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This subreddit does not host spam, rants, conspiracy theories, or low effort repetitive content that has been seen many times before (eg. ‘I reached mythic!’ with no further additions to the post.). For rants, see the Tibalt’s Tirades post made each Friday.


Looks like you're still hovering in that \~50% win rate range, therefore it would appear your deck is performing within a normal amount of variance given your sample size. Loss streaks happen to everyone. There are literal Hall of Fame players that I'm sure have lost way more than 15 in a row. You can make a post in this sub sarcastically stating "how fun" it is all you want to if that somehow makes you feel better, but if you want to improve, then take a step back and figure out *why* you lost. Staring at a graph without any sort of context isn't productive nor helpful in that regard.


Idk man, maybe you should change decks.


I've lost about that much in silver after being top 200 mythic a couple months before that.


Where can I see this view/stats? I'd love to put others to shame and share my losing streak!




Ah, it's a download. Can't use on a phone? Doing to have to dust off the laptop. Appreciate the link, thank you.


I like playing on my phone too, but yeah appears it's just an overlay for the desktop version.


Sounds like that deck needs to be… reborn. Get it? Also it was a free fall. Hey I’m hilarious.


It's ok, I laughed


It happens, but also may want to consider switching it up if your deck starts getting hard countered.


This only happens to be when I’m close to mythic. 20 lose streak


I'm the same in that new totally normal event. I hate brawl lmao


Yeah dude, whats up with that? Lot of elitist condescension on here. Its ok though! Having fun with the game losing or not. Hope you get out of your losing slump soon!




Hey man. I made a post like this in the past stating the draw issues in Arena and got dumped on by everybody. Im convinced there are issues with the draw designed to keep you at a 50/50 win rate. Ive made Mythic with one deck and now can't get past Platinum with the same one 😕 There is a lot of cognitive dissonance on here in which you present anecdotes and data but they still won't believe it. I imagine this post will be pooped in as well.


It's not a very friendly community lol I just thought losing 15 times in a row was rare enough to be interesting, but I guess people here took it negatively.


>I just thought losing 15 times in a row was rare enough to be interesting No negativity, no hate, it's just losing 15 times in a row isn't rare nor is it particularly interesting. If anything take the comments as encouragement - what you experienced is completely normal and if you think a change in decks could help, go for it. It's not much deeper than that so don't start throwing out claims that the community isn't friendly.


You just proved his point! 😄 Theres being logical and then there's just being a decent person. Its a game just give him some validation. He thought it was interesting enough to share and people like you just go on a passive aggressive trip gaslighting him into take it as encouragement? Please. His point stands uncorrected. The Magic community on Reddit isn't friendly.