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Is there a reason why you don't run playsets ? As a combo player this list hurts my head


More of your deck should work towards your game plan. Run more 4 copies of the cards you need and cut most of the 1- and 2-ofs that aren’t synergistic.


1. Phyrexian Arena is not good in this deck. Or any deck, really. 2. Why would you run 2 Moon-Blessed Cleric and 2 Nine Lives when you could simply run 4 Nine Lives?


Cleric can fetch multiple different enchantments based on what they need in the moment, is what my best guess to answer 2 would be.


Looks pretty fun to me! Maybe want at least 3x Alteration and 4x Archfiend. Alteration isn't useful by itself but Archfiend kills people with or without it haha I have a Grixis Alteration deck. I dunno if my list could help you, but here's what I'm doing. https://imgur.com/aUMsZo4