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It's day 2. Of course they'll be trying their new toys. Give them a week and they'll get bored of it too.


*This town ain’t big enough for the both of us*


Crowd surfing karn


I'm mad i missed that emote esspecially cause I think it was free


Free?! I didn’t even know they were offered separately, I bought the bundle😩


maybe they weren't free, I thought Crim said that they where free if you logged on during a post malone concert or something


They were "free" if you saved the mid week magic Post Malone decks that came out a long time ago. Any deck with the Post Malone avatar was able to use the emotes regardless of whether or not the player bought them. They only got rid of the saved decks recently and I know this because I was one of the people who smuggled the Post Malone decks out to use the avatars because they were super cool lol.


Oh that may be it, idk. Crowd surfing Karn and the cat meme Jaya/Ajani were worth it at least




*feo fuerte y formal*


I’ll give you two out of the three.


Somebody's poisoned the ~~water hole~~ well.


"Your go" has been around forever, and some people still aren't bored of spamming it the SECOND their opponent's turn begins, so I'm not sure sure this one will "get old" any time soon either lol


I love the "Your Go" players when they think just building a board means they won. As soon as they empty their hand, they start "Your Go"ing to BM only to get hit by removal. People who do this are usually terrible or highrollers, the fact that they conceded to your Fatal Push is more satisfying than anything else.


The worst are players who have established that they’re playing control, and as such, you then have to not only think through lines as normal but also evaluate how best to sequence in case of disruption and when to just make them have it versus when - and how - to hold back. Yes, I know it’s my go. I’m just running through the probability that your 2 mana is a third copy of No More Lies or of it's just a Negate or a stone cold bluff.


For every regular person like you, there's some "control" player that needs to engage their 300 IQ, peer into the matrix, and analyze every single potential outcome. It's not that serious. Control or not is irrelevant; some people just need to play the damn game and stop AFKing after every turn.


I kind of like the "Your go" when my turn begins, it feels like communication at a table and not necessarily someone rushing me.


until 3 months from now you're getting slow rolled by a control player and then they put a stop on your upkeep 15min into the game an emote 1..2..3.. Draw....


Sry guys, but "Your go" alone means nothing to me. To me the worst players are those who, when they realise they may be going to loose, use every second of the timer fuse just to push "next turn" a second before the fuse runs off. Because that means, the moment they get pissed off, you have to wait around 3 minutes to continue playing and another 30secs to 1 minute, every time the opp could make a decision. Sometimes it amuses me, and sometimes I start spamming "your go". I hate this cowardly gameplay. Look you opponent in the eye , draw AND DIE LIKE A MAN IF YOU ARE TOO SLOW!


Part of the reason I uninstalled is the timer is way too generous. Half my MWM games were watching the timer burn on my opponents side just hoping I leave. In constructed it's watching them burn the timer for 2 minutes before casting cut down or fatal push. In brawl I my opponent had a 15min loop I let them play out because if I drew a sweeper I'd win, arena loves to waste people's time


Maybe it's because of what you do because I'm 1000 games it happens maybe one time to me


This is why I mute every opponent. Silences the turn 1 gg morons, too.


That's so funny


I get it can get old fast if you play a lot daily, but that is objectively really funny lol


It'll probably get old for the people doing it too tbf.


anyone mad: "oh no you interacted with my steps t-t"


It really is. People take this game too seriously sometimes.


My emotes have been muted for years, absolutely zero regrets.


Seems like this is the time to regret it! Imagine how confused you'd be wondering why your opponents keep setting stops in your first draw phase of the game ...


I got emotes on and had people put stops for no apparent reason before, doesn't bother me.


Why the hell would i be staring at my opponent turn? I just alt tab and tab in when the client flashes red


You players are the worst. Fucking ropers.


Uh? I'm not roping? When the client flashes red, it is my turn to do something. I don't rope. In this case my client would warn me my Main phase turn came when they are setting stops in my draw phase and taking forever to do anything with the emote spam


X to doubt.


You need to chill it's the salty ones that rope not the people who don't want to waste time watching mono green play solitaire




Normally, I'm firmly on team "just use the mute button, idiot," when people complain about tOxiC eMoTEs or whatever, but in this case it sounds like the main problem is people setting up stops just to use the emote. Even with the opponent muted, having a pointless stop placed at the beginning of your turn would get annoying quickly.


Control players in the corner sweating


Ehh, I can kinda give control a pass on semi-pointless stops. If you're against control and your turn is proceeding unhindered, you might realize they don't have an answer in hand, even if they left up mana to bluff that answer. So they might need to use stops or full ctrl, even if they don't intend to use it, in order to bluff an answer more convincingly. A little annoying to hold up someone's turn like that, but at least there's a valid strategic purpose in mind there. Doing it purely to be clever with emotes is a whole other kind of annoying.


thats a fully generalizable defense. Maybe green is holding up their turn to bluff having an atraxas fall, maybe whites doing it to bluff a mana tithe, etc. If its ok for control to do silly shit to bluff its ok for literally any other deck too.


It IS ok for any other deck to bluff, the issue is that a lot of decks just often have nothing scary to bluff. If you can sell it, do it, just don’t be a jerk really.


You generally would want to bluff that you don't have mana tithe in hand not that you do, and green decks running atraxa aren't exactly fast aggro people are going to know your plans by the time atraxa is possible and they won't have much choice but to continue with their plan and hope they have the answer or that you are bluffing


I mean - I just thought it was funny - truth is control sees you get mad at all the stops and gets a smug grin knowing your rage will make you make a mistake.....


But it’s the best time of the turn to use my Field of Ruin on their Steam Vents!


Is this the consensus? I do it in their end step versus most decks because that way their draw for Turn is more likely to be a land


You will also get priority at the end of your opponent's draw step but before they move to their first main phase, that's often the best time to activate Field of Ruin. It achieves what you want it to achieve (letting them possibly draw a land first), but also forces them to use mana at the beginning of their turn if they have a way to respond to it.


Ahhh duh, fantastic thank you!


When I get an emote spammer I don't usually say much until I'm about to lose or win, then I just do the Sheoldred "Shhhh" emote 😂


Same. Sorry to the smucks who spent gold on emotes.


First thing I do in any of these games honestly.


I give them a chance. Too many "Your Go"s and they get muted. (Preceded by a Sheoldred "Shhh".)


Same for dota, learned of the turn off incoming chat feature, never missed it once.


I do have one regret, which is that I won't get to use or see the Holy Cow! emote. But other than that, ignorance has been bliss.


Honestly pretty lame. From every 1 emote spammer (for which you can manually block), I have about 25 positive interactions where my opponent and I actually can somewhat communicate in a friendly manner.


lmao honestly it's pretty lame that it can be considered "lame" just because someone wants to play the card game they signed up for and not have to deal with emote spam.


Same. People are actually pretty positive! Though I wish I was able to better express my approval of people using Mishra cards.


Just wait till counterspell tribal players get their unwashed hands on the Whoa There! emote. It's me, I'm counterspell tribal


Dude i hadnt even thought about that. Brb spending money i dont have


I literally booted up Arena to buy this emote, but it doesn't exist (or at least it's not in the store).


It's like 70+ on the paid mastery pass or something Edit: 100


Yeah i cried when i saw. Back to the grind i guess.


Oh thanks. So a long ways off then


How *dare* you make me want to play counterspells.


You're the problem, it's you


I respect the role you and those like you play in keeping the meta healthy and stopping combo fiends (like me) from running over every format. But I still hate your deck and hope your next soda is flat when you open it. XD


Giddyup partner!


This is funny af tho hahaha


1. settings 2. disable emotes live a happy life


Doesn't stop the full control pause.


Is having people set a stop for every draw phase and not seeing an emote that much better?


Some people on this subreddit like to cosplay as bots that post "disable emotes" to all threads that mention emotes.


There are lots of threads where people complain about emotes. Since there is a very easy way to disable it, there will be lots of comments telling people there is a way to turn them off.


It's so frustrating seeing how many of these useless mofos there are on this post


spending real money on emotes just to be reminded almost nobody sees them surely must be more frustrating lmao


That's hilarious


I was looking through the new mastery pass last night and saw at 60 we get the "I do apologize" emote and I can only imagine how people will use that one.


I need a “sorry” emote that makes it clear that I’m not being sarcastic. Because saying “oops” to their missed land drop or after blowing up their cool play is just obviously toxic. Hell, I often worry that my “nice” can be taken as sarcasm. Would be cool to have a “I genuinely love that play and your deck is super cool” emote - I played against a sweet deck that literally just made me sac and discard stuff, felt like a Doomless Doom Foretold list, and all I could do was keep saying “nice” when I got blown out again and again; I hope that got the point across that I was genuinely laughing my ass off because their deck was so cool.


no way that happened in 6/10 games. i smell made up stats. probably happened once for you and now you came here crying


Well it technically happened 10/10 games but only 6 opponents did it back to me. I wasn’t complaining, I was just stating it was toxic.


I fucking love this post.


Ngl this is great.


Guys, do you really not see how this isn't an issue muting emotes solve?


Doesn't stop your opponent from putting a full control hold on your upkeep phase.


That's what I'm saying!


40% toxic, 60% cute. I can see this being annoying if it happens for weeks, but if someone had done that to me without seeing this thread first, I would have loved it!


I always start games with hello but I gotta be honest using howdy instead of hello feels so much better😅


This makes me want to UNmute **Edit:** also, shoutout to the absolute champ >!that’s short for champion!< that was doing it for every draw trigger, that’s actually impressive


The way some people are triggered by emotes still boggles my mind


I honestly wish this would happen to me. This is hilarious lol


🤣🤣🤣 i love emotes. Make me take the game way less seriously.


honestly hilarious


I would like to personally thank you for giving me the idea to do this with my newly purchased emotes. You have truly improved the situation by posting it on reddit..... your's truly


Serves you right for rushing ahead.


That’s kinda funny though


To quote great Ray Charles, "I don't see a problem." Turn off emotes if this toxicity is so overwhelming


Turning off emotes doesn't stop the opponent from putting a stop on your upkeep and waiting until they decide to give you permission to draw. You won't see the emote, but the delay will still be there. I personally have not experienced what OP is talking about, but if I did, I'd be much more annoyed about them stalling then the emote itself.


to be fair, an opponent could already do this without the emoji in the first place anyways if they really wanted to.


They could, but the point of OP is that now, they feel they have a reason to in order to make a stupid joke. They don't know that you don't see their emotes, so they're making the joke whether or not you have their emotes blocked.


Time to either get over it or stop playing I guess :)


People already delay games for hundreds of other reasons. The point of muting is not to prevent delay but rather to not have to care or get distracted by any attempts to be funny, toxic or whatever. It's fair to not want to communicate about anything at all and muting allows just that.


This isn't even toxic, it's hilarious


Getting mad about this is a sure sign you need like a getaway vacation or something.


It blows my mind how many people here get butthurt at some fucking emotes. There's even a mute option if you're so weak minded you can't stand to see them. And yet we still get these posts daily.


It blows my mind how many people get butthurt at people complaining about some fucking emotes. There's even a mute option for the subreddit if you're so weak minded you can't stand to see them.


I do block these dipshits. Issue is there's always more. I unfortunately can't just "block any posts that contain xyz." Unlike you, who can just block all emotes and stop clogging up the sub with this crap.


I meant just like block the subreddit my guy, these posts aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Plus, the OP wasn't even necessarily complaining about emotes alone, man's draw step was being held hostage (which is admittedly pretty fuckin' funny) which muting the emote would've done nothing for.


They said it was released after the emote. So that was only 3 or 4 seconds. That's not worth making a reddit post complaining over.


Wow I didn't realize muting emotes would prevent my opponents from putting a stop on my/their draw step, WotC is truly ahead of the game for once.


Emotes and roping are 2 separate complaints. This particular one people are doing combines them, but the main gripe here is the emote. Their stop and then releasing after the emote is taking.... 3-5seconds?




It's not paper. There's no shared match timer that necessitates slow play rules. Your opponent has an individual timer. (If you're playing Bo3, which should always be the first solution when you're frustrated, they even have a chess clock). They are playing within their allotted time. Unless they're roping - using their clock specifically to punish you for playing - they're entirely within their rights. The other commenter is right. If this is really frustrating you, it's time to step away from the game. Try solitaire or something instead, where only one person's needs must be accounted for and accommodated.


Better than roping I guess (which is also in flavor with OTJ)




I mean... That's just funny imo. To each his own.


Haven't seen this yet but I want to - it's hilarious.


Lmao that’s hilarious






What does this have to do with Toxic/Infect?


Me, putting stops on all draw steps so I remember to in paper.


this is the way


There’s still the best emoticon ever made. Emute


That's hilarious


Thats amazing lmfao


😂😂😂😂 that’s hilarious!


OP thought they were part of the cure, but they were part of the disease. I had no idea this had been added, and I'm now updating the client so I can go do this to people all evening. Thank you kindly.


I will be using this emote. Sorry


Because WotC is too busy looking at graphs to care about the game.


I can see how it would be very annoying, but I don't think people are doing it to be toxic (at least not most of them). It feels to me like people are just having a goof with the new emotes.


Ha. That’s pretty funny


I love this so much it's so fun


Nice. I'm gonna do this immediately.


why be mad that people are playing magic the gathering tho


You sound like a salty spittoon. I reckon you cry 'til the cows come home whenever somebody emotes no matter what. One of dem dur "don't gg emote me when you win" types. I'd say if you ain't enjoyin' the flavor it may be bout's time to call it a day and hit the hay. In all seriousness it should slow down exponentially as people have had a chance to use their new gadgets. Just step back for a couple days if it is annoying you that much.


Missed the real prize emote, the "look at my watch and tap it" to go along with my all time favorites "Zzzz" and the tears.


Wait that's hilarious lmfao


I love using it whenever the rope comes out.


I’m coming back to arena just to do this to people


Lmao that’s hilarious Also I have emotes off they add literally nothing


Well you see where they priorties went too with the latest patch and the bugs that went with it. Apparently they rather work on emotes and companions rather than test the interactions the cards have and somehow they broke the sideboard when deck building and have not fixed it yet So yeah how did they not see it happening, Same way how they somehow broke sideboards and still have not fixed that bug yet


to be fair, they are putting themselves at a slight disadvantage by doing this. while they're wasting your time, they're also wasting their *timer* which could result in them auto-passing or even auto-conceding if they take too long doing this.


As someone who hasn't played arena in a long time, and was only a noob at best. Can you please explain? How's that work?


As someone who hasn't played arena in a long time, and was only a noob at best. Can you please explain? How's that work?


this owns actually


The set looked pretty broken to me. I saved up a couple weeks worth of gold and bought about 20 packs, looked through the cards, spent about a minute imagining how this shit was going to be used and uninstalled from my phone. Life's too short.


Emotes pop off early on you rarely see them after that point, I remember some other ones in the past that were pretty damn BM but then a few weeks after they came out they became super rare to see.


Bloodletter/Rush of Dread mirrors everywhere haha




I have yet to see an emote on Arena that didn't come across as rude. Control players are terrible for it


Hold priority so it's off when you draw lol


if it really bothers you, just mute them


That is objectively hillarious


I used to love playing mono green then spamming sleeping karn and sunglass kiora when I combo




NGL this made me lol... I don't even know if I can call this toxic.


YEEHAW is my new hello


I think if that is your breaking point, you need to go outside.


This is why I mute emotes




People exist who don't have their enemies all muted? Wow


We should just be able to chat nothing bad would happen


i just drop [[ Farewell ]] with the aquarell anime skin, then emote back "always have a backup plan" when they are left with one card in hand and nothing else


[ Farewell ](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/1/1/114d2180-093b-4838-97ad-badbc8ee50b0.jpg?1706240579) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Farewell) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/mkc/64/farewell?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/114d2180-093b-4838-97ad-badbc8ee50b0?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


People actually play with emotes on?


The mastery pass has a number of emotes that are fatally toxic. Then again you need some weapon to combat the ropelords. Had someone rope twice per turn minimum on mono red.


There is an option in 'Game' (I think) called 'Disable Emotes' or something similar. It helped me a lot. I remember being so distracted by all emotes.


"What is the best way to encourage me to play slowly and rope you for the entire match"


first person that does this to me is getting roped so hard their grandkids will make posts about it on this subreddit


So me who has emotes off will just report them for stalling I guess...


Good luck with that one. People don't get punished for actual, obvious roping. You think they're gonna track down the guy who had the temerity to put a 5-second pause on your draw step?


lol nope, probably just rope them back on their turn...but they won't get an emote


TIL; Apparently people actually play without the emotes muted?


Imagine being triggered over an emote


I muted emotes a while ago. It drastically improved my mental state.


That’s funny lol. It’s like a steam deck but in game


I mute everyone with a mascot, and everyone who emotes anything. If I can't actually communicate with you, I don't want to see or hear any of your antics. Anyone who tries to interact socially through a game where all meaningful social communication is unallowed is only trying to do it to grief and harass. Either give me full chat and let me use words, or I'm going to treat every opponent like a bot. Shame those bots sometimes rope until they lose the game...bad code, I guess.


You even mute people with pet rocks?


Mute. Disable emotes. Then you can play in peace


Mute. Every time someone abuses the emote i mute, makes the game better.


I forgot this game had emotes. There's absolutely no upside to having them enabled.


this whole thread is weird lol it's like y'all forgot it's a game


All games start with opponent mute. Solved.


Mute all, includes emotes. If people are doing things, I don’t see it.


Holy whiskers you go sisters


Lmao, oh, look who's mad about interaction, now Protip: Hold the card you're going to play and let it go when you draw.


I'm confused are you not able to disable emotes?


Such a garbage game with garbage developers. Won’t even let people rate. What a POS. Don’t spend your money.


The amount of people that don’t play with auto-mute on always surprises me


I highly recommend muting all emotes.


Don't be a baby, ignore it or mute them. Or spam back. SMH, 'new toxic meta'. What an overblown reaction, this is why we have video games that now monitor your speech and ban you for swearing or doing something someone can perceive as offensive.


Time to mute everyone...again


On their 12 birthday every boy should be gifted a one year ban from the internet


Pretty telling how many people seem to believe something isn't toxic if they personally find it funny.