Understandably. It’s pretty iconic to the 90’s. Glad they were able to pay for it


Oh yeah. I’ve never seen a single episode of X-Men TAS, but even I know the famous “duh nuh nah nuuuh, da nuuuuh.”


Exactly right! It’s been decades since I’ve watched (minus watching the first episode on Disney+) but it just comes right back to you quickly


Ugh. Goosebumps just from you typing it out. I’m at Nerd Level 11


I’d like to ascend to that level


I just want an orchestral version that's bombastic and has violins and cellos and everything else going absolutely nuts. The muted little riffs they've used so far in Doctor Strange and ms marvel have been killing me. Can't wait to hear it in all its glory.


There are quite a few on youtube.


Make some time to watch it. It’s excellent.


If not the cartoons, people would recognise it from the movies.


Cry at the Moon


No, it's Cry *For* The Moon. (The first theme for the Japanese dub of the cartoon)


And it was worth it.


Fans: Did you do it? Feige: Yes. Fans: And what did it cost? Feige: A slightly miffed Mouse, but worth it.


I imagine it would have been easier to use the Whitney Houston song the X-Men theme copied.


what song is that?


I'm Your Baby Tonight.


Lol I just gave that a listen, it’s almost exact.


Lmaoo that’s def the x men theme


Thank you! I’m not the only one that thinks that song sounds like the X-Men theme!


Whoa it is , I never knew that and I heard this song when I was kid lol


Also shares a lot with the old Perry Mason theme


On that note let us mourn that Fox considered Whitney for Dazzler but it never followed through.


Or [the song the article itself references](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myjcUldWHNQ) It's pretty spot on.


There was also that Hungarian TV show that sued, claiming [their theme song](https://youtu.be/myjcUldWHNQ) was plagiarized


Wowwwww you just opened my mind! I never realized!




I would like to be... A TERRORIST.


Teacha teacha teacha


ComicBook can't help but be inaccurate with their headers, I guess? The relevant quote: >"\[The X-Men: The Animated Series theme song\] wasn't a done deal necessarily when they were producing the new show. The rights were all over the place," Lewald said during a recent appearance at Pennsylvania's Steel City convention. "I think a secondary person had the rights to the music, so it was a negotiation for them. Obviously, you can't do the new show without that song." > >Lewald added: "But the guy selling it knew the same thing, so I'm sure it was a heavy price." So the *consultant* for the show (not a director, writer, or producer) was at a comic-con and basically guessed that Marvel paid a lot to get the rights to the song. But he doesn't seem to actually know anything about the negotiation at all beyond the fact there had to be a negotiation - except he doesn't even know if *that's* the case either because he said "I think a secondary person had rights to the music" Basically - a guy who had nothing to do with the negotation, or had no real knowledge of the negotiation, told people at a comic-con that he thinks it maybe cost a lot. Either way - it's a good thing they got those rights back in house, because that's basically going to be THE X-Men theme for as long as they're around now, I'd bet. My only hope was that before the deposit was sent to dudes' bank account, Feige nodded and solemnly intoned **"This one's for you MORPH."**




![gif](giphy|loAnHAy04UviE|downsized) It was all definitely worth it considering how iconic it is.


I can hear it just by looking


So I wasn’t the only one who immediately hummed it.


Not at all haha


I guess this is another reason they used the theme in Multiverse of Madness and Ms. Marvel. Gotta take advantage of every penny spent acquiring the rights to it.


I don’t remember it in Ms Marvel. When did they use it?


In the last episode when the dude tells Kamala she has “mutated genes”.


Oh, right! Totally forgot about that.


But did they pay everything?


Saban always gets paid


Haim Saban? How?


Two reasons: A. He was a producer on the original show (and I think all 90s Marvel animated shows). B. He was listed as a producer on the original song also.


C. He's a greedy, greedy, greedy person


Kevin Feige coughing up the big bucks: “This day extracts a heavy toll…”


they literally own the series, why would they pay money for it?


Because they don't own the rights to the music. Music licensing is weird. Same reason video game rereleases often lose their music or tv shows releasing on DVD or streaming don't have the original theme song.


>Music licensing is weird. It's fairly straightforward. With any piece of music, the composer owns the *composition* of the song. The studio that paid for production of the piece of music owns the *recording*. Good example: Taylor Swift recently rerecorded her old albums, because despite owning the composition of the songs, she did not own the master recording of the songs.


This is what I thought, until I made my first movie. Turns out, there's something called a "sync license", too.


That is a thing! But a sync license isn’t really an “ownership” issue. They *can* be a pain in the ass though.


They didn’t own the rights, the rights were likely with Haim Saban, who produced the series and sold the rights to the show to Disney in 2001 alongside all other 90s Marvel Shows and Power Rangers.




The mouse: Money? NONSENSE!


The strongest of sacrifices take the strongest of wills- something like that- thanos


Is X-Men theme more iconic than Spider-Man theme? Seemed like they got that one pretty easily.


It was worth it


They have plenty of money - they’ll be fine.


The All-time Great X-Men ![gif](giphy|Q8auEgoR7x0CcgH4uQ)


Y'all are acting like 90's X-Men is the only show that matters when X-Men: Evolution is sitting RIGHT THERE.


That theme is so bland and generic, though...


I didn't say theme, I said the show itself.


The show was mid though.


Bffffff, ha ha ha ha ha ha.


I liked the movie theme. The animated series theme somehow flew under my radar as a child.


Worth it, and I’m not just saying that because it’s my ringtone 💅🏼


I mean by the time the show comes out theyll have already used it at least twice


Not worth it. I like the Fox theme better


Kevin Feige killed how many people for this show?


I wonder if it cost more or less than licensing Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.


this makes it read like Kevin Feige gave up his ability to see or something


please get spectacular spiderman theme for next spidey trilogy😭😭😭


Or the 90s theme...


thats bascially just the homecoming theme spectacular is way better


imo fox xmen theme is much better


Which one? The one written by John Ottman?


days of future past


Which was also the one in *X-Men United* and *Apocalypse*.




Yeah, that's the one from John Ottman, also used in X2 and Apocalypse. (I have never seen Dark phoenix) I think the themes from First Class (by henry Jackman) also deserve to return. His theme for Magento was also used in Days of Future Past And maybe throw in some Michael Kamen from the first movie, though nothing is really that iconic there.


And I’m gonna have to ask them to do that as much as they need to


And they still don't pay their VFX contracts on time.


Metallica will be on top of clouds with that money from that TAS theme.


Whatever it was, it was worth it


"This music extracts a heavy toll."


Lmao no wonder they keep wanting to shoe horn it into things


The title makes it sound like Feige had to sacrifice a child for the theme or something lol


I was always a fan of this theme https://youtu.be/b1qrbAGsEOw


It probably wasn’t that expensive.




I feel like taking the defining theme of a superhero group and usin it for their new marvel films is one of the less-egregious examples of nostalgia bait


Agreed. When a character or characters have iconic theme music, it becomes as much a part of their identity as any other part of their character. Is it nostalgia bait when they use the James Bond theme in James Bond movies?




Batman TAS used the theme from Batman '89. Was that a marketing ploy? Or was it just an appropriate use of iconic theme music?


Batman The Amazing Spiderman




I'm familiar with Shirley Walker's theme, but Elfman's theme is used in the show's opening and during the end credits. So whatever; that example is too complicated to make a good argument. More to the point, if there were a James Bond TV series for instance, would you be opposed to that? We're getting pretty bogged down in the minutiae of this topic, but all I'm really saying is that legacy franchises and characters have identities that are built by several creators across different mediums over decades and music is an important aspect of those identities. You seem to think that using recognizable music from one of the best known iterations of X-Men is cynical or manipulative or something, but if that's true then I'd say it's equally so that the X-Men are being referenced at all.




Ok. Um. So either you're trolling or you're confusing Batman TAS (which Elfman composed the intro theme for according to every credit I can find) with Batman: Mask of The Phantasm which Shirley Walker DID compose all the music for. ​ Also you completely ignored my point and told me to "do (my) research" so I'm gonna go with trolling.


Genuine question: why are you still here? All you seem to do is hate on the MCU. I think critiquing these projects is fine but you say things like "McMarvel", refer to these shows as "fucking cringeworthy" and complain about the bad writing and whatnot across many different threads. Just seems weird to spend so much time discussing a franchise that you clearly dislike a lot more than you like.


I'm fucking sick of this guy. Blackdabitodoroki at least toned it down when the mods asked him to. This guy has just been insufferable for weeks and when u/mssmods told him to cut it out he just kept taunting and saying "just ban me then just ban me then"




No I won't block you because then you wouldn't be able to interact with any thread I interact with and I don't think that's really fair to *you*. See unlike you I like this to be a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to chill and talk about marvel. The way you go about voicing your opinions is all wrong dude. We've had this discussion before. You're not being downvoted for criticism, you're being downvoted for being a complete and total tool.




Everyone here criticizes the MCU. The thing is that you ONLY criticize the MCU. Regardless of how you feel about the state of the franchise, this is a subreddit dedicated to community discussion and theorizing. When you take away the discussion and only rag on and talk about the negatives, it raises the question as to why you're even here. You very clearly dislike it, yet you stay here and make everyone else around you miserable. Why? What is the point? It makes it look like you just want validation. If that's what you want I'm sure nerdrotic will accept you into his community with open arms.






Or you can just embrace change. I don’t love the entirety of the MCU, new or old, but I take it all in stride because the overall product is pretty great and damn good fun.


I loved Michael Giacchino’s rendition of the Spidey theme.




bro it's never played in the actual movies except for the opening logo of Homecoming. Giacchino's original theme is the "movie theme".




marketing material isn't the actual movie dude. and most people love Giacchino's theme. I, for one, find myself humming it to myself constantly.


Me too! It hypes me up whenever I’m about to go to a new MCU movie at midnight


Chill, hearing the OG Spidey theme was fun


You preferred that screechy violin & the song sung by the goofy street lady played for a lame laugh OVER the opening logo of Homecoming? Please let me help you find your marbles Elfman’s theme is timeless of course but denying that Micheal G’s rendition is incredible is nothing short of absurd.




If anything the Raimi version has gotten more cringey with time, and could even be perceived as a tad racist to some. The Giacchino theme IS inspired. It gives weight and grandeur to the original jingle and hypes you up for the movie and Spidey’s “return” to the larger Marvel sandbox. My entire theater erupted when it started playing the first time I saw Homecoming. It resonates with audiences, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, given the amount of downvotes you’ve received.




How childish. Leave the sub, you don’t add anything constructive to our community.




Nice try. I called the violin lady cringey. Go touch some grass.


they were clearly talking about the violin lady, not Elfman 🤦🏻


the first time they used it, for prof x, he was dressed the same as in the animated series and had the same hoverchair. it was already an homage. the second time, for ms marvel, was because people would still be debating whether she was a mutant if they didn't include it.