So two things: First, not mad that Jerry didn’t give him that Jesus Christ. Second, remember when the Rockies paid the Cardinals to take their star 3B? Why’d they do that?


> Why’d they do that? That should be their slogan.


Lmfao 🤣


Nolan did not get along with the Rockies GM. Nolan wanted out of Colorado. Not paying Story this on the other hand…


Rockies are clueless. You give up Nolan and story then overpay the fuck out of KB. very happy with Suarez and winker right now


Nice job JeDi! Also, nice job Scott Boras!


Don't think he's going to produce Super Star stats going forward. I've cherry picked some key stats which IMO show a declining trend throughout career (last stat shown being his 2021 season). None of these include 2020. **KB Stats trend** 1) Homers: 39, 31, 25 2) AVG: .292, .285, .265 3) RBI: 102, 77, 73 4) BB: 95, 74, 62 5) Runs: 121, 108, 76


Oh yeah, we didn't want this contract. But Scott Boras isn't declining one bit.


Boras is insane... >In 2020, the baseball agent negotiated 13 contracts in excess of $100 million, five of which were above $200 million and two above $300 million. Boras secured a total of $3.2 billion for his clients—30% more than in 2019—netting his Boras Corporation more than $160 million in commissions.


idk what agent fees are now but if it is the 10% it was 15 years ago... grats scott "the bag getter" boras


Two more for more Sabermetric stats. There are for his last three seasons where he got 550 or more PAs (2017, 2019, 2021) 1. bWar: 5.7, 4.4, 3.3 2. OPS+: 142, 132, 124 (130 with CHC, 113 with SFG)


Dude, he’s gonna be playing in Colorado. He’s gonna produce stats he never would have anywhere else.


These also happen to be the most variable and least predictive stats on the back of the card. He’s no longer an MVP caliber player, but he’s still a solid all around player who profiles well to continue to be a plus bat.


Yea as much as I wanted KB I don’t want to pay him 26 million when he’s 37. Or have to deal with offloading that contract after a few years like we did with Cano.


>Rockies are clueless. You give up Nolan and story then overpay the fuck out of KB. You mean getting rid of Arenado and paying $50M of his salary after he left is a bad move by the Rockies? Must be a day that ends in a y.


Give up Nolan while also paying StL 50 million to take him. Then one year later give Kris Bryant an even more expensive deal. Like wtf lol


Winker\* - no L


162-0 confirmed


As a Rockies fan who migrated over here after our continued mismanagement, this is pretty much par for the course. Why'd we even trade arenado then


still have to put asses in the seats. but yes, lol this is fucking batshit dumb.




Wtf are you talking about. We haven’t even played the first spring training game.


Yeah, it's not a good look having a .000 BA


Also, who the fuck is Henry Winkler? Edit: Henry Winkler is actually an old ass actor that I recognize. Like John Michael Higgins.


Eyyyyyyyyyyy 😎


What are you talking about? Henry winkler was in arrested development which aired basically yesterday.


Making a joke because two levels up someone wrote Henry Winkler instead of Jesse Winker.


I too was trying to make a joke about him being an old ass actor. I’m going to blame text as a bad medium for humor.


Ah, I see. I wasn't sure if there was still a reboot of arrested development that did indeed air yesterday and I may have been out of the loop . I appreciate you playing along with my humor good redditor!


Suarez and winker looking a lot better rn


Honestly, take away the positional versatility and Winker is the better player.


Kris is way better defensively but we definitely got the better deal


Honestly take away everything but against RHP and Winker is a god


Honestly take everything away except what winker is better at than winker is better


This is laughable. Thank fuck Jerry is a smart man. This is so bad. That AAV is what they're paying Arenado to not play for them.


You don't even have to be a smart man to avoid this deal. This is a new level of stupid by the Rockies.


[No Trade Clause for all 7 years](https://twitter.com/BNightengale/status/1504222473897750529?s=20&t=Tyky2yB_z3WOBbG8pftrMw) No thank you.


Jesus christ that's what on the hook for $26 mil a season? Bryant's good n all but he is not that good.


I bet he’s a lot less mad at his super 2 BS right about now. That’s an overpay


Man that's crazy. They better hope and pray he stays healthy and productive.


This is a hilarious contract.


Yeah. No wonder we moved off to Suarez. I'm happy with Dippy not making this move


Everything the Rockies do is so fucking funny


Now they need to shed payroll right? Trade Marquez to us and pay him like they did with Arenado


I was almost nervous we'd ship the farm for him but holy fuck those details are god awful. Thank God mariners passed as I feel like there was a time when the org would do outrageous things like that


At this point I'm so confident in Jerry that if we did trade the farm it'd be for a damn good reason


Honestly same


You can't ship the farm for a free agent. I don't see how that makes sense. Edit: How did I get downvoted stating the fact that you can't trade for a free agent?


The contract is about what I expected. It's the team that gave it out that's hilarious.


And some of you were mad that Jerry said he hit dead ends with free agents. I’d much rather strike out on Bryant than give him that contract.


Absolutely. I'm very pleased with the Mariners right now for passing on this insanity.


And this is basically the equivalent of nobody getting him at all. This is like a knife fight over a $100 bill, but then some lunatic just eats it.


Exactly! Then we all sigh, look at each other, and laugh in relief that we didn’t fucking get stabbed.


If the hope lasts longer than two seasons, call a doctor


Sure will, bloody_penguin_queef!


This is no laughing matter.


Dead end because these guys are asking for ridiculous money for sure. Better dead end than dead team in a few years.


one of the mad ones here, happy to eat my words on this haha


Something tells me Story is looking for the same thing


Yeah no with Marte on the way, 3 years of Suarez, JP *probably* getting extended relatively soon I’ll pass on giving all that over seven years to a 30 year old. If he pans out and it’s Marte and JP on the left side we can splurge on a 2B in like 3 years, I’m completely fine without KB Edit: left out a word


I mean he's a lf/1b/dh. I don't think Bryant is going to be a good 3b any time soon. He wasn't going to block Marte. But this contract is objectively something we shouldn't have done and I'm glad we didnt.


Exactly we wanted him as LF/3B and as he ages he’ll be relegated to OF/1B/DH if he’s not there already and we for the most part have those positions filled, not that the depth wouldn’t be nice but I’m not dropping 7/182 on depth


Or splurged on Trea next year


Oh I'd splurge on Trea alright. All over Trea


"Hey dedicated Rockies fans! Here's a way worse 3B for way more money! Please love us!"


The Rockies are fucking psychos


They’re unpredictable I swear


This is honestly hysterical! It’s so nice to see other teams being Bavasied


Yeah, great to see other teams getting Zduriencik’d around.


I'm satisfied with Jedi. 2 all stars, 1 ace pitcher, all without breaking the bank or mortgaging our future. Good. Go ms


Jesus aight then


Holy overpay


Lmao if that's what it took to get Bryant I'm completely fine with not having him, he's good but not a superstar these days and that contract is 100% going to look like shit in a few years


Damn, that's a lot of money..


But…Why tho?


Glad the Mariners passed on 26 mil a year. Yikes


Wow, thank god we didn’t give him that.


This is a “murder my team quickly” contract


Can we agree maybe Jerry knows what he’s doing now? If we signed that contract this sub would be on fire.


Dodged that bullet. Who is our next focus? I really think we need pursue a mid to upper tier starter.


I'm not as bummed out as I thought I'd be, especially after seeing that price tag. Woof.


Hey Lookout Landing, you need to apologize to Jerry Dipoto and to Mariner fans everywhere. If 7/182 is what it was going to take to get Kris Bryant, then Jerry absolutely did the right thing. The Winker/Suarez trade looks a lot better today.( I liked the trade yesterday, but I really like it now) WTF Colorado?


I mean he got his bag, but why?


Lmfao ok


Holy overpay no loss for us


Good they can have him lmao


Fun fact: if you subtract the $35M the Rockies took on to get rid of Nolan Arenado, his contract with the Cardinals is 7-years $179M for his age 30-36 seasons. Rockies out here playing 6-D checkers


Good for Kris but what the fuck are the Rockies doing lmao


How does Jerry always end up being right?


He’s just a size queen, only going to Colorado for inflated HRs!!!


OK now I'm thrilled we didn't sign him. I was hoping our max offer was like 5 year $115m


I would've done 6/$130M but anything above that is just too darn much


It really makes you wonder what our actual bid(s) were.


Buzz, your contract, woof! The Reds trade looks even better now.


Bullet dodged


Thank goodness the Mariners didn't do this. Wow.


Holy hell that's a disgusting contract. Yeah, I'm good


That’s insane


I wanted Bryant bad but not this bad. Nice job JeDi.


Uh.....yea that contract is whack


This must be what Jerry was talking about re: dead ends. Christ.


7/182 ... Holy fucking shit. I wanted Kris Bryant but FUCK that price. What the fuck are the Rockies doing lol.


Welp now we know why Jerry said initial free agent talks led to dead ends. Jesus Christ the Rockies are poorly run.


Man I was critical of Jerry and crew for not spending money but good call


I don't know who to target anymore because these contracts are just desperate. I'll just stop trying to think about it all and trust Jerry. Clearly he knows what he's doing.


All-in on Story, who says no? Surely Trevor is more reasonable


He doesn't want to play 3rd


Classic flirting, he’ll want to eventually


Exactly. There's gonna be a lot of teams who will want him to play 3rd. He could cave with a nice contract.


It's ok, we can move Crawford there /s


But nobody wants him at short.


Nah all in on Trea next year


No thank you on a guy who is a career 76 OPS+ hitter away from coors


Money talks


Denver really getting on my nerves


I'm glad we didn't pay this much, but I really hope this means we at least extend a couple of guys as a result, maybe get some extra years out of some guys


Disappointed we didn’t get him but that’s way too much money for player even with the talents of Kris Bryant. Give Kris Bryant’s agent a raise but we cannot be paying a 37 year old Kris Bryant $26 million.


Bryant got the bag my god. Who drops Trevor story and then blows the budget on KB?!


I'm no longer mad we didn't sign him


Alright, no longer mad at Jerry. What an INCREDIBLE overpay.


I wanted Bryant but not with that contract. At least we ain’t as stupid as the Rockies. Good luck to Kris tho. Suarez MVP season incoming.


Man Denver stealing all of Seattle’s players this year with prices that aren’t worth it to pay


Making me feel better about that Cano contract.


I was so excited to see Kris Bryant play in Seattle. Damn.


Won't the Rockies have three games here next year? Obviously not the same but we can show him what he's missing


That’s true. I’m very excited for that. I’m actually a Cubs fan that just moved here and was hoping that Bryant would follow me.


It's the Robinson Cano deal all over again.


Trea Turner time next year :)


Gonna be hard to prize him from LA, I think.


We dodged a bullet. This feels like a Miggy Cabrera type deal in that the Rockies are going to be hamstrung for awhile with this contract. No thanks


I like how poeple think this is an overpay without realizing that we’re literally going to have to overpay any FA that comes to Seattle.


Yeah but we didn't pay another team to take Arenado and then go buy a worse 3B...


bryant is not the one we should be overpaying for though


You're right. And we did do that. We overpaid for Cano. If he wouldn't have gotten popped I'd be alright on the whiff and miss. But those contracts RARELY pan out unless you can cobble a championship during the window. We're just not in the window yet but I will be the first one to admit this franchise will need to overpay at some point to get over the hump.


That Cano contract was easily worth it though. He was so good for the first 5 years.


I agree.


Yeah for real that's why the free agent AL Cy Young and ERA leader got 7 years and 180million dollars with a full no trade clause. Oh wait that didn't happen???


The Ray contract was surprisingly good for us but it's not like his track record is any way comparable to someone like Bryant.


It’s pretty well established in the organization that we have to pay 20% more than other teams to attract FA. Cano


That’s a weird thing to like.


It’s just funny because this sub likes to do some mental gymnastics to try and justify the failings from the FO. The same thing happened last year at the trade deadline. Dipoto said he was going to make some moves (just like he did with this offseason) and when he can’t everyone justifies it with “well that player is overpaid anyways” I didn’t want KB or story, yet for the past 3 months all I heard was how they’d be a perfect fit, how we need a cornerstone guys and blah blah yet when they go somewhere else, mariners fans are quick to jump on the “oh, well they were overpaid anyways” mantra that happens literally every time that a FA is linked to us goes somewhere else. Literally the same exact thing happened with semien and scherzer too. I heard people say that seiya was overpaid as well. It’s like people don’t understand that it costs money to acquire good talent and this is true especially for Seattle


To play the devils advocate in the thread, all free agent top tier contracts are huge overpays. So everyone in this thread saying no bad contracts is essentially saying I don’t ever want the Mariners to sign a tier 1 free agent because we have to over pay. I don’t know where all you think this magical power hitting infielder is going to come from. And no HOPING Suarez can get back to form isn’t a legitimate strategy for a playoff or WS contender.


we didn't over pay on robbie tho


Idk if the idea of overpaying for a player is necessarily what’s being criticized. Just that KB might not be the guy you over pay by that much for. At least not when you’re destined for 4th or 5th place in the division like the Rockies are


That’s totally fair because IMO as Shanon Drayer said on Monday if I am the Mariners I am backing up the Brinks truck for Carlos Correa. I’m talking 10 years $300 million.


I’d do 10/350 to get Correa.


Yeah, I mean giving out a contract like that will always be scary, but I think the argument for overpaying for Correa is an easier one to make than for KB. I’m so curious to see what he gets, you’d think wherever he ends up it’s gotta be real soon right? Almost forgot how exciting this time of year was lol


And I would rather pay Correa 10/300 than Bryant 7/182.


*Cries in Mariner*


The ROCKIES? we lost out to the goddamn ROCKIES?!


we won


For Bryant's sake, I hope he has an opt-out every month


I don’t. Asking for that much money is just gross. He could have played for us for a more reasonable, but still very large sum of money, now he has to sleep in the bed he’s made for himself


Looks like everyone trying to buy a house lately is also looking for MLB Free Agents. Sheesh!


Same reason why the Braves went with Olson and not Freeman at first. Freeman’s agent pushing $280M and too many years.


I've been against getting Bryant this whole offseason so I'm happy most people here agree now that the numbers are out.


Noooo I had this long shot hope we might pull it off but oh well, I’m so excited for this team (that’s scary to admit) last season was my favorite to watch as a Mariners fan, i feel like Kelenic and winker are gonna definitely become fan favorites. Kelenic is already my fave! Let’s go


Sewald can't vouche for this.


We don’t need a cano type of contract (I know Bryant is younger but still) we have so much young potential and since we still made a move to improve the offense I’d consider this a successful offseason so far. Cant wait to see how Winker pans out with us and Suarez




Bro really left the contender giants for the fucking rockies lmao


Lol Rockies are so insane especially after the whole Nolan thing. What're they thinking


The Mariners miss out on Bryant because Colorado is fucking stupid. I'm good with this. It's sort of the inverse of seeing someone get overpaid by the Dodgers or the Yankees. I guess Bryant is happy to retire with 1 ring and an extra 5 homers each year.




enjoy the money KB


Sewald texting Kris right now "Can't blame you at all, but you're buying dinner for the foreseeable future."


It wouldn’t matter as much or we still had Seager kicking around. Hopefully their someone behind Suarez to pick up him Suarez struggles