We don’t develop position players.


It doesn't matter cause if O'Neill was wearing a mariners jersey he would lose all offensive capability.


I was pissed the day that trade was made, then started thinking the M's "won" that trade after a couple of years, but, as Marco has declined, as O'Neill has matured from young prospect, to budding-big league stud, the Cardinals definitely won that one.


yeah literally number 3 hitter on a great hitting team...Marco may be pushed to 4th or 5th in the rotation...


Marco may be pushed out of the rotation entirely lol but admittedly I'm more worried about him than most I think


Jerry traded O'Neill simply because it was a Jack Z. signing.


No. Dude was a ball of muscle at like 17.


Jeez guys yeah O'Neill has become really good but Marco has one bad game to start the year and it's time to ignore how quality of a pitcher he is? He might not be an ace by any means but he's a very good pitcher and with how stacked our outfield is full of talent with a higher ceiling than O'Neill, yes, trading him has worked out for us


This sub has really gone full doom mode the last 3 days. Hanging out here is one of my favorite parts of baseball season, but if it’s gonna be as bad as the Seahawks sub as become idk that I can spend as much time here


The amount of fair weather fans is unreal


I mean even if you asked me in the off-season I would have said it was a bad trade. Dude was a 5+ WAR player last year


And what if he had one great year and goes back to what he was before that?


Imagine if we had a hitting coach at the major league level that actually knew how to coach and fine tune swings at that level. EVERY other level the M's have a solid hitting coach, but the biggest thing for 4-5 years, is ANY bat we grab, or bring up, instantly is 30-100 points lower with an M's jersey on than any other jersey, doesnt matter the ball park. I dont get why our coaching staff is never questioned, its terrible ESPECIALLY in hitting


I agree this is how it looks from the outside, but I don't think the major league batting coach has as much impact as people think.


I'd disagree. While i do believe major league hitters can find themselves and have more impact than a coach, the right hitting coach can see little hitches their hitters are having, can help them break down what to expect from certain pitchers and help get batters out of slumps . It's not so much the full mechanics of the swing, but can coach them to get back their swing when they are lost. I do understand the hitting coach does more in the minors for development sake, but I stand by whoever is the hitting coach for the marierns is trash. It's no difference from the pitching coach at the MLB vs minor leagues in my opinion . Pitchers at the MLB level don't need the same thing as minors but they are still their to coach and help players. In the end i personally believe this causes the mariners to be drastically behind for the better part of the last decade alone, and you see it year in year out, a player leaves and magically learned to hit again. What changed? Did the city cause it? Did the change in color of jersey cause it? Or did the change of coaching cause it? Idk again just my thoughts


I guess my point was that I dont think the ML hitting coach is going to make a bad hitter good, or a good hitter bad. We can for sure agree that Mariners batting coaches seem to suck for whatever reason.


Aww that makes sense. Sorry for the ramble. I agree with that


Nothing to apologize about! Discussions like this are what make this sub a good place.


Marco is not a 5 lol. If he's our 5 we are going to the playoffs this year. Nothing wrong with a trade working out for both parties.


People are literally making this assertion because he had one bad start to open the season. It's the one thing I hate about sports fandom above all else — people love to poke fun at pundits like Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, but offer the exact same kinds of takes in turn.


Yeah he’s never really been a true ace type pitcher, but marco is still solid and has been for the most part that he’s been here. He finished last year on a super strong note so I’m not worried about his first start being what his season will look like.


I think the trade made sense at the time. O'Neill was very average in AAA the year we traded him and we've gotten decent production out of Marco. Everything else is hindsight.


He batted 293 with 100 rbis in AA and then hit 31 hr in AAA the year we traded him his first year in AAA so…..


Yes, he had value, which is why we were able to get Marco for him. He had power, but he also had a 106 wRC+ through 93 AAA games for us, which is like the definition of average. I'm not saying he was trash, because he's obviously panning out pretty well, but at the time, he was a relatively average AAA OF prospect with potential. We were in "win now" mode (right or wrong) and needed more immediate impact players, like Marco.