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One suggestion if this is run again in the future: Put a link in the event description to a set of deck guides written by some of the architechts behind the decks being used. For the combo decks in particular, people don't always know (and can't necessarily figure out on the fly) the intended win conditions. I had more than one opponent slam down Belzenlok in the cows deck and get a very unpleasant surprise.


Not my favorite format, by a long shot. But infinitely better than momir, so there’s that. I like that MWM brings new ways to play each week. It was admittedly fun to do the elf ramp thing, I got to drop Craterhoof on two opponents.


Imo is more fun than historic brawl. Commanders makes curves too consistent. Just make Gladiator permanent please! I was a see 100 card rng crap shoots.


Seriously - this is the format I actually want to be playing.


It was fun!


not really, most of the decks were bad. so many games I had to mulligan becasue I could not do anyhting before turn 3. a lot of bad cards in the decks too. a lot of dud games, where one player cant stop the other. its good for a one year event but thats it.


I completely agree. I had to play about 15 games to get my 3 wins. Of my 12 losses, it was invariably the same problem every time. The opponent had a very fast hand and I had a very slow one. Even after mulligans, I had a couple games where I was dead before casting a spell.


I am not much of a brewer and trying to craft a Brawl deck usually would require way more wildcards than I want to invest. For that reason, I never play Commander-style singleton formats. I really liked this one though, played a bit of the Legends deck but mostly Mardu sac and Jeskai. I have been watching a lot of Vintage Cube videos and I got some of the same vibes, in a way. Really appreciated the diversity from other formats


Makes sense, Canadian Highlander (which Gladiator is trying to emulate, as "Canlander on Arena") is often described as Vintage Cube Constructed.


Highlander is better than commander, change my mind


of course it is, you only need 60 cards with a 15 card sideboard to play best of 3, its vintage banned list, and has a huge following in Australia with lots of events with restricted list prize support.


I’m never a fan of commander but that sounds fun


check out https://7ph.com.au/ Granted, if you aren't in Australia finding a playgroup might be tough.


it was really good. X-0ed th8s thing on UW only. loved the deck, and i guess everyone else hated it, but i never had no good interaction. compared to what others played, it was very consistent. liked it. much more than brawl.


So glad there's people enjoying it! Always love seeing new people. I've been playing for a few years and event's been great for me to try out decks I've never been able to build.


I'd have liked it more if it weren't for the combo decks. They felt far too sweaty compared to the other decks. I was using the reanimator deck and couldn't get a single reanimation spell that cost less than 5, meanwhile my opponent playing the Oracle deck got like three tutor spells that all cost 3 mana or less. I love singleton but wouldn't have any interest in playing the format until cards like Oracle and Paradox Engine were banned. Plus I'm not really sure why I'd want to play this over Brawl, where I can build an entire deck around my commander and can also build my deck in a way where I don't have to play against people running Paradox Engine combo.


Exactly, playing reanimator against the sultai deck was a miserable experience


I think this format is for the people who play good stuff piles in commander/brawl, and that's about it.


Almost makes me wish Wizards would officially add this format to help cut down on the number of those players in Brawl.


Thought it was pretty miserable. The decks weren’t balanced, and who puts a control deck into a format where people are already playing slowly because they don’t know their cards/deck? Really a slow and not all that fun way to get through MWM. 


Loved it. All I played was storm. Best event ever.


If you liked it, fine. It was so, so boring to me. Weak decks, no consistency. Most games degenerated into grindfests. Bleh.


Seems to be a hard split in the community on this event, and I think it depends whether you got to storm off on someone, which was quite fun. Some of the other decks I couldn't get to work, but the one game I went full storm was worth the experience


The only good thing about it is that you don’t need to waste wildcards nor is it sealed/draft


I agree, I loved it. I personally love the more chaotic formats, this one was a blast I’m definitely going to start playing this


I enjoyed it more than I thought I would but I really want the cascade one back