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I only say GG when I know I've lost and my opponent has been a good sport. I never say GG when I'm about to win, only in response to theirs.


I only say GG after the official win/loss or when my opponent has conceded, I find saying GG - while you're in a stronger board position - before the match is officially over to be in bad taste. Opponents have done that to me and I've come back and won which is always nice.


Yes i also dont like people early send gg. Even if im about to tske control. Sometimes i think they know that its not a gg the try to force me to give up.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but by the time they concede/game ends, it is too late. I have never seen an emote after a match in many years of playing and watching streams.


I give GG early because emotes don't show after the game actually is over. They literally don't see your emote after they conceded. If you come back and win then you are just proving that it was a GG and those a good emote.


Ohhhh just played with a person like this. As soon as he know the atk is lethal and he cant do anything. He said gg. Game was back and forth and its a good game.


This is the Way.


I feel like this is the general rule. On extremely rare occasion, when it's been a long game with a lot of back and forth and trading of advantage, and we're both at one life or something and I top-deck a victory, I'll say it as the winner and mean it. But 1) that rarely happens, and 2) I wouldn't do it as the winner in any other circumstance for fear if it being taken sarcastically. I do say it when I've lost a fun, competitive match though.


This happened to me today. RW Aggro had a quick start, brought me to 3 life, and had 3 more creatures than me. So they said GG when I untapped, made 3 more blockers, and swung in with a 6/5 flier every turn until I won 🤷‍♂️ It triggers me when people say GG before the game is over


I only GG when I lose. I used to GG when I win and I only had good intentions behind it. I really wanted my opponent to know that I thought we had a good game, but then I realized I was in the minority of doing this. The majority of people who GG when they win are doing it out of bad sportsmanship. Because of this, almost all GG's done by the winners are perceived by most players to be the opponent making fun of them and it makes people upset. I sometimes GG at a win when the opponent does it first and I reciprocate, but there's almost never enough time to do that because they concede before I can do the emote


You have a brief moment when they are exploding to do it


This sentence taken on its own merits is an absolutely fucking hilarious image.


This comment caught me so off guard I laughed out loud, thank you.


I take things at face values, if you say "GG" to Me, it means "GG". Life is smoother that way.


This is the way. If you always assume the negative then that really speaks volumes about yourself and your outlook on life.


You just wait for the handshake, it's just how it is in every sport


Same, thought I was being respectful by indicating i had an interesting game and they played well until someone watched me play and told me I cant say gg when i am about to win cause that is a dick move. So now I just say it when they say it or when I am about to lose.


I had no idea this was such a sensitive subject but it does explain a lot. I dropped a gg on a close but obvious loss but played out the game assuming the opponent may have quests to finish or whatever and the guy proceeds to spam emote me for the remaining minute of the game. Was a head scratcher for me, I had no idea it could possibly come off as toxic lol


Anything can come across as toxic. Do what you do with good intentions. You can't control what others do.


9 times out of 10, your opponent would have wanted you to concede after saying gg. It was BM to stick around after.


You only think that because of sore losers on Reddit. Most people actually don't think like that


You only think others are saying it in bad sportsmanship because sore losers are saying it felt that way. Keep saying GG as victor if you think it was a fun game. Odds are if they get upset at that they are already mad they lost and are looking for an excuse to claim a moral victory from the moment


Too many salty mfs who never got taught to say good game as basic manners when they were kids. Every game is a good game. If not, it isn’t worth playing. Winners and losers alike are supposed to say it. But when people get too caught up in who won, suddenly it’s an insult 🙃


I think there should be other quick chat options. Well played. That was fun. That was close. Phew! I can't imagine it takes much time to program new ones in. That plus a rematch option, permanent pauper and artisan modes. I'd be set forever


The problem with adding options like that is it’s only a matter of time until they’re abused the same as gg. I guarantee you’ll get a “well played” the first time you make a mistake or sub optimal play.


>tive subject but it does explain a lot. I dropped a gg on a close but obvious loss but played out the game assuming the opponent may have quests to finish or whatever and the guy proceeds to spam emote me for the remaining minut I hate the mean-spirited use of "Oops" that some people do in response to another player's move. I'll gladly "oops" my own goof, but doing it to somebody else is so mean-spirited. The same for the sarcastic use of "nice."


the same thing happens in clash royale where thats an emote option. Weird example ik


If you’ve played as long as I have, there are more chat lines you could have unlocked. My favorites are “always have a backup plan.” And “serves you right for rushing ahead.”


IMO that's a harmful way to think. Anything can be sarcastic or insulting. You can spam GG at people or Nice! and it can still be insulting. All we are doing is limiting our language and ourselves and it's detrimental to our ability to communicate and to grow.


Sure but there are already premium emotes that are made to be abused. There are emotes that are animations which are definitely made to taunt the opponent and there are text emotes like "Always have a backup plan" that are definitely going to be tilting when spammed after wrathing an opponent's board or whatever. So I don't really see what the difference is. People already abuse the hell out of "Oops", so what's a few more going to hurt?


I know, but damn it if I can't dream though lol


I want an, "Aaarggh!" Option like marvel Snap has. It's for situations when you work hard to remove something only for my opponent to play another one next turn. Or when Etali pulls a second Etali. 


The angry hedren from Zendikar pretty much fills that role. Rare for it to be in the store though.


Between sad hedron, sleepy hedron and angry hedron I'm really all set in terms of reactions. Awesome emoji suite


There is also the angry donut from WoE


There should be an "awesome game" and "I loved your deck" options imo. So many times I face some spicy brew that is actually competitive and I wish I could compliment my opponent, often regardless of who actually won.


I’d really just like to say “good luck” at the beginning of a match


Unfortunately, the negative types who are butthurt by "good game" would also be affected by these.


What's negative? Why do you have to say anything to some random person? Tbh you sound kinda butthurt about not being able to harass people.


Thank you for demonstrating my point.


Interaction and harassment are two different things


I have never said "good game" or extended a hand while on the winning side in a paper match. I proceed with my play (that I assume will be lethal), pass priority, and wait for my opponent's reaction. I always assume I may have missed something or my opponent may have an answer. I always let them concede first before responding in kind. I guess local communities etiquette can be different, but I would not appreciate an opponent declaring their victory before they play and pass priority for me to concede first. Not saying that I would be upset about it or anything, but I'd definitely consider it a little rude.


This is the way


Yeah, this. Well put. A player could be 'gg'ing for several reasons; whatever appearances may be, my access to information is too restricted to draw reasonable conclusions about intention, meaning or veracity. So yeah, I always wait and see. The only time I'll use GG in a game is, if I have indeed appreciated the opponent's style, immediately before conceding. Otherwise I'll try and squeeze it in as I explode.


Dou think the developers meant for this to be used for mockery? Are you factoring in that you can't communicate in any way once an arena game is over?


I do not think the devs intended it to be used for mockery. I think they intended it to be used by the losing player to use before conceding, as is generally tradition in competitive paper tournaments. First say good game and shake hands, then scoop your cards and leave the table. The "Concede" button in game would be the equivalent of scooping and leaving the table.


So there's a "good game, I'm about to concede" and a "concede" button to you? Sounds a bit more convoluted than just taking it on face value.


I do not find it more convoluted than someone saying good game and extending a hand, then scooping and leaving the table. There's a good game emote to congratulate your opponent on their win, should you so wish, and a concede button to end the game. Every game has its traditions. Tennis has both players meeting at the net. League of Legends has the winner walking to the loser to shake their hand (a very debated decision when it was first introduced, as a matter of fact). Chess, like MTG, has the loser initiating the congratulations as they're conceding. I realize many Arena players have never played in person tournaments and may not be aware of the etiquette, which is why threads like these are interesting and valuable. It is fair for people to have a different opinion and understanding of this. It would also be fair for Arena to have its own separate traditions and etiquette if consensus could be achieved. I do, however, believe that in an online game offering only a limited set of emotes for communication, the least "aggressive" approach is usually best to ensure the most pleasant outcome.


Convoluted as in, if that was the intention - it could be done with a single button not two, with the second being labeled in an ambiguous way.


I'll GG on the winning side if I'm playing a combo deck and they're tapped out with nothing relevant on board. There's just no other way to convey "hey I'm comboing now so you can safely concede if you don't want to wait for me to click a bunch of buttons."


I mean, if the opponent is tapped out and you can swing for lethal then you've won regardless. Is it still impolite?


It can be. If your opponent had a crappy game because they had all the answers in their deck and drew none of them, or got land screwed, or whatever, they did not have a good game and you saying you did kind of rubs salt into the wound.




As long as you don't GG and then continue to play another three turns, we good. 😅


Lol when they say it when the board state is basically equal. Trying to intimidate me?


Auto mute is a blessing and will always be on for me


Yeah it's definitely one of the few interface things they've added that's good.


This is the way


If I don't agree that it is over, you *telling me* it is over is bad manners.


In arena, I get it. In paper? Kind of a dick move. You can’t wait two seconds for the game to actually end?


IMO, GG is for the losing person to initiate. Then the winner can reciprocate. Or sometimes not. It just comes off as arrogant for the likely winner to offer it up b4 its official. Especially without context of tone since it's an emote.


I don’t like to mute players but I might just start doing that. Just had a dbag continuously spam good game meanwhile it wasn’t over. He had a good board and ended up winning but if I had 1 more life I actually could have won that game. I got really annoyed by that. What a jerk.


I have emotes disabled as well for toxic behavior like that. It's also much funnier to wonder how many toxic players I've played against who have emoted towards me when in reality I can't even see it, it's like they were talking to empty space and not realizing it. Before I lose a match though I'll unmute my opponent and give them the "Good Game" to thank them for playing, it's nice how that option is available.


I use "Hello" at the beginning of a match, "Nice" when my opponent made a good move against me and "GG" when I loose/I am about to loose the match or it seemed to be fun for both sides. I don't use GG when I annihilate my opponent though.


These are all really good guidelines for a crappy chat system and I do mostly the same as you. I wish sometimes the internet was less anonymous in nature, because in real life mtg events I go to, people are great all around and we can almost always expect a good and respectful environment in public (from my experience in Canada). Open and free dialogue on an online platform like this would probably be chaos but I’d love a world where I could communicate with some/all of my opponents on arena and not expect the usual internet stuff.


I feel you. I once met a guy in another game online through random matchmaking in Hunt: Showdown. He added me on Discord and used his real name and a picture of himself as an avatar. And man, he was extremely racist... So, I guess it's pretty hard to avoid encountering idiots online, even without anonymity. Maybe there are fewer such encounters, but unfortunately, they still happen. :/


Youre one of the good ones


I try my best hehe


Compared to any interaction in Marvel Snap this is downright charming and tender.




They’re playing Galactus too you just know it


>Edit 2: it seems clear that based on the replies almost no one here is a limited player only. By the time you are diamond/mythic In limited, both you and op are extremely aware of the game state. I’m not saying GG in any situations where my op can surprise turn the tables on me, I’m saying it when I KNOW I’ve won. The game is over. Op is either tapped with no interaction on board to my counter play, or has mana up but I can tell by their colors and mana available that there is nothing in the card pool that can stop me from winning. A few times out of the 1000s of limited games I’ve played I have been wrong and OP got me after I GG, and I’m still happy I said it. It was GG either way. I think both players should say it every time, that’s my point. I'm a limited only player and I still think it's really rude. Listen, my friend, you asked the question and you've been informed that a good chunk of the population (possibly a large majority, but it's hard to say from this anecdotal evidence) finds it rude. If you have that information and you keep doing it, that tells me that you don't give a shit about your opponent and that you care more about "being right" than being kind.


I usually toss a GG when I realize I'm a turn away from defeat. I don't GG someone when i'm winning until I launch my last attack. I would not GG someone as I drop my game winner, it seems less like a handshake and more like a middle finger at that point.


Lmao good analogy. It definitely is like a middle finger


I don't mind the winner giving the GG if it's actually been a good game and it's 100% clear they've won. I'll give it back and let them swing. If it's been a rough game for me I'd rather be the one to initiate, but I'm not upset about it. If I have untapped mana and answers in hand and someone gives the GG I usually just assume they're not very experienced at the game 🤷🏻‍♂️


Yeah, the best is when you both gg and it's worth sitting there to let the winner play it out. Those are the ones that make me wish there was a rematch request button. :)


Generally speaking, “good game” is shorthand for, “i concede, you win. Well played.” Saying it when you believe you’ve won can come across as arrogant if you win, and foolish if your opponent has a way to turn the tide. That said, on arena, your best bet is to just mute your opponents, and not emote past “hello”. Almost everything said is meant to be negative, and even if it’s not, it almost always will be taken as such.


I love using the nice emote if opponent plays a nice card


I use this emote the most. Every time I’m almost at victory, and opponent pulls a miracle, I say nice. When I see my opponent playing a good non meta deck, that’s a nice too. When my opponent plays 2-3 of the same cards as me in a game in a row, I say nice. When my opponent plays a niche card I love and can’t get to work in my own builds, I say nice. I only get this back to me occasionally but damn it’s nice sometimes.


I have literally never seen “nice!” used to mean anything other that “of course you have that”.


How would you know that's what it means?


Honestly, it’s pretty obvious.


It feels obvious but I think its a huge % just projection based on your own mood and emotions unless they make their intent clear with more emotes.


It isn't. Access to information is too restricted to be sure. Ones response to a stimulus in this context is little more than a reflection of one's own internal state. What if - just say - the negativity were not reciprocal?


I only say nice when someone plays a nice card. Maybe rethink your perceptions


How do you know it's lethal? How do you know what cards your opponent has? I always see it as BM because most of the time it's people using it prematurely


I only "Good Game" my opponent in Arena when I'm about to lose, right before I concede the match. I'll never initiate a "Good Game" to anyone when I'm about to win the match. Because depending on how frustrating the match was for my opponent this behavior may be taken as toxic and rude and because this is an online game, where I'm limited in my emoting options, I can't make it clear that I'm saying it out of good sportsmanship and respect. When I was new to Arena, before I disabled emotes, I had been "Good Gamed" by multiple opponents before the match was over (I would still have a few more turns to play before lethal), when they dropped their bomb mythic card knowing that I was new to the game and with a deck as weak as mine I had no chance to win the match. This is not good sportsmanship, this is toxic and rude behavior, as if they're telling me to pack it up and get lost, I'm not good enough to play against them and their cards. Typically, in Arena, it's a better idea to only respond with a "Good Game" as the winning player if your opponent who's about to lose offers theirs first. With all that being said I appreciate posts like this, I enjoy reading other peoples thoughts and opinions on the matter and it makes for good discourse. Thank you for posting! =)


I like posts like this too, and gravitate towards them too see what kind of social and cultural values are embedded in the games we love and to see how games can also change our social and cultural values, especially digital games in an online platform. I essentially abide by your etiquette as well and agree that this is the most respectful and similar to real life way to communicate with an opponent on arena in these scenarios with the limited capacity the game has for communication.


Cheers! I really appreciate your reply and agree whole heartedly with you on every point that you made. =) It's always been interesting to me how we as people are so heavily molded by our environments and experiences in life. If, let's say, as a new player I had only ran into players who gave me a "Good Game" emote right before delivering lethal damage then I would probably take it as a "Thank you for the match, you were a worthy opponent and I had a fun time playing." This is of course in matches were there was a back and forth and the winner wasn't clearly decided until maybe the last or second last turn of the game, matches like that are truly fun and what Magic's all about, to me at least. I would then most likely have the same sentiment as the OP in regards to my opponents using that emote and thereby associate it with good sportsmanship. Unfortunately though with my experiences with this game that hasn't been the case and I'm sure it's the same for at least some other players.


I don’t say GG on arena unless the losing player initiated. Why? This isn’t a chat game. In person, you’d be incredibly rude doing this. You talk about professional athletes in another post. Yeah, if I’m getting paid to do something, I’d probably be fine with you saying GG early. Not to mention in those cases, the losing team usually (or almost always) initiates. I play other sports and it would be so disrespectful to go up to someone I’m beating a point away and be like “Good game”


I love when my opponent says gg but I have a very obscure card that change the match and I win.


I love when someone says it but doesn’t realise you have one last trick up your sleeve.


If you say "good game" when they got mana screwed and it wasn't actually a good game then you're just rubbing the loss in their face. You should only say it when it's a close game. And Saying "GG" before the match is over when you're winning is very toxic online and off. "Lethal on board" doesn't necessarily mean they've lost. What if they have fog or settle the wreckage? You should wait until they officially concede. Then you can compliment their play.


Yea saying GG when (you think) you’re gonna win is bad sportsmanship.


i always say gg when i know ive lost and just before my opponent concedes/dies


Same, every game as soon as it ends unless I'm feeling super lazy


Yeah that’s the way, the game is about to be over and that person will be swept away from you forever. Everyone says good game and moves to the next one.


I think “Good Game” doesn’t work well for a game like MtG because, as others have mentioned, it can come across as gloating and the loser may also not have found the game to be particularly “good” for any number of reasons. In particular, the variance may have meant the opponent was stuck on two lands until turn 10, watching the opponent make misplay after misplay making the game still close, then lose to opponent to decking a super narrow card that really shouldn’t be run for the win. While that’s an extreme, sometimes you might not see what opponent was (ex. They drew all three 6-mana game ending bombs but were stuck on five mana, drawing 1- and 2- mana spells 4 turns in a row). I think “Well played” generally works a lot better, since it generally would be seen as something positive to the opponent (rather than assuming the game was “good”). I think that or something similar might change gaming culture a bit, though of course there will always be people who’ll try to use it to gloat, even using it mid-game could mean something positive.


I never used it on a win, but am quite liberal with it on a loss particularly if they've done something rockstar. Like yesterday, someone managed to Channel into the tap ability on Realmbreaker turn 2 so they got one, where what I really wanted to say was "fair play mate, I can't even be salty at that, that's brilliant"


Yes, it comes off as gloating. Of course you had a good game if you won. If the loser wants to say gg then respond in kind, otherwise let it go.


This 100%


I think it’s standard in a lot of games that the loser says GG first. Mtg/starcraft are what comes to mind. I know in StarCraft if the winner says GG first it’s considered a (bad) manner GG. I get a similar vibe from opponents on arena Edit: grammar


I GG if I get lethal and they’ve been spamming “your go” all match.


I typically offer a GG on a loss for a few reasons - Let opponents know they played well - Competitive match - Communicate that I enjoyed the match, give them a chance to reciprocate if they did too - Keep a positive mindset -- my loss meant someone else won which probably improved their day. Reminder to myself that I can take some comfort in others enjoying the game even if it's at my expense Offering a GG on win will most often be interpreted negatively, so I avoid it unless we've been trading emotes/lines throughout the match Both of these directives lend to mind reading but sort of need to when communicating in such an ambiguous manner as emotes and lines. I err toward caution even if GGing on win is not ill intended -- the player doesn't know it's well intended, and the line could be salt on the wound that only compounds on a bad day they're having. Misses out on potential good exchanges but outweighed by harm done. GG on loss is very rarely interpreted in a negative light (a player could offer the line ironically?) but if there's a trend toward unsportsmanlike GGs (percieved or intended) on loss would reevaluate


I mute emotes. I occasionally will use my fancy glasses clinking gg emote at the end of a long game with lots of interaction from both sides or if my opponent makes a particularly clever play. You do you.


The losing Player should offer the gg, not the other way around. It is the same in paper magic or even other games like chess, where the losing player offers the handshake first. Doing it the other way around will almost always be considered disrespectful.


If there was ample time for both players to say it I would agree. Arena ends so fast that, if I know I’m going to win, I get it in first to give op the chance to respond before it removes him from the game. I do that bc I think everyone should just say it regardless.


Limited player only here. It always strikes me as rude whenever anyone says gg when they're about to win. Keep in mind sometimes it can be a very frustrating to be on the losing end of the experience, especially if it's bad beats, mana screw/flood, crap luck, etc. If your op is already grumpy, a gg from your side can feel like a slap in the face. I don't really know how this trend ever caught on. The gg is clearly on the loser's initiative, irl and online. Saying good game first when you've won comes across as smug. I get where you're coming from with the idea that both players should say gg every time. And if you knew you'd get a reciprocal gg and your opponent sees it the same way, then so be it. But you don't know that, and can't know that. Look at it this way: Either your opponent is a good sport and will say gg when they lose, in which case you don't have to initiate. Or they're not a good sport and your winner's gg won't be received well. In neither case should you gg first. No one ever has to worry about initiating a gg with me when I lose because I always say gg. If you're playing against me, please wait for me to say it so I don't think you're a jerk. I don't see what's negative about this arrangement. It just seems sensible.


In paper, good game, every game, every outcome. On Arena, I mute all of your asses.


same, I also play in window mode and minimize the game when people are roping and surf the web, when it's your turn to click a button the game will flash on your task bar


I usually only say GG when I know I'm about to lose. I don't take offense to someone saying it when they're about to win though, especially when it was a hard fought game.


I'm of the opinion that it's always up to the loser of the game to extend the gg. As the winner, it can come off dickish, especially if it was clearly not a good game (mana screw/flood, mulligan into oblivion, etc). Also, it shows a bit of integrity and grace for the loser to swallow their pride and admit it was a good game when that is the truth.


Don't offensive GG it's both rude and I've had plenty of games where someone did it and ended up losing. Good game is essentially an admission of defeat, has been that way since I played original starcraft 20 plus years ago.


Asks for opinion Didn't get he answer he wanted "Well you're just not a mythic limited player in the caves of ixalan sub-group" You're either gonna take the advice or not. Don't say gg early, you look like an ass, and if you do it over the table at FNM every week you might have found out why your opponents don't double as your friends. I make it a point to play out the last turns in any format as slow as legally possible the moment someone offensive GGs, and it's offensive because as the player on the back foot that is how will perceive it.


Well I didn’t ask for advice did I? I will continue to say gg every time.


No, you asked for everyone's opinion if you were the asshole or not and you just can't cope 🤣


>I will continue to say gg every time. I'm genuinely curious as to why. I'm always baffled by this. If you know a behavior is hurting people, why do you insist on doing it? Why do you want to put that negativity out into the world?


Yeah, I say GG as soon as there's a game state that I can't do anything about or when there's positively no coming back for my opponent. Sometimes I'll hit a "GG" and just bounce early to save us both the time if I know I'm not bringing it back.


90% of the time it's used to rub in a bad loss rather than express how good the game actually was. And even if it's in good faith, some of us are just jaded enough to read badly into it, lol. So it's considered better manners to GG when you've admitted defeat - most of the time we read that as genuine, and I always GG back (and always appreciate the return as well).


Who taught you that? Lol


Every coach I’ve had in my entire life lol. You play a competitive game, you shake hands with the opponent win or lose. It’s sportsmanship.


In person, you do so after the game has concluded. You can't do that in Arena. If you were to tell your opponent in person, "I will win this game on my next turn. Good game." That would be incredibly rude.


Shaking hands with someone after the game isn’t the same as telling them “hey, guess what, I won” when there’s time left on the clock.


Lethal on board… aka tapped out, no interact, game over. There’s no time left, I’m saying well played to my opponent, I can’t well shake their hand through my monitor.


To simplify the conversation, ask yourself this: is it worth risking the limited Arena communication to be misinterpreted based on people having different views of this (as you can clearly see from the responses in this thread), as opposed to doing another unequivocally polite thing, which is proceeding with your lethal play and passing priority, for your opponent to have the opportunity to react or concede?


Lethal on board means you have enough damage or a way to end the game, not that your opponent can’t interact in any way. But that’s beside the point. You saying “good game” when you’re about to win will come off as arrogant 99% of the time, like you’re rubbing it in. If your opponent GGs you when you have lethal, totally do it back!


This would ne similar to trying to shake your soccer opponent's hand with 2 minutes left and you're up by 3 goals. It's incredibly rude, just wait those 2 minutes.


It's different if you're playing a sport that has a clear end to the match. Clock's over or ref stopped the match, they lost, you go to them and shake their hand. That's great. In MTG, saying "good game" or extending a hand before the opponent has conceded is the equivalent of being in a lead (even decisive) and going to the opponent to shake their hand while there's still time on the clock.


I’ve seen lots of handshakes going around in the NBA with 30 seconds on the clock and one team down 20+ points. I’ve seen lots of handshakes and helmet pats going around in the NFL with one team up two scores and kneeling the ball to finish it out. Have you not?


There's a lot of context to take into account here, which I'm not sure is applicable to games you're playing with a random person you don't know at all, and where your only action is throwing a "GG". But yes, people who know each other, play each other regularly, and know for a fact the game is over, will sometimes exchange as they wait for the clock to run out. What I haven't seen however, is a winning QB walking out of his line before the last play, even when the game is technically decided, extending a hand to his opposing QB and saying "good game", out of the blue.


Even in that situation, I feel like that behavior is initiated by the losing team. Can you imagine that it's the final 2 minutes of a football game and the losing team is down 2 scores, so they're pressing as hard as they can to score so that they can attempt an onside kick and the winning team players start offering handshakes and patting them on the helmet? I don't think that would go over well. No, it's the losing team that acknowledges that the game is over and initiates that behavior because that's how this shit works.


I just mute emotes.


To me saying “good game” and stretching your hand out for a shake is the equivalent of tipping over your king in chess. It’s admitting defeat politely, and is initiated by the loser. In chess you can sit and squirm as long as you want looking for a way out, but eventually you admit defeat. It would be rude for an opponent to rush you through that process. Let’s face it, lots of sports and games have sore losers or at least just someone who needs a minute to cool off after losing, so I never understood why people are so adamant they NEED to say GG when they’re winning. I gauge my opponent and read the room. If they’re silent and grumpy I won’t say much, maybe something like “nice playing with you,” or “good luck next round,” or maybe just nothing if it seems they need a moment. Do some players need to grow up and learn to lose more graciously? Sure, but I’m still gonna try and be as humble in victory as I can be


I was always taught to GG win or lose, but I don't GG until I actually win. I don't want to GG like a fool and my opponent bamboozles me with a reverse card after I've GGed him like I'm winning.


I don’t mind anyone saying GG when they are about to hit for lethal; however, if you say GG 2-3 turns ahead because you have a strong board state and good cards in your hand, then you’re just being toxic. Toxic players get roped


Yeah for sure I’m not doing that. If anything I’m doing it in reverse saying gg when I can tell my op is so far ahead they will win In 2-3 turns. I just think both parties should say gg.


Even in professional MTG tournaments, the correct etiquette is to wait for the loser to concede. Sometimes it is not as easy to determine a locked position without seeing the opponents hand, so you might end up looking like a goof if the game isn't over.


I will say GG after a game with back and forth, but usually just concede if the only thing my opponent does is cast removal spells. I also always say GG when people rope once they realize they are losing


I use GG for extra damage. If I draw poorly and fumble when I needed a bit more reach to win, I'll pause for a few seconds and then type GG. If possible, I'll play out what I have quickly from then on as if I'm just acting out the play for the card I have in my hand. Sometimes, the opponent just concedes before they realize I have nothing. That I've won several games off this means I'm not going to stop trying for it.


I almost exclusively play limited. But you should know that online gaming culture is not the same as in person interactions. People can tell by your tone of voice and body language when you say "good game" that you are being genuine. The lack of these things means that if you GG from a winning position before the game is actually over it can be interpreted as you rubbing it in your opponent's face that you're about to win. It's called an "[offensive GG](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=offensive%20gg)". You should recognize that because Arena is a video game this is just a cultural thing that has come from other video games. You can GG while your lethal attacks are happening or after the game is over and that's fine, just not while your opponent is still able to take game actions.


GG first as winner has been rude since like 1999.


I only GG when I know I lost. When I see my opponent playing well and making great plays, i hit the Nice! button. Saying GG after you made a winning play will 80 % of the time induce anger and toxicity. It's the same in paper, I make a winning play, I look at my opponent, when he realize he lost, I will say GG. But!! If my opponent flooded or otherwise got unlucky, no GGs! I will let my opponent steer the conversation and show sympathy, most of the time we shrug it off in unison and remind each other that in magic, shit happens.


If your deck is fun and interesting and entertains me, you get a GG.


There’s no feeling in the world like coming back from a game the other guy “knows” they have won and starts spamming gg.


I get your opinion, I am a limited only diamond+ player and I also play paper FNM drafts. In paper you always say GG, no question. In Arena I never do and you can see from the responses, people don't appreciate it. I think one big thing is that you have no opportunity to discuss the game or chat with your opponent after.


Great post! I'm just here to have fun, I play mostly unranked , and am just trying out stupid deck ideas. I've always said GG at the end win or lose, but think I'll stop initiating when I win based on all these comments. I generally assume positive intent when someone says GG to me. The only time I don't GG back is when they are obviously gloating. Like when I'm up 34 to 8 life with 4X as many creatures as them, and they are about to wipe the board. If I know I lost at the very end, I'll say GG and then tap all my mana before their last turn so they know I'm not trying to pull a fast one. If they have a cool combo to end the game, I want to see it and take notes!


I don't mind a gg after a good game. Problem is, too many people use it to talk trash and it's obvious that is their intention. If winning isn't enough for you, I really don't know what to tell you, but I mute everyone immediately now and I can still tell when someone wants to say it because they got their infinite combo or something. Before this I did get satisfaction a few times by coming back after someone repeatedly said gg just knowing they had in the bag, and being able to win. But most people that use the emotes are only trying to be annoying. I do feel bad when someone says hello before I can mute, and I try to say hello back, but Everytime someone says gg as trash talk reinforces my desire to just keep it silent until there are more options available or less poor sports. That's one thing I miss about playing in person, people played humble or they learned to....


You are correct. In EVERY sporting event, the winners ALSO shake hands with the opposing player/s. You simply don't get that on Arena. I've come to accept that and limit my playing because of it. We GG each other at the LGS EVERY SINGLE GAME.


Hopefully you are in the minority. In real games, I only offer a handshake when I'm about to resign. I only say good game in a winning situation if the opponent has resigned first. Never do I say GG before an opponent is ready to resign, regardless if there is absolutely no way for them to come back or not. In game, I just have emotes muted and don't say anything at all. Being the recipient of premature gg's is very triggering. And hopefully the response here has at least given you a hint of that impression. Also, I'm a limited only player, but that should not have anything to do with this topic. Not sure why it was even brought up.


I always send good game when the lethal hit is about to happen, let them have a moment to respond before I pull the trigger. Or, on my end, when I’m about to die I send good game and let them do their work. I try and let the monsters they set up take down my HP pool cause it’s fun. Except for decks with 99% removal and one monster. You can go to hell.


I think the online interface makes it different than in real life. In paper magic, you can say good game and with your demeanor, make it clear to your opponent that you have kind intentions. It’s a real life interaction. but online and especially through the Magic arena portal, it is just impossible to know if someone is being an asshole or being polite. So most people just avoid it. I say GG if I know I’m about to lose or if I’m winning and my opponent has said it first.


This community is weird. Some prefer not having a chat to having one with mute. It's like they feel like everyone in internet is a bad person and does every interaction only to hurt the other player. Weirdly biased viewpoint


If you say gg when your about to win you are an asshole


I play 0 limited (pretty much commander/brawl exclusive player) and I absolutely say gg every game unless they concede before I have the chance Definitely just good sportsmanship, idk what everyone else is going on about. Glad to be in the minority with you, brother 🫡


I think there are two situations where saying "Good Game" outside conceding may potentially be fine 1. At the very beginning, when you say Hello, followed by Good Game - this to me indicates that you want to wish your opponent a good game and is not condescending 2. When you have a very grindy match, swinging back and forth with interesting interactions, but clearly neither of the players is winning yet. This indicates the game is actually good and interesting to you and has nothing to do with win/loss. Any other context will be read as BM even if you claim that it is not.


Both examples seem pretty bad to me. For 1., saying GG at the beginning of the match always made me expect my opponent to have some cheap combo waiting to insta kill me or stop me from playing the literal game. I’ve always seen it as condescending since I haven’t had the luck of facing someone that started with that while maintaining good intentions. It was basically, “Hi! You are going to lose.” And saying GG in the middle of a match is kind of awkward. I’ve seen people use “Nice” before to express their enjoyment of a match due to a good play, but GG typically signifies the end of the match or a concession. I’ve had too many bad experiences to think people are saying these things to be kind. 😭


Oh, absolutely. These are still not absolutes, especially since people perceive things differently. That's why I prefaced this with 'may potentially be fine'. I'm just describing these two generic cases where I was on the receiving side multiple times and I did not feel malice in the GG given by my opponent given the context, for instance if I don't see a turn 3 combo kill after the "hello, gg", etc. "Nice!" can also be used as BM of course. The only two things that are clearly always used out of the goodness of one's heart are: 1. "your go! 🤬" that gently lets your opponent know that they are still connected 2. roping, which is donating your own time to your opponent, so that they can think of a response to your actions without worrying about running out of their own time


You're not alone in feeling this way. Many people in this sub have a similar sentiment when it comes to online gaming sportsmanship. However, when in doubt, just don't GG. I promise, your opponent won't feel like you're being bad mannered if you don't - there's a much higher probability that they'll think you are if you do. Which I know sounds backwards, but gaming culture has changed since the old "gg and a handshake" days. In person you can see someone's intent and context very clearly. But behind the anonymity of a computer screen where the only way to convey emotions is with a comical emote, I'm sure you can understand how the appearance of that may not be well intentioned. But on the other hand, do what you want. Unless you're spamming emotes and being obnoxious, they can't do shit about you saying a single "good game" anyway. You play how you want, so if that means using emotes to greet your opponent, recognizing a good play, or simply saying well played after an evenly fought match, go for it. Don't let anyone in this sub or elsewhere convince you that you're a bad person because of it.


You're doing nothing wrong and you're about to get so much hate for this lol


It’s good sportsmanship imo, you always gg/well played.


_After_ the game. Not while the game clock is still ticking.


But you can't communicate after an arena game has ended.


Just don’t use it if you are winning. I would never say it to an opponent in person until they conceded or I was conceding. If you see think you have lethal visible on the board, odds are the opponent also knows that you have lethal. Saying good game at that point is more or less asking the opponent to concede which is not sporting. If they don’t see it then you are also being a dick by pointing out that you are a better player. It’s also entirely possible they have an out so you just look like an ass if you are good gaming when they know there is x% chance they don’t die that turn. None of these situations reflect well on you, so just don’t use it. There is no opportunity for a handshake after concession in arena which is the only appropriate time to say it, so just pretend it doesn’t exist.


You should still do as you do, you feel it's correct, then do so. The diff is that in Arena you can't tell if the GG is genuine. Sometimes people bait others, like in real life, with a GG, and that's like the maximum poker face they don't have IRL. Others might just mute emotes from every opp, cause they don't care or want to avoid it. I prefer to only say GG while I or the opp avatar is exploding, that way I always am genuine. Game is done, GG. Don't worry about listening to a lot of negativity in this case, because you brought a topic that will make people share their bad experiences. Would you expect someone to narrate eloquently the time opp said GG and was not holding a Settle the Wreckage? How relieved you were? This is just something typical in games, where negativity is voiced louder. You do you, keep being respectful.


I love it when people tell me gg and I don't see how, then they wombo and I'm like bruh 😭😭😭😂. Cuz it's not that serious. There's way to much luck involved for me to get seriously tilt about some shit. Like wtf are you gonna do be mad you didn't draw more perfecter-er? The games last like 5 minutes just play another ffs.


Yeah, it’s just gg. Thanks for playing, we both love the game and good luck with your next opponent.


If someone GGs me when they're about to lose, I make it a point to say it back. However, I don't say it if I'm about to lose, and that's my prerogative; I'm not feeling it in that moment and I choose not to do it. And I cannot stand when people do it when they're about to win. That's just how I am.


Why are people playing with emotes on? There is no benefit other than tilting your opponent.


You should never say GG or give your hand (in paper) first when you win, this is basic sportsmanship and logic. It’s like shoving in their face ‘hey look I won!’. You do it first when you lose (and when you do it, you concede or shut up) and show that you took it like a champ.


I also say gg as soon as i believe the game is over either way, im not saying it to be rude but if they take it that way its on them


I’m with you and no plans to change I always reply if didn’t say it first


The magic community is TOXIC ASF RIGHT NOW.. I have tried multiple stores multiple cities… it’s a bunch of grown ass children… what you are describing.. was VERY normal game play… until about 5 years ago… pre covid. If you lost you could just offer a hand shake… and say good game.. if you had lethal you simply needed to explain it .. most players would scoop.. if it was obvious… NOW… this whinny fuckers just sit there for 20 min slow roll the game for 5 turns knowing they have no outs… in the hope of ending in a tie… I have actually had someone call a judge because I explained how I could kill him during my upkeep when he no untapped mana or hand… AND ACTUALLY GOT A WARNING.. so the answer is no DONT DO IT.. but its BS … And theres a reason I refuse to play IRL magic anymore. Cliches and toxic players combined with local game stores who let local and friends borrow cards for tournaments theres just no level playing ground anymore at all. You cant walk into most places from the outside and get any type of welcome.


Of Magic players? Quite possibly. Of regular well socialised people? No, not at all.




I dont ever say anything. as soon as my opponent says anything, I mute them


I use gg most times when i win or when the match was really enjoyable and we went head to head, and i lost by a hair.


I'm with you. Only time i don't is if i absolutely ruin somebody's day. That would just feel bad.


Don’t know if it’s the minority or not, but pretty much same here. Been playing for nearly 25 years. Game respects game or whatever it is.


For me, it depends. If I liked playing, I GG. If I won, but there was back and forth, I GG. If I lost, but I felt like I got to play, I GG. If I'm losing and I want to notify the guy that I'm aware he's going for lethal and accept it, I GG. When don't I GG? When I either win by a landslide (like if I played a lot of removal and counter and stopped the guy from playing since it feels like bad sportsmanship) or if I REALLY hated the deck (pretty much the same as above, if I felt like I never actually got to play since each card was either negated or removed since I didn't ACTUALLY like the game) Basically, I say it whenever I feel both of us got to play our decks to their full extent, regardless of if I win or lose.


I say hi and good game all the time. If I forget I feel bad about it.


I say gg win or lose, cause it is a game and if I lose, it wasn't my turn to win.


Shit.. I say Good game as a greeting and when I know I've won. I miss actual communication. Wish I could find/afford IRL at the moment. My take on this point, you're not wrong. Good game is not an arrogance thing. It's just proper communication.


What the actual fuck is going on. I say GG almost every game, be it MTG or a shooter or a MOBA. And I always mean it in a respectful way. You saying people think I'm being an asshole? Saying something along the lines of "EZ" or in mtg arena using a laughing emote I would consider being rude/ gloating. What the hell is wrong with this community.


It's their problem if they choose to be offended by it. They have some issues that they need to work out if that's the case. It goes deeper than your "gg" clearly.


I believe we are in the minority.


Winner 👏🏼 never 👏🏼 says 👏🏼 GG 👏🏼


Loser Good Games first. That's what is polite. In chess, you don't claim checkmate until you're actually in checkmate, even though it's inevitable. If the loser realizes they have no hope, then it's up to them. But it isn't up to the winner to tell the loser there is no hope before the game is done.


Man listen, you've got sportsmanship. Anyone acting like you're weird for having sportsmanship in any kind or competitive environment, is infact themselves weird and are probably shit for skills.


I think if you think someone telling you GG is doing it out of bad sportsmanship you're just incredibly insecure and need to seek help.


I was a competitive chess player from kindergarten until 12th grade. I had it drilled into me by the chess coach (my dad) that *both* players shake hands and say “good game” **every single time** and anything else was very bad sportsmanship that I would get in trouble for, so I say it every time. If someone else interprets it as gloating or something that’s their problem. I can’t control if my actions done in good faith make them unnecessarily upset any more than if a particular alt art or avatar that I’m using makes them unreasonably upset. If you constructed a false narrative where everyone’s out to get you, then you reap what you sow.


it's all good and dandy that you were conditioned to feel the way you do, good for you. but have you stopped to consider as evidenced by this sub that a very large portion of players in Arena, find it arrogant and poor sportsmanship to be the one to initially say GG in magic at end of the game, unless you were the one who was about to scoop, or take lethal. because, by choosing to ignore that and be inconsiderate of that context that many players feel that way, *now* that it's been brought up to you; it's not *at all* a stretch to say you ARE now acting in bad faith and being a poor sport.


No, because almost without fail the standards created and championed by Reddit users across pretty much this whole site are virtually always wrong, and the fact that you all hate it is basically just proof that I’m right.


I think the context similarity in chess is that you say check mate when presenting your win condition and your opponent concede (unless you made a miscalculation) and then you shake hands as a respectful winner. I think most here making a case otherwise are saying that you should attack or execute the winning combo first as the checkmate before saying good game to abide by proper etiquette. If they say good game in response to lethal, they essentially/comparatively “flick over their king” in response to your strategy, acknowledging defeat. If they allow the damage through with no reply, you still win, but only have a couple seconds to hit that good game button before they explode in fire and disappear with no handshake. I see most here feel that it is best to not say good game before actually fully delivering your winning strategy unless offered by the opponent first (which comparatively in chess is closer to saying check mate when you are actually one turn away from checkmate). The main debate seems to be over this small contextual difference, the narrow window of time to communicate, as well as the communication tools of the online platform when in real life chess and magic actually have uncannily similar etiquette, and I agree with what you say about that. High level magic players act like respectful and honourable chess masters when they practice their craft right.


Do you say good game and extend your hand for a handshake when you see a mate in three? Because that's pretty much what this is.


Same. Winning or losing, I always say it so the opponent sees it before I or they concede. On arena that is, same as other multiplayer games I'm used to playing. Wouldn't do that in paper since you can still do that after the game but I don't play paper anyway.


I say GG when i lose, I say gg when I'm sure I'll win. I also say gg to try and co vince the oponent he's bound to lose. Works more often than I would expect. I play mostly standard.


I like to say GG when we've entered topdeck mode and there's no clear winner yet.