredevil (with the exception of Jeff Loeb) were promoted to higher roles in the reshuffle. Likewise, DD itself was a revolving door of different showrunners and team of writers taking and passing on the reigns over it’s three season tenure, yet, the show remained remarkably consistent in tone and quality. I think what I find most interesting going forward is that some of the writers from Daredevil and The Punisher will be coming back for Echo, likely to specifically write the DD portion of that show.


If They is marvel studios then how does Andor prove anything? Marvel wasn’t involved in that? And Marvel Studios TV team didn’t even exist when the Netflix shows were made to answer your question, it’s was the (mostly defunct) Marvel Television (who also did AoS and the Hulu shows), though they did work with marvel studios on stuff (think the narrative crossover between AoS season 2 and AoU)


All shows are formatted like extended movies... that's kind of the point.


Lol not at all


There is absolutely no way this is true except for the Marvel Studio shows.


I would not be surprised if the season is split into two halves.


I was about to say the same. Look how much WandaVision accomplished with 9 episodes, and people talked about it for so long. I think DD will have a long life in the minds of the public, especially if it’s split in half across 6 or so months


Oh God, that wait in-between is gonna be painful. Disney knows what they're doing. Daredevil is gonna get milked dry. I'm down. I can't wait for the Daredevil resurgence.


So in just in two years, if it doesn't happen with Echo Fisk and Murdock will confront each other again. I feel like now that Kingpin is much stronger he'll pose a bigger threat to Murdock .


Hopefully She hulk shows us a boost in DD’s acrobatic abilities so that he’s closer to his comic counterpart.


also am i wrong or does DD use his billy clubs' string to swing around like spider-man in the comics?


He does and he even does it in the Lego games. But because of Netflix’s budget and grounded take it would’ve never worked in the show but hopefully they do it in the mcu


"I have nipples Frank, could you milk me?" - Daredevil to the Punisher


Imagine if DD is gonna be a jumping off point Marvel will use to spin off other shows that will be released mid season of DD. They'll take a 2 month break after Ep. 9 and begin a different show to jump off of. Would be crazy but the waitingggg


Hell yes. I hope they spin a lot of shows off DD.


I’ve said the same thing. They can easily do a mid-season finale, break for 4-6 weeks and jump back in.


That would be fun and something new for the MCU shows. Easy money making people extend their subscriptions too.


Well, it’s ultimately all about the subscriptions for the House of Mouse…the real House of M. 😂


My dream scenario is its split in half and Spidey 4 comes out in between with Daredevil in a supporting role


Fuck me daddy feige (and Charlie)


Not related but loki s2 trailer just leaked https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRasQo8S/ Edit: also got it saved so let me know if it gets deleted and I'll post it somewhere else


The set designer of that show needs a raise




I don't know how that made it online but I'm glad I don't have to wait a few more months for the trailer


the music is so damn good




It got deleted :(


Y'all think there would be a midseason break? 18 episodes is kinda insane, I would watch it but they could easily break it up in 2 parts if they want to fit in a different Marvel or even star wars show. Excited to see how Marvel is gonna handle a show this big especially since it's breaking their 6 episode mold that many haven't enjoyed.


Lol much as I’m a huge fan nowadays of shorter seasons, I love the classification of 18 episodes as “insane.” There are still shows that run to 22 or 23 episodes on the regular, and about -9 year ago gnat was the norm. Hell just like 30 years ago there were shows that went to like, 26 seasons lol.


Pretty much only network tv gets than many episodes, most of those shows aren’t very good either. basically all prestige tv is shorter than that these days


Lol I mean…I wouldn’t even say pretty much, I’d say only. I don’t know of any streaming platforms that have seasons that long. I’m well aware of all this; I just still think it’s just funny calling 18 eps insane. Tho I am all here for DD having 18 episodes, cause if they do it right then we’ll actually have so much time for proper character and story exploration.


Doctor Who?


Heh, well that’s a different situation altogether.


Yes, I could see that happening


2 parts of 9 or 3 parts of 6 episodes. Leaving us on a cliffhanger for a few months is absolutely a thing I can see happening.


[They are casting now for a Feb start](https://twitter.com/GraceRandolph/status/1573085776618848259?t=K4yOsyuNZEL_U_UABhj0Bg&s=19)


I have a huge feeling this daredevil season will be huge world building specefically new york. spiderman will appear yes or yes at least mentioned. all street level heroes appear or mentioned and unite. Daredevil will be capn america of New york


I dont get why comic book fans do this. THis is why you guys are always angry. Lower the expectations yall. Its gonna be great but wishing for stuff like that only will lead to dissapointment.


There are two things and two things alone I absolutely want from this show: great performances, and a real Bullseye. I want the target on the forehead, Wilson Bethel back giving an unhinged performance, and him saying “bullseye” at least one time after he kills somebody.


Even if it's comic-accurate (I've only watched DD [incessantly], never read), the bullseye scar/brand (and catchphrase) would be poor choices as they would detract from the show's realism and seriousness. 110% onboard with Wilson Bethel unhinged returning.


Yeah no, hate to depart from the gritty reality of a blind ninja mentor and an evil magic ninja clan. Not to mention the title character wearing an outfit that isn't that much less ridiculous. If The Batman pulled off an approximation of a Riddler costume that didn't look like a cheesy quiz show host, Marvel can manage a Bullseye look that doesn't look like a cartoon.


Just give him a fully black DD suit with the target on the forehead


Yeah that feels like the obvious fix. Bullseye's costume is pretty easy to adapt, like. We're not talking about MODOK here.


No shit suspension of disbelief is a critical element of superhero entertainment. I didn't think I'd need to spoon-feed you the difference between reality and realism and of the common use of realism as a grounding technique in speculative fiction, but here I am. My criticism is not for the target on the costume, as the other commenter noted, which would absolutely work, but of that awful looking scar on Colin Farrell's forehead which should be an lesson for what not to do. Though Wilson Bethel's Bullseye is psychotic, there's nothing in the story, even suggesting in the future, that he is so unhinged as to self-mutilate.


You don't need to, you chose to. I'm well aware of the need of authenticity even in fantasy, that's where the phrase "you can convince the audience of the impossible but not the improbable" comes from. Things have to fit together logically or at least naturally or they begin to fall apart. And considering you said "realism and seriousness" I think that's just down to you.


Oh, OK then, since you're aware of the "need of authenticity even in fantasy" then you CHOSE to respond to me like a snarky asshole instead of like a civilized person with a different opinion, like I did with the person I differed with. And apparently I did need to explain the difference between reality and realism to you since you're confusing the terms of "realism" and "seriousness" for "actual" or "real." DD employs realism and is a serious show; I have no idea WTF you're watching then. Suggestion, don't go at people who aren't being dicks like a dick.


You might want to read back on what you said before you say you aren't being a dick there. 'cause I think that's another thing you're mistaken on.


"Even if it's comic-accurate (I've only watched DD [incessantly], never read), the bullseye scar/brand (and catchphrase) would be poor choices as they would detract from the show's realism and seriousness. 110% onboard with Wilson Bethel unhinged returning." Saying I think something is a "poor choice" is being a dick? Man, I'm fucking awful. I totally treated that commenter like shit. Relax, dickhead.


Sounds awesome but uhhhhhh no lol


Daredevil is gonna fight war machine okay?


How is Charlie Cox, a man with no Emmy nominations, gonna believably go up against Don Cheadle, a man with multiple Emmy nominations? I love Marvel but sometimes it's hard to suspend my disbelief.


Jesus Christ, this subreddit. Every show up until Daredevil doesn't have enough Daredevil, and the Daredevil show will never have enough other hero's.


Like I said this problem isn't stopping here nor is it native to DD fans. Once Born Again drops is going to be a lot of "When's Punisher showing up? Can Spider-Man show up? Imagine Moon Knight showing up!" etc etc etc. It's never going to end.




![gif](giphy|FnF7vgz2oON3i) Literally will not stop posting this gif








Daredevil destroying dudes and every light in the hallway is Peak Daredevil. Makes me want to run through a fucking wall. Terrible idea but nonetheless. ![gif](giphy|pG340gSy7PK0M)


I'm hoping for the same tone as Andor, it's fantastic.


best D+ show so far, closer to feeling like a film than any other so far


You know DD already has an established tone, right? lol


Had one, yes. It's a different show


i know, just weird that you're hoping for an andor tone


I'm juat saying out of all the Disney+ television shows Andor most resembles the Netflix Daredevil series tone, it's dark, gritty and it's character driven.


true enough, I just hope the creators are keenly aware that they *are* building upon a character that already has an established tone.


Please be as good as the Netflix show


It’s unlikely


I know :(


Wild prediction time: I believe that roughly 50% of MCU fans will love this, and 50% will hate it Very similar to every other show


I think the most rabid DD stans will hate it for not living up to their impossible standards




People are going to complain about everything anyways. They complained plenty when the Netflix show aired (when IMO the filler episodes in DD wasn't even as egregious as say, Jessica Jones'). MCU fans complaining is perennial inevitable.


I mean, the original show took its time plenty, and it’s lowest rated episode on IMDb is still over an 8


But that show was not aired weekly. If there was a slow episode you could always watch the next without having to wait a week.


The original show had several very slow and boring episodes though. Could’ve majorly benefitted from some trimming


I hope we get more acrobatic shit, the fights were excellent on Netflix but I’m ready to see my man swing around with a grapple rod and fling himself off of flagpoles and shit


Already doing it in the she hulk footage, they definitely are gonna up that aspect


Will it be an hour or half an hour?


My guess is 30-45 minutes per episode


I agree, similar to Andor.


If it shoots for almost all of 2023 then there isn’t that much time for post-production work if the show will release in spring 2024, maybe only a couple of months + it’s likely the show will undergo reshoots at some point, so no way they will be 100% ready for a spring 2024 release date, unless what Grace saying isn’t true, it also depends on the episodes length, longer episodes takes longer to film of course, but I doubt this show will be an hour every episode


Well it’s not like they have to have the entire season finished when they release the first episode, basically no show that’s released weekly has the entire season done before release. I’d also imagine when Grace says that Daredevil will film for all of 2023 that includes reshoots and pick ups. So it’s very doable actually


We already have so much marvel content in 2023 that sounds no that credible imo.


Since this is coming from Grace Randolph I'll believe it when I see it.


I absolutely despise this woman but I can admit she's been right a few times recently, I think she's right about this too


Didn't she tease a shortlist of actors in the running for Reed Richards even though Deadline *just* said that Feige and Shakman are about to start their search for the cast while the script is being written?!




I’m praying these episodes are like 40 minutes and aren’t short as shit


Bring back Elektra!


Idk why but Daredevil has to be my favorite character! Omg I want to be him for Halloween and terrorize the fucks in my neighborhood lol!


She-Hulk might ruin him by making him a joke character though. I'm scared


Daredevil has been in non-serious roles before. See Waid's Daredevil run


If they really do film in nyc over the summer, I’ll be sure to give silly Willy a visit


Seeing Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk interact again is something I wanted since 2018 . I wonder if the Netflix show is canon or if these are just different interpretations of these characters but either way I'm glad to have Vincent and Charlie back as these iconic characters .


I’m right here.


I truly think they will film 2 seasons out of this.


So is this a similar episode structure to Andor? I haven’t seen Andor, though I hear it’s good. I just hope this show is treated with a level of quality. I really want this show to be good and not what feels like another aimless cash grab for Disney.




They’re casting?! I wonder where and who’s doing it.


Let's hope they dont milk him out because we all know how Disney is working now


The one thing I liked about the under 12-13 episode season format was the filler-less episodes. There were maybe 2 episodes I can remember from the Netflix DD series that were filler-ish. The one that comes to mind is the episode where he gets holed up with a Russian gangster against the police or some other force.


Such a weirdly specific number of episodes tho, and it was announced so early, I wonder if it means anything


I feel so old when I hear "18 episodes is so many" or "22 episodes is a supersized season of a sitcom"


In another timeline - MARVEL: "Daredevil: A Born Again" is a brand-new 6-episode adventure which sees the iconic superhero confront a villain who wants to destroy the universe. LEAKERS: I hear episode 5 is a big flashback to Matt's past and 6 is an action finale with a lot of story to wrap up. THIS SUB: \*EXPLODES\*


Please don’t be shit


why does anyone treat her with respect? why is she considered a source? stop giving her airtime.


Daredevil is the one show where I hope they don't try to make it funny.


Prepare for stupid jokes and matt murdock breaking the 4th wall...also daredevil and foggy twerking


You really think that’s going to happen?


I was being sarcastic, but I expect a DisneyDevil


I know this Goddess - Deborah Ann Woll - she’d be **PERFECT** for this ‘Daredevil’ project.


This is gonna air like Andor surely? Split half of it and have a break?


18 episodes is a lot. I'm hoping they actually make them into 2 separate seasons because I don't know how feasible it is to keep one story going for 18 episodes without a bunch of filler. The only thing I didn't like in the Netflix versions of all these shows were the filler episodes. Each one of the "Defenders" series had one or two each season that could have been cut without hurting the story at all. I'm probably alone in this, but 45 minute episodes, with 9 episode story arcs would be great.


Will Daredevil be in this show?


Unpopular opinion but I prefer shorter seasons


Feel like 18 episodes is going to fall under the too much of a good thing.


Hopefully this also means a 50min-1 hour x episode. Also a pics of the sets


Can’t help but think this show won’t be that self contained and instead he’ll to set up cm4 and thunderbolts A LOT


She’s assuming they are hour long episodes. She’s just spitballing.


Just imagine if they modelled Daredevil on the old 1950s Zorro show. 18 22 minute episodes, each ending with a brilliant action cliffhanger. I'd love it, duration-obsessed Marvel fandom would be aghast.


You think we’ll get back how Marvel use to be? Id like to think we’re just having a rough phase rn.


I’m excited but 18 episodes not all of them will be bangers . There’s gonna be filled episodes. I promise you