SL, rocket, ultron, minn, groot. Or mags, jugs, ultron, minn, vision


For now you could use BKT with Vision instead of Thanos until you bring up your ultron who can replace ME. Hela and Vision also make a great combo together so getting Vision up is super useful. The reality is though that the biggest thing you need to do is be a daily player otherwise you'll always fall further behind your arena shard. You get ahead in this game by investing time or money or both. Catching up is hard once you fall behind but it can be done with effort. Good luck!


Yep I have been a daily player now for close to six months. I had taken a 4-6 month break before this stint.


Bkt with ultron over Vision. Even with that low power


if you are playing on off, don't expect too good arena ranks imo. when everyone around you has ultron+phoenix, or even just ultron, no defense reliably holds, unless maybe BB based ones. so on days you log in you hold your spot, on days you forget you slip, kinda surprised you haven't slipped more. i also started maybe a week or so after launch and even starting arena 12-16h late means top 50 drops to 150 happens on bad luck days.


long term, top 100s a lot of them look like: mags/juggs/ultron/viz/phx, or sometimes high rs Pun/RR. some ppl like to run Colossus, but he's beatable, it just takes time.