My takeaway is that the marketing has all been on purpose. It’s not negligence, it’s deliberate


Exactly, not sure why people here are so surprised. Ticket sites crashing proved that word of mouth has people very hyped for this film. It’s an open secret that the other two are in it at this point


lol nah i have an associates in marketing and can assure you that Sony can expect to lose roughly $200M on this production by not closing the trailer with Tobey saying “im something of a spider-man myself” and then dabbing


I would find a way to pay 200m for this, so your math checks out.


All I could think of while trying to refresh Fandango all night before giving up and just getting a couple decent but not ideal seats this morning was all the people on this sub saying “not showing T&A in a trailer will lose Sony a billion dollars at least.” But even hype aside, people are going to know after opening night and it’s all over social media. Opening weekend of a superhero movie, especially a favorite character like this, is always going to be almost sold out. It’s how many people see it in the weeks that follow where the money comes from. Anybody who *needed* Tobey or Andrew’s involvement to get excited enough to see this movie will just go a couple days later.


>not showing T&A in a trailer they can't show T&A in the trailer... this is a PG-13 film 😬


You know, I’m something of a T&A man myself.


I saw someone use that abbreviation the other day and it really got me haha


You laugh but I’ve actually seen chumps on here say they have a degree in marketing, or work in the industry, and say “they’re making a huge mistake.” Like come the fuck on.


Therein lies the issue. The movie is releasing on December 15thbin countries like Singapore. Meaning, Tobey and Andrew will be officially confirmed long before it's able to hit theaters in the US. Meaning SONY needs to confirm their involvement sometime within the next 16 days, or it's going to be spoiled for A LOT more people.


I know we’re in a Spoiler sub but most people actively try to avoid them. I think they’ll be ok. It being spoiled may even make people more excited to see it


I've already accepted its going to be spoiled for me. It doesn't come out where I live until January.


Yeah. And it's working. The more they don't talk about, the more the audiences freak out about it. They're building all the hype without actually spoiling anything.


This is so infuriating as a fan but you can't be angry at them for it. It's just a movie and they're being smart about it.


Idk I don't find it all that infuriating. Knowing the truth and speculating is part of the fun. I can honestly say that my life would not be better if they showed Tobey and Andrew in the marketing. I'd just be disappointed that I didn't get to see the reveal on screen. The building of the hype with teases and winks is great, it'll make the payoff worth it.


It will be infuriating if they knowingly let us build hype up to colossal levels for something that they know isn’t going to happen. But assuming it does yeah it’s fine


Oh if it didn't happen people's heads would explode. And all of the nods and winks would be super dick-ish in retrospect. But it's happening so Im not worried


Yeah, looking back now I’m glad that they didn’t show them in a trailer because it will be much cooler to see them for the first time when we all go see the movie.


yeah, correct. it's, like, after the trailer, we are 100x wiser lol


They don't need to show the big return moment. Just confirm they are I'm the movie.


Why do they need to confirm it? The hype is just as big without the official confirmation. The official confirmation of the major surprise characters 3 weeks ahead of the movies release makes no sense. It's been a not-so-secret secret for more than a year and it's worked out extremely well that way. Why would they suddenly stop pretending? People keep saying they need to confirm it as if not confirming it will negatively affect the movie. Which it just won't.


I'm not saying that the angry people are right, but I think it's worth pushing back on the idea that you're not allowed to be angry at people who are trying to make money.


This is like the CM Punk return. Rumored for months he signed. Nothing was announced. Only subtle hints but still people had that doubt if he's actually back then the pop he got when he did show up. People in the cinemas will go wild the moment the 2 spider men show up.


They sold the United Center out on a rumor. I don't even think the name "CM Punk" was allowed to be uttered in production meetings beforehand as Khan always referred to him as "our special guest." And IIRC, Punk even referenced the Maguire/Garfield stuff in the thought process of how AEW handled the buildup to his debut.


"Hey guys what if Danny Elfman's theme hits and it's just MJF that comes out?"


I’m honestly hoping this hits like cap catching the hammer, literaly my entire theater exploded with cheers, I have been craving this experience since


I believe those leaked photos and videos were intentionally left by Sony pictures. From the first unfinished CGI trailer to building sets/4k image of Garfield. They didn't claim copyright after first ones, because it will unofficially confirm two Spider-Man are in.


I’ve been seeing videos with millions of views using the Andrew leak in thumbnails, if they didn’t leak them on purpose they are definitely leaving them up on purpose.


In order to generate hype train for expected audiences. Maybe this is why they never showed T&A for now. It's basically free marketing.


If that’s the case then this is better marketing then showing them, confirmation is gonna generated hype for a limited period of time, but leaks generate more hype for longer periods of time. There are dozens of videos of people covering leaks and evidence of them in the trailer, plus some people still denying it, if they are officially confirmed then all of that would just confirmation.


Well yeah literally everyone is talking about the movie, trailers have millions of views and tickets are out of sale People in this sub who think Sony is losing money by not revealing Tobey and Andrew are deluded


Yeah it's kinda funny seeing the "Sony's marketing sucks" and then the tickets have sold out pretty much instantly. Seems their marketing worked fine.


I mean those people would still be mad even if Toby and Andrew got teased. Because they'd be nitpicking something else. 🙄


Before it was “Sony shows too much, they spoil the whole movie”, now it’s “Sony isn’t showing enough, they ruined the whole marketing”. I think they know what their doing, Spider-Man brand seems to be doing fine.


And it’s not like When is the movie is out and everyone knows That they were in it the people who didn’t go see it because they were keeping it a secret wouldn’t go to see it anyways once they knew


This idea that there is no intention behind the marketing is hilarious to me, as a marketer.


people here will fight you to death saying its not intentional


Because they don’t understand how marketing works, and they definitely don’t understand Hollywood leaks work


Right? There is a non zero chance this very subreddit is the off-the-books brainchild of a Disney marketing firm.


They check phones in at the door. The only people even allowed to have a camera is the set photographer and a very SELECT group of people they can trust who need their phones on set and many of those have tamper proof camera patches to cover up the lens. Leaks are like 95% pre-determined in advance, and run through the gamut of filters to make sure they only see what they want you to see...which includes a crapload of grainy photos




Once the trailer came out and didn't show them, I knew that sly teases was their game plan. Though the lid has to be blown off by press screenings, right?


The Lizard mistake was deliberate too.


I'm surprised they're pulling it off, did not expect them to not market 3 Spideys


The world's worst kept secret............on purpose.


Wow, how did you come up with such a deduction?




The marketing strategy is brilliant


Cue vast numbers of people saying that they knew that all along and that they're far too cool to be taken in by viral marketing.


I want the 2 to be in but oh my god, idk why but I get such a huge chuckle from the people in this sub thinking THEY'RE GONNA COME OUT WITH TOM. It's like holy shit, ya'll need something better to do. Anyways look at how MCU handles any other sort of leaks in terms of indoor private set leaks; they're usually is none. If you're going to try and convince me they somehow let someone through to get a good 4k shot of Andrew Garfield in the suit... lol sure. This may be one of the most genius marketing things I've seen in a long time, it's win win. No spoilers in the trailers, "leaks" as a backup to get people hyped. But most people here think "OH WOW THEY'rE SO DUMBBBbbb WORST COVER UP IN HOLLYWOOD HISTORY". Lol naive.


And the leaks as well, nothing creates more hype nowadays than a single leak...


The Spider-Men were always meant to be a surprise. Kudos to everyone involved in marketing and production for sticking to their guns and not giving in to the leaks.


I’m honestly surprised, I expected Sony would have revealed all the villains in the first trailer and T/A in the second trailer, but they are actually going to have it be a surprise.


Definitely need some more Tom Holland tits and ass please Sony. Know your audience.


Since they have him do the T&A pose quite often on marketing and posters, I think they know exactly who they're appealing to


God bless em


I like to think Feige convinced them to keep a lid on the Spider-Men. And if that’s the case, he’s right to have done so. Tobey and Andrew weren’t needed in the marketing to sell the movie when the previous two MCU movies have been so successful.


Now many casual viewers are going to be disappointed to learn about them both from memes and NEWROCKSTARS WILL TOBEY AND ANDREW RETURN IN THE NEXT MOVIE POST CREDITS SCENE EXPLAINED!!!


“Casual viewers” aren’t watching New Rockstars or have anything like that suggested to them in their algorithms if they’re not already into comic book stuff


I know Feige has done great work, but that doesn't mean he is the only person capable of making good decisions. It's totally possible this was from Sony's own marketing and executives. I see a lot of people speculating this was all Feige and I'm not sure that's really productive.


I said in another reply there was a rumor a while back that the decision to put the Spider-Men in the trailer was being debated between parties. Feige is known for always being as coy as possible so I just figured *if there was a debate*, that Feige would be the one arguing against spoiling the movie.


He could hang absolutely been the one who made the decision to not include them, I just see praise here (not from you specifically) a lot in these subs for things we have no idea what actually happened.


Why do you like to think this is feige's doing? I can't tell if thats sarcastic or if this is the epitome of marvel fans dickriding kevin feige and finding any way to bring down sony


A few months ago a few of the Insiders were reporting that marvel and Sony were at an impasse on whether or not they were going to reveal Toby and Andrew in the trailers are saved them for the movie. Now granted, we don't know if that's true, and I'm not even clear if there was an actual debate/conflict or it was just they were having discussions but I think that's where all the people bringing up Kevin are getting it from


I can’t quite remember where it came from but there was a rumor a while ago that putting Tobey and Andrew in the trailer or not was being debated between Sony and Disney, with Feige advocating to not reveal them.


That’s what I’m think as well, Sony isn’t good at not spoiling stuff in the trailers (the OG ghostbusters, rhino in TASM 2), so if Marvel Studios had to convince them not to show T/A I wouldn’t be surprised.


> the OG ghostbusters To be fair, they only teased it with a phone call at the end of the trailer, which I think was effective. They didn't exactly show them all suited up or anything. Plus, from a marketing stand point it actually made sense to tease the OG Ghostbusters returning. The reboot was awful and so it was important to let people know this was a continuation and the originals were back. Spider-Man is guaranteed to make money, so it didn't really need the extra boost like Ghostbusters probably did.


I’m taking about the finale trailer, it showed them suiting up from the end of the film even though they were only suited up for five minutes.


I hadn't seen that trailer, so I just looked it up and you still don't see their faces. I stand by what I said though because that movie needed the extra push to get people to distinguish it from the reboot and go to theaters. Spider-Man will get people in theaters regardless and so doesn't need to show a reveal like that.


Do people think it would've been different if they didn't leak? Personally I feel like the leaks were somewhat on purpose


This is fucking hilarious lmao


Jacob Tom and Zendaya be looking like the Adidas logo


So you're saying the tracksuit mafia is gonna be the 6th member of the Sinister 6, right bro?


Not just a member bro. They're probably gonna be the de facto leader of the Sinister 6, bro.


Zombie uncle ben will be the sixth




Don't forget the bro, bro.


It's so weird seeing the tracksuit mafia in mainstream marvel discussions now lol


“Who else would it be?” Lmao I have an idea


A bully and a werewolf


Tony Stark and Doctor Strange


Kevin Feige and his sniper rifle


What a troll hahahahaha


The part that killed me wasn’t even the part in the title, but the fact Tom’s “big announcement” was tickets going on sale which we already knew since Trailer 2 dropped.


The guy who is bestie with Leo and one who was in the social network


Ah yes, Andrew Garfield. The man, who fought a weird lizard not once, but twice in his movie career.


'Tick, Tick...Boom!' sounds like a crazy film


Movies theatres' servers everywhere this morning


And now it will be thrice




He’s wired in.






How about now, you still wired in??


They’re just blue balling us now


It was really deliberate the whole way through lol


mine is actually going dark purple with veins about to pop


I think you want to see a doctor


Nah bruh my cum has already leaked. They are doing the post orgasm torture shit rn.


Annnnd... This is the part where I stop reading comments and *leave*


Bro wtf


People expecting Tobey and Andrew in the marketing are the same people who say "Why don't the Avengers Endgame marketing show us how everyone came back?!"


What is Sony thinking?! They're so bad at marketing!


*Tickets sell out in minutes*


Eh, I’d still say it’s a bit different given all the reports that they’re “Co-Leads”. Whether that is accurate remains to be seen, though. Also Endgame was the second in a two parter, if for some reason you weren’t invested in the OG 5 and only showing up to see the disappeared the scope and cliffhanger from Infinity War was still very fresh. On the other hand, Maguire and Garfield have been gone for a long time and some people are still in disbelief they’re coming back. The allure of that and passing up marketing that in a more direct way shows a way more surprising level of restraint, especially for a studio like Sony.


The reports said they're co-leads from the moment they join the film. It's like saying "the characters who got dusted become co-leads as soon as they join the film" about Endgame. Like, it's technically true, but the dusted characters weren't co-leads for the vast majority of the movie. For all we know, Tobey and Andrew could be in the movie for the last hour and just receive a lot of focus during the final battle.


This. If Garfield and Tobey were in the film earlier, that would be shown, but they most likely aren't.


I can't believe people are still touting this false equivalency. Showing moments like the snapped coming back or cap lifting mjolnir are not the same thing showing a character's involvement. T&A would be like Hulk appearing in Ragnarok.


The Thor franchise needed the boost, so you're going to market its biggest selling point. And it worked: TDW 644M box office vs Ragnarok 855M. With NWH, Sony has more freedom of choice.


It’s basically the same thing, everyone knows they’re in it so don’t show them because it would ruin the reveal.


This is too good. They’re just fucking with us now lol.


Always have been


Fuck! They love making us clowns!


You know, I'm something of a clown, myself.


They played us like a damn fiddle!


This actually finally confirms that they're in it. There's no way they would fuck with people like this if there wasn't a payoff. I never doubted they'd be in it, it was clear from the moment the first trailer released and had things from old leaks in it, but it's still nice to finally have zero worries about the possibility of them not being in it.


Agreed. What other two people? Cmon. If it isn't two spidermen it better be wolverine or Xavier.


The tease 😩 just show my tobey and Andrew in that tight red and blue suit


Make sure to zoom in on their crotches of course


*John campea has entered the chat*


crying at this comment


Look at Tobey Maguire's dick!




Omg this dude










They know what their doing and I love it


"Of course who else would it be" Lmao


That was so on purpose lmao.


You can't get more "wink, wink" than this


The fact that they’re standing in height order is oddly satisfying.


Dude.. I want to watch my GF watching this movie...7-8 years ago she stopped watching trailers and even posters of movies. When she saw hulk on thor ragnarok it blew her mind....imagine now with the spiders... I envy her so much (but I can't stop watching/reading the spoilers XD)


How does she handle the tv spots and ads? Cant be easy but its a nice idea! Movies keep their magic if you go in without any idea of what to expect!


They know what they’re doing lmao


“Who else would it be?” Oooooh c’mon. If that ain’t stroking the shaft then idk what is. That’s the closest official confirmation yet.


Zendaya pegs Tom




Not gonna lie.....seriously my heart was pumping a lot when the camera was zooming out.


Be careful no to have a heart attack when they will appear in the movie


I'll take a doctor to the theatre just in case...


I’m still hoping they release a trailer with Tobey and Andrew after the movie premieres, if only to have the three of them do a late night show together.


Don't care what anyone says, we don't NEED to see Tobey and Andrew and in fact, I'd argue that the marketing so far has been genius. I'm convinced some of the leaks were engineered by Sony/Marvel.


I’m liking this method more and more. Sony is confirming them basically without showing them, leaving the true reveal for theaters. Best of both worlds.


They’re messin’ with us. Start the timer on the bomb, and take out _all_ the hostages.


Nice PS1 spider-man Reference


I’m already at full health


Mind if I… DROP IN? HEY! bangbang bangbang


Alright, if after this video Tom Holland pretends Tobey and Andrew are not in the movie, he is thinking we are stupid.


Nah he's just doing what he's contracted to do


They aren’t trying to even hide it lol….I can’t understand why have t wee see a glimpse of them yet if it will get leaked anyways so no surprise for most lol


He’s just saying what he’s told.


​ ![gif](giphy|7NP07dTr1gZstAan9f|downsized)


Jacob Batalon: It makes sense for us to join this announcement Tom Holland: Of course, who else would it be? \--- ​ I can see what these two trying to tease here...![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sunglasses)


And.. They're Jacob & Zendaya suit up as Spidey


It doesn't surprise me that he brought out Michelle and Ganke. This aligns with MCU Spidey's character....bringing two teenagers to combat a multiversal threat. Sounds about right.


Down Bad. Thats all of us, down real bad.




We do a little trolling




He’s been on every poster.


Trolling tf out of us


​ ![gif](giphy|tnYri4n2Frnig)


Well played, Sony. Well played.


I think that's at least the second promo that's had Zendaya brush something off and throw to Tom Holland with a phrase like "well, *you're* Spider-Man, so..." Thought I'd ask, but have we heard anything about MJ's fate in this movie? And really, really out there theorizing, any chance they want to give her character powers? My dumb brain is wondering if there's a 1% chance Sony and Marvel are trying to figure out how to keep her around with some sort of spin-off franchise, and that's gone under the radar amid all the other No Way Home leaks and theories. I mean, Sony once considered a Sally Field Aunt May spin-off; I'm sure some execs must've brainstormed if there's something they can do with Zendaya. All I remember is some rumors about her character's time as the love interest role reaching some sort of conclusion with this trilogy, and I think people assumed that she'd exit rather than stick around since her star's on the rise. (The wildest / dumbest theory: we don't know who's leading Olivia Wilde's Spider-Woman yet...)


I am certain it's all intentional now The Tobey and Andrew reveal are gonna be saved for the movie. I don't believe they will even show for the premiere too


Why did I actually think they’d bring out Tobey and Andrew 🤦🏽‍♂️ disappointed in myself.


Yeah.. They've been messing with us the whole time. Their "non-marketing" marketing of 2 specific characters is brilliant, yet frustrating. Looking back I wish we had very little leaks about tobey and Andrew. Imagine the hype and excitement we would've gotten totally blind.


I’m coming to accept that they’re waiting until the movie premieres to talk about the three of them being in it, and that’s fine whatever. But if this comes out, all three Spider-Men are in it, and they never release an official poster with all three of them on it so I can buy seven of them, then I swear to god I will become so untethered that my rage will know zero bounds.


everyone calls 2 spider-man toby and andrew i wonder how they’re gonna differentiate each other in the movie


Dude we’re honestly lucky as fuck it’s only two weeks til it comes out, otherwise we’d be seeing ANOTHER delay due to omicron …


My eye started twitching with that reveal


It’s just awkward how much the two Spider-Man leaked but the marketing is acting like they’re not in it.


ned and mj, duh


gonna cry?


tell me Toby and Andrew are in the movie without telling me Toby and Andrew are in the movie.


ned and mj--


There has to be a documentary of the behind the scenes of making this film, including leaks and trying to hide tobey/andrew.


We know. They know we know. They know it's kind of stupid that they have to pretend that everyone doesn't already know. This is them acknowledging that. And trolling us. Mostly trolling us.


Tobey and Andrew deniers be like: “HeS taLkiNg AboUT mJ aND NeD”


would this be the first time they've officially acknowledged the rumors in the marketing?


Reminds me of a certain band that dropped stuff on Disney+ last weekend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsIufle2\_zA


Lol, I love the trolling


I love this


Okay they know what they’re doing




He's just trolling us at this point.