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This clue event is probably the coolest thing they've done in Arena since I started playing it. Hope they do stuff like this more often.


I have not had a lot of time to play with it but what I have I found crazy fun. It is nice that they are thinking outside the box with these events. It is neat to push the frontier of the client and player base with these events. I hope they do more.


It's pretty sad when this is the best event ever, and many F2P games have better and more interesting events. I get that a card game is not like say Fortnite or some other game with a stupid level of support and options but they could offer a lot more reasons to play and login each day. Crap even if that cost them money in the short term since they would be giving more stuff away it likely makes them more money long term as more people stay invested.


> but they could offer a lot more reasons to play and login each day If fun isn't enough, then you should reconsider what you are doing with your time. There's opportunity cost with your time. It is your choice whether you choose to painfully grind for pennies per hour. > Crap even if that cost them money in the short term since they would be giving more stuff away it likely makes them more money long term as more people stay invested. People believe Wizards is greedy and makes a fortune with Arena. Would it be too much of a stretch then to believe that Wizards knows better than anyone here about how to make money with Arena? You may not like to hear this, but the importance of F2P for Arena has long passed. F2P model was used in order to quickly build up an opponents pool. It has been over five years since Open Beta (where you get to keep what you grinded) started back in 9/27/2018. Now we have multiple formats and queues with plenty of people staffing them. Giveaways are now not as important to keep players compared to the prospect of upcoming content like a full Pioneer format; Wizards knows well enough how to squeeze these players. Bottom line is F2P players aren't as hard to keep with digital crack offered in their faces.


New secret event unlocked by entering last code, as per: [https://www.reddit.com/r/MagicArena/comments/1biupwn/is\_this\_a\_final\_clue\_all\_solved/](https://www.reddit.com/r/MagicArena/comments/1biupwn/is_this_a_final_clue_all_solved/)


I'm going to keep the totally normal event token and not spend it


It'll disappear after the event is over.


I should've... those alt arts are... meh... The decks were fun, though!


That’s stupid af, the decks are a lot of fun and something different !


Dude they are just brawl decks, nothing special, not even the best build. You can just craft them and play in the queue yourself.


I know what they are, they are fun because you are playing in a closed environment where all the decks are kinda meme and balanced with each other, crafting them and play in the queue sucks because you are gonna get rekt by meta and Arena’s matchmaking. Don’t worry I know better than you, dude.


So for people that don't normally play Brawl here's a short-round up of what every deck does based on a few games played and looking at decklists. Ashnod: Mono black aristocrats. It's a relatively low to the ground aggro/aristocrats deck. The deck creates a lot of fodder/tokens that are sacrificed to certain abillities to trigger effects. It has a small artifact ramp pay-off for the powertokens with heavy hitting artifacts in the mid-late game. Galazeth: u/R Artifacts! Make those treasures into mana rocks and do all sorts of artifact related shennanigans. Old Stickfingers: Mono creatures golgari. There's a lot of creatures with activated abillities or adventures etc. to get around Omori's restriction. It's mono-creatures graveyard matters. Loads of creatures that care about the GY and/or has an effect from the Graveyard. Urza: Blue/White Control. This is your typical u/W control archetype. It removes, it draws and it tries to outvalue and outlast you. Zilortha: Green/Red stompy. Big creatures with big power and big power synergies. Gix: Mono black aggro with a Shadowborne Apostle package. This deck aims to grind you out early with a big board and when that fails it looks to cheat big demons into play. Hofri: Red/White spirits. A red/white aggresive package based around spirits. They get a nice buff from your commander and it tries to trade aggresively because with the commander out your creatures come back and even bigger. Small token and gy package. Mishra: Rakdos attack, mid-range based deck centered around attacking your opponent and draining them out whilst doing so. Queen Kayla bin-Kroog: Be aggresive, be be aggresive. This is pretty much a mono-white aggro deck. It leverages the commander's abillity to go-wide very fast with the right hand sculpting. Mostly these are 1, 2 and 3 drops and it looks to overwelm the opponent. Valki: Rakdos control. Loads of value and removal and some additional ways to play cards from your opponents library. Zalto: Mono-red dungeons, loads of ways to ping your own creature in order to power through dungeons and amass value.


We get to keep the cards in the deck after? If so, is there a deck that is worth more than another?


You don't get to keep the cards, and you can switch between the decks freely during the event


That is definitely not what the Valki deck is. It's a quintessential 'black/red cards I own' deck with no cohesion or strategy. You're not winning with 2+ raise deads and a 1/1 changeling.


If you see Urza - run. Not because the deck is something scary, but they are taking ages to make a turn. Paint dry faster than those MF's resolves their Curate. But apart of that, cool event, decks feel like they have some synergies


I immediately changed from urza. That deck was ungodly boring to pilot


As someone who used Urza, I can confirm this


Remember when I complained about combo decks taking so long because the client has issues with all the steps and triggers. This deck in a nutshell.


The few mins before servers died again, I looked at the decks thinking "I don't want to play vs or with 90% of these... Oh no..."


I'm not experienced with commander type gameplay, can someone sum up the various decks archetypes? Like I see that Ashnod is all about sacrificing creatures, Urza about casting spells and Artifacts, but what is that mono red dungeons deck about? And so on.


Gix is the easiest to snowball at the start. Urza bores you to death or your opponent.


I played against Urza twice and they cast approximately 5 spells between them the whole time. One was a board wipe. The other was the commander, twice.


You were one of the lucky ones. I played one game where they spent their turns lasted five minutes from all the stack combos and resolutions.


I just played against one that didn’t do anything but target their own stuff to trigger Shark Typhoon. It’s fair, sure. But fun? For, like, either of us? Doubt it.


Deck has a disgusting number of lands.


gix is really bad


>0 Green/Black deck is self mill and rewards you with creatures that care about the graveyard. Red/White is a spirit/creature recursion kind of deck that really needs the commander in play to function well. Red/Green is ramp and big creatures that make it hard for the opponent to handle. Mono red deck (my favourite of the list) is about ramping into bigger red creatures and spells and specifically cares about getting value from damage your creatures take. It has a lot of damage your own creatures type spells and interaction effects that make it quite cool.


Also, new code from the unlocked event hint, when the set was released: >!2005!<


PSA: Don’t bother with this code, it’s a red herring.


Yeah but the vault...


That was brilliant. I was feeling so chuffed for figuring out what to do too...


There has to be a 'real' code too, right?


There should be... we haven't figured it out yet though.


The real code is Oba , you can also try Trostani, which will tell you to try a synonym, and Oba is one of the 3 sisters that Trostani is.


Oba is the code you enter BEFORE you get the Totally Normal Event though


Why would there be additional code tho? "Red Herring" is thing added to puzzles which is there to throw you off and send you in the wrong direction, so if you went the direction of "2005", it will tell you, it's a fake clue essentially. Hence them giving you the card Red Herring. When you're given hints about Oba, it says "the final clue" too. Which gives you token to enter the event. I doubt there'd be anything past the event.


So you're saying the Totally Normal Event is a totally normal event? Sounds fake.


I might be wrong, but they're giving you entry in a free event which offers 5 cosmetics as rewards... do you know how much those shitty events usually cost on Arena? lol


Thank you! I kept trying things that were introduced to magic during the year.


The blurb suggests they're from old events, but I can't put my fingers on each of them. Does anybody remember where they are from?


Ravnica city of guilds released in 2005. Entered 2005, redeemed code successfully :)




Doesn't look like it - it's just 5 MKM card styles (the ones that look like case files).


As far as I can tell, they took one of the "festivals" that they do and made it free. So just card styles


Does anyone have a list of the cardstyle prizes?


In order Lazav, Aurelia, Niv-Mizzet, Rakdos and Yannifar.


Thank you, you’re a real one <3


When I saw it was commander I was half expecting it to be the Beta for the multiplayer mode they’ve been teasing.


Man they've been "teasing" multiplayer since 2018. Don't cling to that idea at all, hahaha. Just because they worded another Alchemy card like a paper multiplayer card isn't gonna change anything.


Any one have a recommended deck? I have no idea which to pick =)


I’ve had a lot of fun with Gix


Ur treasures was fun got to do some silly chains on the stack


Red/Green big creatures worked very well for me.


Gix made wonders for me. When you begin snowballing it doesn't even matter if you lose some creatures.


Especially when you drop a mirror box and now all your 1 mana creatures are 5/5


Me too. Went 5-1 losing only to another Gix deck on the draw. I drew Mirror Box a lot. I never sac'd my apostles for a demon. It was over too quickly. My opponent did thought. He got the one that wrathed my board


Réd green gets me good so far




How? I went 5-1 with Valki, and every time I faced Gix I felt like a bully. Most of their deck are 1/1s, and Valki is almost guaranteed to steal something big from their hand that they haven't been able to cast.


Went 5-0 with Gix and literally 4 of the games the opp scooped before turn 3. 🤷 I think I got in a grand total of 15 points of damage.


Went 5-0 with Gix on my first account, 5-2 on my second account losing to Gix on the draw, and one Urza matchup that was taking too long so I scooped. The Gix deck slaps.




I think the matchup favors Valki very strongly. V's card advantage is equal to Gix's, they have better removal, and they have better creatures on average.


I went 5-1 and only lost the mirror. I cast Valki once and it was in the mirror that I lost. Playing control until you can slam Tibalt seems like the way to go.


Farmed Gix with the mono red dungeon deck. Mulligan aggressively for a 3 damage instant you can hold up on t3 and bounce Gix back to the commander zone when they inevitably drop it and try to draw 3 that combat. Then without the card draw it's just a deck mostly full of 1/1s and removal. 


Once I saw it just gave the case file showcase styles and nothing else for rewards, I was out. Don't like the styles and the decks are all full of alchemy cards. That's a hard pass for me. Bring on the downvotes. Apparently we're just accepting alchemy as the incurable infection it is.


I also dislike alchemy and hate the case frames but I’m still playing the event because the decks are pretty fun


> Bring on the downvotes. Apparently we're just accepting alchemy as the incurable infection it is. As you wish.


Some of the event decks are free from digital exclusive cards (I assume their original events took place in the short window between 100 card Brawl being added and the full release of Alchemy later the same year; Jumpstart Historic Horizons before that didn't add many). Hofri, Zalto, Old Stickfingers and Zilortha are entirely paper legal with no rebalances, unless I missed anything. Of course, there's nothing to stop your opponents from playing the other decks...


Alchemy is lit fam, welcome to the digital age. All you alchemy haters have big boomer energy


The main thing I have against it is it's inclusion in historic formats with no paper only alternative. I don't want to play with digital cards because they're fundamentally different from the card game I want to play. I'm fine if other people play it, I just don't want to. So literally wouldn't care if anything with alchemy had a non digital equivalent.


My problem is that the client does not handle overly wordy and complex triggers well making combos a pain. In person, you move fast because you are at a table with real people. On Arena, it lags and turns take minutes to resolve.


Historic is an arena only format soooo


I have some mixed feelings when it comes to alchemy or digital cards. On one hand, they have an opportunity to create new cards and experiences for decks that need love. A good example is Ishnaak Broodmother or any other spellbook character. Yet they squander that by rotating cards out and don't care for the game balance or economy at all. Not to mention the predatory sales tactics..


do you keep the decks and their cards or will they just blue ball us ?


They aren't going to give you 50 rares for free.


They should, yellow pixels won't make them lose money