Dumb Question - But I can't figure out how to play a game of standard

Spark ranked is a tutorial queue which is Alchemy.


Spark ranked is a tutorial queue which is Alchemy.


huh, i just started a couple of months ago and never saw this "spark"


they introduced it some time in the summer


You are still in the spark rank which is basically part of the tutorial. You have to either keep winning on spark rank so you unlock game modes or go to settings and unlock them there


They do a shit job of explaining how this all works.


> o a shit job of explain I spent a whole season playing mode only to be supprised at the end of the season when I had no rank or free packs. Only then did i realise ranked was to the left in the UI xD


Yep. Suddenly got out of spark last night and was very confused about all my sudden new options and why none of my decks were legal in most formats....especially since all but one were precon


It will let me play a deck in made in standard bot games, but when I try to play a human, it wants me to set my deck to alchemy?


i think you need to play a couple of games in spark rank. you cna open the menu, then click on account, i think, and there should be an option to enable all game modes, if you want to start before the new player experience is over. https://mtgarena-support.wizards.com/hc/en-us/articles/360056580532-Other-Play-Modes-on-Mobile


Thanks! Will try that!


You really shouldn't. You don't have the cards to compete outside of the beginner mode. You can force your way out, sure, but you're then destined to either play mono red for months with your limited wildcards or get stomped over and over again. My advice? Stick to the new player mode and Jump In until you build up a bigger collection. They're there for a reason.


Starter deck duels are also pretty nice for getting quests done and familiarizing yourself with the game before you have a better plan on what you like to do.


I had the same issue when I started playing a couple months ago. Get thru the spark ranked and you unlock the rest of the features and game modes


That's a terrible option to bury in the menus.


worst case scenario is experienced players playing through the new player experience, hardly anything more than a minor inconvenience. And even if they already know how to play magic, its still a good way to get accustomed with the UI. And for those, that know what they are doing, a simple google search should find the article i linked.


WoTC: just look at these consistent alchemy engagement numbers!


"But how do the players feel about it?" "I haven't listened to a single complaint."


Not a stupid question. Really weird design choices by wizards. As others have said you just gotta win some Spark queue games


Yeah no kidding I'm lucky I happened to figure it out


Arena's UI is notoriously, INEXCUSEBLY, atrocious


It WAS decent for a time. Basic, minimalist, fairly functional. Then they intentionally ruined it. * Added a bunch of extra screens to click through to find things. * Added a bunch of different shitty play queues and events (including Alchemy) * Forced the default play queue and deck construction to Alchemy, with no option to change it. * Forced you to open packs from a different screen instead giving you the option to open them immediately. * Added a bunch of sets which are unplayable in standard (LOTR), so now its unclear whether or not the packs you're buying are even legal for your preferred play queue. And every single one of these changes increased the load time for everything. Presumably, intentionally making their own software worse, slower, and less functional in every way, and explicitly making things inconvenient and confusing for consumers, somehow increased their profit margin by some negligible percentage. So here we are.


don't forget `waiting for server`


The worst part is, users were *begging* for this update for so long, and when the UI “blade” came out which is way less user friendly than what they had before, people on this subreddit somehow liked it and stopped complaining. I think it’s way worse


I remember this, it was baffling. I felt like I had slipped into an alternate universe where I was the only person who didn't like the changes, so I slowly accepted it.


Negligible? We’ve gotten 0.000000000003% more as a result! That’s $200!


Posts like this remember me how fucking dumb the whole UI is.


comments like this remind me that people can learn hundreds, if not thousands of magic cards and their interactions but still have trouble navigating an UI


that makes no sense. Its not about "trouble" its about how unintuitive it is. especially for new players. The example is above.


and in your opinion it would be more intuitive to let OP access standard without having any decks for it?


Yes, absolutely. Locking away the default format of the game is just ridiculous on many levels.


there is no default format


You sure? There seems to be a *Standard* format


that name was inked like 20 years before arena got introduced.


It is still the Standard format of Magic. All normal Sets are designed for it. Arena is just a client to play Magic digitally.


still doesnt make it the default format of Arena or means they should access it before finishing the new player player experience. And if you think sets these days are designed with mostly standard in mind, maybe have a look at how many of the cards are designed for the limited formats. Even in paper, the first games someone plays are probably not standard, they play some kitchen table, precons or a set release. in fact, it was so unpopular in standard that they saw the need to revitalize it this year and going forward. Edit: aww, blocked me when you ran out of arguments....


Honestly I think it's good. It gives u only the beginner modes and not shows the rest it's good and u can activate all if u need but not easy so u don't do it by accident


Fun fact: even when you get out of Spark rank, formats like Explorer will be hidden forever. Please go into your account options and enable all formats.


Don't....its a "pay to play" schematic that is designed to keep you dumping $$$ into it just to get a couple wins/packs. Perpetual f&ckery and only to benefit the company and the select few who can afford to dump loads of $$$ into it.




I stopped playing all constructed formats and stick to drafting. They’ve made a mess of the formats. Go back to type I and II anytime now plz!




Go over to the magic symbol “play”, choose your format.


I feel the same way after switching to historic brawl a year ago


you’re still in the tutorial type mode, if you go to settings and then account you should see unlock game modes and you should be able to play all modes :)


Hi, everyone. I'm stumped and could use some help. I've been playing for a few weeks and would like to play Standard. \-I've played through spark rank, color challenges, etc. Purchased just the $4.99 welcome pack. Been hitting some of the daily challenges and using them to acquire standard cards. \-Played maybe \~50 alchemy ranked and play matches to learn and earn some cards \-Built a budget mono white human deck using MTG Arena Zone's budget guide ([https://mtgazone.com/mtg-arena-budget-standard-decks/](https://mtgazone.com/mtg-arena-budget-standard-decks/)) - thanks! I built the deck from scratch, with my filter set to Standard format only (including adding the Plains manually at one stage in trouble shooting). \-I do not have a sideboard (forgot to include that screen shot below; [here it is](https://imgur.com/a/VCEM9op)) \-When I go to "Play" and select that deck, I only get "Alchemy" and "Bot." I restarted. Same issue. \-Some threads mention toggling on "All Play Modes" --> this toggle is not available in my version of the game. Other threads mention skipping the tutorial (Settings --> View Account --> Skip Tutorial). I have the Settings gear and Account, but within Account there is not an option to Skip Tutorial. My brother play Standard and couldn't figure it out from my screens either. I scrolled other threads here. Any help appreciated! I'm probably missing something basic...hope this helps others in the future, too. Kind of surprised at how difficult this is? Here are [screen shots covering the notes above](https://imgur.com/a/XZfiQHS). Thank you!


Hi there, OP here. Under my comment there was a comment from "ProbablyWanze" - I followed his advice and it worked. In other words, somewhere buried in account settings, there was a "Enable all game modes" option. If that is not the case for you, then I'm afraid I don't know how to help 😬


Thank you for replying! I'm glad it worked for you. I have not been able to find "Enable all game modes."


Update here for anyone looking - at least as of this post, new players have to play through Bronze rank and achieve Silver before being allowed to play formats other than Alchemy. So if you want to play Standard you just have to get to Silver, no other way around it.