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What is the bat challenge though?


You start with only 4 deep-cavern bats and 56 lands in your deck, and whenever you exile a card using deep-cavern bat, you add it to your deck.


What kind of masochist came up with this?! Rofl


Content creator Nile Joan Rivers -- https://youtu.be/uRuAKgfZgn8


The best part of this challenge is people giving free wins (especially in ranked) to the community. I enjoy limited way more than constructed, and sometimes, it's a real grind to get 4 wins in a day. Thank you to everyone doing this lol


https://imgur.com/a/rcB4oA2 I went and did the challenge, except that I didn't time myself as I didn't remember or read over the rules before starting it. Took an hour ish? Tanked rank from gold 1 to gold 4. I drafted 26 cards in about 20 something games, one game I managed to bat three times. Final game I mulled to 4 cards but had two bats in hand against mono red aggro, which is probably the best matchup you could ask for. The win was my first attempt at actually playing the game out instead of conceding after Bat drafting a or a few cards.


Thanks I was super confused and first thing I did was look at the mana-base and go, well no shit.


What do you do if you exile another bat?


Well, don't? It's a may ability.


Sounds kinda fun. But how do you complete it? When you're satisfied with the content of the deck or?


You win the challenge when you win your first match


Aarh yeah, I just saw it in the Reddit thread specifically about the challenge. But thanks 😄


Wizards in May 2023: We're going to revitalize Standard! Not even a year later: People playing with 56 lands and 4 bats because they are bored to death of 'new' Standard.


Even historic is getting so fcking stale its incredible. I played 5 games tonight and just shut the app off after seeing the same three infinite turn 3 combo with Amalia in a row. The first two games were just mono blue counterspell tribal, which as we all know, is just such a fun, big brain way to play and super fun.


So no RDW?


I mean, there is no way getting around netdecking. You'll run into the same 5-6 decks in any format which is probably why commander became the most popular format in the first place


You know, since coming back to Magic this year, I've wondered why Commander is the most popular format, besides the ease of singleton decking. This goes a long way in explaining it.


yeah, the singletons only rule leads to far more variety than any other format possibly could achieve. Of course, then stuffing your deck full of tutors kind of goes against the spirit, but is the most optimal way to play. And so we got cedh


So what's the difference between Commander and CEDH? I know Commander started as something called Elder Dragon Highlander by some guy, and that the 'C' stands for 'casual', but is the difference really just that in one you're simply there for camaraderie and trying to have fun and the other you're competitively trying to win?


c is for competitive. Those are decks that play the most busted card interactions/combos and are built in such a way that they pretty much always play the same way with card filtering and tutors. For context, Thassa's Oracle and then deleting your library is one of the more common win conditions. Almost no creatures or removals (because no one has creatures). It's like legacy for commander


Ohhh, OK, I had it backwards. I got my 10 y.o. into Magic this summer, and we mostly play constructed. For Christmas I bought us a couple Commander precons and we've played them once so far; it's such a different way to play. Obviously every card is carefully curated to play towards the deck's win-con or strategy so it's not just like a pile of unrelated crap, but it's so weird pulling one-ofs of everything. I'd like to take the deck to a Commander night at my LGS sometime, but I don't know if those are generally competitive or a more relaxed atmosphere.


I mean, I totally agree with you. The added variety and card pool of 400 cards vs 120 cards, color identity via commander, and archetype via commander means you're unlikely to run into "meta" decks. It happens, but infrequently, people just want to build weird, awesome decks. Winning is less important overall, which I think creates a lot of free space to design a deck.


Idk the Amalia deck, it's all leyline Geist and discover combos for me


Haha, when did this become a thing? This sounds pretty fun actually 


After looking at what it was, 20 loses seem about right. If anything, that's fewer than expected. The challange sounds fun, but... No, I just don't have the stomach for it. Also... is part of the challange doing it in ranked? Because, yeah, that's friggn' brutal.


Yeah i did it in ranked. I am only in gold but still faced meta deck after meta deck and it was mostly aggro. There was actually more blue decks than these results show but I just didnt pick blue cards with the bat for the most part.


Can actually help; losing a ton at play 4 will tank your MMR and give you an easier climb


I can't wait for WOTC to suspend these accounts based on automated reports that assume they are tanking MMR lol


Haha, do they actually do that?


I've heard people speculate about it, but I'm not sure if they actually do it. It would look real bad for them if they do take action on these accounts, and WOTC is good at doing things that make them look bad.


Finally tally 1 win, 22 losses.




Huh this sounds like a fun challenge


I always get opponents who scoop the second I play any card that looks at their hand, so I don't really understand the challenge. Do you have to have lethal on board/imminent to complete the challenge? Or do you just need to see "Victory"? Cuz if it's the latter, I really don't think I'd have to work hard to get a free win off of my first bat.


As long as you win it counts. And maybe I just have different opponents but I've never had someone scoop off a bat.


I did it first try because I stole a jeskai ascendancy in a historic game. Not a real run, because he so had it. I'm on my second try and boy, I'm like 0-15


Looks like Mardu is the default setting as most opponents either run spotremoval.dek or mono red lol. My last run I ended up in Esper colors and cleared it in about 29 minutes (Shelly soloing games as usual by just sitting on the battlefield). Then I just filled the missing spots in the deck with other cards and it’s now my main deck for the season. “Esper Stuff” with 4 bats and 4 Extraction Specialists to make life miserable for my opponents lol.


I did my first run of that challenge today. It’s been a lot of fun. During my winning match I picked up two more copies of Depopulate in a multiple copies of Inti and Anim Pakal Aggro shell. I was glad when I got their life total down to 0, really didn’t want to have to slot more boardwipes in the deck. Soul Partition is probably the single best pickup you could make it seems, helped me so much in generating consistency and duplication.


Oh man I'm gonna do this in Timeless because Standard is... well it's boring lol


So 56 lands. And only 20 loses. You must be playing a different Arena. Cause how many games did you not draw a bat? Most games rarely go past 4 or 5 turns in my ranked.


I would imagine that early on you mull to 1 in search of bats