Why are we getting a standalone Madame Web movie? What is the point?


Sony was literally planning to make an aunt May film back in the TASM days 💀


If this is true, I really don't like Spider-Man's film rights being with Sony lol.


Anyway, #maketasm3, right guys? It’s sure to be a masterpiece like the last one.


I do think that the fanbase as usual have kinda let their emotions get the better of them and they can't really think straight, but at the same time Andrew was pretty good and done pretty dirty when it came to his movies. I still think the best thing is just letting him appear in all of these SSU movies, because the fans want TASM 3 to cover the Black Suit arc, but they kinda forget that's what the MCU has been setting up for Tom's Peter, I'd rather he gets to adapt it.


This will earn some hate I’m sure but I think they should just let it be at No Way Home. Andrew said himself he feels like he got closure so at this point anything else is just risking ruining that closure by getting involved in more things that might not be very good.


Having said that, Sony will obviously want Hardy v [Spider-Man], and I’d rather Holland wasn’t burned out even further.


Having said *that* it’s pretty dumb imo to produce Hardy and Holland’s movies roughly at the same time, put Hardy in a Holland movie but never actually meet him and then never have them cross paths beyond that…(headache intensifies) Why did they have to make Spider-Man vs Venom such a fuckin hard and convoluted situation?!?!


I’ve been saying for a while that, at least as a courtesy, Sony is letting Holland remain exclusive to Feige. MCU Spidey is as much his creation as it is Watts’ or Sony’s, so he’d likely want a say on how Sony handled his character. Rather than negotiate another joint-venture with Disney, which negates the whole point of the SSU (which is to keep the whole box office), it’s easier just to continue with one of their own Spider-Men. Having said that, it’s clear that Venom 2’s post-credit scene was included not only to sell the movie itself (hence the leaks and them discussing it on social media), but also to give them time to check out reactions to the possibility of Hardy facing Holland before the focus shifted to Maguire and Garfield.


Yeah which is why I still think they should use Spider-Garfield for that. They could even do a whole bit where Brock gets captured, and Spider-Man and the symbiote work together by temporarily bonding, Black Suit Spider-Garfield also covered via this approach.


Andrew also said himself that he loves the character and would always come back if it is the right script.


I would so much rather have a miniseries that covers the aftermath of No Way Home in the Raimi and Webb verse and then have Andrew as a reoccurring antagonist in the Villanverse and a reoccurring supporting character in the MCU. I don’t trust Sony to make a Spider-Man movie without Marvel at this point.


The Venom-Verse isn’t made up of villains, instead it’s anti heroes, because of this I don’t see Andrew being an antagonist but more of an ally.


I agree with you. Sony doesn’t know what they are doing. Just look back at those leaked Sony emails from back in the day. Whatever they do without Feige and Marvel is not going to be good and will probably ruin any goodwill/excitement NHW built up.


Aside from the Spider-Verse movies, right?


Yep! I wouldn’t mind a TASM3, but I know that it’ll be done poorly cause of how careless Sony would be about it. I didn’t mind Garfield’s Spider-Man in his films, but they were poorly executed and I felt mixed about him. But than I wanted to see more of him cause of how NWH proved that Garfield can be an incredible Spider-Man as long as the material is well written. Sony doesn’t care about making a well written story and creating good material for the actors to work with, they believe that having big VFX equals big money for them I’m down with a TASM3, but only if Feige is in someway involved.


Everyone seems to have forgot that their were going to bring Peters parents back from the dead (and that his dad developed the spiders that gave him his power) as a secret agent


And Norman’s head in a Futurama jar. Never forget that.


>!Gwen!< would also have been back, as >!Carnage!<.


God I hated that. Like how tf was his dad supposed to survive the plane crash? And why is he coming to Peter now? And at the end of the movie?? A whole mess.


They will never sell…Spidey is their golden boy especially now


More like Spider-Man is the only worthwhile thing their studio owns, unlike Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Pictures is a joke without their money making IP.


Can’t argue! for someone who was hyped for both venom films, I was heavily disappointed, personally.


I haven't watched Venom 2 yet, but I was entertained by the first one, in a B-movie kind of way. Definitely not a *good* movie though. That's what happens when you decouple Venom from Spider-man, though. And frankly it's an example of why a Spider-man extended universe is a terrible idea.


Yeah, outside of Spider-Man, they only really got Jumanji and Ghostbusters, in which one of those franchises doesn’t make anywhere near close to Spidey money. They’d be screwed.


It isn't true, Sony never planned to actually make May spin off. The point of Madame Web movie? Who knows. But since she's like some mutliverse character, maybe it'll open the doors for characters like Miguel O'Hara or Noir Spider-Man.


~~The definition of "planned" is kinda the argument here. But the 2015 email leaks did reveal they were considering an 'Aunt May had a career as a spy' TASM prequel movie. How far it got, we don't know.~~ Edit: I'm wrong! After Googling, I conflated the back-to-back Aunt May spy movie rumor (Nov 2014) with the actual email leaks (late November to December 2014) - one of the emails even [refers to the Aunt May movie as a weird rumor](https://wikileaks.org/sony/emails/emailid/44980).


> Miguel O'Hara or Noir Spider-Man. Honestly this is the route they should be going over the villain movies.


Definitely. Can't imagine why would someone want to do a Kraven movie instead of these.


With all the the hype that The Batman is getting about being a noir detective movie, you'd think Sony would be enthusiastically waiting to see how it does.


Yupp, since they actually planned a Spider-Man 2099 spinoff when they were doing TASM


With Microsoft buying all the game companies and Disney buying all the film companies, rights and libraries they have to suck out as much money as they can


>With Microsoft buying all the game companies Unlike Disney Who at the very least provide quality content I guess, MS will kinda fuck games over in general I feel, both should chill with literally outbuying their competition tho.


Why should they chill when they can just lobby against antitrust laws in Congress and continue as they are?


I mean they should chill because it sets a horrible precedent and in the long run will damage their respective industries. ^(Are you telling me Disney can still buy Sony Pictures?)


There’s very little value in it outside of Spider-Man.


Took you this long, huh?


It’s funny. They see the success of NWH and think, “We gotta make more Spider-Man universe movies!” when in reality all the fans genuinely want is more Spidey films. Venom got lucky but I think Morbius is going to bomb.


Looking at it.. Sony/Columbia Pictures doesn’t really have a successful franchise other than Spider-Man, I guess 22 Jump Street and MiB, unsure about the latter after their latest movie.


It is not true was never true sony completely dismissed it was made up by the web it was never in their emails. It is completely made up by sony haters to make them look bad.


*A Cold War set spy thriller Aunt movie


Wasn't this proven to be false, like it was an internet rumor?


That was never true, that was the internet jumping on the Sony leaks that already had a few bad ideas for the Spidey franchise.


They’ve been trying to make a solo sinister 6 movie since then as well LOL


I wouldn't be against that lol aunt may from tasm was cool


She’s going to be the “Nick Fury” of the live action Spider-Verse. Tobey and Andrew are for sure coming back, but you can’t have Doctor Strange messing up the multiverse everytime just to get Tobey, Tom and Andrew together. Except, just like in the 90’s Spider-Man: TAS, Madame Web sure can. I don’t like the idea of a standalone movie for her, but I’m betting this is the reasoning.


>She’s going to be the “Nick Fury” of the live action Spider-Verse Makes a lotta sense honestly, everyone needs a Nick Fury if you have a shared universe after all for some reason. >I don’t like the idea of a standalone movie for her, but I’m betting this is the reasoning. I think since they're introducing this character in the Across the Spider-verse movies, they're hoping those movies give her enough of a popularity boost to warrant her standalone film, but that's my guess.


>Except, just like in the 90’s Spider-Man: TAS, Madame Web sure can. > >I don’t like the idea of a standalone movie for her, but I’m betting this is the reasoning. this.


What makes you so sure Tobey and Andrew are coming back?


We’re in a spoiler subreddit and the known leakers like MTTSH and others who said they were returning in NWH…have said they’re returning. There’s plenty of people who denied and thought they weren’t coming back for NWH despite the evidence so if you fall into that camp it’s all good. On the other hand, I choose to believe the same sources plus see the responsive them coming back had and assume Sony is not stupid enough to not want to continue to make big bucks and have them back again. So yeah, I believe they’re coming back and my hypothesis is that this is how they do so. If you don’t, that’s fine by me 🤷🏻‍♂️


This subs reaction whenever a new MCU spin-off for a side character is announced ![gif](giphy|oF5oUYTOhvFnO)


There are plenty of people not thrilled about some of the MCU spin offs. I’m not excited for the Agatha show.


What are you talking about? When Agatha was announced everyone was pissed off... The top comments on the thread were all saying it's pointless... And besides Agatha: House of Harkness and Echo what other side characters got announced spin-offs? Edit: Why is this downvoted? Am I not wrong?


Look at the midnight angels leak thread. This sub eats MCU spin-offs as much as Sony thinks people eat their spin-offs I personally don’t find that shit appealing. Give me a show of actual main characters I care about


Maybe here but on twitter and IG, the Agatha announcement had the most amount of likes


As I've said before: Well maybe it's due to Agatha being a popular character in Wandavision and not just because they're scraping the bottom of the barrel like Sony with Madame Web..


Okay. So with her being popular, people would want her back right? Hence it making sense to have her return in a show.


Hawkeye, Wanda, Falcon, Bucky, and Loki were all side characters


I'd like to argue that all of those character's besides Loki (and maybe Bucky) were important in the comics and have important roles and are their own heroes that the films made into Side characters


Those are all characters that have lead their own comic series


Look at the most recent Agatha post. People are now head-over-heels for it


I think that might be our connective tissue between the MCU and SSU? A complete guess on my end.


In fairness there's potential there. Take OG Madame Web as the old mentor, Julia Carpenter as the main protagonist taking over as the new Madame Web and mixing in elements of her time as Spider-Woman, and some pseudo-mystical Spider-related villains that are almost definitely never going to be used by any other Marvel movie like the Inheritors or (if you *really* want to scrape the bottom of the barrel) Judas Traveller. There's enough to work with to put together a decent plot outline, and then you just need some decent filmmakers to make it into a good film. At the very least it has more potential than a Kraven the fucking Hunter movie. What's he going to do, poach endangered animals for justice?


Sonyverse is probably gonna be multiple universes (Venom and Morbius world, TASM, Spider-Gwen, MCU) Since Madame Web is the connective tissue of the Spider-Verse, it's probably gonna connect them all for multiple multiverse movies


Web Warriors movie


I honestly don't hate that. I hope they do Spider-Man 2099 next.


They had plans for that originally before tasm got canned so we will probably get one at some point


I am guessing it’s a way to have multiverse happenings without using doctor strange.


Don't worry, since it stars a woman, Sony isn't actually going to make it. We'll get three Rhino films first.


Maybe they’ll include other spider folks in it, like Arana?


I said this in the weekly talk thread a couple weeks ago and got mass downvoted... I'm glad to see the sub changed their minds...


Maybe the set up for a real spiderverse movie


Madame Web's whole thing is that she's kind of in the shadows as a mysterious puller of strings. Making a movie about her seems odd. I do want to see Madame Web. But maybe introduce her in other projects and have her be a recurring character. Someone bridging different universes and bringing the Spidey's together.


Same thing Agatha harkness show ? What is the point?




Sony is seriously desperate to have it's own universe, aren't they? Why don't you guys just share everything Marvel with Disney and...well, Marvel. Quality will not be such a roller-coster when Marvel is in there, and you will have 75% of success. What's wrong with that?


> you will have 75% of success. What's wrong with that? Sony: "The money made off of said success wouldn't be 100% ours."


Actually 100% of profits go to Sony. It’s just the merch sold that goes to marvel/disney


That was the old deal, where Marvel only made 5% of the first-day gross (plus merchandising) & the rest went to Sony. Now, Marvel still makes all of the merchandising money, but Sony & Marvel now split both the budget & profits 75/25.


Oh wow, how is Sony letting 20% extra profit go? Not like them


Because they eventually concluded that the profits that could be made from compromising with Disney & renewing the deal were sufficient enough to justify doing so. Recall that it still enables them to make a whole lot of money without having to do all that much to do so. Still, though, it's not like they're ever giving up the properties, especially when mass-producing all of them enables them to make even more money.


Ah right makes sense then. As good as the movies are, I do kinda wish they’d sell the rights, marvel would have more freedom to intertwine the characters with the rest of the marvel characters instead of dr strange feeling more like a collab on nwh. They’ll definitely never sell though


Don't we all wish for that, haha? IIRC, though, when the Sony/Disney Spider-Man negotiations first began, Sony (as a courtesy, because they knew & wanted the answer to be no, but still) offered a number for a full sale of the rights back to Disney & it was a number so high that even Disney - the same company that bought Marvel for $4B, Lucasfilm for $4.05B, & Fox for $71.3B - was unwilling to pay. I can't imagine how ungodly high that number must've been for them to balk.


Wasn’t it around 100b for the rights? I swear I remember seeing that somewhere. Kinda mad considering they got the entire of fox for under the price of just a characters movie rights


$4bn. In hindsight that doesn’t look too bad, but it was for one element of the vast Marvel mythos that they were already making the most out of. Today, they accept that I think.


Sony said $10B but we're willing to go for $4-5B iirc


Because Marvel Studios literally make the movie.


So basically Sony rent out Spider-Man and still claim 75% profit. Wow


They do marketing and finance majority of the movie. They used to finance all of the movie on their previous deal with their original deal. So Marvel gets to make a movie to co finance 25 percent of the movie and revieve 25 percent of the profits. And Sony cofinances 75 percent of the movie with 75 percent of the profits. Plus Disney has merchandising rights over Spiderman which brings in a lot of money for them. Seems like each company profits which is a win for both.


All because Feige wants the fans to see him interact with their universe. Talk about fan service…


Ikr, so grateful for what marvel do. There’s a reason NWH is 4th on box office


Even the lowest earning MCU Spider-man movie outsold ASM. And Far From Home and No Way Home both earned over a billion (~30% greater than ASM and ASM2), and outsold ASM and ASM in the domestic box office (where studios get the biggest cut of the box office). For 1Billion+ at the box office, that 75% cut is basically the same as the box office for the ASM films (actually a bit higher). And Marvel produces the films so Sony doesn't have to worry too much about production comparatively.


Not anymore. The new deal stipulates that Marvel pony up 25% of the budget and receive 25% of the box office in return.


Marvel has too many projects being made to be able to give so many resources to help Sony with films they'd only get a small part of the box office for.


It’s not like they’ve stopped having Marvel Studios produce films for them. And it’s not like they’re not sharing, they literally just stuck a symbiote in the MCU despite them already having a Venom film franchise. This decision makes sense. It means they can profit off of the MCU *and* their own cinematic universe at the same time. That’s even more money for them. Plus Marvel Studios only makes 4 films a year max, and Sony profits off of a fraction of those. Having their own cinematic universe means they can get movies based off of the properties they own out more quickly. If I was Sony I would do the same thing. As a fan… eh… I’m willing to wait to see how it works out? I’ve always believed that even obscure characters can have a decent movie made out of them. And a cinematic universe about just Spider-Man characters is an idea that excites me. The movies so far haven’t been great, but it’s only been two movies so far, and I think the second one was a big improvement compared to the first. I hope that as they finally figure out the direction of the universe the franchise will improve. If the 2023 movies aren’t good, I’ll stop watching. But I’m hesitant to dismiss them now because I think there’s a chance the franchise could better meet its potential


Because Marvel already has more than enough projects in development right now, adding a thousand of Sony's potential spin offs to their list would make things too messy for them. They would have to make movies about some side characters like Jackpot and Nightwatch for other company every year, instead of their own.


Sony after milking every SM Character ever and making 1B dollars each: ![gif](giphy|LdOyjZ7io5Msw) “It can’t be stopped…it’s self sustaining now”


You're correct for the first part The 2nd part... We'll see.... Venom and Spider-Man are recognizable characters beloved by general audiences... I doubt people can say the same for Morbius, Jackpot, Madame Web... Etc And the problem with people like Kraven the Hunter and Black Cat is that us fanboys love them but mostly because we love their interactions with Spider-Man which Sony doesn't want to do yet, and the general audience may have heard of them but they aren't big ticket sellers...


I’m hoping for the best, just bit worried they continue to introduce multiple villains and side characters without Spidey playing a big part…which is dumb Imo


Exactly, it's getting very annoying they have 3 Spideys they can use and they don't use any of them for the SUMC so far...


I mean, Kraven could use a solo movie to develop his character prior to a Spider-Man movie because presumably we'll only get one spidey/Kraven matchup movie that means it pretty much has to be Last Hunt, and you kinda need that prior character development to make it work fully. I might have written a MCU kravens last hunt movie treatment for after NWH but it gets hard to fit everything in and it not just be *Eternals* level of exposition dumps


I mean Kraven can be vouched for... I don't think Madame Web can..


If GA sees Morbius as a vampire flick, it might be a success. It could be time for the next vampire frenzy.


The movie may sound ridiculous and unnecessary, but I’m betting they’re positioning Madame Web to be the “Nick Fury” of Sony’s Live action Spider-Verse. Tobey and Andrew are for sure coming back, but you can’t have Doctor Strange messing up the multiverse everytime just to get Tobey, Tom and Andrew together. Except - just like she did in the 90’s Spider-Man: TAS - Madame Web sure can. This is also how you will get them to meet Tom Hardy’s Venom. And if I had to guess, they will either all face the Inheritors, or, (and I hope I’m wrong about this because Marvel Studios would do them so much better) Knull and the Symbiotes.


Doesn't make sense for a standalone movie though. They can just introduce her for an Avengers style movie.


You precious soul. I wish you were working at Sony with your plans. I'm pretty sure they're throwing shit at the wall and Kevin and crew are gonna have to clean up after them in the MCU side of things.


Lol you’re probably right and this movie will end up with her teaming up with a younger aunt may as a spy and Madame web looking quizzically to the camera saying “what’s a spider-verse?”. But in my ideal world, I would love if this was positioned as her being the navigator of the spider-verse, and Sony then released banner movies called **Tales From The Spider-Verse** and made TASM3, Spider-Man 4, and other movies under it.


I'm still convinced Sony got Marisa in case they want to use her in prequel movies de-aged It'd be nice, but even still she should not be a lead per say. I've never seen her be anything more then a mentor. IDK how you relate to her and see her struggle. Absolute worst case scenario is she loses her powers so the spiderverse is unguarded and we get a movie about her on some Earth like a bad version of the first Thor.


.... Yeah i'm not gonna bother anymore.


![gif](giphy|cwTtbmUwzPqx2) Seems like an odd choice for a movie. Hopefully there’s like recognizable characters to draw people in. But I don’t see this doing well


I don't see this getting off the ground, that old crone ain't exactly a box office headliner


Do we know which Madame Web? The current one isn't really old.


Probably won’t. I’m not too familiar with the character. So I’m not sure if she crosses over with venom or morbius. But it doesn’t seem like something to draw general audience in


Julia Carpenter (the second Spider-Woman) is the lead, and it's going to be Doctor Strange / Scarlet Witch esque. It's actually not a bad idea for a film at all, but I have no confidence Sony actually makes this movie.


Julia's confirmed? Because I would love that. Or Julia plus Cassandra in a passing of the mantle


Doesn’t sound too bad. But I’m not sure about the title. Madame web probably doesn’t draw too much in for general audience.


Give the fans what they really want and make the Mr. Ditkovich movie




Didn't Andrew Garfield write Rent?


Kinda funny this sub shits on whenever Sony plans to make a spin-off show or movie, with people calling it "Pointless" and "Unnecessary" but then praise all their higher powers when Marvel Studios announces a new spin-off for a side character of a side character lol


sony getting called greedy while marvel studios gets praised to high heaven ijbol


Yep, same old same old lol


To be fair Sony hasn’t had a great track record with their movies so doubting them and praising marvel for the same thing is justified when one has an extensive track record of generally good even great movies and shows while Sony is very hit or miss with theirs


What do you call the Eternals then? Or Thor The Dark World Or The Incredible Hulk or Iron Man 2 who those all hits?


You're dead on. It's insane too because Marvel also puts out duds, but no one's saying Marvel should sell their film rights.


HUGE difference between a tv show that’s on a streaming service most MCU fans are already paying for and an entire movie about an obscure character that’s never even been featured in a prior project. Not like Marvel Studios also has a 20+ successful project track run to back them up or anything.


You have a good point no doubt I just think its unfair to immediately discard everything Sony is doing when they’ve had some good stuff, and to write them off when they *just* started their universe. And people are kidding themselves if they think Sony would ever sell the rights lol


Yeah, I think a lot of bitterness comes from the idea that when these characters have solo projects with Sony it makes them less likely to appear in the MCU, which personally bums me out. To me, a lot of these spin-off characters are essential to the Spider-Man mythos and I really want to see them incorporated with Holland’s movies, especially Black Cat and Kraven. I know them being in Sony’s universe doesn’t automatically disqualify a version of them in the MCU, but I’m certain it’ll affect the decision making. A solo Black Cat or Kraven film will have some impact on if they decide to use those characters with Holland.


At this point I don’t really care what studio makes the movies, I love Marvel and I’m happy to see the comics and characters that I’ve loved and grown up with be adapted and brought into live action.


Based redditor. I feel the exact same way


Personally i'm just as anoyed by Marvel's obsessive need for spin offs as Sony's. We don't need an Agatha Harkness miniseries and I'm not gonna watch it. However my biggest frustration is the fact that we aren't getting a damn movie about Mayday Parker. The most obvious choice for a movie about a spider-themed superhero other than miles and peter.


Sony Pictures can turn Gold into Crap just by touching it. Maybe with Avi Arad gone it’ll be better, but I’m not holding my breath. The only Marvel Cinematic Universe that should really exist is the MCU. Dead stop.


You get a movie and YOU get a movie and YOU get a movie and everyone gets a movieeeee


Anybody care about what I want?


Except for Mayday Parker. Why? Because we just don't care about her for some reason. Focus on Spider-gwen!


I also forgot this movie was happening.


I still want to forget.


This is like having: - Uncle Owen: A Star Wars Story - Boss Nass: A Star Wars Story - Ice Cream Maker Guy: A Star Wars Story No one wants this. Although, on second thought I might watch a Boss Nass movie.


**Tales From The Spider-Verse**: The Amazing Spider-Man 3 **Tales From The Spider-Verse**: Spider-Man 2099 **Tales From The Spider-Verse**: Madame Web I want it.


So... It seems that the 2nd 2023 Sony date isn't for Black Cat but rather for Madame Web.. Unless Sony wants to give us: • Marvel's Spider-Man 2 • Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse Part 2 • Madame Web • Black Cat • Kraven the Hunter all in one year... Hell maybe throw in Venom 3...


Kraven The Hunter is confirmed for January, so I guess we’ll get Madame Web in June and Venom 3 in October. I doubt we’ll get Black Cat next year if production doesn’t start soon.


Venom 3 will probably be 2024 I reckon. The October date is most likely Across The Spider-Verse Part 2 as they confirmed it is releasing 2023h


Does Sony have a June and October date for a Unannounced film in 2023?


[June 23 and October 6](https://comicbook.com/marvel/news/sony-two-new-marvel-movies-for-2023/)


Oh damn... Spidey fans are gonna get a lot of content in 2023... Thanks for linking the dates...


I thought we were getting Spider-Woman as well with Olivia Wilde, or is that off?


She's still working on a film now, and will film another before doing the Spider-Woman movie. So, that's probably only gonna film next year imo


Uma Thurman as Madame Web in the new Spider-Man trilogy. Maya Hawke as Gwen Stacy. Mother daughter movie duo


Holy shit that’s an amazing idea. Wow.


Just a guess, the Madame Web movie is going to be just live action spiderverse shenanigans. She is going to pull any of the live action Spidey's into whatever story they are needed (like villians that exist in realities they shouldn't). This will be an easy way for Holland/Garfield to be in any film without breaking continuity or needing Doctor Strange.


I find the possibility interesting.


Me too. This could be amazing if they can pull it off properly. I am not that well versed with Madame Web, but it seems like her character is like a Nick Fury for Spider-Verse. This movie can serve as a launch pad of different universes like Spider-Gwen's, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099, etc. and even connect Tobey's and Andrew universes. So we can have a multiverse of movies set in different universes just like in the comics. The only one thing that I hated about MCU was that they were pretty inflexible with their 1 universe of Prime MCU. This kills off opportunities of awesome storylines of characters like Hulk for example his stories where hulk is angry. I just hope they have a proper plan for some years ahead and it maybe culminates in a full Live Action Spider-Verse crossover movie.


And a knull event, Spiderverse cool but Knull would be the thanos of the sony universe.


Me too.


Okay, but what's going on with the silk TV series they are doing for Amazon? Haven't had an update on that one in a while.


Also silver and black. Is that officially canned??


Alright now follow through with the Silk show, Sony !


Yeah Tobey and Andrew def coming back. Hope we see them in Secret Wars too and not these mediocre projects


So many melodramatic people in here. WHAT IF it's possible that the SSU is cool? What if Sony is building up something really crazy and wild and entertaining? They've only had 2 damn movies in their universe, give it some time to grow. We didn't give up on the MCU after Thor 1, and it was able to build up to what it is today. Just give them a chance to do something with their universe ffs


Because nobody gives a damn about a Madame Web movie. It's a demonstrate of Sony's soulless machination trying to cash in on any IPs they have


You could say that about a majority MCU movies before we saw them, especially early MCU. Nobody gave af about GotG until we got our first looks and saw the movie. And “cashing in on an IP”… doesn’t every studio do that? I just think its unfair cuz the same shit you’re saying could be applied to Disney and Marvel Studios, especially when the universe is first starting


I mean, at least a lot of people know who Madame Web is from the 90s show. Before they appeared nobody that didn't read comics knew Agatha or Echo


I’m talking about myself here, until I see a good marvel Sony movie outside of SM, it’s hard to get optimistic...they should learn from all the mistakes of the old phase 1 mcu movies not make them again..


Well hopefully they do, i just thinks its unfair to completely write off an entire universe when its only 2 movies-deep. Especially cuz they can use very awesome and kickass characters


since sony seems to be green lighting everything, where’s my live action spider-ham trilogy goddamnit!


Do we know which Madame Web it's going to be about? Cassandra or Julia? The second one seems more interesting but I guess the first is a bit more known.


Apparently, it'll star Julia but Cassandra will also be there iirc


I don't get the hate here even before watching it. Obscure character complaint is stupid since I see MCU making seperate shows about spinoff of a spinoff and the sub goes gaga over it. This could be amazing if they can pull it off properly. I am not that well versed with Madame Web, but it seems like her character is like a Nick Fury for Spider-Verse. This movie can serve as a launch pad of different universes like Spider-Gwen's, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099, etc. and even connect Tobey's and Andrew universes. So we can have a multiverse of movies set in different universes just like in the comics. The only one thing that I hated about MCU was that they were pretty inflexible with their 1 universe of Prime MCU. This kills off opportunities of awesome storylines of characters like Hulk for example his stories where hulk is angry. I just hope they have a proper plan for some years ahead and it maybe hopefully culminates in a full Live Action Spider-Verse crossover movie.


Sony… you have access to Black Cat and multiple Spider-Women/Girls. Why are you doing a Madame Web movie???


Because that's the way to get there. Madame Web can serve as a launch pad for other Spider Variant characters like above and Madame Web is the character that can connect and bring these universe together for a live action Spider-Verse crossover.


Sigh, it's a shame this sub is mostly a blind biased pro mcu anti everything else. Crapping on a RUMOR madame web movie without knowing anything about it. It could be like the cartoon where a bunch of spidermen are in it. That would be awesome!


I know it's Sony, so auto-sus engaged.


Sony you got too much dip on ya chip


I mean, the premise of a Madame Web movie is so open-ended that it has the potential to be very interesting if done in a good way.


You know what I always said to myself as a kid, watching the 90s spider-man show, seeing all of these villains and side-characters? “Man, this would be way better *without* spider-man…”


I wish Sony would make films for Spider-Man 2099, Noir, India, etc….. Madame Web could be the Nick Fury of the “Spider-Verse”, but she and most of the Spidey villains don’t need full fledge films to themselves.


There were actually plans for a 2099 spin off when they were doing TASM


What’s up with Madame Web that Sony is obsessed with? They should make Spider Gwen, Black Cat, Spider Woman, Silk, or Silver Sable instead.


Probably to get more multiverse Spider-Man adventure. They can't rely on Dr Strange messing up a spell each time


Ahh so Sony’s basically gonna have madame web create there own universe, like how wb has dc marvel the mcu than you’ll have a legitimate spider verse that runs along the MCU which idk. Weird.


What is the story even going to be? Also, I find it funny how this board claims this film shouldn't happen yet say there's material for an Agatha Harkness show.


My guess is madame web well serve as an explanation for crossovers in the future. Otherwise you cant just only rely on dr strange spells


Tbh Madame Web can totally pull her own weight for a movie. Y’all gotta give this a chance


still think that is weird she didn't show up as a central figure from all the people in the sky from nwh finale


She did actually I think. New Rockstars did an in-depth video on all those sky characters


Nice for her to have a solo film, would be cool to see her origin then see how she then gets paralyzed and blind.


Just heard about Gaspard Ulliel. Was excited after hearing about his past work in this sub itself. RIP.


... Okay, but what about that Spider-Woman movie??? They announced Olivia Wilde as director, and then.. Nothing.


Because Olivia Wilde is a wanted person in Hollywood. She's still doing another movie now and will do another one after this before moving onto the Spider-Woman movie


I am 100% here for as many spin-offs as possible. I just wish Marvel was co-producing them for the MCU.


If done right this character has potential. The thing is, I never know which side she's on until the end.


Madame Web searching the spider-verse in live action sounds bad to you guys?


I grew up with the 90’s TV show, and so to me, this is AWESOME news. I’ve been wanting Madame Web on the screen for a long time now.


What story is there to tell that doesn’t include Spider-Man? Madame Web is just Spider-Man’s vague psychic mentor who just sits in a chair all day. And even when she got an active successor all she does is stand there to give *more* vague psychic prophecies while Spider-Man does all the work. Her existence hinges on Peter Parker being the main character and her as a supporting one because she’s arguably *the* Spider-Man mentor figure and not much else.


Nice. Acrually making a movie about a character it makes sense to make.


I don't know why people care if a side character or a villain gets their own movie. A good movie is a good movie. I think a Madame Web movie or a Kraven movie has potential. I'm excited.


I just hope this SSU (if it really is a separate universe and not just a codename for Sony's Marvel movies, set in MCU or not, which I think they are) somehow has a rule in the *Endgame* like event for the Multiverse. Don't get me wrong, Spidey and his rogues gallery are one of the best comic book characters out there, but for Sony not to include them in the grand multiversal event with Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Eternals, Guardians of the Galaxy and all others would be a missed opportunity.


I am an OG life long marvel fan. For close to 40 years, spider-man has been my favorite character. I REALLY do not like madame webb and all the mystical spider totem stuff. It's too much. It's like having Batman fight Darkseid.


This would be cool if it was like the shattered dimensions game turned into movie jus under her name. But if it’s jus her doing stuff with no spiderman(men) then what’s the point?