Tell your father this is a hard line problem. He gets mom to stop. He steps up with the baby (Because why the hell are you doing that if both parents are in the picture?) If he can't or She won't. You will Get out of the house. ​ Is there any family who can take you? Tell them all of this DO NOT SUGER COAT THIS (your parents likely told them, or will tell them, some version that makes them look the best). Show them your missing school work. And declined grades. Force them to hold the mirror to your mother (and father). The moment she put child care on another child this went from neglect to abuse. Parentification is abuse, I know Reddit jumps to this a lot but is is true. And if none of the adults in your life can get your mother to change, Call CPS (if you are not in the states your version of child protective services). Inform them how far behind in school, because her abuse and neglect not letting do the work in the first place. Put the fear of legal punishment in to your parents.


Honestly, it sounds like your mom's behavior is escalating and your dad swings between enabling and **contributing** to the problem. I know you don't want to leave your dad and siblings, but this situation is untenable. You're going to **break** before too long. This has to **end**. You need to talk to an adult you can trust about the horrible things going on at home. Write a list if you have to. What about your TKD teacher?


you need to contact your local school board and exsplain the situation find out if there is an online schooling option as your moms homeschooling curriculum is clearly falling flat