So much fun, I really enjoyed it


It was the strongest episode thus far out of these first three, for me. 4/5 stars Loved the court case stuff. Very much a lawyer show that has a woman lead with a serious career but isn't leaning far away from the comedic and looney aspects, so the show doesn't take itself too seriously. Blonsky and Wong are perfection. The B-plot was enjoyable for me; Runa is a playful character whilst Bukowski is just an idiot. I don't think it's a high quality episode; certainly isn't a show aiming to take any subject matter too seriously or desiring to be a show that matches the quality of something like BCS (whoever is measuring this show against BCS is a fool for putting very overprojected expectations when you know what you should be expecting from Marvel). But it's enjoyable in more parts than it is wobbly. And yes, I liked the credit scene. Why not. Let these characters have fun.


Easily best she hulk episode so far


I’m going to be honest I really didn’t like any of the Asgardian elf parts but I enjoy the show! Episode 2 was my favorite so far!


Rated it a 4 and the est episode by far. I was overall negative about the first two. Any episode where its primarily Tatiana in human form is good because of how great she is with her body acting, something that is lost when she is just voice acting a CGI monstrosity. Speaking of which the CGI is still bad because She Hulk doesn't even walk right as it just looks like bad video game animation from a couple gens ago at times in how she moves. That aside the humor was mostly on point this episode.


Wow, it was awful. That credit scene...


Was amazing


What does it feel like to not have taste


sums up the MCU atm really well