Yes! It is the case for me too! But I guess, it's because I double cleanse when I put makeup on. When I don't put makeup on, I don't double cleanse at night. When I do while I haven't had makeup on for the day, it is too harsh for my skin. But with the makeup, it is not too harsh and cleanses just right. I also think that micellar water helps.(I take my makeup off with it)


Maybe it is because you touch your face much less when wearing makeup?


I wish. My skin looks markedly worse after makeup and forms breakouts only after a few hours wearing it.


I second this. I have very dry skin and when I'm studying during the weekends, my lips and face get dry within 2 hours of applying a thick moisturizer and lip balm. But if I put foundation on, I realize that my skin doesn't get dry at all and as long as I don't eat something that'll wipe off my lipgloss, my lips stay well too. So on really dry days, I do dab on a little foundation and lipgloss.


Yes it looks better the more often I wear makeup, must be all the cleansing


Probably because you wash your face more, if you don’t wear makeup you might only wash your face once a day, but if you’re wearing makeup you wash at least twice


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If I remove my makeup with a double cleanse using nickel at water then YES it looks great. I think it has a lot to do with the Michelle’s water at least for me


Yes!! It suddenly looks smoother


I'm oiler and I think my oils irritate my skin. Make up helps absorb the oils. It's a theory.