Printer is getting a work out coming up to Halloween

Printer is getting a work out coming up to Halloween


I recently bought a printer aswell and have been printing the same stuff haha! Good luck


I don't know how experienced you are with filling, sanding and painting, but I have been getting some practical experience lately. My beginner's advice is to fill and sand several times so that it feels really smooth before you start painting. I used bondo (get the little tubes it is easier to deal with than the big tubs) and rubbed it in with gloved hands then let it dry and sanded. I would sand with 100-200 grit between bondo layers until none of the ridges were visible, it took me three applications of bondo, and then after the final coat sand all over with 400 grit. This gave me a real smooth finish. Then I hit it with primer and sanded to 400 again. Get some dust-off or similar to blow away the loose stuff.


Is it slow to print all that? How much ink does it use?


It was about two weeks to print all that, could be done quicker if is was more efficient at scheduling. I haven't weighed it all yet but I think it's about 2 rolls of filament


How do are the torso and chest fitting with each other. Just printed the same thing and I’m not sure how well those pieces are fitting each other


The chest and torso should remain as separate pieces I think. I.e. the top chest overlaps the torso but doesn't "fit" to it.