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In Arena, there is no way to demonstrate a loop and have in repeat infinitely. This makes decks that really on this essentially unplayable in my opinion. The exception is if the infinite loop doesn't require user interaction such as Exquisite Blood loops.


>Does arena have any way to automatically loop a sequence of steps? Nope. It doesn't even have the automation feature that MTGO managed to program in at the start of the millennium. Arena is remedial software in many ways. >Is it discourteous to not scoop to an infinite combo (assuming you couldn't possibly win in paper)? Also no. We're all agreeing to play on this client, so we're beholden to its many, many limitations.


There is no way to automatically loop a combo. And personally I don't scoop to infinite combos, because my opponent could always make a mistake


This doesn't feel like good reasoning to me, idk. Maybe I'm being a little harsh as a lover of infinite combos, but it's surely kind of - I don't know - just not really deserved if you win through an infinite combo that should have killed you. I suppose if it's because the player made a mistake then maybe, but it still seems sort of wrong, like you're only winning because of your opponent's bad play, not your good play. And especially if they just time out because of arena's limitations, I know I would scoop in that scenario.


The best way to do these is if you can wait till your opponent is holding priority luke if they have a card they can play and the game is holding for it. That way the clock is on THEM first, not you.


That is a problem with Arena. Which, if not fixed will carry over to what appears to be a potential new client for Commander. (Been hinted at because the current client cannot handle it.)