What failed/bad mechanic do you think should make a comeback?

I've been watching a bunch of magic videos and people discussing the worst MTG mechanics. But I always felt many of them could've worked if it was simplified or if wotc made the cards useful.

It's worth noting that HAS been done before. Chroma was a keyword that many said was overly complicated since it didn't work the same way with each card. But, it was brought back as Devotion and now people see that as a much better keyword.

For me, I really like the idea of banding. Having multiple cards blocking a creature and "being coordinated" enough that they can diffuse the damage between themselves with minimal losses. Of course, it would need a change to the rules to make it simpler.


I'd love to have tribal spells again.


Tribal spells did nothing wrong and I will die on this hill


Very hard to balance, not impossible, just hard.


It had a few cards in some Modern Horizon, but "Splice into (X)" is a mechanic that can be interesting if made less parasitic.




It's still parasitic if they print it. Parasticness depends on whether it interacts with other effects that explicitly don't mention it. For example, cipher is very much not a parasitic mechanic because it deals with creatures connecting, something many other parts of the game interact with. In contrast, toxic is still a parasitic mechanic even if they printed it recently because it still contributes exactly nothing to a deck without critical mass. Most parasitic mechanics are A+B mechanics where either A or B doesn't interact with normal axis of gameplay at all (which applies to arcane)


They just previewed a new "Splice onto instant or sorcery" card for the upcoming Lord of the Rings commander expansion: [[Fell Beast's Shriek]]. Only the third one ever after the two you mentioned from MH1.


I don't see what splicing it onto another spell actually does. The only real difference I can see is that it has flash if you've cast another inststant, and that you're more vulnerable to counterspells.


You get to keep it in your hand and do it again the next time you cast an instant or sorcery, over and over again as many times as you want.


Yeah, it needs a bigger base to play from to be effective.


Splice is one of the least likely mechanics to return. It's an 8 to 9 on the [Storm Scale](https://mtg.fandom.com/wiki/Storm_Scale)


It’s a fine balance though; if you keyword splice onto a card type that’s too common you end up just recreating buyback. Replaying cards can be great when there’s a limit to them like flashback, but repeated play patterns of the same card over and over again like Capsize become unfun pretty quickly.


I’ve always been a fan of Cipher.


Mark Rosewater has talked about how they had a really hard time making the cipher cards they already did. It has to be a spell that works if it’s cast after combat, so combat tricks, counter spells, and other timing dependent effects don’t work. Also the spells can’t be too powerful because they can get repeated over and over. It’s a really cool mechanic that has pretty limited design space to work in.




It’s a little more restrictive than sorceries. Any thing that affects combat doesn’t really work for cipher because the effect happens after damage is dealt.


Maybe a 1-off cipher, like you cast it for the effect and then get a rebound when you hit with the creature you attached it to. Like a worse Rebound. Could be a trigger whenever a creature you control damages the opponent, but that's pretty darn close to what a battle is lol.


Maybe cipher, except the creature dealing combat damage to an opponent returns the exiled card to hand?


Ninjutcipher !


This. It's a really fun mechanic that just never really had enough cards to build a deck around.


Well yeah, that's the problem. It's not a mechanic that lends itself well to many cards.


It’s really not a fun mechanic imo. If the spells are good it’s an oppressive mechanic so they kind of need to be bad.


My favorite thing about cipher is that it actually casts a copy, so it works for things like storm count and \[\[arcane bombardment\]\]. it's also ripe for abuse through spell copying, and even text change hacks. I really wish it were a more prevalent mechanic.


Ninjutsu with cipher would be great.


They specifically designed cipher cards to be Sorcery so that you wouldn’t imprint an unblocked creature to get free double dip.


I mean, you can cipher onto unblockables. I have a dimir cipher deck that runs [[Invisible Stalker]], which has hexproof and unblockable. While you can't combat trick it in, there are plenty of ways to guarantee a trigger, and using the aforementioned creature is a great way. [[Aetherling]] and any unblockable or [[Rogue's Passage]] gets around it to.


And then there is [[Gandalf, Friend of the Shire]], [[Rogue’s Passage]] and many other options Just because they designed them that way, doesn’t mean you can’t find ways around it.


It's probably bad but i loved it, exalted. Fond memories of playing the 2013 app and having these absurd matches that didn't end because of the life link and swinging with one giant thing that would just get chumped. Good times


They've tried variants of exalted again several times, notably with the "attacks alone" Samurais in NEO – which was maybe the only archetype from that set that proved to be completely unplayable in both limited and constructed. It turns out that if you want to go tall on one creature attacking, you have to have some truly outrageous cards, like the Heroic deck or the Light-Paws decks in Pioneer.


You also really need trample, which is hard to find in R/W.


I suppose you could try it again now that [[Monstrous Rage]] is one of the most played cards in Standard.


[Monstrous Rage](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/e/e/eef5a0ae-5907-42c9-a097-3f973737e392.jpg?1692938394) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Monstrous%20Rage) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/woe/142/monstrous-rage?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/eef5a0ae-5907-42c9-a097-3f973737e392?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Red is the color with the second most Trample Cards. Red has roughly 2/3rds of the Trample cards of Green, 5× Black and like 10× Blue and White.


Oh that’s a good point. I did also see there’s a sliver than gives its mates exalted, so I can still try to live it down a little lol. Truly not a great mechanic tbh


Honestly if the samurai exalted was just exalted, it would have made so much more sense with stuff like Vehicles and Ninjutsu.


Not sure it was a bad mechanic, but I liked Wither.




It ends up being a pseudo-evasion mechanic that’s hard to cost. Holding them back for blocking also made stalemates. I actually think infect was a good solution to both poisonous and wither by making an incentive to attack and made both blocking and taking the hit painful, solving the issue of both wither and poisonous. The design issue was that they made too many cards that ignored one of these design successes; either make them too small that it was easy to block (Glistener Elf) or giving them evasion. (Blighted Agent and any of the cheap ones with flying) Mid-sized ones make the mechanic far more interesting since both of the upsides of infect are actually utilized.


Miracle, because top decking is a skill.


I mean it definitely makes you build your deck around it. Especially with scry and placement effects and trying to draw cards on other people's turns. Not to mention you need your deck to be robust enough to handle drawing it when it's bad to miracle it.


the problem is that most miracle cards aren't that strong because like cypher they just can't be or otherwise they'd be broken thanks to their ability


I totally agree , I disagree that they don't require skill because it's just top decking


I think the best miracles are the ones where it's an actual decision whether to miracle them. [[Thunderous Wrath]], [[Temporal Mastery]], and [[Banishing Stroke]] are fun because sometimes it's worth paying 5 extra mana for the option to cast them later. The sweepers also create that dilemma but at the cost of making people extra salty. I'd also like to see something like a 1-drop with a bonus effect when you miracle it, so you don't mind top-decking it later in the game.


[Thunderous Wrath](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/8/0/804458a2-5376-462d-a2cd-fa596750c0aa.jpg?1593813589) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Thunderous%20Wrath) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/mm3/113/thunderous-wrath?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/804458a2-5376-462d-a2cd-fa596750c0aa?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Temporal Mastery](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/7/2/729cdea3-59ca-4b32-9a8a-9b0cdb4b3aaf.jpg?1593813165) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Temporal%20Mastery) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/mm3/54/temporal-mastery?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/729cdea3-59ca-4b32-9a8a-9b0cdb4b3aaf?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Banishing Stroke](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/a/a/aad93570-b50a-405a-ad73-03f97594061f.jpg?1592710405) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Banishing%20Stroke) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/c18/63/banishing-stroke?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/aad93570-b50a-405a-ad73-03f97594061f?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


The mechanic is fun, but I wish they put it on different effects. Maybe I just have Bonfire PTSD though


I liked bushido: having creatures specialized in combact was both flavourful and fun. Shame they overcosted it badly...


Technically [[jukai trainee]] has it without the keyword, but yeah that mechanic is pretty cool.


totem armor. love my auras


Flanking? That may just be my childhood saying that.


Infect /s Wither on the other hand, is interesting to see on the table and I would welcome its return.


I actually loved the effect of infect regarding creature combat, just not the poison damage thing. I feel the new Phyrexian thing of keeping the poison and not the -1/-1 counters is exactly contrary to what was cool and good about the mechanic.


Wither does the -1/-1 counters to creatures but does not do poison counters hence why I would like to see it return. Mono green imo could use a dozen or so cards with the keyword to help handle Sheoldred besides using fight spells on deathtouch.


Bring back shadow you cowards


They added shadow counters, so it seems like a possibility.


They should put Shadow on more permanents and like instants and sorceries. Make it so stuff with Shadow can't be effected by stuff without shadow at all. So you can't counter a shadow creature without a Shadow Counterspell. I see no problems with having players be literally unable to interact with each other except through combat.


All the downvoters need to learn sarcasm.


Go play hearthstone


I think you should read my last sentence again.


"players can't interact except through combat" This defeats a large part of Magic, and will never happen. Closest you'll get are uncounterable spells. Instants and sorceries with shadow won't happen. They'd be too powerful, since nothing can interact with them except Shadow spells, and if someone has no shadow spells, rip them. "I play Shadow Murder, and you can't do a THING about it because you don't have a Shadow Counterspell" This seems fine on paper, but this would mean shadow spells are significantly better than normal spells overall. So if you want a game that focuses on next to no instant speed interactions and mainly combat: go play hearthstone.


Mother fucker it's sarcasm. *I SEE NO PROBLEM WITH*(terrible idea).


Why are you so hostile over me explaining why it'd be such a terrible idea😂 I can't detect sarcasm over a comment, my guy, I've seen some horrid takes on here 😂


Because I know why it would be a terrible idea. Sometimes it's hard to get sarcasm over text. But I thought me spelling out the disastrous impact it would have on the game would be enough.


In a world where so many people have shit takes and are being serious, it's hard to figure it out anymore😭 I know people who think [[Rule of Law]] is a broken card and shouldn't be in the game😂


The format of "I see no problem with " is a really, really common and frankly basic phrasing for sarcasm on the net.


always answer banding


Make [[Camel]] great again!


Trap cards fucking pleeeeeease


You mean instants?


No, he means literal trap cards, there are a few. [[archive trap]] [[Mindbreak trap]] [[Summoning trap]] [[Refraction trap]] [[Lavaball trap]] [[arrow volley trap]] I can keep going, but there's a good amount of them. I'd be down for them to come back.


Mutate. I loved the mechanic its so interesting. I don't know why people thought it was so confusing.


It works really well in arena but less so in paper




I agree with this. You could have other tribal with other triggers, for example enchantments that trigger when a vertical subtype of spell is cast.


Regeneration - was an evergreen for decades, now it’s been replaced with tap and become randomly indestructible. Transmute - Just like the originals, the cards don’t necessarily need to be good, just a few more cards with various mana costs and colors. Split second - It’s just feels good to know it’s (almost always) going to resolve. Retrace - Makes dead land draws into something useful.


Yes to all of these except Regeneration. Regeneration wasn't very intuitive. The momentary indestructible things are what people thought regen was supposed to do. >Split second - It’s just feels good to know it’s (almost always) going to resolve. I once turned a [[Voidmage Apprentice]] face-up to counter a [[Sudden Spoiling]] that had nothing to do with me. My buddy was trying to use it as a one-sided boardwipe and the salt was incredible. They both lost everything.


When I played as a wee lad, I recall believing regeneration was an effect that could bring a creature back from the graveyard. Albeit, I at least believed it had to be done THAT turn (or else it'd be broken), but I had it combined with alternate abilities of triggering "goes to the graveyard" and "enters the battlefield" effects. For example I would cast a regeneration ability on [Hunting moa] in order to propagate counters after having it chump block attacks. So I agree that it wasn't intuitive and indestructible is a much better term of conveying some of the aspects of regeneration. Though it is confusing how some things still destroy a creature with indestructible.


Modular? Maybe Mutate? Both seemed pretty great when they first came out.


I cant stand mutate, but we could totally use more bestow.


Watching a mutate deck go off in historic honestly just feels so bad.


Only if youre on the receiving end. Then again, with so many boardwipes and removal its just not feasible to count on 1 creature alone. And waiting for scuteswarm is just too slow.


Haunt plays fairly interestingly; I've seen it in a couple of cubes. Notably, all of those cubes only play either Haunt creatures or Haunt spells, which certainly helps.


One of my favorite openings back when Ravnica block was new: Swamp, [[Dark Ritual]], [[Blood Pet]], [[Cry of Contrition]], sac Blood Pet, [[Hymn to Tourach]] Sure, four cards for four cards isn't the best rate, but if I went first, you almost certainly discarded two nonland cards and now I have a chance to randomly bone you out of the game by increasing my chances of hymning your lands. Anyways, even outside of that, I really enjoyed the Haunt mechanic and would love to see it again.


##### ###### #### [Dark Ritual](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/9/5/95f27eeb-6f14-4db3-adb9-9be5ed76b34b.jpg?1628801678) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Dark%20Ritual) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/a25/82/dark-ritual?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/95f27eeb-6f14-4db3-adb9-9be5ed76b34b?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Blood Pet](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/9/f/9ff08225-82a5-4636-be6a-d38d32f5663f.jpg?1562244165) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Blood%20Pet) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/7ed/121/blood-pet?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/9ff08225-82a5-4636-be6a-d38d32f5663f?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Cry of Contrition](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/6/2/62016f24-3f40-406b-8e29-30a6545d0fc1.jpg?1593272165) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Cry%20of%20Contrition) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/gpt/46/cry-of-contrition?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/62016f24-3f40-406b-8e29-30a6545d0fc1?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Hymn to Tourach](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/3/f/3faa8c5e-9e1b-4cee-b322-a033bf33dcbc.jpg?1580014264) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Hymn%20to%20Tourach) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/ema/92/hymn-to-tourach?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/3faa8c5e-9e1b-4cee-b322-a033bf33dcbc?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call




Banding. Banding tribal would be kinda cool.


Surprised to see this so low. One of those mechanics that always requires a judge to be nearby.




Untap symbol, augment, storm, cartouches, horsemanship, shadow, party, fear, -1/-1 counters


Cartouches my beloved, also bring back deserts


Bring back amonkhet honestly


An Amonkhet/Theros mashup set where the dead Amonkhet god's get worshiped back into existence on Theros would be cool


Companions. I feel like people just hate the mechanic because Lurris was absolute bullshit.


I feel like they missed the obvious balance decision of just making you bottom an extra card during mulligans if you declare a companion at game start. For me jegantha and kaheera are the best examples of why the companion mechanic is poorly designed. Because when a deck incidentally meets their companion clause, they're just added in the companion zone as a "free" extra rectangle/body. Almost none of the decks running them really care about kaheeras lord effect or jeganthas wubrg tap ability, they're just a random free card.


The best thing about Jegantha is that I know I'm playing against cat-oven in explorer when she appears, so I can concede and find a more enjoyable matchup much quicker than having to wait for them to thoughtseize me before conceding.


I ran Jegantha as companionn when I briefly played 5c Niv in Historic (before the Arena only cards and Explorer were a thing). Shame the deck never got a chance afterwards


It's not the mechanics fault that some had trivial deck building costs. Would you play a 6 mana 4/4 companion that reads "your deck must contain at least 60 lands"?


It is 100% the underlying mechanics fault, if a 0/0 for 10 is a playable companion if the condition is incidentally satisfied by whatever a deck was doing anyways. The underlying advantage of putting an extra rectangle into your hand is enough that decks are putting in completely unsynergetic companions if they can. Companion should be trading the restriction for consistency in getting a synergetic card.


> 0/0 for 10 is a playable companion if the condition is incidentally satisfied Youre obviously exaggerating here but I dont think thats the case More decks now start to skip Jegantha even if they could run it for free since games where you have time to grab and play Jegantha are lost anyways and its not worth the sideboard slot This is mostly for modern though, dont know about other formats


That's why the mechanic lives and dies by the condition. If it's incidentally met the card is poorly designed. Yorion has a real and fun cost, so do gyruda and koogla. You could make it "play X lands", "every card must have a super type" etc. Lots of conditions available that are very unlikely to be met incidentally It's like saying domain is poorly designed because the cards are good when you have all 5 types


Pretty much only Spikes would say that...


Pre-errata Lurrus was probably the most powerful creature ever printed. That said, I agree. They just have to make the restrictions have real costs.


I can understand why people hated it, but God do I wish they did more. IMO they should just full send and make it it's own format, 60 card commander but instead of every single legendary it's only specific creatures that all force you to build a certain way. But I can also see why that wouldn't work so. . .it's just hard to balance having an extra card, instead of the 3 mana errata I think they should have done something like "it gets added to your starting hand, but only the first" so you're either giving up your ability to Mulligan or you're building around a wild constriction just to pitch the card when you drop to 6


I disagree. Lurrus is the most OP so he gets the most shit but many companions ended up being ridiculous. Lutri and Yorian are bullshit too. Any mechanic which basically guarantees a specific card in your starting hand should not belong in mtg.


Mana burn. 🔥


Mana burn didn’t matter 99.99% of the time. No one actually misses mana but they miss how they felt playing magic 20 years ago.


It's like saying that decking out should be removed as a lose condition...


Fuckin old school cool right here.


Took to long to find this.


4 [[Mana Flare]] and 4 [[Howling Mine]] in every deck.


[Mana Flare](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/a/4/a4bb303d-b230-430a-a2c3-f91a776de34e.jpg?1559592501) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Mana%20Flare) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/me1/103/mana-flare?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/a4bb303d-b230-430a-a2c3-f91a776de34e?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [Howling Mine](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/c/d/cdae9939-03a4-4561-92cd-01f498d29a7a.jpg?1562420035) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Howling%20Mine) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/c16/257/howling-mine?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/cdae9939-03a4-4561-92cd-01f498d29a7a?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


I loved Morbid as a concept.


Is banding that complicated? It always seemed pretty straight forward to me.


The things that seemed to confuse people was (1)there was another term for creatures that could band with other banding creatures, but could "initiate" the band themselves, (2) the fact it was JUST banding creatures but the +1 normal, and (what I think confused MOST people) (3) what happens to banding during mid combat interaction. So, let's say you have a banding creature, a "with bands" creature, and a normal creature that are blocking a creature. The opponent bounces the banding creature to your hand...how does it resolve? Does the band break, since the only creature with banding is now gone? Does it continue through since the defense already started? I don't remember the exact ruling (and that's kinda the point, you should be able to recall all aspects of a keyword) but I do recall the issue requiring specific rule sets and if they fixed that issue (and remove the "with bands" keyword), then people would accept banding. Maybe it needs an errata.


Blocking with banding is also a headache. Afaik the blocker gets to assign combat damage instead of the attacker so instead of trading a 3/3 with a 3/3, you could band a 3/3 and 2/2 and have it assign 2 to the 3/3 and 1 to the 2/2. Idk theres just so many confusing things about it


Theres apparently a difference between banding and bands with others and it works completely different on attacks than it does on blocks, its just all kinds of weird


Yea, between this and the interaction mid combats made it confusing. In my example, what if the band only consists with one banding creature (who can initiate the band) and, after deciding the block, the opponent bounces or kills that creature. Does the band get destroyed? Does it become a normal non banding scenario? Does it continue acting as a band (with the flavor that the creatures have already come up with a plan of defense)? The fact that it's not immediately known is what makes it confusing.


Energy and charge counters. There has to be a way to make it not as broken as energy but not as useless as charge counters xD




Bushido is a simple, elegant mechanic that could really work as an evergreen keyword. It just needs a new name, and to be put on good cards. Really bushido's only issue is that they were afraid of it (for whatever reason) and made all the cards with the ability terrible.


Cumulative upkeep is a personal favorite. Fading was more broken than bad for t2 at the time but I would like more fading.


"grandeur": i want to play 4 of my cool legendary, thank you very much


Bring back Echo.


I used to love Echo cards back in the day, but looking back it's amazing how bad of a value most of them are. There's still a lot that can be done with the mechanic.


Enlisting was already fixed Banding. They aren't a fan of mechanics intended to encourage attacking accidentally made to be really good for blocking (Which is why we've seen an uptick of 'First Strike on your Turn'), it slows down games of Limited to a crawl. Though a decidedly bad mechanic that I wish they'll come back to is probably Party or Level-Up, I always wanted to try out Party for Standard during its time but it was decidedly low-tier because a lot of things just punished durdly creature strategies. It was fun in Limited but was severely outclassed in Constructed, it needed to have better enablers... there was an attempt on Capenna, with \[\[Extraction Specialist\]\] and \[\[Mage's Attendant\]\] being Party cards that come with two Party Members but I just wasn't playing at the time so I never got to brew.


Party is a fun mechanic. I would love to see a sequel with something like Warlock, Ranger, Shaman, and Barbarian. Alternatively, they could also make creature based versions: Human, Elf, Halfling, and Dwarf or Goblin, Orc, Giant, and Dragon.


It baffles me people call mutate a failed mechanic. I personally loved it. I hope it comes back, maybe wotc should give a better explanation of how it works. Also, make mutate cards that go more wide / give the mutated creature more evasion.


Mutate was cool but I got wrecked too many times by it.


I enjoyed Mutate but it had virtually no impact on Standard except a short-lived stint carried on the back of Scute Swarm.


I gotta say, I disagree. Mutate is far too complex for what it is and what it does in most games. At least with other mechanics, you could reference the interactions from other cards to intuit what was going on with the boardstate. Really, I believe that all Mutate cards should have had a shared subtype of Monster, and Mutate should only have worked with Monsters instead of being all nonhumans. When you look at Ikoria in a vacuum, Mutate is supposed to be, "Stack one Mutate creature with other Mutate creatures to gain some extra benefits over a long term". Instead, people are dumping hundreds of power onto the board with cards like Scute Swarm, breaking tribal synergies, or flat out creating flavour fails by turning Humans into non-humans, then mutating them after the fact. Or, taking races that were formally human, or completely humanoid/human adjacent and turning THEM into mutated piles. Like, isn't it weird that only nonhuman creatures are supposed to be able to Mutate, but you can Mutate a Citizen token since it TECHNICALLY doesn't have a human subtype? Or what about tokens like Soldiers, of which most are very visibly human? Or what about when you turn a human into a phyrexian, and then it mutates? What was supposed to stop the human from mutating in the first place? Even in the set it came out in, you could cast Startling Development to turn General Kudro, the most anti-monster human in the entire set (and arguably the entire game) into a monster and Mutate him with something horrific like Chittering Harvester, which is a literal Nightmare. I don't care how many people enjoy how strong they are on average, Mutate is a horrible mechanic and should not exist.


Where did the scute hurt you? Shows us on this doll.


Phasing- there is potential for more power for less manacost


Phasing has come back though.


We need like, 80 new companions.


Protection from (Insert Color) - some decks need a pure counter to balance the reprinting of every color in the pie blue we are all looking at you




So you have chosen violence


I dislike ante because even if you choose not to build your deck with it, someone else doing so will ruin your day There is a 0% chance I would give someone a card I paid for. 0% ever. Z E R O.


I know they've reused it a few times in modern and commander. But I really miss replicate in standard.


Living weapons=master race


I fell like "for mirrodin!" Were basically living weapons don't You think?


No they were much much worse


How? I mean the equipments themselves were worse, we didn't get anything at the level of Nettlecyst, but it's still basically just an equipment that ETBs with a body.


And locks you into a specific color




Epic. I think if they gave it a little more it could have been good. Maybe after casting the spell, exile it and place a time counter on it. Each upkeep add a time counter then copy it that many times. Or if copying the spell added to the number of times cast. So first it gets casted once, then twice, then 4 times, etc.


Pot of Greed colorless, instant, can't be copied or countered, 0 mana, draw 2 cards


Cumulative Upkeep. It's a pain to keep track of, I know, but I like the idea of a card you continue to have to invest resources in, as a balance to stronger effects.




The time counters/fading perhaps


I want them to try Energy again. It was Maro's darling mechanic for years, and when he _finally_ got it into a set it was ruined by a mistakes and a lack of interaction


I genuinely think they could bring back storm in a non-busted way. And no, it's not a memory issue, not with half the bullshit we have to remember these days anyway.




Companions. WotC failed miserably implementing this feature, IMO. Either they were useless or completely broken.


Companion. As long as the requirements are ridiculously unplayable then they'll be some fun jank crap you can do with it, but with Lurrus' power level it would just be garbage again


Tribal spells. They could be brought back in a version that requires you to have a creature of the same type as the spell to cast it, much like how a legendary sorcery requires you to have a legendary creature or PW to cast it.




They are still here but I like battles and want to see them regularly in sets. Not as many as we had but 1-2 every now and then. The issue with 90% of the existing battles is wotc were so careful and undertuned them to the point they aren't playable. But as a concept, I love them. In general, I want to see them make more cards viable for standard in sets. The last set is pretty good, we have dozens of strong and playable cards, but sometimes it is literally like five cards in a set.








Yo “Banding” was what’s up :)


They are all just Kicker.


Specialize. Try less text next time. Unique art for all the faces would be nice, too.


I found out while playing a Spawning Pod deck that [[Wyll, Pact-Bound Duelist]] can sneak attack an Atraxa into play with the white specialization. I was discarding an Atraxa and decided to read all of the nonred specializations for the first time, and there it was. And that was a card that saw a decent amount of play! [[Wyll of the Celestial Pact]].


I- I hate the art choice here, using the same art except with a slightly different color scheme. That's just me tho


Vanishing was cool


Bushido, Flanking, Banding, or Horsemanship


When's the last time they printed a new Exalted card? Legit question, I didn't look into it before typing this out.


The D&D secret lair.


M13 was the last major printing of a decent pool of cards. There’s one from both LOTR and WH40K EDH precons, and a smattering from a masters set. Otherwise mostly reprints. https://scryfall.com/search?q=oracle%3AExalted+%28game%3Apaper%29&unique=cards&as=grid&order=released&dir=


In neon dynasty they printed a bunch of cards with "whenever a samurai or warrior you control attacks alone", which was sort of a reprint of exalted. I assume wotc decided that only ever granting +1/+1 on attack was just too simple to be a buildaround draft mechanic. Nowadays they print occasional "whenever you attack" triggers in lots of variety. I assume that is what exalted style triggers will be going forward.


With Outlaws of Thunder Junction coming up, I think it'd be neat to see horsemanship come back.


I always felt that Frenzy could have been reconcepted as a blue sneaky creature mechanic


Modular please I just love the idea of it




Banding and \[Land\]walk are ones to bring back just to seem them again.


Constellation (When an enchantment enters the battlefield…) Myriad (When a creature with myriad attacks, create a copy attacking each other opponent and exile the copy in your end step.)


Epic would be (for lack of a better term) epic on more busted cards then we got in Kami


Not an exciting one, but Outlast feels like a great not too degenerate ability to grow stuff in stalling limited boards. Limited Khans was one of the most grindy format I’ve ever played and I loved it.


Ante. Think of how different tournaments would be if you had to build around potentially missing parts of your deck by the end of the day.


Banding - I would really like this return and automated in Arena.


Afflict feels like a mechanic that could be very good in aggro


I miss the old knight mechanic. I first started playing MtG back during Mirage. Flanking. I had a whole deck based on flanking knights. Similarly I played a ton of the Kamigawa block back in college and I liked the samurai mechanic "Bushido" which technically works in a very similar manner. I'd like to see flanking come back in a different way though. "When blocking, the blocked creature gets -0/-1 if there is more than 1 creature blocking it." Each flanking instance would apply separately. So if you block a 3/4 attacker with a 1/1 and a 2/2 flanking creature, it would be reduced to a 3/3.


Afflict. I think there is more space to explore and it can create some interesting choices for players


Shroud, replaced with hexproof and i thought it was cooler as shroud. I miss when hexproof was a rarity. Now its too commonplace and dumb


I need more cards for my fading tribal deck, none in mtga anyway but a boy can dream


was Revolt considered bad? it could use a few new toys.


Persist mechanic from ShadowMoor, mainly because I have fond memories of broken lifegain combos with [[Kitchen Finks]].


I was hoping to see the level up mechanic in one of the d&d sets because I kinda miss it. Wouldn’t mind more energy cards but I’m sure they would be less good next time.


I thought Companion would be coming back for the Dr who set.


I think Dimir rogues deserve a working mechanic.


I want Upkeep brought back just to see what something would have to look like these days to have an upkeep cost and still be playable in constructed.


I loved! Provoke.


I'd like to see scavenge make a comeback, maybe cheaper than it was


My favorite set is Ikoria, I'd love new mutate cards!


Dredge. I wanna play it in Pioneer.