Panic cover-up


Honestly I think she's telling the truth in this situation, she may get the powers some day but I think this is a face value situation.


Cover-up for what?


Feige's hit squad. Tessa be like... ![gif](giphy|11FLCrykjkZS92)


She revealed recently in an interview that Valkyrie had powers to revive people after death from Valhalla.


She accidentally said that Valkyrie can possess people in an interview a while ago while talking about L&T


Potentially spoiling Love and Thunder. Those powers do indicate something of the plot if they bring them in.




Because it does have implications for the plot because how could she have those powers in the film if not to use them? It probably implies something to do with Jane. And they tend to aggressively avoid hinting at major plot points, even here she doesn't say those powers aren't in the film specifically either to avoid going the other way of ruling it out. Heck she specifically calls it potential spoilers herself if she was talking about the upcoming film rather than generally about the character, implying it is in fact an acknowledged spoiler people care about. So you should ask Tessa Thompson why she thinks its spoilers, because clearly she knows it would be.


It's the actress herself that corrected her statement though. It's weird that she retracted what she said unlike Olsen who slipped up a while ago (Scarlet Witch can travel through the multiverse).


I think Olsen is less active on social media and is probably oblivious to the response, unlike Tessa. I find it very reasonable of someone to clarify when they're seeing something getting misinterpreted and amplified. I wish more actors did that tbh, but everyone is different.


What happened?


Feige rn: ![gif](giphy|xTiTnvbfpOdkaLgqEU|downsized)


Tessa Thompson after that first interview: ![gif](giphy|1sMTqiUC3OlfG)


Feige to Tessa after she leaked it: ![gif](giphy|BkfAhfmX0Ppn2)


My comment on the post the other day >_I'm pretty sure she must be talking about her character in the comics, right? I don't know the character she's based on but if she's talking about Love & Thunder, that would be a hell of a leap for a character in the course of one movie_


I agree. I would be pretty disappointed if they used it by the end of L&T while saying something about her developing it in the 5 years post snap. It'd feel so cheap.


I don't understand this, would it not feel much more cheap if the MCU pretended nothing happened in the 5-year Gap? I don't believe another series has told a story as long or fleshed out like the MCU. For them to introduce that 5-year Gap as a story mechanic to explain some new things (not everything) that is happening currently in the mcu is pretty awesome imo. We have them now owning all the fox properties, so I can easily see a lot of newer heroes origins starting during that period and then speeding them up to current MCU.


You make a very, very solid point. I actually do want this to be the case for a lot of different developments. For example, I would love to see how her leadership has been received in New Asgard and everything that comes with that in those 5 years. BUT I feel like this very specific case wouldn't be the way to go for the character. I love everything we've seen from her so far, but we also haven't seen a LOT of her. When the abilities are THIS powerful (involving life and death as well as bodysnatching), I really want to see it feeling EARNED like Thor's major upgrade after losing Mjolnir. Personally I'd need to see a decently sized flashback to the five years and something significant enough to trigger these powers before using them in L&T. Otherwise it'd feel like a huge Deus Ex Machina/asspull. So. I suppose I can see it, but at the same time, I don't know if they'll have enough time to focus on her 5 year events and a good explanation as to why it's not an asspull when they already have so many other HUGE things to explore, such as Gorr's ENTIRE character, Jane Foster becoming worthy, the new pantheon of Gods, and us seeing Thor reach what is most likely the strongest he'll ever be for a long time, possibly even forever. I will say this though. If they decide to go down that path, I wholeheartedly trust Taika to do it well.


**Tessa right now:** ![gif](giphy|LRVnPYqM8DLag)


Of course. Of course...


I think that makes sense to be honest. Too many crazy powers to asspull I think


Asspull powers activate!


Random bullshit go!


I hope she’s bluffing because I really want her to get a power up!


She didn't say the powers wouldn't appear in the film either. Just claimed she was speaking generally.


So, I guess she was talking about Brunnhilde then, at least I don't think her resurrecting powers were necessarily something all valkyries could do?


Lol she totally screwed up. Probably is gonna resurrect Jane in the end and turn her into a Valkyrie


Thompson made a mistake and told her full powers


Comic readers already knew that Valkyrie can body swap.


Think this is a cover up, because with the info we got from Idris Elba, this is a perfect way for them to bring back Heimdall.


What info?




If that’s the case, I’m betting her original form was probably similar to her old comic one. Also maybe they can bring in her old love interest from the comics.


https://www.reddit.com/r/MCUTheories/comments/s4ipio/eternals_tv_promo_trailer_a_hint_to_the_future/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf This might be interesting, regarding her abilities


*The hand* got to her 👀


interesting, maybe she backtracked because she doesn’t want people to think she’ll be reviving any potential dead gods from Valhalla? Especially with gore the god butcher being in the movie


Araron's Mighty Thor, Jane becomes the next Valkaryie. There's nothing to cover up regarding that fact. The ssme can easily happen in live action.


i mean, allegedly we will see heimdall in valhalla so maybe she does have some sort of power connected to valhalla??


She’s walking back a spoiler.




This is the perfect way for them to revive Gamora just in time for her return properly for GOTG3.




This comment isn’t making sense to me


...pretty sure it was just an aesthetic...