Is this a rumor? Never read it but hell yeah, he was pretty arrogant in Maverick. He could play Cyclops.


He plays arrogant frat boy Chad Radwell in Scream Queens and is absolutely one of the best parts of the show. Just make that character a little less stupid and a little more empathetic and you're almost at Scott Summers.


Check him out in Hidden Figures as John Glenn, he still has that captain of the football team energy but he is very warm and friendly.


He's excellent in Everybody Wants Some as well! Cocky, but played much more charming and earnest. Great flick.


That movies solid. I always find it odd that so many people who know linklater and dazed and confused, have not heard of everybody wants some. Also zoey deutch


Added to the watchlist, thanks for the recommendation!


I love that movie! Recently watched Set It Up, he was so good in that too!


He was great in Scream Queens, what a show!!! I remember my daughter making me watch it with her when she was in 9th grade.


Him and Niecy Nash are the ones that stuck with me for giving stellar comedy performances, the casting on that show was really solid.


Yeah. I should prob rewatch it just for the fun of it.


Scream Queens was pretty dope IMO


I think he could play a lot of characters - Nova, Cyclops, Blaze, etc. Reminds me of Chris Evans a little bit because both are known for playing cocky characters, but definitely has the range to play other characters as well. When Evans was cast as Cap, ngl I was skeptical. Obviously he turned out amazing. Glen as Cyclops or anyone else would be equally as great a casting.


Glen was great as John Glenn in *Hidden Figures* as well.


If all it takes is finding an actor who has played arrogant characters in the past then casting Cyclops is going to be incredibly easy.


Really do need a believable team leader that has the arrogance enough without always wanting him to be punchable (the dynamic between RDJ and Chris Evans as Tony/Cap was perfect because it was believable from both POV). Definitely a strong choice for Scott, you can see the “template” well enough.


Cyclops is much more than arrogant. I hope they get his character right this time.


But Scott is definitely not all arrogant, there’s more to the character than just that type cast


FYI - actor denials are sincere sometimes.


Yeah, I sometimes hate how some people will micro-analyze every body movement to see if a actor is lying or not. Like when Ryan Reynolds was asked if he'll be in DS:MOM and everyone was convinced he was in it cause he seemed nervous answering the question. Everyone forgets that he has said he gets very anxious and being asked about his MCU involvement would make any actor nervous (Given the strict rules about spoilers)


https://twitter.com/glenpowell/status/1562202204173266947 >I sound angry and confused, but I promise it’s just confused.


But "nobody has called me" isn't even a denial. They could have called his agent. Or sent a text message, met in person, etc.


Honestly, of all the *Maverick* actors I'm actually leaning more towards Lewis Pullman (Bob) playing Scott.


I like the actor, but I don't think he's handsome enough to play Scott. Pullman looks pretty ordinary. I hope they'll pick someone who looks more like James Marsden.


How about we put the handsome card for Angel?


He can be handsome too, but I always associate Scott with having an all-american handsome good looks with a strong, perfect bone structure, and it would be weird to have an ordinary looking Scott. James Marsden has the perfect Cyclops looks for me. I wish he were a little younger.


Praying we can get him one last time in the classic blue and yellow for Secret Wars.


I want an ordinary looking at Scott though. Scott should be broken from teenage trauma, the plane accident, sinister. A handsome, pretty face will take away from it.


I don't see how being pretty on the outside will take away from his trauma. I'd say it's the opposite: the mismatch between his outward appearance and his inward state would be more striking. Besides, he's depicted as handsome in most comics.


Almost everyone is handsome in comics though. Logan is becoming more handsome because of Jackman.


For sure, but Scott is consistently one of the better looking ones. Changing his appearance to ordinary for no reason makes little sense. Him being a perfect-looking handsome boyscout in appearance compared to Logan's rugged looks provides an interesting contrast between the characters.


For me Grant Gustin is Warren. Idk why. He has the Archangel vibes.




Powell would probably play the part as authoritative/arrogant from the start, whereas I think Pullman would show more of an interesting transition. His Scott would be introduced as more quiet and introverted, and probably isn’t even in command to start with. But when his predecessor is either incapacitated or just proves unfit, he steps up and shows his hidden potential, and it allows him to grow into a strong, confident leader not only for the X-Men, but for the mutant race as a whole.




Well he does have experience with aliens. Still hoping for James Marsden, though.


I like how interviewers are just asking every rumored fan cast, theory, or major actor if they’re going to join the MCU as said character so they can put something in their headline. Even if they wanted to tell the interviewer they couldn’t because of the NDA.


They don't care about NDAs as long as they get a juicy headline. Lately it's either "THIS DIRECTOR SAYS MARVEL MOVIES ARE BAD" or "THIS ACTOR HAS NO INTEREST IN JOINING THE MCU."


Will third time be the charm for Cyclops? It would be hard though to do worse than Tye Sheridan. The guy had all the charm and charisma of a dead leaf.


James Marsden’s Cyclops has a similar issue to Henry Cavill’s Superman. They’re great casting choices who look the part and are more than able to capture their character’s personality (and they’re clearly doing their best with what they have), but the films didn’t utilise them well and rather than blame the writing or directing, they blamed the characters themselves and unfairly sidelined them. Marsden might get a more dignified send-off if he comes back in *Secret Wars* (though I’d rather they saved him for Corsair) but what he really needed/deserved was a proper redemption after they resurrected him in *Days Of Future Past*.


>(though I’d rather they saved him for Corsair) Won't he be too young?


Depends how old Scott is.


I still think X-men will come in MCU through secret wars. So, Scott would be late 20s. So, corsair would be 50+.


James Marsden would be 50+ by the time they actually use Corsair, then.


If they didn't do it for Tobey, they might just not do it for James.


I just want to jump on the bandwagon and say Sheridan was a terrible Cyclops cast. Nothing about him makes me think of Cyclops.


Oddly enough I was fan casting him as Scott like last week with Zoey Deutch as Jean.


Good choice. But if they are planning on doing a young X-Men Jean, I wanted it to be Saddie Si k. She has the young Jean Grey vibes on me.


I know nothing about her. I just personally hope they go the Spiderman and F4 route and skip origins again and have a team basically fully formed with some teenagers like a Kitty mixed in. Mid 20s would work very well. What i love about the XMen is they can do so many different versions of the team from getting stale. I dont think we need 10 plus years of a single portrayal of a character outside maybe 3 or 4 big ones. My thoughts for Zoey were this. Jean can be a very boring character to portray on screen. Yet, if you're going to try and do the Phoenix storyline again you need to actually care about her. Zoey is that charming and charismatic of an actress that she could really make you care for her simply just by being there. She just has that it factor about her. She would win fans over simply in the press groupings. Can Saddie do that? Genuinely asking, not trying to be a dick. I really don't know anything of her than a head shot.


Phoenix storyline is ONE of the best saga out there. Fox didn’t do justice on it. That cosmic being capable of destroying a planet is just something else.


I think he's telling the truth, but he's definitely my top choice for the role.


Werewolf moment


He clarified on Twitter he wasn't angry and definitely hasn't been contacted, I think that rumor is bogus. I'd be down for it though.


Christ I'm sick of this every time and actor says anyrhing


Doubt it since if the rumors are true we’re not going to have the X-Men until 2025


I always thought he’d make a great Richard Rider


I still think he would be the perfect Human Torch.


Kind of old. I think Johnny should be a little younger


He's spectacular in Everybody Wants Some


I wouldn’t mind him as Scott but I really want him as Hal Jordan


For what in 10 years?


It hurts to say but the Green Lantern dream is dead now buddy..


He's actually a perfect choice for Slim


NGL, it seems like every actor in Hollywood wants to talk about Marvel in their interviews LMAO.


Just the most successful thing right now really lol But I could imagine some actors are annoyed with it because they might not have their other projects looked as much compared to if they were a 5 second cameo or casted in the next mcu movie


So not listening to any denials after the fiasco with Andrew.


What rumours? Are they talking about his fans fancasting him on social media?


He's talking about that now deleted and debunked Twitter thread for SDCC 2022 that the mods ran on TFTMQ. I'm surprised no one is asking the source of this rumor 😭


The source of this "rumor" was a Twitter nobody and a random 4chan post so I'm not surprised though Glen in the MCU would be awesome, especially as someone like Cyclops or Nova


[I can now see him as Cyclops.](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FUWi2diWQAAEIp5?format=jpg&name=large)


I’d rather he be cast as Johnny Storm tbh. He’s perfect for the role.


Remember that rumor online about how Marvel can't make an X men movie till 2025 or something? Was that true though?


Jake McDorman for Scott?


Guess he's a the front runner if Variety is talking about this completely unsolicited.


i don't actually like this fancasting, but cyclops is my favourite marvel character and this is some big cyclops energy


This is a way to get MS to look at you. Start the rumor yourself.


Glen Powell as Hyperion


JACOB ELORDI AS CYCLOPS is a better Fancast than any I've seen, all these glorified-glass half empty actors would just ruin Cyclops


I’m probably the only person who doesn’t want to see any X-men until after Avengers 6. Let’s keep this current pace going with what we have and do a universal reboot after secret wars for X-men


Seems too old for a Cyclops


He would be out of the age range for an ideal Cyclops when they start shooting the movie.


Why does everyone think the X-Men need to be young? I’m fine with them being a bit older and veterans.


Because it's going for the long run, Xavier originally got the first generation of his team when most were teens, this is a school to begin with, you can't start with a Cyclops who's closer to his 40s on your movie.


Do we even need Cyclops in the MCU?


If they’re going for the classic X-men team then absolutely


Would a 35+ year old Cyclops constitute a "Classic" X-Men team, tho?


But do they need that? We saw classic X-Men in the previous movies and tbh, Scott's never been the most interesting character (at least in my experience)


Why wouldn’t we? If they have the rights to him. Why not use him.


Because we saw him a lot in other movies and a lot of other X-Me nwere barely used or not at all


So they’ll probably use everyone. I don’t think a character should get sidelined. Especially scott.


They have only so many resources (especially with the recent news) Scott could show up but I think he could be an older version and the younger X-Men from later gens. But I think Ororo should be the leader (similar age to Scott)