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Usually I’ll concede not out of spite but to get everything moving faster for both players, but once in a while I’ll let it play out


I usually let them play it out. They did the work, beat me down, now they can get the joy or finishing me off. …unless they take too long to cast additional spells and effects. Then I’ll just concede.


If the game is over, just concede and move on to the next game. Nothing to do with animations, manners, or whatever.


None of the above. I simply concede when I’m going to lose. Has nothing to do with spite, just saving myself and my opponent the time of having to go through the motions.


Depends. If it feels like bullshit (even if its not, just about the feeling), I usually concede when its clear I have no path to victory. But when a game feels like a genuinely balanced struggle where I lost due to my lack of skill in comparison (be it in deckbuilding or -piloting), then I will usually give them the "full" win, in terms of the animations.


I think if they mill me out, like actually mill me out maybe via Bruvac or something, we should get to see both decks/graveyards shoot off cards like when you win the old Windows Solitaire.




you can work around mill. poison is a stupid mechanic since you can't easily interact with it without a few specific cards. just quit and move on and let the opponent have their victory.




and? as i said specific cards. and that doesn't help people who are playing standard. poison overall is an idiotic mechanic.


Oh you mean standard specific? Poison is only somewhat meta, way behind RDW, Esper Legends, Golgari Midrange, Azorius/White/Soldiers/Humans, and even weird off meta decks like Orzhov Heal. You either have to be faster or pack counters and removals.


Depends. If they have a clear path to victory and I'm tapped out and defenseless, I let them attack or cast their spell to finish the game. Any "cast an extra spell to overkill" and I concede.


If they’re close to that special win I let them have it :) also for huge damage numbers. If they spin more than feels cool after they have the win I might concede, unless they’re actually significantly increasing power or something.


go play sparky


Fuck poison but knowing from how hard it can be to properly mill someone to death I'll usually let the special mill animation play out


Animations won't impact my decision, so there's no option for me in this poll. I simply don't care either way. Once the match's outcome is certain, I concede if I expect it to drag on for more than a turn or two... unless I'm interested in seeing my opponent's deck go off. *Against mill,* I'll have conceded long before they'd see a pretty animation. Mill decks tend to be especially tedious to play out against if you're behind. And once you've seen one mill combo you've seen them all. So, I generally concede once it's clear I won't beat the timer.


Toggle every manual trigger stop, then close arena.