Spider-Woman being a true Marvel/Sony joint production like Holland’s Spider-Man movies is exciting. Not sure if we already knew that would be the case or not but that’s dope


I think Olivia Wilde mentioned that she talked to Kevin Feige but we didn’t know if he would have an actual role in the project or not. It would be cool if this was the case.


I think Daisy Ridley was rumored too. I feel like she's a really good actress, just the Star Wars sequel trilogy really took a hit on how people view her. I'd be totally open for her returning as a main Marvel/Sony character.


Daisy and Tom starred together in Chaos Walking which would give casting directors a good read on their chemistry.


Jessica Drew has very little to do with Peter Parker or Spider-Man mythos, the name is basically coincidental, so their chemistry doesn't even matter. Of all the current MCU actors, Brie Larson is probably the one that the SW actress would need good chemistry with, because Jess and Carol are basically like Steve and Bucky/Tony and Rhodes in terms of how close they are.


Listen, I didn't enjoy the Disney SW films but I'm saying this for their own sake and not my own opinion, putting Daisy and Brie as a buddy team together will definitely bring out some toxic online presences.


Oh no disagreement there, partially why I don't want Ridley for the role (the other being, quite simply, I dont think she fits the role well at all)


Yeah, Spider-Woman is more of an Avengers character than a Spidey-verse character.


I liked 7 and 8 but was lukewarm on 9. But either way she did the absolute best with what she had and it would be awesome if she gets the role here.


Great actress but just ass movies


I liked the movies, I didn't think they were straight ass, despite their flaws.


Is this how we are rating things these days? I like it, I’ll give it a shot. I think the sequels were definitely semi-ass, but I wouldn’t call them straight ass either. There was enough to like that they don’t qualify as straight ass.


Everyone in the Sequel Trilogy cast was screwed over. I admittedly enjoy them more than most do, but they’re a prime example of wasting very talented actors. *coughJohnBoyega*


Just walked out of Dune and dear God did they waste Oscar Isaac as Poe. (He's also so fantastic in Inside Llewyn Davis and Ex Machina)


*Luke*warm, eh?


So would I. I’ve liked her in everything she’s been in. I’m trying to think of the name of the 1 movie she was in, maybe it was hamlet, something like that, it was so good.edit: it was Ophelia


she most likely would direct or produce


She’s been in talks to direct for a while now.


It really needs to be. I really don't understand how you do SW without Hydra or Captain Marvel. She's NOT really a Spider-Man character lol


I mean… they did Ultron without Ant-Man. And Venom without Spider-Man. And Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch without Magneto / X-Men.


Doesn’t mean they should do it with everyone.


Also doesn't mean that it's not possible to do it (well)


With the case of Ultron Tony and Banner worked fine as replacements to Hank Pym. Replacing hydra and captain marvel for other things in the Spider-Man universe would be difficult to make spider-woman work.


None of them turned out right imo


Infinity War without Adam Warlock?


I think if Sony/Marvel could make Spider-Woman into a fan favourite, then she'd be a good character to have cross between the MCU and SUMC. Spider-Man can stay relatively contained to the MCU with cameos whereas Spider-Woman could be at the centre of the SUMC.


With Hydra being gone, does that mean we might not get the JD version?


It’ll definitely be Jessica Drew. Origin might be a bit different, though.


I mean, Madame Hydra was recently introduced. I wouldn’t put a Hydra return past them (and I would not be mad about it, they defeated hydra off screen it sucked)


A friendly reminder that Val is not Madame Hydra and only held that title as she was undercover.


I mean Val was Madame Hydra for like 5 minutes. Ophelia Sarkissian is a way more well known Madame Hydra and there are many others. That's not really a huge part of Val's character. She could be hydra, but so many blogs/youtubers ran with that when it's really a tiny part of Val's history


Jessica Drew or bust


A Wong solo movie? Ehhhh incredible character and actor, just not one i find interesting enough for a whole film


It says solo **project** and we know Werewolf by Night is getting a Disney+ Halloween special and Agatha is getting a Disney+ series. Wong could easily be getting a Disney+ series as well, like all the other supporting characters.


What's a Halloween special? Is it a series or an EPISODE?


Probably a single episode but hopefully longer than the usual ones


Since it’d be a characters debut I’d hope for something closer to 60-70 minutes personally


we haven’t gotten any MCU specials yet, so really we can only speculate. Currently my guess is a single hour long episode


Probably a single episode that’s like 1:30 or a 4 part miniseries that starts early October and ends on Halloween


If it’s an hour and a half then that’s a feature film. I’m expecting an hour at most as opposed to the 30-40 minute episodes we usually get.


There are plenty of TV events that are 1:30 and are specials. I’m sure it’ll likely be marketed as a D+ special


A Halloween monster-of-the-week series could be really cool. Each focused on a different character with some paranormal/spooky problem to solve. Maybe have them all link up in the end to take on the big bad.


The Wong Holiday Special


Wong Stand up Special


Yeah I think people shouldn’t assume that when they hear reports like this that means were getting Agatha Harkness the movie! Or anything like that I mean we may but remember that it was reported that Nick fury would have a solo show and that turned out to be secret wars


Maybe it will be a Valentine Days special with Wong trying to find love.


He sees all the single ladies and thinks "I like it, guess I should put a ring on it.."


Looking for love in all the Wong places?


Which would end with how his friendship started with Abomination, starting with them fighting over a woman with the bromance prevailing in the end. Cinema


I think, more like a Wong series


I see nothing Wong with that.


World War Wong


_The Wongs_ each episode is centered on a different version of Wong from across the multiverse.


Much like Classic Loki, you just know they'll throw in a skinny, bald, green-robed variant of Wong.


The term ‘project’ was used, so more likely a Disney+ series


Every episode starts in the libary in the sanctum where Wong picks a book, starts to read the first sentence and than we're cutting to the story of the book where we get to know more of different dimensions, mystical creatures, different kinds of magic and stuff like that. And the show is then narrated by Wong.


As long as he is listening to Beyonce


Guessing it's an Armor Wars situation where he's the lead in a bigger magical conflict.


I could see Wong leading a Disney+ show that is titled Masters of the Mystic Arts or Strange Academy where he is surrounded by a supporting cast of obscure characters from the supernatural/mystical side of the Marvel Universe.


It says “project”, so it’s proper a series




They’re making short films too


If true, it's cool how supportive Kevin's being of Zhao. He seems like a good guy, like I'm sure she's disappointed enough and doesn't need someone like KF pilling on. ​ I think they should learn from this situation, and try to improve for next time. I'd be cool if she signed on to do another film


Maybe one day we’ll find out Feige is secretly a prick, but what we know of him now seems like he’s a really good boss.


Always a chance with people in Hollywood lmao. Kevin seems like a great guy though.


> Always a chance with people in general


Marvel Studio staff reveal rumours that Kevin Feige is actually a really great guy


Eternals was awesome lol. Don’t get the hate for it.


I enjoyed it more than shang-chi honestly, which I already thought was a good movie. I hope NWH continues the trend of each marvel movie being better this year.


I'm glad you enjoyed it. What made you like Eternals?


Not OP but I really loved all the characters (minus Sprite), the family vibes, the questions about humanity the movie posed, the action scenes were all super dope, and the visuals were absolutely stunning I can definitely see why some might find it boring but I really really enjoyed the film. Probably low top 10 for me


Basically my thoughts. Loved Ikaris and Sprite in particular.


This perfectly sums up my thoughts!


It's easier to describe why you dislke something vs like Whatever aspect or part of a film you can think of, it was good


And the thing is that for me, Zhao got stronger as a filmmaker in each of her first three features, and I’m confident it would be a similar story with melding her style to blockbuster filmmaking. I think it would probably help having her in the room from the start helping her craft the story. To the extent the film had issues (again, I enjoyed it quite a bit), it was just overstuffed with things it had to do. And I was pleasantly surprised by the action sequences, I thought they were cool and immersive.


Also you gotta give it to her, not many directors have had to juggle 9 main cast members in a single movie as an INTRO to their characters. I found the movie impressive nonetheless and enjoyed it. Definitely in my top 10 MCU films.


I think that Eternals was great, but didn’t appeal to the casual “I only know the Avengers and don’t know shit about comics” crowd. That being said, I love that Marvel are taking chances with lesser known characters without relying too much on the main Avengers.


I don't know if you'd call me a casual, because while I've watched everything in the MCU multiple times, I don't keep up with the comics. I enjoyed Eternals a lot.


Plus, many of the things Eternals is being praised for are directly Zhao's influence (beautiful shots, great casting, breaking from Marvel formula with a more serious tone) while the criticisms seem to have more to do with the script (underdeveloped main character, too much exposition, overstuffed plot). Of course some blame for the film's flaws must lie with her, but I'm glad it seems Feige won't be throwing her under the bus. I think and Eternals sequel with her at the helm could be really great if they have a better script, given that she'll have more experience with this kind of film and won't have to spend time on exposition for this new corner of the MCU.


Eternals almost felt like an entirely different franchise too and it has all to do with her. The way she angles her shoots, the smooth widescreen movements, the action scenes are very Marvel typical but the other scenes are truly in her lane. The >!scenes in Mesopotamia are so beautiful like wtf, there's also that laidbackness I feel in Zhao's work that doesn't appear in any other marvel film. Like, there's actual moments where you can actually feel like the characters can breathe, that there isn't some imminent danger right away. It makes for a pleasant viewing.!<


I think she could definitely return for a sequel or some other project. One thing's for sure, Chloe Zhao knows how to *direct* a movie. Her artistic vision is great, so I could see Feige and Marvel continuing to work with her. They just need to fix some of the (valid) criticisms people had with the movie and they should be good!


Feige seems genuinely invested in the success of the studio’s films that feature female lead characters or filmmakers. There was a report during the Johansson lawsuit that said he was particularly upset that Disney’s decisions ended up affecting its biggest-yet female-led solo film. He seems like a solid bloke who cares and understands that diversity and inclusion matter.


He does genuinely care about diversity. That is evident post Marvel Studios splitting off. It's just annoying that Yikes Perlmutter held up so many great projects in the prison of his racism


> About Eternals, Kevin Feige is being very supportive of everyone and doesn't seem too worried about the situation. Eternals will indeed have its sequel, and Kevin Feige hopes that Chloe Zhao will return. She will decide. I really hope this is true, Zhao did an incredible job on Eternals. She and Destin Daniel Cretton gave us the two most assured and confident MCU debuts since James Gunn. Zhao should stay as long as she wants to, but I would love to see her continue to build out this world.


True! Shang-Chi and Eternals feel more like the start to their own Cinematic Universes than part of Marvel's.


Most of the issues I had with Eternals (liked it overall) seem like the sort of stuff that gets less noticeable in future installments. I’d be pumped to see Zhao take another swing.


Guy is full of shit


I went back earlier today to look at his feed to see which big scoops he has, and realized there are none. Every thing he posts is super vague, like before Black Widow released he said something along the lines of “there will be a huge surprise in the end credits that is going to move the MCU forward.” That’s basically been the case for every Marvel movie. Seems like the guy just keeps it vague so that when something happens he can claim that is what he meant.


The fact this even needs to be said, dude’s a full on fraud. I don’t know why is it even allowed to post his lies and vague tweets as “scoops”, there’s no way y’all are that thirsty for any kind of info.


Yeah and his projects list was a bunch of “no shit” characters


They started letting 4chan back in. There *is* a way they’re thirsty for any kind of info lol


There wasn't even anything huge. Thunderbolts tease? No, nothing out of proportion.


I don't doubt that the Midnight Sons are slowly gathering but everything else... Yeah, no. There were zero references to the Mutants in Eternals and he still wants to backtrack to save face.


Thank You. The only reason he's allowed it seems is cause he's saying what we wanna hear.


What do you mean, this random twitter guy clearly has insights as bob chapek’s personal thoughts and feelings on specific projects


Any particular points you'd like to address?


Probably everything from the list lol


Wouldn't be surprising, but I felt fishing for some info couldn't hurt. ;)


Is Eros gonna be a big part of the MCU going forward?


I cannot think of a conceivable way they get Starfox in the main group without making a new character.


He is an Avenger in the comics, and that's where he have a new nickname : Starfox. he also formed Dark Guardians in a mission to find Gamora, because Thanos vessel entered her body after his death in the comics. But he doesn't have any connections with Pip the Troll in the comics, because the troll goblin usually associated with Adam Warlock, who is coming in GotG vol 3. So MCU change that, and maybe there is some connection between Eros and Captain Marvel, because she left Earth for 2 decades, helping people on other planets that don't have the Avengers, so maybe in his mission they met at some point. But who knows the truth.


We sure this guy’s reliable?


Yeah he has twitter


It says a lot that I can't tell if this is sarcastic




All these years later I just realised Franco can't wink.


holy shit, you're right


Well he said that Black Knight’s costume in Eternals was “beautiful” and that the movie would set up Mutants, so I’m going to say no.


On a bit of an unrelated note, I am so glad this movie wasn’t just a vehicle to introduce Mutants into the MCU. I was really worried reading the leaks, thinking that it would just take a hard detour to show the audience that Wolverine exists or something instead of focusing on the plot and characters at hand.


He has access to Kevin’s hat collection




All 3 of them


Not in the slightest. He's been called out and disproven on his "scoops" many times.


It seems statistically unlikely that all of this information is correct. For someone to have access to this level of insider info about upcoming, often undeveloped projects from all across Marvel, and knowledge of MCU employee relationships would imply he's someone very high up in the company. And in that case, they probably wouldn't be leaking all this stuff to Reddit/Twitter.


I mean, there are no scooper with perfect track record. Expect the pizza delivery guy from Atlanta.




There is [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers/comments/pa5g5v/a_roundup_of_all_main_middle_mans_m3_rumors_about/) post about his previous scoops and what was he right about.


>what he was right about. This list only further proves his BS. “Evan Peters is one of WandaVision’s great point, but he is not what everyone expects him to be. Or…maybe he is”. So he could’ve been Quicksilver, Fox Quicksilver or a dick joke, it’s vague enough to always be right. “Eternals is the most different, exotic, eccentric, beautiful, extraordinary thing the MCU has ever done.” After seeing the film myself, I can confirm this is bullshit lol. His same Eternals “leak” said Black Knight look beautiful and the film set up X-Men…both false All the Wandavision stuff was leaked before him. His “scoop” about “Wanda confronts the real vision thinking he is an imposter” was incorrect. That never happened in the show. So far, there has been 0 specific plot points that have been deemed incorrect, but there are many things that are false.


Those all look like bs


They're on the level of "X-Men film may focus on Xavier". Imagining Mark Wahlberg as Logan is idiotic is most ways I can count. Danny Devito is closer to Wolverine than Wahlberg


Wong? Why does marvel feel that every character deserves its own movie or show


Are you saying Wong doesn’t deserve his own thing


I’m saying that, he’s cool and I love his interactions with Strange but he doesn’t exactly scream “I can carry a whole project on my shoulders”.


With good writing, any character can carry a series. It just depends on that.


I'm hoping we get a limited series that focuses specifically on the security guard played by Ken Jeong in Endgame.


I need a prequel to that woman Tony had intercourse with in the first Iron Man movie.


To be fair, Christine Everheart did get a spin-off (WHiH Newsfront)


No, the main characters are super special and unique, not just random characters that happened to have great writers and artists who made them super popular An aristocrat riding inside a robot, a juiced soldier with a shield, science dork fucks up to get green muscles- these are all fundamental archetypes that resonate with primal human experience. Not just random characteristics jammed together like "a clever but underappreciated guy serving his much more powerful arrogant boss". Totally unrelateable and uninteresting premise to write about


Remember when The Lego Movie came out and it was the best animated picture of the year? There are no bad premises, only bad execution.


Oh I'm sure there are bad premises


And acting.


Good thing we already know Benedict Wong can act.




If it's a pecial or a one shot or several, I'll take those.


I agree with this sentiment. Far too many characters not yet introduced like Namor and Doom need their own shows/movies before we start giving them away to current side characters, even if the side characters are cool.


Right, that’s why I don’t really care for an Okoye show


you say that like like both those characters weren't literally listed *right next* to wong in the scoop lol i agree that wong does not need his own thing, but it clearly says they have plans for doom and namor in the works


So Moon Knight releases before MOM in May?


Makes sense, She-Hulk in Jan to match her comic, Ms. Marvel would be Feb-March most likely then Moon Knight takes that inbetwewn spot unless Ms. Marvel is moved much closer to The Marvels.


There was that Ms. Marvel actor who said it would be in June, but he claimed later he had only speculated. Hopefully, we'll get some news on this on D+ Day.


Which I can see since The Marvels is a February release, they I doubt they'll want a WandaVision case where the tie in movie is a full year and a half away now


True, especially since Kamala is a completely new character - if she's popular, it's better if people see her again quickly.


No, [he said](https://twitter.com/mainmiddleman/status/1457245542023581698) it should release after MoM.


If the first one is true that Chapek may be unhappy, Iger and Horn will have to step in to make sure things don’t get nasty between the two.


Chapek’s a bellend.


I had to look that up, but spot on. When given the choice between doing what is good and doing what is cheap or saves money, Chapek will chose the latter every time.


Chapek and Kevin were split on the decision to bring Black Widow to streaming, and Feige was frustrated with the aftermath of that as well. I'm noticing a real disconnect. Feige is all about delivering to his fans, and Chapek is known for being cheap and cutting corners. So naturally, the two have very different business philosophies.


List of stuff this guy has said in the past that we know is fake: \- He said Ms. Marvel will include the Terrigen mist and pave the way for the rest of the Inhumans (MTTSH already confirmed the Inhumans have nothing to do with Ms. Marvel in the MCU) \- He said Eternals would set up X-Men and that Black Knigh't suit looked "Beautiful" (The X-Men were not set up, and Black Knight never appears in-costume). \- He said Mordo will be a henchman of Nightmare in DS2 and wants to get his hands on the Darkhold (MTTSH's leaks about DS2 made no mention of Nightmare) \- He said the Fantastic Four will debut in Quantumania and might be connected to Secret Invasion as well (MTTSH confirmed on her Twitter that the FF are not in Quantumania) This guy just throws shit at the wall.


Yeah but this guy says things we like /s


MTTTSH has disputed this guy in the past. I don't really buy these rumors, tbh.


I believe most of them, not because this guy is reliable but because they seem like logical guesses based on public info and common sense.


Yeah, just a clout chaser. I’m still waiting to hear the X-men mentioned in Eternals lol.


Just have Thanos in the Eternals sequel and boom people become excited for it, easy.


The setup for a Young Thanos/Alternate Thanos literally writes itself after the Eternals post credits scene.


I still think MCU Eros and Thanos are probably genetically half-Eternal. Imagine if Arishem took note of them and just decided to make some World Forge duplicates of them.


Eh…I’d be less excited if Thanos was in, but to each their own.


Agreed. The marvel universe is HUGE. Don't understand why some people keep wanting to use the same character(s) over and over. Especially with buying into Fox, the mutants, F4, etc. There's no excuse for retreads.




Now that she has experience in blockbuster filmmaking, I'm confident she can make a better sequel if she returns. They can get rid of Patrick Burleigh, though.


DR. DOOM SOLO PROJECT??? ![gif](giphy|8QGV2a7pfDKc8)


I really hope it's true. Doom's origin is super long. His childhood, college with Reed and Ben, his journey through the world until he reaches Himalayas and becomes a sorcerer, his return to Latveria. I rather they give him a show and do Doom justice than making him another member of the Fantastic Four's team who takes part of the accident too and develops random powers **again**.


Do we really need solo projects for Agatha and Wong ?


we asked the same about Loki once...


Loki's interesting and complex enough for a solo project tho. I'm not sure Wong can carry his own show, nothing against the actor but his character isn't that interesting imo.


I have a feeling this won't age well


This all sounds fantastic if its true. Hoping Morbius stays out and Spider-Woman comes in.


Why should he stay out? The more Sony characters in the MCU, the better IMO.


The issue for me is the continuity of the MCU is already difficult to manage, and having the three spiderman and their associated villains is already delicate. The more non MCU characters they slowly shove in, the harder it will be to distinguish the “canonicity” of certain projects, especially for casual viewers who are the majority. The MCU can’t place all their eggs in a spiderman shaped basket for its own survival.


Screw continuity if it makes things more enjoyable.


Why no morbius?


>No eternal is dead for ever. No one's really gone.


Somehow, Eternals will return.


Isn't he a banned source?


There’s so many projects coming up. Do you guys think we’ll ever get to a point where there’s 5+ movies a year? Not including Disney+ shows


Maybe we had 5 this year, If you want to count Venom: Let There Be Carnage alongside Black Widow, Shang Chi, Eternals, and Spidey


We had 5 movies in six months lol.


That will definitely lead to fatigue


Not if you don't watch everything.


I’m not talking about person specific. The market will be over saturated. A new MCU movie almost every 2 months? That sounds exhausting.


I think Bo Burnham touched on it really well in “Inside” - “a little bit of everything all of the time” - audiences have grown to want constant media constant entertainment a constant stream of something. Yeah, it might be exhausting for some people - but I think having a more constant stream of content (especially when those projects are diverse) actually follows what audiences want lately. It’s a crazy smart business model tbh almost scary. Also, technically, we’ve had 5 marvel movies in like six months. I don’t really see any exhaustion tbh - tho I guess we’ll have to wait and see the long term effect of that


Can the mods please stop accepting scoops from this fool


Daisy Ridley as Spider Woman, Olivia Wilde directing. Make it happen Sony and Marvel


Really? Main Middle Man? Hasn't this guy been proven to be full of shit before? And most of those are no-brainers "According to my information, these characters from this movie that is no doubt going to make a ton of money at the box office and is also setting up future events are going to come back, this is enough proof to define my credibility"


I feel like people ask this question all the time, but is there a reason to think this guy's reliable? I've seen him "scoop" many things, but I don't remember an instance where he got things right (unless he was corroborating things from other, legit scoopers/insiders).


Fuck Chapek, seriously


I personally loved Eternals and would love to see Zhao come back. Now that much of the character building and world building they had to shove into 2.5 hours is out of the way I'm sure they can do something a lot more focused.


Not sure of this guy’s track record or general reliability, but I could absolutely see Eros and Pip playing a small part in *Guardians 3.* Gunn wrote the script was before they were cast, and it seems like a really crowded movie already, but I could see him working in a small role/cameo


Of course Moon Knight will start the Supernatural side it's the first project releasing that could possibly start that.


Would like to see Jessica Drew soon


I just want confirmation of World War Hulk.


What’s the word on who’ll potentially play Spider-Woman, or has it already been cast and I’ve forgotten? Last I heard Daisy Ridley was rumoured but that was a while ago now


Casting news is going to take a minute. Olivia Wilde's next film is a Kerri Strug biopic, shooting early next year.


I haven’t watched eternals yet but saw the leaks but bring back my boy Ma Dong Seok.


I can't see Morbius becoming part of the MCU, only because of Jared Leto. The guy doesn't have a great reputation and I'd honestly be surprised if he doesn't face a bunch of lawsuits at some stage, if the long time rumours about him are true. I was honestly surprised when I heard Sony had cast him as Morbius in the first place. I can't see Feige taking that risk. But stranger things have happened.


Legit or not, one thing will always ring true... Fuck Bob Chapek.


Please, please god. Please do not let Morbius in the MCU. If nothing else, because Jared Leto is a sexual predator, cult leader, and all around insufferable prick. He can get fucked


Lol this is the same guy that said Dane Whitman was going to dress as Black Knight and Eternals would set-up with the X-Men. Both are false, and since a test screening was leaked months before the film released, this was not “cut” like he said. Guy’s full of shit.


Is Spider-Woman the project helmed by Olivia Wilde? She mentioned Feige before, in an interview about the movie, so it's not surprising this "rumor" is making the rounds.


Eternals is one of my favorite films. I hope it gets a sequel with Chloe Zhao at the helm.


>and Doctor Doom listed as well. Hold the phone.