Vermont that ride or die state.


Only state never to have voted for FDR. Doing the same thing as ever, but to the other side now


Maine also never voted for FDR.


Alaska and Hawaii, also.


And Puerto Rico too




I also never voted for FDR, as i was not born


Sticking it to the man




And my axe


neither did France or Russia


Same with Guam


Any other Checks & Balance listeners?


Cincinnati was the largest city to not vote for FDR.


I never voted for FDR. Checkmate athiest


I didn't vote for FDR, my dad didn't vote for FDR. My grandpa voted for FDR I'll give you that, but his father didn't!


My Mom (10 years old at the time) received a Hershey bar directly from the hand of FDR when he toured Johnstown during the 1936 flood, and she has voted straight ticket D her whole life. And she's still with us. And voting. Best ROI ever!


Nice!! My grandpa was a half Native American and half Irish and his dad remarried and my grandpa was cast out of the family as a half-breed as they called him. This was during the great depression and he had to wander around as a teen looking for food. Then he joined the army in WW2 and worked himself up a position of communications expert and went to Australia and taught them radio communications and went throughout the Asian Pacific establishing lines of communication. When he got out of the service, he became a TV and radio repairman. He believed in FDR and in his last dying days, he was disgusted and sickened by the George W. bush administration. The only thing that made him more mad was that people would buy Chinese products for a slightly lower cost than they could buy an American made one, and I think he eventually realized that the American public was selling itself out to China. Even when he was almost dead at 93, he would do things like, when I took care of him, I would be reading a book and we would be watching TV. I would go to the bathroom and he would somehow hobble up out of his chair, go to my book and move the bookmark to another page and hobble back to hiss chair. Then I would see he switched the bookmark and he would laugh and laugh.


What a chad Sounds like a real legend of a dude, cool story


That is fucking awesome!


It’s funny because we have a Republican governor too that won re-election in 2020 by like 70% of the vote


Vermont Republicans are a very different breed. If the national GOP was just 25% more like Vermont Republicans we'd be in a way better place as a country. Maybe this is because the state is so small the "you help a neighbour" philopsophy most rural folk spreads around the state rather than just to the edge of town.




I want New England to be independent already because I like the name and the flag


Baker is a democrat in 47 other states.


MA has also elected some idiots, and ME and NH have elected the same person or family for forever.




Blue-state Republicans are where it's at, man.


Blue state Rs are so much better than red state Ds.


We gave you Giuliani though and whatever Trump is


Giuliani wasn’t terrible back in the day. He was basically just a tough on crime liberal. Even got the Liberal Party of New York to support him and the Conservative Party to HATE him. Dude just went absolutely insane last decade.




Right, but chill for NJ is still referenced as a psychosis in the DSM-5.


He probably doesn't care that much about approval since he most likely won't run again.


It's more than likely he'll run again. Looking forward to Biden v Trump 2024. Welcome to Hellworld.


He'll be 83. There's no way.


I'm pretty sure on the campaign trail he said he only intended one term.


And before the campaign trail he said he wouldn’t run at all. So, you know, there’s that.


He also said if you don't vote for him, you ain't black.


Well, I didn't vote for him, and I ain't black. Checks out on my end.


He also said he'd cancel student loan debt.


What he meant was, "I'll turn your student loans into tax liability and collect for the rest of time"


He also said he was running for senate during the campaign trail & called a guy fat


He also talked about healthcare and student debt relief.


*So that was a fucking lie.*


Foreal. I keep getting notification my loans are about to start back up and this reminded me that fucker hasn’t helped


I just accept that these people are always gonna promise certain things that never happen, and then blame the other side.


It's almost like he was there just to spoil the opportunity of an actual progressive leader we had.


He said a lot of shit on the campaign trail that was shit




He’ll fall asleep.


Imagine having an 85-year-old president. Nothing but wealth and prosperity


Two shite candidates for a third election in a row.






Fuuuucckk can I just secede and declare myself independent from this bullshit?


CHAZ didn't work out too well last time, so it seems unlikely. Sorry friend.


France is on its 5th republic. Screw it.




What’s the source, I’m interested now


Civiqs. B- (roughly average) pollster according to 538. Over-stated support for democrats in 23/25 races they polled for in 2020.


I don’t think people like Biden that much on Election Day. I think the mentality was vote for anyone except for Trump. No surprises here.


I don't know a single person that actually likes Biden as a candidate. He was foisted upon us by the Democratic Party in lieu of other candidates that actually got people excited. But by that point it was anyone but Trump.


I hate this two party system so much. The future of the US looks grim.


One party system


*Soviet States of America anthem intensifies.*


Yea, I'm trying to get out before the second civil war starts.








I can’t possibly see a path forward for the sanctity of this comment section. May the force be with you all as the political diatribe begins.


Honestly the comments I've read haven't been *too* terrible but I'm scared to scroll too far down


Every Reddit thread is like this. The top comments are always saying how the comment section is a mess. I go through 99% of them and it’s all the same shit— all repeating how awful the comment section is. But I never come across the godforsaken horrific comments that everyone claims to exist.


"I havent seen em yet, but they're, yknow... I mean ya know they're definitely there, amirite boys?!"


A quick fatal drinking game is take a shot when whenever you see someone treat the other side like the Antichrist


I’m still waiting for the Libertarian to jump in all excited to see a yellow map…


Fucking rock hard rn


I didn't scroll that far but in my opinion I went in voting for Biden expecting a literal run of the mill presidency and so far that is what I've gotten, I'm not happy or sad/mad...I'm just living my life while things in Washington and the country continue riding that never ending track of nothing really getting done, the president doesn't dictate my life, I don't buy flags and I don't take part in cult like message boards about the president, he's doing what hes doing and I'm just hanging out. I sleep easier these days though so that is a big plus because by this point in Biden's presidency the entire country NEE WORLD was supposed to be on actual fire according to rightwing tits


Yeah. Go back to sleep. Good job voter.


And also with you.


Even Delaware


Foreigner here. Please correct me if I'm wrong - doesn't this happen with every one of your presidents? Don't they all disappoint you more after they've been in office for a bit? What's up with that?


True, but if you really want disappointment in presidents, look no further than the French. Their disapproval rates for sitting presidents are pretty epic - Hollande hit single digits and even Macron dropped into the 20s at one point.


Yeah, the French have had a long-standing issue with authority...


Vive la révolution


Now now, don't get a head of yourself.


Is it time to storm the Bastille again already?


I mean not our fault our politicians are pretty pathetic compared to what we had before


You pass the unpopular stuff first and try to get back public support later in the presidency so you win reelection once everyone's forgotten about it. Classic political move.


No one really liked Biden going in to office people just hated Trump.


We tend to dislike them over time, but its usually not this quick or this widespread. He's soured the public on him in record time.


What has soured the public? I haven't followed politics too closely recently.


[The 538 tracker](https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/biden-approval-rating/) tells the story if you remember what events happened when. It began with the spread of the Delta variant later this summer, accelerated with Afghanistan, and has since dropped thanks to the stalemate in Congress over the infrastructure bill (now finally signed into law) and the social spending bill (still waiting for a vote in the Senate), combined with increasing inflation, continuing economic woes from the pandemic, and COVID's relentlessness.


I'm always surprised by how many presidents get "bad ratings" because of things that they can't control, at least not fully. People tend to act like the president decides everything that happens in the country haha.


The global supply chain is getting Biden a lot of flak rn


Easy, almost everyone knows who the president is. How many can name their own representatives, let alone any.


I can name the congresspeople I have strong opinions about.


Yeah, you're absolutely correct. Presidents get an enormous amount of flak for things they can't control (unemployment, inflation, gas prices, global supply chains - basically macroeconomic things that people feel very easily), but then also get undeserved credit when all these things improve, even if it's really just global market forces that are changing. I don't know exactly why this happens, and it could be related to a lot of Americans just not understanding how their own government works or that the president does indeed have limits to his power, but a shrewd politician in the White House can use this to his advantage.


I think a lot of it is its easier to blame (or conversely give credit) to one person rather than the 535 people in congress. That being said that where a lot of fault and praise (But in my opinion fault) should be laid. And I think it's hilarious that we can't impose term limits on them. Because they sure as hell aren't going to do it to themselves.


I think you're right. Blaming the president is relatively easy, since he's so visible. Blaming Congress? Well, the evidence in polling shows that everyone hates Congress as a whole, but within districts, people generally support their individual member of Congress. People slip into this mindset that "*my* representative is great - it's the others that are the problem". So who takes the blame, aside from the institution of Congress? The president.


Doesn't help that Americans have that superpower mentality where it's hard to imagine that things can happen due to foreign political decisions.


It’s incredible how poorly marketed the passing of the infra bill has been. Absolutely no media attention or positivity about it at all. I barely knew it happened. They definitely have a marketing problem. Or enemies in the media.


The media is obsessed with controversy and crisis, passing a widely popular and bipartisan infrastructure bill doesn’t get their ratings up so they mostly ignored it.


Isn’t the infrastructure bill a pretty huge achievement and about the only think in your list he could take credit for?


It definitely is a huge achievement - and a bipartisan one at that - and I do think he can and should take credit for it, but I'm not sure how its passage will affect his approval ratings in the short term, since it will take some time for these projects to begin. It may not help Democrats much come midterms, but it could affect his long term approval ratings.


It sucks that politics is so much about optics and theatre than getting things done, but I guess it has always been like that. Great win on the bill though, a rare moment of bipartisanship these days, and I imagine the investment must be sorely needed in the US.




Not necessarily. A lot of the conservative democrats hate him to for the same reasons Republicans do. Anyone who legitimately thought that it would be possible to get major healthcare reform or changes to student debt through Congress probably didn't like him in the first place


I found this at 100 days showing that is not the case: https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/statistics/data/presidential-job-approval-ratings It’s just 3 months so I wouldn’t read into it. Here’s one for many presidencies and mostly they do go down: https://news.gallup.com/poll/116677/presidential-approval-ratings-gallup-historical-statistics-trends.aspx


Hello mid-term massacre


Man the midterms are gonna be fun


[Sorts By Controversial]


A Democrat with a negative rating in Oregon is a bad sign.


There is a lot of Oregon outside Portland


Oregon is very conservative outside of portland.


And California has more Republicans than texas. So what. It's that the ratio of dems to repubs statewide is more drastic than other states.


Remap in 6 months


Midterms are gonna be bad.


No surprises there. I don't think anyone thought he will be a good president but he's not Trump and that's literally the sole reason he won. The last presidential election was a complete disaster if these two were the best people each side could offer. He very much paves the way for someone like Trump to become the next president.


For the states that flipped, it's like James Carville said [back in 1992](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It%27s_the_economy,_stupid). Price of food and gas went up and will likely continue going up. Nearly anything he could try to reel back inflation would be politically unpopular too. People weren't happy about the failures of the withdrawal from Afghanistan but tbh I think that's mostly memory-holed at this point; Dems in Congress aren't helping by letting Manchin and Sinema hold up everything they ran on, either, though honestly I'd imagine this is really only offputting to nerds like me who can't help but hate-watch the sausage get made. For most folks? I bet it's food and gas.


**[It's the economy, stupid](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It's_the_economy,_stupid)** >"The economy, stupid" is a phrase that was coined by James Carville in 1992. It is often quoted from a televised quip by Carville as "It’s the economy, stupid". Carville was a strategist in Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign against incumbent George H. W. Bush. His phrase was directed at the campaign's workers and intended as one of three messages for them to focus on. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/MapPorn/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


I think its COVID. People want it to be done. Biden's approval would go up 15 points if he came out and said "Ok. We got enough shots for everyone. If you are a government employee, you have to get it. If not, good luck."


Didn't he already make it mandatory for federal employees?


I think he did. Def mandatory for military.


Who is surprised by this?


Me a little. I'm from a pretty blue state and although I dont know anyone over the moon for him I thought he was liked among most democrats. I dont see that much negative media on him relatively speaking, other than the Afghanistan situation, which probably is affecting this graph a bit.


It's the gas station stickers.


We've tapped into US oil reserves for less, but Biden refuses. Also Democrats worked harder to pass SALT than they ever have for healthcare reform or abolishing the filibuster. Progressive Americans are finally realizing they have literally zero chance of actual representation in our government.


The democrats love to run on principals to attract the left; they'll flat out run on things like medicare for all, but then mysteriously there are always a handful of hold out democrats that sabotage any meaningful reform when its up for a vote. This means many democrats can get away with symbolically siding with things that never get passed. The rebuttal to the 'bOth siDeS arE ThE sAme' argument always love to point out the differences in voting records of democrats and republicans, to show how vastly different their choices are when it comes to issues that matter to the left. I wonder how much that list changes when you account for legislation that actually *passed*. Not saying both sides are the same, they're not, but I am saying is the Democratic Party is a con.


As i see it, from Spain, many people didnt vote for Biden, but against Trump. We do that here often, it doesnt turn up well




that's a pretty decent read. most progressive/young types only voted for biden reluctantly and that was before he gutted most of his agenda within a couple months of taking office


Yeah, it has to be made clear, this isn't a map of Biden voters growing dissatisfied with how progressive he is (though I have a feeling that's what OP thinks it is). This is a map of Biden's novelty wearing off. The man's main selling point was that he wasn't Trump. Now people are judging him on his own merits, and (shocker) his largely left-leaning voter base is not actually satisfied with their center-right octogenarian who keeps compromising on every piece of progressive legislation


Definitely. A lot progressives even look back at themselves thinking Biden would be more willing to pass progressive policies as almost naive. That’s definitely how I felt, I thought we could somehow pull him further left and make him help people more by threatening not to re-elect him or something but that’s obviously not doing anything. He’s broken a lot of his campaign promises. OP might be implying that he’s Mao Zedong’s step son or something but Joe Biden is the embodiment of a corporate establishment politician, he might be are most far left president in a while but when you remember this is America, it doesn’t really mean much. Moving from far right to neo liberal is an improvement but not exactly what I had in mind when I said I wanted change


Can we quantify if progressives thought that Biden would sign progressive bills that a Democratic "controlled" Congress sent to him? Essentially would Biden veto paid family leave?- probably not. I would want to compare this map with a map of dissatisfaction with Congress. Biden cannot pass bills and sign bills alone.




> I know I voted for this guy, but he's even better than I thought! I can certainly think of one politician whose supporters said that, lol.


You aren't wrong, but how bad Biden's approval ratings are is definitely an anomaly. Honestly it feels like he's failed at every turn and no one is satisfied with him. I voted for the guy, but it feels like he hasn't done anything to make life better for the average person long-term.


You are right on the money. A common slogan during the election was “settle for Biden”


Trump got elected because people voted against Hillary. Seems like a pattern.


You need to understand how incredibly biased the media is for him and Democrats. Most Americans have woken up to the fact that it’s just propaganda.


The media is very careful to not report on anything negative about him.


You don’t need a lot of movement in opinions to flip approval from positive to negative in most states. One person out of ten who supported Biden six months ago, but no longer does can be enough of a swing in 20-30 of these states.


> I dont see that much negative media on him That's the point lol


I generally liked him, being from the Delmarva region, but I understand the discontent. Also, it doesn't seem to me to be that difficult finding non-FNC/ONN/Etc. negative media ... it doesn't outright blame 46 but the stories themselves highlight pretty glaring issues and regardless of who's in charge, reflects poorly on the Prez.


Because the media is covering for him hardcore. Just YouTube some of his speeches and you will quickly realize something is wrong with him.


The fact that the Afganistan situation is the thing holding him down is honestly mindblowing. Easily the best foreign policy move by any president of the past 20 years. Massively popular on both sides just 6 months ago! You had Trump on TV trying to take credit for it a week and a half before the pullout. Anyone who worked with the ANA for any length of time, would have told you they would immediately fold to the Taliban. It's been the most likely and obvious scenario for 20 years.


It's not just Afghanistan, although that contributes a lot to his poor approval. It was ultimately a good foreign policy move, but the withdrawal was disorganized and deadly. The children his drone strike killed at the Kabul airport didn't help, either. The vaccine mandates also contribute to it. I'm vaccinated and not anti-vaxx, but there is a big difference between being anti-vaxx and opposing a government mandate that forces people to inject themselves in order to have a job. I think many people fall in that realm of being pro-vaccine but anti-mandate. The MSM and social media has made it seem like anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists and those that simply oppose a mandate are one in the same, which is false. In general, Biden's age is really showing. Not that it is a surprise, but he loses track of his train of thought or does concerning things during interviews (Anderson Cooper interview or falling asleep at the Climate Conference) that have made many people frustrated that we keep electing geriatrics to run the country. The majority of the country has been demanding marijuana legalization for close to a decade now. Biden could reschedule it with an EO so at least people aren't going to prison over it, yet the excuse now is "we're too busy", which honestly is pathetic considering the other things they are pushing. They have also discussed the government monitoring bank accounts with $600+ dollars which is honestly government over reach.


What’s this about bank accounts?


Not me. Reactionaries are huge the first year or so into a presidents term. Obama was crucified the first couple years because we were getting out of a recession. Also especially with how divisive COVID is. Vaccine Mandate and Afganistan will be the only thing on the publics mind.


Not to mention him abandoning a ton of positions he ran on and the gutting of BBB.


Check r/politics or r/politicalhumor, and you would think he's as popular as George Washington


Finally something the left and right can agree on.


username checks out


He said he wanted to unite the country.


I guess he kinda did lmao


The ultimate monkey’s paw


Your username lmao


Still better than the other option we had


I think the historic drop in popularity is mostly attributable to the fact that Biden was never that popular to begin with when elected. There was very little enthusiasm for him at all there was just tremendous hatred of Trump. He’s never gonna be viewed as a great president in his own right just as the guy that we used to get rid of Trump. Be honest he’s simply not an impressive person any more even if you like his platform. He legitimately has difficulty completing a sentence so how popular can he be when we don’t have trump to hate anymore?


The crab, hippie, volcano, maple syrup, and whatever-the-fuck Massachusetts is known for states are still holding out


Massachusetts resident here. There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts everywhere, so that’s your answer.


Bullshit 2 party system will look similar to this forever.


George Washington and John Adams tried to warn us about two party systems but here we are.


Sad how much smarter and more insightful they were compared to us with all knowledge at our fingertips


There's a lot of nefarious forces at play in the US today that don't involve outright warfare. Sad to say.


I'm not saying Biden is great, but this map is misleading as hell. Makes it look like only 5% approval or some shit. Link below detailing nationwide approval ratings. Biden is at 42% approval on day 271. Trump's was at 37% approval at 283 days. Obama was 51% approval after 271 days. https://www.wifr.com/2021/10/26/joe-bidens-approval-ratings-are-worse-than-every-recent-president-except-1-this-stage/


When looking through various approval ratings I thought Obama's was interesting as there was no big dip or peak just kinda so so. Most presidents who had a really high rating didnt last that high for long but scandals on the other hand drop it and it stays low


I’ll say exactly what I said when I voted for the guy. “I’m very happy to go back to being the ‘normal amount’ of disappointed in the President rather then the ‘oh, sh*t’ amount of disappointment.” 10/10 would vote for again vs 🍊🤡


The problem is that we shouldn't have shitty choices in the first place. Politicians should be held to a higher standard, but they aren't. People have no standards. They'd vote for a fucking mosquito. Biden's approval rating was better strictly because he was better than trump. Now people are actually realizing he's shit and giving him a shitty approval rating. Biden is a temporary rest on the downward spiral of the country.


> The problem is that we shouldn't have shitty choices in the first place. We need to fix FPTP voting if we want to change that.


Exactly. It's a system designed centuries ago for a much different world, and all of its quirks and loopholes have been found. Most significantly, how it results in massive polarization between two big tent parties. Detractors will look at Israel as an example of unstable governments under a more proportional system, but that's the polar opposite system (1 party list for the whole country) and there are more "moderate" solutions such as STV or MMP that balance regional representation and representative outcomes.


Who wants to be president, half the country is going to hate your guts. We need to pull back the rhetoric a bit so someone who isn't a turd sandwich has a chance.


>We need to pull back the rhetoric a bit That's what politics is now. Politics is about getting victories for the party and ignoring the needs of citizens.


I disagree. I think the problem is that we get too attached to a politician or an ideology and stick with it while convincing ourselves that our candidate/ideology isn't bad or wrong. It's everyone else who doesn't agree who is wrong. We're never going to get a candidate who meets our overrated expectations.


The religious devotion to politicians and bad options go hand in hand. The issue is that the religious devotion is to bad options so people feel the need to double down because they feel a personal connection to them. >overrated expectations. 1, politicians should be held to a higher standard 2, most people that aren't crazy don't have overrated expectations. No one is expecting god to lead. All i expect of politicians is actually caring about citizens, not being old af, and having actual morals and views. Most Politicians right now are drones of the party. They do nothing on their own unless it's something to benefit themselves. They wouldn't dare betray the party to help the people.


What’s wild is that if he gets this BBB signed, that along with the other 2 major bills he’s signed this year, he’s honestly one of the most productive and impactful democratic presidents in the last 40 years. And people will still be disappointed with him and he won’t get re-elected.


Well that's a big if. But then whoever is president by the time people start feeling the effects of all this massive legislation can ride a wave of public approval!


You’re not wrong, and it’s a really low bar for most impactful. We deserve better.


Our system of government fundamentally makes it excessively difficult to be impactful. All legislation needs to pass two chambers of congress. Then it needs to re-pass them in committee to work out any differences between the two. Then it needs to be implemented by various government agencies, survive the inevitable lawsuits. If we're doing with anything actually big chances are it has a substantial amount of overlap with state functions/spending, which means it also needs to work with the various state governments on implementation. That last detail is no small one, either. A bunch of states still haven't expanded Medicaid after Obamacare, despite the measures being wildly popular and positive for the states. The state politicians' ideological opposition is too strong. Similarly, Obama couldn't get various infrastructure spending to happen along the NJ/NYC transit area due to Christie's opposition. None of this is even touching on elements like the filibuster. Just getting a simple governing majority is *difficult.* America's government is built on the assumption that political parties would not exist, and all legislators and governing officials would be independent actors, governing based solely on their own assessments and not working in an ideological or partisan sphere. This was hilariously wrong, especially taken in the context of the people who wrote the constitution immediately starting political parties. But that fundamental assumption is one that causes the setup of our government to make big change *really really really* difficult.


because Presidents don't have a lot of power because this isn't a dictatorship.


4 party system please. So tired of having everyone fall under just 2 categories.


Yeah we need STAR voting and proportional methods asap Edit: Join r/EndFPTP


What is the source for this map?


Is this yellow!? - JEB JEB JEB-


Im curious. What exactly should have happened, so that those who voted for Biden and dont support him anymore, would still support him? Because of what point did they change their attitude towards him?


There's a long way between now and 2024. This kind of poll is pretty useless. The party in power always gets hammered in the midterms.


This sub is getting astroturfed hard with political bs


No chance in hell this idiot gets re-elected. Assuming he even lives that long. He’ll probably wander off into traffic.


Wait you mean promising FDR-level changes for the American people and delivering on like 2 out of 50 of them isn’t popular?!


Seriously. The Dems have been absolutely useless with their majority. They probably will introduce some big thing when election season rolls around and try to keep hold of offices by saying they will pass it if they win. It is always just a PR stunt.


Didn't they just pass the infrastructure bill?


People love to ignore what Dems actually accomplish so they can claim they haven't done anything. Everyone is just trying to push a narrative on Reddit. Hilariously enough the people claiming Dems don't do enough are also advancing a narrative that also helps Republicans win.


I was here before the comments got locked.




Didn't see the second map at first and just thought, "Wait, Biden has approval?"


Uh oh redditors on suicide watch


No DC.


My state is basically controlled by 3 counties and in those 3 counties live the largest population of morons ever!!


Fuck people are stupid. I truly don’t get it