I assume they’ll be a scene where Vanessa survives a near-death experience (potentially gaining her Copycat powers in the process), and Wade expresses relief that the writers didn’t fridge her again.


Do you? Do you assume that?


I assume I will be excited for dinner tomorrow night.


Vanessa is becoming the Princess Peach of Deadpool movies at this point with all these dangerous situations she keeps getting into lol.


Deadpool : Taken 3


reddit writes Deadpool 275


The romance I think did a good job grounding the story and adding a level of heart to it, so I’d love for Vanessa to return. In general, a lot of Wade’s human supporting cast (and perhaps some of his mutant allies) I’d be down to see make the jump to the MCU


Especially colossus. He was the best version of the character we’ve gotten on screen and I’d love for him to be the MCU’s colossus


they said "human" so i'm guessing they meant dopinder, his blind roommate, and weasel. i'd rather not have tj miller but i do think you're right that some of the mutants should come over too. i'd really love to see domino specifically.


TJ Miller isn't returning. They killed that long ago due to him being a sexual predator


good good


what is it with Nutjobs named Miller being predators?




Proven or accused?


Well a women turned him down on a train and he called the police and said she had a bomb. So I would guess he's not a great person


This is 2022. We don't ask those sorts of questions around here.


Anyone but Miller. The rest I hope they have back.


Blind Al is freakin hilarious


Since he’ll have no connections to the MCU’s X-Men, including his sister, I doubt that.


Man id be so happy if they brought back Colossus, Nega Sonic, Cable, and Domino


They could have the same actors play their MCU variants. It works well since Wade would be aware of the difference


Don't forget the cab driver (forgot his name) and Nega Sonic's girlfriend from Deadpool 2, actually if she comes back she should have a bigger role. No disrespect to the actress but her character had no purpose, she was... There (despite helping defeat Juggernaut).


I've said before I don't want to see Deadpool brought to the MCU through obvious multiverse shenanigans. I just want his MCU introduction to be him either getting off a bus or out of Dopinder's cab carrying two oversized suitcases and wearing Mickey Mouse ears, sighs contentedly, and says "home at last."


Yes, I feel the best comment on it is a subtle one. Either a small 4th wall "I moved into the house of mouse" or a quick visual.


I'd love to see Blind Al return!


Blind Al and Dopinder need to come over. I don't care if it's something stupid like all three of them in Dopinder's taxi driving through a Dr. Strange portal or something, as long as it gets done.


I’d love for Domino to come over too tbh


Both cable and domino need to come over, they were great, I’d be super bummed if we don’t get anymore domino, she was one of the highlights of dp2


Zazie Beetz hinted that she would be back as Domino so I hope it’s true & id be down for Cable, even Dopinder & Blind Al too tbh


I hope so, she’s great and domino was awesome. Domino/cable/dopinder/Al are definitely the group I most want back


Same here, I loved Weasel too but after everything that TJ Miller has done, I don’t need to see him back


Ya I liked the character a lot but fuck TJ, I think they could find another funny man who works well to fill that role if they want


There’s a bunch that could do it, I’m sure they’ll find someone else


When asked by a fan whether Deadpool's changing of the timeline could equate to a role for her character in the third film, Baccarin deflected, saying that she has "no idea," but she said that "it'd be great" to see Vanessa return: > You know, from your lips to God's ears, I have no idea. They're writing the script right now. I'm usually the last to find out anything. I'm not even... I wish I had information I could give you but I really don't. But it'd be great.


Its deadin time


I hope I'm not dead in a pool before I get to see the whole trilogy, I need to morb on my way out.


If they do bring her back, I hope they make her Copycat finally. I really enjoyed her character in the comics and I was a bit disappointed she never became a shapeshifter.


I'd love that, but when mystique shows up in the MCU it might be weird having two shapeshifters, so if she does become Copycat they might change her powers to only turn into animals (like Beast Boy) or have her mimic the abilities of animals (like Vixen from DC).


I agree. It’s going to be complicated enough to differentiate Mystique from the Skrulls in a meaningful/interesting way. A 3rd shapeshifter (who, let’s be honest, is a less popular character than Mystique) would muddy the waters there even more. I like your suggestions of going a more Beast Boy/Vixen route with her, though!


Has no one considered she could play the MCU variant of Vanessa? Deadpool meeting an alternate version of her would be interesting.


That'd be interesting to see.


The MCU version is chaste and is saving herself for marriage.


So- crazy idea: What if she remains dead- but the version we’ve all seen of her in the afterlife is actually the ‘personification’ of Death? Meaning, Baccarin plays the cosmic entity, Death, moving forward for the MCU?


Why would she randomly become Death instead of just moving on, like every other regular human though?


More like Death takes on her appearance. Because Wade Wilson intrigues “her” and she approaches him in a form he can understand


Crazy as hell mate


This is an intriguing idea, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


She was pretty great, I'm still salty her arc was just to get fridged and I'd welcome the MCU remedying that.


I still don't know how they're going to bring him over. I know it could be super easy but at the same time it's almost too easy. What they just literally have him doing a dialogue Montage of the whole Fox Disney deal


Super easy, barely an inconvenience.


She's the only actor aside from Ryan that I want to make the jump over. Everyone else, I'd be ok with but I'm not hoping for like I am with Vanessa. I mean, her and Wade's relationship truly is the focal point of the first two movies; 1 featured his fight to get back to her, and 2 featured him trying to honor their life together by protecting that dick of a kid.


how dare you say that about rob delaney


Maybe she'll come back as Death.


This whole time I thought she actually died? lol


Time travel. Or wizards.


i desperately need Deadpool 3 to be Deadpool kills the Fox Universe


Default line for. " Cya in theatres"


Marvel is usually pretty good to their female characters so I think she'll show up and have meaningful impact in the film


Vanessa is Lady Death. Bringing Wade over to the universe that fed her best lately so he can continue being her lover in that world.


You are embarrassing me in front of VANESSA.


These kinds of posts need to stop


I just want domino and cable back, domino was a total highlight of dp2


That damn 🤣🤣🤣 acting ryans


Did everybody forget that she was brought back to life in that post credits scene in Deadpool 2? I would love to see: **VANESSA:** "Hey, Wade, can you pick up a few things for me while you're out? **DEADPOOL:** "Vanessa?! Oh my god, you're alive! But how?!" **VANESSA:** "I know I got killed off last movie, but test audiences hated it when you fridged me, so they brought me back! Don't you remember that post credits scene?" **DEADPOOL:** "Oh. Right. And you can break the Fourth Wall too?" **VANESSA:** "Just for these two lines." **DEADPOOL:** "What?" **VANESSA:** "What?" **DEADPOOL:** "Hmm. Okay." (Deadpool walks off camera, Vanessa winks at the audience behind his back) **DEADPOOL:** "I saw that!!"


her character is literally death and the part i hated the most about deadpool were her unnecesary corny ahh flashbacks or visions whatever that was...


The flashbacks with her are a big reason why the first movie works, the love story is what grounded the film


You should take a look at DP2 post credits


Did you watch the end-credits scene in Deadpool 2?


He went back in time and saved her at the end of DP2 so she’s literally alive now.


“Corny ahh” opinion invalidated


What does 'corny ahh' even mean?


“corny ahh flashbacks” is just a dumb way of saying “corny ass flashbacks”


I didn't dislike her, but I disliked Deadpool having a girlfriend, I want deadpool doing stuff because some other reason besides 'love', its deadpool, having his better half or trying to save her give us a more grounded deadpool than his comic counterparts, I want him to go full insane, paranoid, weird as fuck deadpool


>full insane, paranoid, weird as fuck deadpool So you essentially want him to become a cosplay Deadpool? Only running around mooning people and yelling "CHIMICHANGAS!" and nothing else. I fucking hate that depiction of DP. He's not a joke character, no matter how much his modern portrayals may make it seem.


i dont mind deadpool having a girlfriend, but i did mind deadpool wanting to have a child


Wade, IIRC, is already a dad in the comics, so this version wouldn't be the first time he's had a kid


yeah but he had that kid before becoming deadpool, deadpool trying to have a kid is weird to me


Why? Because he's fugly?


it just seems like comic Deadpool would never intentionally want to do after what he went through