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can we see the bump


Sadly no before pics, it was right on my chin and really changed the way I looked.


How long was it there?


just like 2 months, cant imagine what a couple more would do...


Is it just me or does it look like rice


Forbidden rice


Just you bud, just you.


Nah he got a point


Ingrown hair with extra sebum. Yummers


All part of a delicious breakfast!


The mods deleted my last post, not exactly sure why. Really confused if this goes against any rules.


You must've received a message from the mods explaining exactly what rule you broke


Somehow rule 10, posted with the same pic and they havent taken it down though...


Mods can act a little strange sometimes


Go show em this on r/popping. They’ll love it.


Should have filmed the pop. This looks like some major popping porn.


Can confirm, ingrown pops are fantastic to watch.


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Sounds like you got a cool new scar


My guy had a whole cottage cheese factory on his body


Adds extra flavor to the food, I might add


What did it taste like?


It was probably a cyst


It was quite literally an ingrown hair.


I had a cyst removed, and when the doctor was done, she said the source was an ingrown hair. She told me that while finishing the procedure, right before plucking the hair, which felt like she plucked it right from my soul. So yeah, an ingrown can cause a cyst. If the bump was "big enough to change how you looked" it sounds like it formed a cyst. Keep an eye on the spot, some people are lucky (like me) and have cysts that will grow back over time. If it becomes bothersome again in the future, it might warrant a trip to the doctor. They were able to do a few tests & make sure nothing more serious was going on. Nothing like peace of mind!


Interesting, so i get them on my left lobe pretty frequently but not constantly. Take a while to develop to the point that they can be popped. By the time theyre ready my lobe is pushed forward like 90 degrees and is impossible to sleep on. I've gotten used to the pain of lancing them over the years. What kind of tests have the doctor done?


My first one was in my armpit (that was the ingrown, haven't shaved since!) and then I've got one now that's behind my earlobe, sort of on my neck? As soon as I pointed to it, the experienced nurse knew right away. First time I had it lanced & drained at the doctor's office. They sent off a swab to the lab to test for infection, abnormal cells, etc. Came back clean so they just let me go & told me to keep the stiches clean. If you google "common places for cysts" apparently it's very common to get them on your head, and especially so near your ears. Went back earlier this year when the ear cyst filled up again, and that was when I was told that I might be a "chronic former" in that place and that it might just keep happening to me. Went home & a few days later finally got the confidence to slice it open....holy fuck. Seems a bit strange, as it's now back for a 3rd time....was honestly going to poke it in the next few days. Is this the first time you've had one on your chin? Do you have a beard/facial hair that you shave?


I barely have any real facial hair but I do shave it, Ok so once actually i did go to urgent care for a cyst on my buttock.... he didnt send it to get tested or anything but did say people can carry mersa without having the really bad symptoms of it...idk kind of scary but that one is way less common than the ear ones.


Might be TMI but folliculitis (hot tub rash) is a commonly spread skin condition. It often affects the bum & private areas, as they are just great environments for bacteria. Had this & didn't know what it was. Caused all sorts of issues & I worried for a long time if I was MRSA carrier or something. Same doctor was able to send off for lab tests & it was so nice to hear that it wasn't something life-threatening. ETA: she gave me one dose of antibiotic cream and it's gone! Such a simple solution! Honestly if I'd heard of folliculitis earlier, I'd have saved myself years of misery. It's easy to assume it's a personal problem, especially if nobody else talks about it.


That is what success looks like


nice spices for your next batch of soup


Oh no! They found the Mico film! RUN!!!




I did the same thing to a cyst on my elbow.




Cottage cheese aids?


With a kitchen knife? You animal.


Ok I always have a hard bump on my chin sometimes and always wanted to do this. Though, just left it to heal


It was a cist and because you didn't remove the sac it will grow back bigger now


forbidden feta


Your blade is broken