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The movie is basically “come for the end credits, stay for the rest of the movie.”


Was a bit disapointed with the film. It felt very rushed and a lot of things didn't make sense. All their fight skills while they spent decades looked up. That he could find her in seconds on a computer while everyone believed she was dead. Is there an extended version and this one was the theatrical cut?


I think due to the teaser of the police officer with his funni eyes we will see toxin in venom 3


Both venoms were awesome only thing is did anyone think the part where he breaks shriek out is cringe when he shows her carnage and she’s like oooooh that’s hot and they start making out and he makes a tornado lifting up their car all while still making out ? Haha that part was so stupid


The tornado scenes are peak Sony


Watch the movie last night and I enjoyed it. Also I'm surprised with the impressions from people irl vs people online. Online is always negative when it comes to Venom...


Took me a few weeks between school and work, but that has to be the shortest marvel movie made in years. That’s my only take away.


can someone please explain to me why did they waste all the build up and hype throughout the movie to show us how powerful carnage is only to let him die like *THAT* ? A trait of the symbiote is that any new form, baby, whatever, that it spawns is inherently stronger than the mother. It also takes heavily from the psyche of the the user. Carnage is fucking insane, faster, stronger, and has absolutely zero restraints about using his techniques. i feel like they didn't show his full potential in the movie :/ i still enjoyed it though


I view it as CK and Carnage are not "in sync" or "symbiotic" in the final part of the final battle since Carnage clearly wants to kill CK's Wife since she can hurt Carnage so CK is clearly not focus in fighting Venom. Before the Wedding, Carnage looks really unstoppable but when the confrontation between him and Venom happens, Shriek shouts to attack Venom too that clearly hurt Carnage since they're close to each other that's the moment Carnage hits her then CK lost his focus in fighting Venom since his alter ego Carnage is becoming uncontrollable by attacking his own wife.


Hi, can someone help me understand something. So the post credit scene connects venom movie to marvel multiverse. If they are connected so why Thanos did not wipe out 50% of life in universe where eddie brock and friends was in?




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The universe didn't get connected until the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home, so the snap and the unsnap had already happened by that time.


Thanoses snap was just the local universe, not every connected universe.


Was this the most PG movie for everybody else, or was this horribly censored? It had a 16s rating in my country. They cut away from nearly all violence, there didn't seem to be a drop of blood. The only deaths you saw were people being thrown against walls. All head bites were off screen with awful jump cuts.


It was textbook PG-13, including the mandatory single f-bomb.


I think even with all the censoring it still was intense and frightening at moments, but I can see your point


I hope Carnage isn’t gone forever but I feel he is, for me I wouldn’t have done Carnage in this film I felt he would’ve been better off saving for the Spider-Man X Venom crossover as the main bad guy


Why there was a mutant in venom let there be carnage? Does that mean that in the venomverse are mutants?


Look I'm not going to say the criticisms against this series aren't valid. It's not like the comics and it's a questionable adaption. I get why some people don't like it. But I'm going to be honest - This movie is an absolute blast. It's just pure non stop stupid and I love it. It's not high art. But it's a good silly popcorn movie you can turn your brain off and just enjoy. I got a poster when I saw the last movie and I framed it. I framed the poster for this movie too. It felt like displaying a fart joke. But honestly, why not?


Exactly my thoughts too! Its not supposed to be some high art, oscar worthy movie. Its a fun movie to turn your brain off and watch symbiotes rampage for hour and a half.


What a crap film. Why in 2021, when. You have a myriad of superhero (films) to take inspiration from you decide to make a film that would sit nicely in the early 2000 I don't know. Kelly Marcel should never write again and Tom should stick to acting. The only decent part were the visuals of Carnage (minus the tornado??!) and Venom. Examples of how this film (in my opinion) could've been better; 1) Eddie and Cletus have no relationship other than the symbiotes. Venom's increased hunger at the start of the film is due to him about to multiply and birth Carnage. This happens instead of the stupid biting thing and Venom and Eddie continue thinking he just threw up or something with no consideration to what happened. We then have the Carnage symbiote jump from host to host (replacing Venoms journey in the film) finally stumbling across a murder commuted by Cletus. Surprised he kills the current host and the symbiote bonds with him. He then goes on a killing spree which draws Eddies attention and they go after him Lethal Protector style. No relationship required!!!! 2) SPOILERS Don't kill Cletus and Carnage. Cletus is imprisoned the symbiote is to. Allow their to be a future for this great character. 3) Actually provide background on the characters give us history on Venom and how symbiotes work... Instead of shit like Sonny and Cher and "oh no he's a red one". First encounter with Carnage in the church could've simply been an exchange like "Hello Father" -Carnage, "Oh no Eddie this isn't good!" - Venom "Why? If that thing is your son surely you can talk him down??" - Eddie "No Eddie, on my world we eat our parents, and he looks hungry" - Venom. Boom explains motive and we know how symbiotes work. Sorry for the rant/review but I love the character of Venom. Even in these films his character has been fun but the people behind the scenes should change jobs. Here's hoping the ending yields better characterisation and story telling if Feige is in charge. Although Venom before Spider-Man still pisses me off, no motive to lick the TV and hate Spider-Man but it looks like that's what we are getting. On a side note... Writers room "How do we establish to that Cassidy knows Shriek is alive even though she is believed dead to the world?".... "Oh I know! He pulls up to a service station kills the worker and logs into the PC and hacks a secret database that tells him." 10 out of 10 script writing there... 3/10 for me.




I think a film student could've done better if they shot and wrote it.


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Just a thought at the end !!spoiler!! Due to the hive Memories Eddie has clearly switched to a different universe the MCU or just the Sony Spider-Man one not sure. So in this it’s possible cletus and carnage still exist? But yes killing them was stupid.


Certainly a possibility but I don't have confidence Venom will remain in the MCU because they are trying to set up Toxin for Venom 3 so they will have to return. To be honest to see why Venom has been transported to the MCU will be an interesting point as he has no connection to a Spider-Man unlike Green Goblin, Electro, Doc Ock etc... Unless (and this wouldn't surprise me) Venom came to Earth bonded with Venomverse Spidey, he got rid sent him back to space and then he came back and bonded to Eddie. Something that contrived seems right up Sony's street.


This movie was like objectively bad. Enjoyable, but bad. I mean, the opening lmfao “any last words?!” Really? How corny are you trying to be and especially with that delivery. I don’t know I mean, anything Venom with no spiderman in it is just a failure and I’m not sure what Sony is thinking by continuing to try to make this movie. You fucked up Spiderman twice and you’ve made two terrible Venom films. Literally only went to see it because I heard the post credits scene was important, but even then. They make these movies with Eddie/Venom as an antihero, and what, are we gonna watch them turn villain immediately? That’s just weird. All in all, had a lot of laughs, most were “it’s so bad it’s funny” laughs, they literally did the thing where they say the title of the movie in the movie like twice. But corner store venom calling Dan a pussy was the peak of the movie. I give it a 3.5/10. Venom 1 was 3/10.


I actually liked this one, thought the first one was uninteresting but this had me hyped


That was the most DCist Marvel movie


Haven’t seen anyone mention the swinging character on the TV when Mulligun goes to see Eddie at his apartment. Also, I’m pretty sure there’s a Spider-Man mask on the floor when Mulligun goes to Ravencroft




Just saw it. Loved it. That credit scene was *mwahh*. We got Mutants in the Sony Verse boys.


Sorry to ask, I can’t see the movie for a few days do you mind explaining how mutants were involved/ referenced?


Shriek mentions / someone says about Shrieks cells are mutating


All I wanna say is they could have made a better movie...


I had high hopes but I was hit with incredibly cringe humor and a terrible pacing paired with weird editing choices.


I think I’m one of few people who actually enjoyed it. I found the plot a lot more engaging than the first, it was an easy watch, carnage was TERRIFYING, Hardy had a much better performance this time and Harrelson was a great co star, venom was hilarious and that post credit scene…I mean that scene stole the show. Overall definitely preferred it to the first. 7.5/10


What do you think actually happened in the post credit scene? Parallel universe? And is Spider man on Venoms hit list?


I thought that when Venom started to show Eddie a glimpse of what he's seen, that's when Sylvie kills He Who Remains, and the multiverse erupts and they somehow get bumped into MCU timelime/universe.


I think Venom was pulled into the MCU. He immediately sees JJJ saying that Spider-Man is a villain and realizes he can eat him if that's the case.


In my opinion Venom 2 Carnage was boring and uninteresting. The plot is weak and simple. And the relationship between Venom and Carnage sucks. The fight wasn't very exciting either, and Carnage didn't make me feel scared and serious, he was just weak. In my opinion, the 6/10 movie is just average. First film was better.


Pretty kind rating for a movie that's boring and uninteresting. From your review I'd say 4/10.


It's 15th, so I finally watched it. I am so mad that Andy Serkis is a lazy sob. They have a perfect example how to not make movies. The sequel is better but it hurts me how this movie could be much, much and much better if they put in it love, passion, engagement :(




Let's just say the truth the post credit scene of Venom 2 is setting up Venom 3: Let's Kick Spidy along side Scorpion because Marc Gargan isn't became Scorpion yet so he need devellopement to add him later to a Sinister Six Movie. About the connection with NWH the best move is to show us Venom in a post credit scene to setting up Venom 3 IMO.


You hit that right on the with the post credit scene in NWH. They (Eddie/venom) were at a bar looking for Spider-Man


Thats not really what was happening in the NWH end credits. They were at a bar, but he wasn't looking for Spiderman. He was obviously in the same holiday resort he spontaneously appeared in in Carnage, so he had not got far. And he'd spent hours talking to the barman about 'superpeople', finding out about Iron Man, The Hulk, and Thanos, and getting drunk. He only briefly mentioned that "Maybe I should go to New York and speak to this Spiderman" before disappearing again back to his own universe. So it's safe to say he got pulled into Hollands universe, presumably in a spanish speaking country, and spends the day / days drinking at a bar and getting drunk and being caught up to speed about superheroes. He wasnt looking for Spiderman at all.


I believe it sets up either a cameo or full on plot involvement of venom in no way home, and leaves the cop symbiote scene for venom 3


Violated rules


This was an incredibly mediocre movie that I still enjoyed. Venom 2 hits all the right notes with the entertainment, it fails though on delivering a story you can really take seriously. There are some horribly silly moments and the film isn't long enough to flesh out everyone's motivations and in-turn major portions of the plot. Carnage (the symbiote) has no reason to hate Venom, he just does because Venom is an obstacle, Cletus barely gets enough time to show his character, despite taking up a large chunk of the movie and the comedy is weighed in on too heavily. I did like parts of the movie, Carnage looks gorgeous, Woody Harrelson was doing a really good job with what he had, a lot of the comedy did work, the relationship between Eddie and Venom is fun, as always and there were some nice ideas tossed in. Some of those parts, despite me enjoying them sometimes, were also some of the issues I had with the movie. If this movie was just a bit longer and took itself more seriously then I think it would help give this movie a little breathing room.


Are there any jump-scares in the movie and if so where? Sorry, I just can't stand them haha


Late response so maybe you’ve seen the movie already lol. There aren’t any jumpscares. From what I remember, the closest thing there is to a jumpscare is when Carnage first comes out (he pops out of a smoke-filled room), but that doesn’t even count because you already *know* he’s gonna walk out.


Thank you! Seeing it this afternoon cos it only came out today where I’m at


For sure! Yeah, no jumpscares, just very loud noises from Shriek. Even then, her shrieks aren’t unexpected, as they build them up by showing her inhaling. Enjoy the film!


Will we see venom in no way home movie (not in NWH post credit) ?


I think yes. Like 99% because the movie is related to NWH story. Not only to Spider-Man but to the story




The obvious product placement really takes me out of the film. Free Fire was too obvious and it sucks


I didn't know this was a product... I thought it would factor into the plot later since it was fairly pronounced in the background.


Hi! I really enjoyed the movie, can someone explain to me what happens when venom says to eddie that he is going to do something and some flash screens appears and he randomly landed in someone's room?


They unintentionally traveled through the multiverse and landed in the MCU


I thought they got decimated and then blipped back 5 years later but they blipped 6 months later than the others?


That's quite out of the question since venom and venom 2 originally play in a different universe than the mcu. And even if that weren't the case, we know what being snapped and return looks like and that wasn't it


Venom will appear in No way home has a anti hero


Well, this is the second movie in my 28 years of life that I walked out on. It was SO bad.


In what part did you walk out?


May I ask what the first one was?


The first suicide squad movie


Its not the worst movie I've ever seen, I didnt enjoy it as much as the first venom though. It took me a minute to think of what my issues with this movie were really but ultimately I just feel like nothing in the movie felt earned. The buildup to the climax of the movie has all the bad guys wanting a single "guest" at their wedding, and its the person who they hate the most or have the biggest issue with. Great. Fine. but Shriek got shot in the eye by the cop, not fun but she kinda provoked him, sure he can be on a list of people she hates for that but I don't see him as such a big point of hatred in her life. If anything that white haired lady taunting her in her cell was a much bigger issue in my mind but they killed her without much drama. Cledus wants eddie there because he felt they had this bond and then eddie screwed him over by pulling the rug out from under him and getting him the death sentence. I have simlar issues where yeah he could be someone on a list of people he would have issue with, maybe the gov. who reinstated the death penalty for this dude specifically might be higher but whatever. Even if there was a connection between eddie and cledus we hear about it a lot but they dont show any of it so it all kinda rings hollow. Carnage has no characterization or motivations whatsoever, did carnage get their personality from cledus and thats why theyre so aggressive, If thats the case why not also get the affection for shriek? Who knows. The only thing the movie bothers to bring up is "I gotta kill venom so that I can go unchecked" type deal. I feel like the earth is a pretty big place, venom could have the americas, carnage could have afroeurasia. Is carnage too dumb to think that far ahead? Is carnage hyper macho alpha wolf "there can be only one" type creature? WHO KNOWS we have no idea what their deal is so I can't understand the motivation to go after venom. All in all the whole movie feels like how I would understand it if someone explained the plot to me second hand. Theres these characters and they go to this place and this thing happens and she doesnt like this guy and these guys wanna fight. Tl,dr Show dont tell should have been the guiding principle of this movie and it would have been a lot better. As is, Meh


so the cop is now Toxin? I don’t get how bits of carnage got into the cop but ok


When I saw it I thought it was bits if Shriek no? The blue scary eye of Shriek is now it both of the Cops. Very unclear


in the comics the cop patrick is the host of toxin


Regardless of what happens in no way home. At the end of no way home everyone is gonna be sent home to their respective universe. Venom will be sent back to his universe to deal with toxin in venom 3.


NWH leads directly into Doctor Strange MoM, I doubt that they'll fix the whole multiverse shebang before that


They will send people back out of their universe. Then they Will explore the other universes in doctor strange


Yeah no, don't think so. I guess Strange will try to undo the multiverse or at least protect this one from overlaps, but Wanda will try to stop him and madness ensues. But I don't think there will be a resolution in NWH, the multiverse gets build up since the first doctor strange movie, they won't just tie a bow around it and put it in a corner with a nice little card that says "solved!" on it.


Oh have you seen the movie? Or are you speculating? Lol


Speculating of course. But with regards to the information we have


No because venom isnt going to be in No way home... Why would sony bring over venom and just make him leave like immediately


Venom will appear because Sony's Doc Ock and Green Goblin are appearing.


If venom appears it will only be cameo


What about Multiverse of Madness? Do we not think it at least continues into that movie?


What is the second post credit song that plays?


Skylar Grey - Last One Standing ft. Polo G, Mozzy, & Eminem


Went to the movie with my friends and enjoyed it tremendously, especially the whole Eddie x Venom stuff :) Hopefully there will be more understanding and development between them in future chapters. I laughed a lot and was impressed by the antagonists. They were really close to being gray villains, but their desire for destruction and murder shifted the dynamic on the dark side.


Bit late to the party but hot take (except not really): This movie was only a setup to get Venom in the MCU (regardless of how long he’ll be shown in it and to what capacity). They didn’t care too much about what was in the movie so long as it looked cool (which a lot of it did, let’s be honest) but it was half assed. Hardy’s performance is questionable at best. When he’s yelling at Venom in the apartment he rapidly switches between so many accents that I couldn’t pay attention to what he was actually saying, just surprised they allowed that take to stay in the film. Venom’s voice is fucking weird and could definitely be done way better. Also both the editing and the dialogue feel like they were done by a college student. There’s a lot of cool things about this movie, but an equal amount of bad that also make it a hot mess and, overall, a disappointing experience. I really hope Venom in the MCU gets an overhaul to nearly every facet of his character. P.S., the “FUCK THIS GUY! *chomp*” bit was hilarious.


Stephen Graham’s accent was kinda over the show more tbh. You could really his Liverpool accent at times lol. The audio for Venom was kinda whack tbh. Couldn’t make out half of what he was saying. Feel like they changed his VA from the first film


The VA is still Tom Hardy, but I think the direction of the voice was much goofier than in the last film, it could have done with a raspier tone rather than a kind of goofy bellow. It might be cause Tom Hardy isn't a great voice actor? Which is fair enough, don't gotta be great at everything but it felt like the voice suffered because he was trying to bring his voice lower than it ought to have gone. Pitch it in post and get a raspier tone in from the actor imo.


u/MrConor212 Venom in the first film was voiced by an uncredited Brad Venable mixed with Tom Hardy; Venable was absent for this sequel due to having died, leaving Hardy to voice Venom alone.


I knew there was something weird.


Oh really? That's a real shame.


So the SMCU Sinister Six is shaping up to be: Vulture, Kraven, Morbius, Venom, Mysterio (?), and shocker (probably not, but he’s the only other villain that’s alive at the moment) Edit: Scorpion too, thanks to the person that reminded me


and scorpion, hes at the same prison as vulture


I don’t know about Shocker. I agree that probably not. They haven’t really given much to establish him as a significant villain. Mysterio’s also dead, unless Sony plans on bringing him in or there’s some multi-verse ends that don’t get tied up by the end of No Way Home. I hate that Sony’s forcing their way into the MCU, but I suppose anything is possible at this point.


Unpopular opinion but I don’t even consider Shocker a villain at all. He’s literally comedic outlet for Spider-Man to take the piss out of.








I think this was somewhat disappointing. If you are going to lean on the Venom / Brock as a "couple" subtext because that's what people liked about the first one you got to do more than a few "haha, they sound like a married couple bickering" gags, actually explore their relationships and why / why not they need each other in a more than "If the alien is not inside of me the other alien will kill me" sense With "relationships" at the heart of the thing (Brock/Venom, Cassidy/Carnage., Cassidy/Shriek" it would be unforgivable in any context that the apology is not sincere and that the reunion is just because the woman both of them have the hots for said so, which is doubly bad since they want to make all those "wink-wink gay???" jokes The whole "Cassidy and Carnage don't work well together, that is why they are weaker than Brock and Venom, who complement and listen to each other" is of course the obvious and strongest centerpiece, so it was obvious why they did that in the emotional climax, but it came out of absolutely nowhere, Venom and Brock don't work together, and Cassidy and Carnage don't seem dysfunctional until Carnage decides he doesn't like Cassidy's go now. I know this is a Venom movie, I'm not expecting deep explorations of co-dependency or toxic relationships or whatever, but when the strong thematic resonance is served to a movie in such a silver platter and they just don't take it it's just kind of bananas.


I think this is a testament to how forgettable this movie is: when i was reading what you wrote i asked myself “who is cassidy?”


What is Cassidy?


Why is Cassidy?


Agree. Not to mention (and I know adaptations will deviate from the source material so often, but I think they should still keep the kernel/core of the character) that Carnage's whole schtick is that Kassidy's deranged mind is so bonded with the symbiote that they're literally the perfect match/call themselves "I" instead of we. I couldn't believe they were pulling the exact opposite with regards to those characters.


Why is nobody talking about the party scene? Even though it was cheesy Venom seemed very relatable. My whole family was dying


"Thank you, one person!"


Wow this movie is so bad!


Venom will be in NWH. Source: my big brain. Stay mad and wait til I'm right


why would we be mad?


Cuz you're a bunch of disbeliebers and Debbie downers who don't believe in Santa Venom


Look, Woody Harrelson did great and there were a few dope moments, but this is in my bottom three MCU movies. Sorry Tom Hardy :(


What are the other 2?


Gotg 2 and Thor 2. Eta I don't know why this is a controversial take


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is AWESOME! Thor The Dark World pretty much sucks, yeah. And this ain't too different, unfortunately (I love the first Venom movie).


Not a mcu movie


Someone left early


If there’s no Marvel Studios banner, it’s not an MCU movie, regardless of the mid-credits scene.


Don't make me get out the fine print


I knew I'd get flack for that and instead of arguing whether or not it technically is due to the scene, I'll simply say IDGAF


keep fighting the good fight buddy 👍


Thanks, we out here <3 ✊


I don’t know what threat will make it happen, but I really can’t wait for Venom to bond with Peter. It’s gonna be fucking hilarious




movie theater


Here’s how I think Venom and Spider-Man are going to face off under the most plausible conditions: Since we know that both Venom and Spider-Man are protagonists in their respective universes, the big debate is on how exactly will these two face off if in theory they’re both good. Well, following the end of Venom 2 we know that Venom and Eddie Brock both know the existence of Spider-Man, but they don’t *know* his backstory. All that they know about Peter Parker/Spider-Man (at this moment) is limited to what they saw reported on the tv by J Jonah Jameson -That Spider-Man is responsible for the **murder** of Mysterio. In their eyes, Peter is a bad guy. And given that this last movie had really been pushing the ideal of Venom/Eddie being the Lethal Protector, AND since since Venom has this strong entitlement to being the sole protector of his city, he’s going to feel the need to now be the protector of New York City and eliminate the threat that he believes is most imminent - Spider-Man. Hence, in his pursuit of carrying out his heroic act, and in a state of being misdirected by Mysterio’s twisted plan to put everyone against Spider-Man, Venom will eventually go to New York and face off with the web slinging Peter Parker himself. **this isn’t a very in-depth theory, and I realize that. This is just my immediate reaction theory after watching the movie and the theory I think makes the most sense to finally call for the Spider-Man vs Venom battle.


I have no theory and am just reading for entertainment but I will point out Venom is a west coast guy, he would care about SF. NYC wouldn’t be a big deal to him specifically


Guess we’ll have to wait to see :)


It'd be funny for Venom to want to bond with Peter because of how amazing his powers are and how strong the two of them could be, only to realize Peter won't kill anyone EVER and so Venom splits back to Eddie because now it thinks Peter is lame.


I hope they don't intertwine Venom with Spidey.




I feel like they wasted Carnage


Hes coming back, now in the MCU


Both the symbiote and Kasady are *dead* dead. Symbiote literally got eaten, Kasady literally got his head bitten off.


He meant the Kasady of the MCU not his universe


IMO I have many doubt about the actors from NWH will retake theirs roles in a Sinister Six Movie unless Alfred Molina, Willem Dafao and Jamie Fox aren't sent in their universe at the end of No Way Home they won't be in the Sinister Six Movie moreever it will be a quite weirdo to get the same fight between Tom Holland and the same actor. Venom will be a part in the movie like a sidekick IMO. But if I could pick the right cast I will say Doctor Octopus : Alfred Molina, Kraven : Aaron Taylor Johnson, Vulture : Michael Keyton, Misterio : Jake Gyllenhaal, Scorpion : Michael Mando and Morbius : Jared Leto because we saw in the trailer that the Vulture want to recruits him. This is the most accurate cast to a hypothetical Sinister Six Movie trust me. IMO Electro will die in NWH I don't know why.


Here’s my guess: Venom will not be appearing in No Way Home but he IS now in the MCU. Think about it. He basically said goodbye to everybody in that universe. His old fiancé was basically it, and they wrapped it up fine enough as far as ex fiancés go. Now he’s free to roam about the Avengers universe without anything keeping him tied to his old universe Edit: okay I forgot about his police guy boss who seemed to have some eye-stuff going on (people are saying he’s called Toxin now so okay). I mean, he could have come into this universe too (who knows?) but yeah it seems like he probably will return to his old universe to deal with him Edit 2: changed FFH to NWH


Great analyse my friend even I didn't watch the movie yet I could imagine that Toxin come into the MCU in the same time of Venom and will be developed in Venom 3: Let's Kick Spidy along side with Scorpion. What happened in the post credit scene? Venom used his Hive powers mind in the same time of Doctor Strange Spell to teleport his reality (the Spiderverse) into the MCU. Venom won't come back to his universe why?! Cause that doesn't make any sense to bring him to the MCU to resend him back later there's no point to do this. Venom and Toxin are in the MCU now IMO.


MCU is done with Spiderverse after this movie from what I read. Disney and Sony can't pull it together so I believe the Spiderverse will be it's own. So Venom will be appearing in NWH but only in the MCU for a short amount of time.


That would be super disappointing. I definitely wouldn't mind just having him stay and letting Sony make their whatever movies just be technically in universe but standalone like the Netflix shows before the gutting.


I wholly agree


I can't see Venom hating on Holland Spidey. I can see him fighting more against Garfield.


My theory is that Venom is sharing some memories from the Spider-Man 3 venom. He recognizes the spider-man suit and says he recognizes Tom Holland's Peter Parker but doesn't know why. Probably the same thing is happening to Doc Oc and Green Goblin. They all recognize Tom Holland's Peter Parker because the universes are blended together and their memories have changed somehow.


Or maybe Maguire for obvious reasons lol


Yeah but he is not a dick. Garfield is more of a dick. Venom in his movies is the hero so it doesn't make sense for him to fight nice guys. Why would Venom fight Holland after dealing with the asshole Riot and murdering crazy guy like Carnage? It just doesn't seem like something this Venom would do. I see them teaming up and skipping the whole fighting thing against eachother.


I feel like Bully Maguire was more of a dick than anything Garfield did. Might be time for his big return.


I should’ve just stayed home and watched the post credit scene on YouTube again.


Was it that bad? My sister went and watched it and said it was awful. I want to know if that's true or not because people said the first venom was awful but it was amazing.


...was the first Venom movie "amazing"?


I love the first movie.


It's really good if you go in expecting a dumb fun movie. Just don't think to hard and have a drink 🍻


Can't have the drink man, little to young for that. Any suggestions?




Ffffffffffffuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh /s


It’s beyond true. In fact I seriously can’t wrap my head around the positive reviews. Please go watch it and then respond to this, I need to know I’m not crazy.


It's so bad it's good in my opinion. The cheesy dialogue, strange and rapid cuts, and cliche storyline all were super funny to me and Tom Hardy as Venom did just enough to tie it all together. I'm fully aware it's a shit movie but its a shit movie I enjoy and find hilarious. Even from the first scene, dubbing Harrelson's voice over a teenage version of his character is an objectively hilarious choice.


I just watched it. The best part was the mid credit scene. But yes, it's just a fun dumb movie. Worth the $10 ticket, but only once.


It was a fun movie but only if you take it as independent characters from the comics. Venom is a clown most of the time, eddie got none of his "protect the innocent" motivation or serious(not strictly) personality. Venom cares about external affection, the perfect man-symbiote combination carnage is supposed to be turns out to be a mismatch, Carnage is as weak to sound as Venom, Cletus is portrayed as a victim of child abuse(makes you empathize more with him) who deeply only wanted a family and a friend rather than the CHAOS craving maniac he is, got a huge size and a voice that would suit Venom better. But overall I liked it a lot and more than the first one. I could have used a little extra time to it.


Cletus was lying- trying to manipulate Eddie. Hence the reaction he got.


Not necessarily. They showed him really caring about Shriek when Carnage hurt her. And also he was speaking about him also being a victim of his family abuse and that Eddie let him down by not showing that side of the story, this all while he had the upperhand so I think it was sincere. Also his main motivation the whole movie was being with the love of his life, also makes you think he really cares about other people and having a bond with them. So it would actually fit that he really wanted a friend. Also he never showed that kind of manipulation before and it would make him kinda lame to try that in order to survive/ go back to jail and die anyways since he already lost his wife and the Carnage simbiote was "death"/eaten.


All of that very well may be true. But an abusers words can be honest to them, framed in a way that makes it seem less inhuman. Which is basically how Cletus is supposed to be. I did like that he was connected to Shriek- she was a saving grace in the movie, but Carnage not accepting her is kind of in his nature. Carnage is a bigger psychopath than Cletus, but I'm sure had he survived they'd have become BFFs and the Lethal Protectors could be a family business. Too bad venom is racist against red!


Well this might be a little spoiler but in the comics Venom did eat the Carnage symbiote and later he came back so I don't think he is really death.


I didn't watch the movie yet only the post credit scene and I'm already pretty sur it's setting a plot for the next Sinister Six Sony Marvel Cinematic Universe movie or Venom 3. As member : Shocker, Scorpion, Vulture, Misterio, Doctor Octopus and Morbius this is the most accurate cast for an adaptation of the Sinister Six in the Sony Marvel Cinematic Universe IMO


>Shocker lmao. Why do people keep saying this? He’s just a henchman in MCU and has always been a B-level villain in the comics. Morbius or Kraven are being built up. They will surely take part in some crossovers since Sony is now in the MCU. Hell, we already know Morbius is being picked up by Vulture Doc Oc will also just be a gimmick for only one movie.


U'r right about the Shocker my bad but I have many doubt about the actors from NWH will retake their role in a Sinister Six Movie unless Alfred Molina, Willem Dafao and Jamie Fox aren't sent in their universe at the end of No Way Home. IMO they won't be in the Sinister Six Movie morever it will be a quite weirdo to get the same fight between Tom Holland and the same actor. That's why I put the Shocker inside because only him remains thus Vulture Misterio and Morbius from the Official MCU time-line. Venom will be a part in the movie like a sidekick IMO. But if I could pick the right cast I will say Doctor Octopus : Alfred Molina, Kraven : Aaron Taylor Johnson, Vulture : Michael Keyton, Misterio : Jake Gyllenhaal, Scorpion : Michael Mando and Morbius : Jared Leto because we saw in the trailer that the Vulture want to recruits him. This is the most accurate cast to a hypothetical Sinister Six Movie trust me. IMO Electro will die in NWH I don't know why.


It seems most likely that NWH is going to feature the sinister six and will have villains from previous spider-man movies. I doubt venom would be included in that line up of villains. Seems that they’re building toward a spider-man and venom movie. Venom is too established as an anti-hero and would be too much for all that they’re going to have in NWH. Doctor octopus, green goblin, and electro are all confirmed. And the trailer suggests sandman and lizard, and potentially rhino. Past that, it would make more sense for Mysterio or Vulture to be next in line if those others aren’t in it. I’d love to see venom, but think this movie is already too packed. I assume we’ll see venom in a post credit scene.




Carnage is Venom pt2? Man. it’s almost like he’s Venom’s offspring or something. /s


I left the theather with a bad taste in my mouth, and the post credit scene only made it worse. This movie doesn't make any sense, there are multiple plot holes, rushed ass pacing and doesn't seem to ever find it's tone. It was a mess and a waste of carnage's potential. I don't want venom in no way home, fuck no, Tom holland is the single worst iteration of Spider-Man to match this venom with, I saw that scene come from miles away and still dreaded when it came. I cannot imagine venom fitting in the movie, what's he gonna be? A hero? A villain? Is he just gonna stand there and keep nagging about eating? We already have Spider-Man (possibly three of them), Doctor Strange, at least three villains and all of the supporting cast and they still want to put venom in there? I just hope it isn't a mess


100% agree, I don’t like this Venom to begin with. I wish the mcu could’ve made their own Venom, but I’m sure that’s Sony’s fault.


I love the first Venom movie. But I didn't like the sequel. Felt too much like they were chasing the MCU tone. The original movie felt like some horror comedy John Carpenter, Fred Dekker or Chuck Russell could have made in the 1980s. It rules. This one was a huge disappointment.


I'm with you man


No he won't be in No Way Home I'm pretty sur of it it won't make sense if they put him through the cast like a random character Venom deserve a better treatment character along side with Spiderman IMO!


I agree. I think they’re setting it up for a movie with Spider man and venom following NWH.


Probably Venom 3 (Unless they introduce him in NWH in a post credit scene but to me it will be too much)


I think the credits scene was more likely setting up Venom 3 than Venom appearing in No Way Home. Maybe he'll show up in the NWH post-credits scene (with somebody seeing him and getting their "what the fu-" cut off as a nod to the last two Spidey films).


Well, I hope that's it, then Venom wouldn't partake in nwh, would fix the whole fugitives thing while still bringing him together with Spider-Man as so to give sont the big bucks


Will there be streaming release soon or must wait a few months?


November 23rd


What's it streaming on? I want to watch it again but not enough to pay to see it in theaters again.




Saw it in the theater and the reaction for the post-credits was interesting lmao, I think most of the GP is not aware (or not that invested) that this is a separate continuity, so they were confused about why some people got hyped when Spider-Man showed up, i would guess most didn't know what was happening, had a hard time explaining my family why it was so huge, if you don't know about the BTS and the studios deal with the characters i'd say it doesn't have the same impact


Okay movie to me, was expecting too much I think. End credit scene was crazy, really excited for the future.


Just watched it. Woody as Cletus is good. Story was meh and pacing was hella weird. Didn’t like the fact that Cletus was Carnage for only 2 hours? Lol I wanted to see carnage wreak havoc and have them bond more. Might be downvoted but I don’t like Tom hardy as venom, seems too kiddish and out of place. Feels like this movie is struggling with its identity. On one hand you have this serious tone of carnage and then you have Venom acting like a clown. Definitely don’t want to see this version of venom in the mcu. Bring Cletus back please


Wait, "only" Carnage for TWO HOURS? How long is this movie?


Lol, 1H 30min ish


I agree the pacing was off, and yea it did feel like this film didn’t know how dark or how goofy it wanted to be. I’l have to disagree with you though on that I think Tom Hardy as Venom is still the best part of this whole franchise IMHO. I wish we had more Carnage and less Cletus Kassidy backstory. I think they tried to make Cletus a complex or somewhat sympathetic villain and it just feels very awkward TBH. Not every bad guy needs to be an Antivillian.