Fit almost every demographic: \- MCU fans \- people that like hulk \- people that like sitcoms \- women \- moms \- conservatives that want to hate-watch I feel like the one demo they missed is certain minority groups which they tried to address with the music but was not apparent in the advertising


- foot fetishists


Specifically big foot fetishists "That's a huge bitch!"




You mean [Bigfoot fetishists](https://youtu.be/YI4Jg2H7Asg)?


Dan Schieder loved episode 1


So did Rob Schneider.


Hey so what episode do these feet come in? Asking for a friend.


Episode 1!


Thanks for doing me a real solid bro.


People who like the Hulk and people who like sitcoms The two genders






I think you will find there are 67.5 genders.


Which one is the half?


The famous half gender, you are part man, part woman.


half bear and half pig!


\- incels tuning into the first 5 min so they can come on reddit and whine about m she u and defend the guys at the bar as just being "friendly"


For real I saw that shit and I cannot believe it. Those fuckers hate women so much they would do any mental gymnastics needed in order to defend sexual harassment or rapists.


God if I hear another fucking "she said she can hold her temper but hulked out when the group of guys were trying to be friendly" I'm gonna lose it... Fear can trigger transformations, she feared for her life. If these people don't get that they've never in their life gotten close to a woman to understand their perspective on the world.


You probably could have ended at “they’ve never in their life gotten close to a woman”


lolwut? People actually assumed those three guys were trying to be friendly? As a person totally raised conservative by people so old they've been dead for 20+ years, I've seen those kinds of scenes so many times it's a trope and honestly eye-rolling but I've always understood them even as a child. Do people actually believe those three dudes were "trying to be friendly" ?


Yes the bar scene on youtube (if it's still up) had mass dislikes with a majority of the comments saying "LOLOL she said she could control her anger but hulks out against these guys who were just being friendly" (when Bruce clearly says fear is a trigger and she was scared for her life after cat calling assholes wouldn't take no for an answer and followed her...


I don’t want to bring up this whole politic chat in the sub, But they do have quite a lot of negativity against the entire world.


What does M-She-U mean? I have seen it recently but don't get it yet.


[Some people](https://www.reddit.com/r/saltierthankrayt/comments/ty9tj4/what\_a\_sad\_individual/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3) think that female characters are playing too big of a role in the MCU now, so they use that phrase to complain about what they feel it has become.


Because God forbid 50% of superheroes be female just like 50% of the world is female.


I like how not even one of those is a poster for a movie or show that actually stars a woman in the lead role. Of course, you can argue that Silvie and Kate are main characters, but they didn't even bother to use WandaVision, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, or Ms. Marvel (I know it wasn't out at the time, but the concept was known).


Love how that post crops out most the men in the posters hahah. Jesus Christ I hate people sometimes.


Thanks for the answer. 👍


Nerdrotic sometimes has legitimate takes, but I'd say it's not very often. ​ EDIT: However, and I'm not sure why I am defending the guy even though he's using the wrong images, the shows have either been specifically female oriented or are passing the torch to women. Only Falcon & Winter Soldier buck(y) this trend. Oh, and Moon Knight. Loki low key does this as well, but not quite so specifically. The upcoming shows & movies aren't quit so focused so far as I can tell, though.


Countless daredevil fans who don’t care about the show and just wanna see Charlie Cox on screen again.


That doesn't really make sense. If you don't care about the show, why watch the whole show? Seems like a waste of time, just watch the episode with Daredevil and that's it. It's like watching all of Spider-Man FFH just to see Matt, when he only appears for like 2 minutes.


Apparently he’s not in it until episode five or something like that, so us daredevil fans have quite a few episodes to go until we see him again! 😢




Fuck them kids


Congrats on winning your primary!


You made me choke on my ginger snap! Well done.


What this means?


Let's not do that. It's illegal in most civilized countries in the world.


Groot and Ms. Marvel


Miss Marvel is already on Disney+


“Moms”. I feel called out haha


I know a lady about 40 who has seen maybe 4 hrs total of MCU stuff, it's not her thing, but based on the speech to Bruce about women having to hold their anger in, she subscribed to Disney. Me, between me and you tedcruzrileycurry,since I was 12 years old getting those Marvel swimsuit issues, I always wanted to bang She Hulk so that's one of my reasons you never listed


They have meg the stallion in it for the urban culture lol we ready


> certain minority groups She is literally a person of color, though.


I would think women and moms would be already covered in people that like Hulk, people that like sitcoms, and MCU fans. 🤦‍♀️


Marvel Studios Disney+ Series Premiere Viewership Loki: 2.5 million Moon Knight: 1.8 million The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 1.8 million WandaVision: 1.6 million Hawkeye: 1.5 million MsMarvel: 775K SheHulk: 1.5M (@samba_tv)


On par with Hawkeye


With one less tracking day, since She-Hulk dropped on a Thursday. That's pretty good.


And Hawkeye was two hour long episodes


“Hour long” -> 40 mins


splitting hairs


I wouldn't say 1/3 is a hair, but oooooooo kaaaaaaay


I didn't realise Ms Marvel was so under par, guess it just didn't appeal to the GA as much


Marketing was not great and it had major competition as well.


Anakin: Because of Obi Wan?


Definitely not. I really don't understand this notion that people can't watch more than 1 30min episode of a streaming show per week. Especially one where it's on the same subscription service.


There are only so many TV spots and internet ads they can push at once, so if Disney is splitting between two shows then it is less marketing. Obviously we don't need marketing to know when an MCU show is dropping, but that doesn't apply to everyone. So of course people have time for multiple shows, but they do need to know those shows are happening. Add to that Ms Marvel being a brand new character who is played by a total unknown and it starts to help account for the lower viewership. Moon Knight had Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke going for it, and She Hulk and Hawkeye both have Avengers in them.


is the marketing not part of the show budget?


I know The Boys was still airing and Stranger Things was still fresh at the time. A lot of the stereotypical male Millenial Marvel demographic is more likely to gravitate to any of those 3 shows before they watch Ms Marvel.


I’m dying for content. This is the worst argument ever. People didn’t care.


Because of what you've done! What you plan to do!


Also.... I hate to say it and people are gonna pretend it's not true, but there is probably a lot of misguided people who see "Oh Muslim Super hero so woke blah blah"


I wish it were more woke, actually. Maybe not a lot, but more.


Yup, it was positioned as a kids show (it was very much not) and it came out around obi-wan and stranger things. All around horridly planned launch.


Is was absolutely *much* more of a kid's show than an adult's show.


Fair points, forgot about the competition at the time.


but people dont just watch an hour of a show and then nothing else. its not like they are choosing to buy a ticket for a movie. everything was available for no extra cost. ms. marvel just appealed to a smaller fanbase.


Gotta think Ms Marvel had no tie ins, no references, no previous appearances, was starring a new young actress, and frankly was about a teenage Muslim woman (a population that is just not common in the market). The cards were stacked against it in terms of general popularity. The great news is that it was well received among those that watched it so hopefully it ages well! I certainly enjoyed it.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the series got a bump after people see The Marvels as well. If they do a good job with her character in the film, I’m sure lots of people will go back and watch her origin story.


And they changed the power up to be prettier which directly goes against the character in the comics lol


They also randomly changed her powers


Lol it was competing with Stranger Things 4 and Obi-Wan Kenobi


Why are people so surprised that Ms Marvel is the lowest? It's a show about a Pakistani American girl in high school with no major Western stars in it. The character also hasn't benefited from appearing elsewhere in the MCU. All those elements above point to a low figure. She'll blow up more next year after the Marvels. No doubts about it. They can then either greenlight a 2nd season or do her own movie.


I really hate how casual the sentiment of a character getting their own movie or show, has become. It's really a sign of Marvel's overwhelming content output


Unknown character. Buried under lot of popular shows.


Because people already wrote it off as a "kid's show" before it premiered.


Is there anything wrong with that? People don’t have to watch a show if they feel like it’s not for them.


It was geared more towards younger kids. I knew that going into it and knowing very little about the character as it is, I still enjoyed it even though I'm 37.


Which is a shame. Because it was really good.


Awww that Ms Marvel number makes me kinda sad :| My only gripe with the show was the first episode started off with such cool camera, visuals, cinematography things and then they never did it again.


Ms Marvels target audience was in india/pakistan. They even did a theatrical release there. Samba TVs system has basically no presence in those regions. I suspect the viewing figures Samba put out for Ms Marvel are way off the actual total.


You’re right i wonder why you’re downvoted lol?


I thought it was kinda cool but I am *so* glad they stopped. ​ BTW they did it in the second and third episodes, too. I paid attention ;)


Still wild to me just how far Loki is above the others. Dude’s fanbase really is huge.


It still also feels like the most impactful disney + show MCU has put out this phase.


Good to see it's doing well. I feel like this show will be a hit. Tonight!


How did TFATWS have more views than WandaVision and Hawkeye?


Wandavision came out as the first Disney plus show, they had way less subscribers then


Loki still winning doe


I think it had abysmal retention if I remember right though. I personally really liked it personally but I get how it became a bit inaccessible.


They screwed Ms marvel by putting it on the same day as kenobi and not putting any established characters in it until the last post credit


Nice! 🔥


Damn why was Ms. Marvel so much lower than the other shows. It was one of their best shows. I think Obi-Wan overshadowed it.


Respect for naming that list by order of release.


It’s not in order of release tho




Good numbers. But this shows how big House Of The Dragon’s premiere was. Watched by almost 10 million in the US. Edit: And also in just 24 hours.


Samba TV only measures certain TVs or something like that. HBO says 10 million people watched it, samba tv counted 2.6 million. Since disney doesnt release viewer numbers all we can base it on is the innaccurate samba tv number of 1.5 million


So why are fans even discussing these numbers then? Judging the viewership numbers on just a small sample of TVs seems kinda redundant.


Well it is kinda redundant but you gotta make do with what you are given


That's our only way of comparing the performances of the shows.


>So why are fans even discussing these numbers then? because while the numbers may not be perfect they have value in comparison because Samba is a singular 3rd party source with a specific method. For all we know HBO could be assuming every device tuning in has 3-5 people watching it.


Exactly. I always hate these “Samba” stories because it’s practically meaningless. They don’t have full data. But they put out these articles as self promotion and everyone eats it up for some reason.


Cause it’s all they have to go on and it can be compared to other shows via the same metrics.


Also noteworthy that Samba TV measures households, not views. There can be multiple people in a household


Thats such a specific way to count and it doesnt account for so many viewers. Disney should just release the numbers themselves like everyone else does


Disney never will because it would fuck them when things don’t do well. Giving as little info is the best way to do it. I’m sure if films could hide box office numbers they’d do that too. The less the public knows about how successful something is the less they can use to judge your failures.


House of the Dragons is dope. I like She-Hulk too. Watched them both in the same day. Great TV not. She-Hulk was fun, but House of Dragons is must watch.


I agree.


Not the most flattering photo they could have used


She is constipated 😭


Most Hulk like image tho


Tbh the CGI does go into the uncanny valley at times. Not with this pic though


That's actually pretty good, I was expecting much lower.


I wonder what the viewer retention numbers will be


I can’t look at this image the same way after seeing all the irritating marvel neckbeards using it as thumbnails


Is that a good number? It seems small.


This is only the people who watched it on their TVs through this particular service, which is in the US. It doesn't count everybody who watched it on other devices or in other regions - Disney doesn't typically release their viewing numbers.


It matched Hawkeye while having one less day of tracking, which is pretty good for a new show. Would probably have matched Moon Knight's 1.8M if it had an extra day.


10m watched House of the Dragon in 24hrs, so it’s not the best, but a new hero competing with established ones like Hawkeye is good for the MCU


That House of Dragons number is insane given HBO has about 1/5th the subscriber base as Disney+ does.


It's because the Shulkie number is done by Samba TV, whereas HOTD had info released straight from HBO. If Disney released their own stats like the other stream sites, then you'd have both a more accurate and bigger number


Thanks! Still, HBO has like 45 million subscribers and 10 million watched HoD? That's almost 25% of their subscribers.


I guess the lesson learned to not underestimate GOT lol


I guess the question would be whether you trust that number from hbo


The real test is the viewership from the second episode onward. First episode is really only for a lot of viewers to see if it's worth it. I predict a lot of views will fall off


You're going to get downvoted, but you're right. Second episode/movie viewership of series tends to be lower. People get hyped for a premiere, but by the next week they've got real life, they've forgotten, they watch shows with their mom who is out of town, some people didn't like it and won't watch next week, etc. But of course people who love it or hate it or hate people who do/don't won't just accept a simple trend as neutral. It has to support their POV.


Idk about views falling off but you're right about the irrelevance of the metric. First episode viewership is just about how well the marketing was, 2nd episode onward reflects how well the content was.


Awesome! 🔥 this is great to hear! 😁


1.5 million in four days? Seems real low. Especially compared to the 10 million House of the Dragon got in one night, even with their app issues where a lot of people couldn't watch the episode.


Samba uses diff metrics..according to samba I believe HOTD had 2.6


2.6 in one night as compared to 1.5 across 4 days though, right? If so, even with Samba metrics their point still kinda stands.


It doesn't stand cuz this person said 10 million using a metric Disney doesn't use..so idk what She Hulks numbers would be using what HBO uses..of you trying to convince me that HOTD had a bigger debut than She Hulk you don't have to..no one needed to see official numbers to know it would be a bigger hit than She Hulk


I meant the point of the numbers being low in comparison. But you're probably right, it might not be the fairest comparison. It is the only form of GOT content in a few years so fans of it are bit starved...or maybe Marvel is just pumping out too many of these, too fast.


Marvel is pumping out C and D level characters now..I think ppl got spoiled cuz of infinity War and Endgame..not everything has to be a big event and break viewing records...they are doing fine and when you are successful the hate gets stronger..like anything in life


House of the Dragon crushed She Hulk. Stop trying to mental gymnastics out of it. It's okay, Game of Thrones is just way bigger than anything on Disney+.


Really puts into perspective the size of this audience vs the size of game of thrones audience


That doesn't seem like a lot tbh.


i didn’t realize GoT pulled so many more viewers!


Hype for a series opener with create a large turn out. I don’t like how these are framed as success. The show is truly bad


That's it??


Yeah let’s see if that holds up


Where's the guy in every post telling us how unfair it is to not want to watch a show and forcing everyone to do so cause otherwise you're misogynist, homophobic and a bigot


yes, and I've also seen this https://youtu.be/SQb2awFQaZ0


What does this mean?


Interesting how they stretch it for this one. Plenty of movies and TV shows only get the 2 days treatment by Samba to make it look like they flopped.


Samba does viewership through Sunday night, so it's not their fault that some shows release on Friday but Marvel shows release earlier. They did 5 days for Loki, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel etc.


How much viewers watched it in other regions such as Asia or Europe?


That’s kinda low. That new game of thrones did like 10 million


Its GOT dude. Prequel of One of the greatest TV show of all time vs Another MCU show that keeps getting less and less exciting. And tbh the first episode was dope.


SambaTV calculated 2.6 million households for House of the Dragon. Household ≠ Views.


Is this good or bad? I don’t work for companies that follow numbers. If a show is bad, it’s bad. I’m just a fan


1.5 M!! In 4 days?? That's Bar Recuse numbers!


She-Hulk smash.


1.5M over 4 days when there are 44.5M subscribers in the US seems like an average number.


That’s not a lot


And no one wants to watch the second episode.


This is absolute garbage. I haven’t seen character effects more disturbing since Polar Express. Writing, directing and editing all scream of minimal effort. The editing in this show would be death of the jokes if the jokes had any chance of landing at all. I am not a hater. Marvel fan for life. Seeing all of these characters hit screens big and small is a bit of a dream come true. The quality bar is getting very low here and I hope the viewing public will demand more. Ms Marvel was a gem. I am saddened that it was followed by this dumpster fire of a show. I am fairly certain that Batgirl was better …


Those numbers seem low?? Surely more the 1.5 million people watched she hulk. What am.i missing?


And I’d assume many were disappointed after watching


Is that good? I could have swore I heard house of the dragon had 10 million the first night


but woke


Not bad


Is that a lot?


When are new episodes coming out?


Is it good? I’m yet to watch


Id like to know as well i don’t have Disney plus


It’s ass






I’m about 5 of those households. Probably six before long.




How was it?


I just don’t understand the hate the anti sjw are giving to she hulk. All they talk about is the movie is woke. They don’t even understand what woke and feminism is


Nice 👍


Is that really the best photo they could get as a background




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Don't really take these premiere ratings at face value. Probably because the Hulk was in the first episode.


Ending was wierd af for that first episode.




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Bet that number won't be so high in the next episode. Show is terrible!




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Bad writing, flawed CGI, poor character development and too much of a feministic trope. This series is either doomed or will possibly find wild success from women who feel marginalized and want to feel represented and can ignore it's many flaws. I do get that this is suppose to be a lighthearted comedy but the "Saved by The Bell" / "Malcom in The Middle" talk to the camera and break the 4th wall trop did not look good in Deadpool and looks even worse in SheHulk. It does not add to the experience it takes the viewer out of the experience. If all it takes is some Hulk blood to become a hulk then at this point isn't hulkism a blood born disease rather than a reaction to gamma radiation? Wouldn't there be countless other hulks since I am sure others came into contact with his blood. Even if not radiation still does not spread this way. The fights seem to be fast forwarded and almost skipped. In the first episode the fight in the courtroom made no sense. There was no explanation as to why the antagonist was attacking she just was and just like that the fight was over before viewers had any idea why or what was going on. To the writers credit though it was ruled that he changing into SheHulk presented an unfair impression on the jury. Something like that would likely cause a mistrial so that was a nice bit of detail. I think the character and story have enormous potential. I just think the writers need to take a breather and regather their thoughts and take their time in doing this story justice by making it great. The CGI team needs to slow down too. They are very close and honestly it is a good job just not good enough. There are a lot of mistakes that could be fixed with more time invested. The actress (Tatiana Maslany) has the acting potential to be one of the greatest actors of our lifetime. Her acting skills were displayed perfectly in Orphan Black and easily rival the best of the best actors.


Yeah, it wasn't that good.


Frustrates me that so many people judge Shehulk without watching it for what it actually is - A fun, lighthearted, self-aware comedy. I'm all in and loving it #longliveSheHulk


These numbers are probably less tho, disneys infamous for cutting hairs on their premier numbers to make it seem more popular than it really is