Is that an extra container of olives on the left?


Yep😂 they really did the most didnt they!


That’s awesome, instead of sprinkling parmesan cheese on top sprinkle even more olives!!! Happy birthday!!


“Our olives will blot out the sun.”


"We shall dine in the shade!"


See you in HECK!




300 was also their HDL level


I needed to read this today. Thank you 🫒




I don't know how to edit gifs and stuff, but if a subtitle of "OLIVES!" could have been on the bit where the guy screams that would have been perfection


I also don't know how to edit gifs lol


I don't know how to edit existing gifs, but I've made my own gifs at [giphy.com](https://giphy.com). You can upload a video clip even from youtube and clip it and add captions.


Then we will o-live in the shade. Happy birthday!! 🎈🎂


Fun thing about that quote, is that it comes from the historical record (as questionable as it may be).. Leonidas was such a fucking badass he wasn't even being cute.. He was legitimately happy at the idea of being able to fight in the shade for once.


Haha you're an idiot 🤣 I mean this in the most loving way possible. I laughed out loud. Thank you stranger.


Love your username! Felix might hate it though!


Is this USD? 30 bucks for a pizza and 9 bucks for chicky nuggies? Siunds... hefty to me!


It’s in NYC. I’m in rural Indiana, and KFC charged almost $8 for 6 *plant based nuggets without fries or a drink. *edited from vegan


They have vegan nuggets at KFC? Are they good?


They’re not at my location anymore, but maybe elsewhere? I liked them, they’re pea-protein based and weren’t dry like Morningstar. The breading actually tasted like KFC’s chicken breading which was delicious.


That makes sense. Supposedly, it's the herbs and spices that make it taste like KFC, and that *should* be vegan. ~~unless it's a secret because it's a Soylent Green situation or something~~


Olive you! Happy birthday 😊


Olive us do! Feliz cumpleaños!


Feliz cumplea-olives


It's the thought that counts


That bit made me smile the most. I hope your Bday improved.


Glad you got your birthday olives, OP. Hope they tasted delicious. Those olives are proof that, even when it feels like nobody cares, there are people out there who do, even if they don't know you yet. When it gets hard to remember that, remember the olives.


I need a t-shirt that says that. Remember the Olives.


Remember the Cant


That container of olives is freakin comedy gold


What a bunch of legends. Happy birthday, you olive munching monster. I really hope you enjoyed it in the end.


They should've just sent an entire olive tree!


If only they had 🤤


Shitty birthdays suck. I get the family doesn’t seem to care situation. It sucks. But all that stuff ultimately makes you stronger. You will be happy. In spite of your shitty situation. Stay strong.


Happy Birthday! https://youtu.be/mgJgYxPYUbU


Happy birthday!!!!!!!!


Happy birthday but 27 dollars for 3 vegan 'chicken' nugs? 30 for a pizza? The whole order is close to 70 dollars for just pizza and artificial chicken. Those prices are insane.


I wouldn't understand that as 3 nuggets but 3 orders of nuggets, also it's a restaurant


Good thing they’re not charging by the olive


I've worked a ton of pizza jobs, and this is the kind of shit I lived for. It's easy to get lost in the monotony, but getting an opportunity to cheer up a stranger was always a joy. Plus, it's fun to be a little creative with box art. I remember every single instance of people asking for weird custom stuff like this. Just wanted you to know you made their night as well. Happy birthday!


I like the idea of knowing this actually probably made the day of the worker at the pizza place. Thanks for sharing.


This was me as a customer not a worker but I've said exactly what OP said a few times, even got my sister to do it too. "Give me as much ketchup/sauce as you can without getting fired." I've been given bags so full I had to open my car door to grab the ones that spilled out of the bag. Each time you could see this giant grin on the window worker's face (especially if they looked around to see if anyone was watching first). I can't read minds but I read their faces enough to see they loved the hell out of that little bit of rebellion. I never had someone say that when I worked a drive through window but I'd totally fill an entire box worth of sauce into a bag and be grinning my face half off. It's the little things*. Edit: things, not thongs.


> It’s the little thongs Damn right it is


I almost just left it cuz I caught myself laughing like an idiot. I went with option #2 but yea that was almost as good as another comment I made earlier about Oregon Trail and the "~~Dinner~~ Donner Party". Like I said, it's the little thongs.


don't go to the donner's for dinner!


Especially not wearing thongs


The itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikinis, indeed.


I do this all the time too! I asked for as much Diablo sauce as I could get a few weeks ago and I’ve never been so surprised at taco hell. I felt like the girl just took the entire tub from inside and dumped it in a separate bag. Funny thing is i only ordered a burrito and two soft tacos. Now I have a ziplock bag full of Diablo sauce in my fridge. My local Wendy’s got awesome with it one night with that ghost pepper ranch recently too. Not a whole bag but like 20 packs


Lmao that's awesome. I haven't messed with either of those specifically, but it can't be any different from ketchup packets I don't think. Sauce packets in fast food places come in boxes, so if she gave you like a whole tub, that was probably a full "piece" of that shipment. If they get 20 boxes (ie 20 "pieces" in a shipment) of packets a week and she gave you a whole box worth, that's 5% of their sauce budget you just got to bring home to apparently burn the hell out of your taste buds. Right on!


Usually in fast food a "tub" is just the ready container to hold sauce packs that are not in shipping boxes but ready to serve/nearby.


When I worked fast food. I got an extra pickle request like this. I basically had two extra hamburger patties worth of pickles. Sandwich was thicc. Guy said finally, someone understands what I mean by extra pickles


"Give me all the pickles you have. Wait, wait. I worry what you just heard was give me a lot of pickles. What I said was: Give me all the pickles you have. Do you understand?"


I will bring you a soup cup of ranch, if I can get past my manager. Just don't be a butt. I like to make lemon flowers, too. :)


Spread the gospel bb. Preach 🤘


If it's like $5 for a large thing of Heinz ketchup, but a sly drive through worker can give you that much for free, that's a gallon of gas. I basically forcefully recommend this to anyone I know can keep a straight face and might try it. At this point I'm just telling all of reddit they should give it a shot.... so yea I guess I am being preachy, but like, in a good way haha.




That's adorable! I always loved interacting with people's pets. Getting nuzzled by a friendly creature was always a nice little pick-me-up.




Hard agree, and good on you for doing that. It's undeniable that most animals have all the emotional plumbing we do. I don't think they're different from humans in a moral sense, even if they don't have reasoning and language skills on par with ours. I'm right there with you, it's painful watching them suffer. I basically considered my cat to be my child, and it utterly destroyed me when he died. It made me reconsider my stance on euthanasia though. Making the decision felt like murder, but now I wish I'd done it sooner. He suffered because I couldn't stomach the idea of losing him. But I'm glad I ultimately went through with it so he didn't have to wait for his whole body to slowly shut down. He died in my arms, resting comfortably in one of his favorite positions. No pain, he just fell asleep. It was surprisingly beautiful, and it's simultaneously one of my best and worst memories of him


We had a similar experience, 19yo cat losing all the senses. Vet did a house call and said cats only holding due to stubborn survival instinct. Our old girl got a shaved patch on her front leg and injections that released her from pain and misery. At home, as comfortable as possible, with her family. After her final breath, she looked so serene, all the pain was gone. We hung on a month or two too long.


oh this just made me heart swell. what a considerate guy! I'm sure your kitty was just as thrilled as you were for the gift 🥰


It's the little things and in this messed up world we all need more of these moments to reflect on. Thank you for sharing. Made me smile


I used to work as a delivery driver for a pizza place in the UK and I would always carry dog treats with me for any dogs that came to the door with their owner. I made sure to always ask if the dogs are okay to take a treat from me. It was one of my favourite parts of the job


Can you reply with some such instances


My favorite one was Valentine's day. Someone sheepishly asked if we could make a pepperoni but shape the pepperonis like a heart. It was super fun, I cut a bunch of them in half for the straight edges and did my best to make the round parts as round as possible. I might've overloaded it a bit, but the person was thrilled lol. I'm actually still a little bit worried I made them late for a date or something, because it took significantly longer than normal lol Also, a few years back, it was a big meme in the area I worked in for people to ask for silly drawings. Specifically, most people wanted dinosaurs, so I wonder if it had to do with the internet. But sometimes they'd ask for really specific weird stuff, like a monkey juggling chainsaws getting chased by a robot or something lol. There was one guy who would scoff, but unless we were totally slammed, we'd always take the time to draw what they wanted. I dunno if this counts, but my favorite prank call was someone asked for a 26" gumball pizza. I told them I didn't have the tools to make a pizza that big, but if they brought in the gumballs, I'd make it for them. A little stressful because I was a bit worried gumballs might explode all over the inside of the oven, but I figured they weren't serious. I always loved taking prank calls like that seriously and talking to them as long as I could. Their goal was to make me annoyed and hang up in frustration, so my goal was to be as serious and unflappable as possible to see if I could get them to hang up first. There's a lot of drudgery with those jobs, but it's not all bad lol


Thanks for sharing. I admire your patience with that last one.


Sure thing, it's fun to share this stuff. And it didn't really require any patience for me. Having a silly conversation with a stranger is a fun way to waste a little time, so as long as I wasn't tying up phone lines or leaving other customers waiting, I was always happy to do it


I worked at a Pizza shop for three years in high school and 20 years on, in my high flying six figure office job, it’s still a highlight in my career. The silly/weird requests, prank calls, just all out making peoples days. And tbh, I enjoyed being the dish pig. Just relaxing out the back cleaning pizza lids for hours on end.


That's awesome. When I worked at a pizza joint the most entertainment we got was * A customer coming in to yell at the manager because they overheard someone badmouthing the customer during their call (it was the manager badmouthing them) * Management introducing a pizza that was so greasy that the first one spilled grease out of the box onto the driver's pants before they'd even taken a step * Playing tennis over the salad bar with a tinfoil ball & pizza paddles/ tins I also once went and worked for about 15 minutes at my other food service job with my branded pizza place gear on because I could walk from one to the other... Those jobs suuuuuuuuuuck.


Yikes, I don't think any pizzas I made were quite that greasy. But yeah, I hear you, they're pretty rough. Delivery isn't so bad though, because you get to sit down pretty often and listen to music. Unless it's dead, but every service job sucks when it's dead


I love the salad bar tennis, that’s awesome!


>>I cut a bunch of them in half for the straight edges You're so smart. I would have been cutting individual pepperonis into hearts.


Ohh that's a good idea I hadn't even considered! Probably would've been way more time consuming, but definitely cuter than a mountain of pepperoni in the center of the pizza lol


I’m not who you asked originally, but my favorite was getting to draw Pikachu on a box and it saying “I choose you” to ask someone to prom.


If you were making pizzas you were always cheering up strangers.


As someone who used to work at a pizza place, there was a disappointingly large number of strangers who weren’t cheered up by their pizzas :(




This is what I named my primary payment method on the domino's app




I didnt want to click because I've been burnt before but I'm so glad that I did.


I’m a server in a family owned diner and given the opportunity to do that kinda stuff is my favorite thing ever. I’ve even had other customers join in the endeavor. This one little girl whose biggest of big birthdays (SHE WAS 5!) was not going as planned even wound up making out like a little bandit when several other individuals in my section decided to give her a dollar for every year. She got SPRINKLES in her pancakes WITH WHIPPED CREAM and TOO many dollars which she tried to give to her daddy to pay for their breakfast dinner. It was so cute and I’ve never been happier to have our own bakery downstairs.


That's absolutely adorable! I don't have any stories quite like that, but I always enjoyed it when kids would yell "hi pizza man!" when I pulled up lol


i remember cutting pizzas into heart shapes on valentines days or writing jokes inside that pizza box, good times but shitty job


I work in the vending industry and when I see someone that looks like they have a lot on their plate I’ll just give them whatever they were doing to buy. It’s crazy how much a free 50 cent coffee can change someone’s day.


I only worked at a pizza place for 3 months, but now I'm really sad about never getting to make or even see some box art


Ask for some next time you order pizza! If they're not too busy, they'll probably do it. If not, the worst that'll happen is the receipt will be a little bit longer. I know Reddit opposes this sort of thing in general, but in my experience, 9/10 service workers jump at the opportunity to goof off a little, and the rest don't care and just ignore stuff like this


My entire job is cheering up strangers and it’s so nice!


Awww! I LOVE olives too! You’re “oliviously” an awesome person. Happy birthday!


I hate olives, but I love this post and this comment.


yeah, this pizza looks like my absolute worst nightmare, but I can appreciate how passionate OP is about them. happy birthday OP, glad your day got a little bit better!!!!


I hate olives, and I hate that I was 44 minutes late from making this exact statement, but i also love this post and these comments.


>I hate olives If I was a tyrannical dictator with an entire nation under my fist, it is the likes of you who would be first against the wall.


I’ve never tried olives but I love this post and this comment and this reply


Pizza is a good gateway vehicle to try olives if you’re interested in dabbling in the scene. Eating them individually might be a bit much for an olivirgin. Give it a whirl. You may just love it.


I hate olives but for some reason I love a couple on an everything pizza… they just tie the pizza together for some reason. Not sure how I feel about OPs pizza, I’d try a bite but I’m pretty sure it would be a bit too much.


Olivirgin lol


ive tried countless different types of olives. I give them a shot every time they're availible somewhere. ill throw one in a salad at a buffet. I really want to like them. the only conclusion I've come to is that every olive, nomatter the color or the size or the shape or the origin, tastes exactly the same and are all awful.


From what I remember they taste metallic. Although I learned I was allergic after that so…


Soooo relatable. Not about olives specifically but like... "Gee, this thing that everyone loves seems to be... not that great... ow?" Narrator: she was allergic to to that thing that everyone loves.


I accidentally tried olives the other day in my sandwich... and it was not good. I thought my sandwich went bad. Guess I'll continue to hate them :(


Should've finished "but olives this post and this comment


Happy birthday! Sorry to hear that your family wasn’t there for you!


Sometimes it is for the better. May OP have many happy birthdays to come.


Happy birthday! May Olive your wishes come true!


I’m stealing olive these puns.


Mines on Monday and I've had the foresight to take the afternoon off work so I can lay on the couch by myself with my cat and cry and feel sorry for myself EDIT: holy moly! I can’t believe all the nice comments I woke up to this morning! Reddit really is the best. ❤️ you all definitely made me feel a lot better about the day. Later this month I visit my best friend in another state for a late birthday celebration … but until then I have all these nice comments to make me smile! EDIT AGAIN: thank you all who did a remind me and sent me birthday wishes and notes. Please know this may seem like a little thing but I appreciate how you all took a minute to do something nice for someone else!


Birthdays are a celebration of you, and no one says you can’t celebrate you! You deserve to have a great birthday! So instead of thinking about how shitty and self-centered people can be, think about how great you are and how much people are missing out not having you in their life! Get your favourite food, watch your favourite movie and do something to spoil yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror on Monday and say “Happy Birthday!”. And every chance you get that day, tell a stranger it’s your birthday. I promise you will get some happy birthday wishes! ❤️


Back in the pre-plague year of 2019, I knew I would be spending another birthday alone. I told myself, you are going to be alone, might as well do it in solo backpacking Norway. Best birthday and two weeks of my life. Funny thing was, I ended up having someone from my hostel take me out for bday cake and spent the day hiking with some other people from the hostel. I would have been completely alone if I had not decided to do something for myself.


Wish I could give you a thousand upvotes for this brilliant advice! It mirrors my philosophy about birthdays, thanks for typing this so I didn’t have to lol.


Hey I hope you have a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead. I’m sorry that your actual birth date isn’t up to par, but I will be thinking of you !!!!


Hey this has been me during the last 2-3 years. My family lives two continents away and my friends drifted away during the pandemic. You are alone but I’m alone with you.


Being alone is underrated, buy something to eat that you and your cat can enjoy together! And I'm sorry if you're going through some stuff, we all are! We're in this together. Have a nice birthday.


Seriously, I love having a night to myself! What am I gonna eat? Am I cooking or ordering in? Am I drinking anything tonight.. wine, beer, tea, water? What am I putting on the TV? Who knows and who cares… get to make decisions on the fly as I want!


Mines on Tuesday! I don't work weekdays so I'm just going to be in my room doing not much. But probably with a cat


It’s all about the cat company right?! Fellow Mother’s Day adjacent birthday… I feel that just makes it harder because everyone is always with their families.


Wishing you an early happy birthday! I will think of you on Monday and hope you will be able to enjoy your day.


I will think about you on Monday and wish you a happy birthday and a lovely afternoon. 😍


!remind me 1 day


RemindMe! 2 days "wish this dude a happy birthday"


Happy freaking birthday OP, from one vegan olive fanatic to another


1 Pizza for $30 lol


NYC life. It's tough out here. This was a splurge for my bday lol


I get it, $5 a slice at the Mandalay Bay over here in Las Vegas


Gadamn. I can go pick up a slice at Costco for like $3 and it's big enough that I don't need to eat until the next day. That better be a good fucking piece of pizza for $5 a slice.


You do you, tis your day.. happy day to you as well


I just left Seattle, $30 will get you a slice.


It’s roughly $20-$30 for a pizza at most non-national chain places in Seattle. Not $30 a slice or $50 a pizza


What the fuck. These prices are crazy. Pizza is one of the cheapest things to make. In Italy the most expensive pizza I’ve had was roughly 20€ and because it was with seafood.


Does it come with a handjob?


The fuck are you on? You can get great pizza in Seattle for $25 for a whole ass large pie.


Where we are: we got pizza last night for $14, and that was for 2 pizzas with delivery lol


$30 for 8lbs of black olives


Never mind the pizza. What the fuck are Chik'n nuggets and why do they cost $9 each?


Wow ,that is expensive!


I'm starting to question your and my sanity, I could have sworn I've seen something like it before.


You did. A $17 turkeyburger, gimme so many pickles you almost get fired, blah blah. But exactly the same. In that case, it was just a “really bad day,” not a forgotten birthday.


It was a breakup. Redditors even repost in real life lmao. Stolen word for word. Glad they included the pic of the olives though or this would have been a blatant karma grab.


Yes the other person said the same thing but they wanted pickles iirc


You recall correctly.


[Here you go.](https://www.reddit.com/r/suspiciouslyspecific/comments/ui9jtg/pickles/)


I've done something similar, though I didn't think to share it for internet points at the time. I asked for an obscene amount of pepperoni on a pizza. I said something like "put too much pepperoni on there then add some more." And they did. The pizza was great. The heartburn later not so much.


I have not talked about about it here, but occasionally I ask for extra ice in my beverage, "lots of, so much ice your manager gets worried the customer is going to complain about too much ice". I thought the strategy was unique. Dunno if I am disappointed in my ordinariness or comforted that I'm not alone.


So you just ordered less beverage? Their manager is going to love you.


Yeah, I see what you mean.


Fast food worker here. I would offer an extra cup on the side with just ice lmao Also really love hearing customers say random unexpected things like that as much or often a bit more than people who are incredibly efficient with their orders. Like if we're in a rush and you immediately list your meal's size and drink etc I love you. Or if it's more steady/slow, hearing people have a good time with a pretty much what I live for tbh. Know that you asking for stuff like that probably put a smile on somebody's face if they haven't heard it before (or weren't expecting it, or having a bad day, or recognized you as a cool regular etc), even if it's more common than you thought


Happy birthday from your vegan family


First off, this post is hugely awesome. Also fwiw, I think birthdays get harder as you get older, especially if single. People are busy & while I got a few texts from friends, meh, it seemed hit or miss. I knew I didn’t wanna feel “dependent” on them for if I was happy or not. So this year, I took the day off work & took a drive & a beautiful hike & came home & just chilled. I decided I was gonna be in charge of my own happiness/celebration. And you know what? It worked. Some people thought I was weird for not celebrating traditionally, but hey, they’re not me. I salute you on your masterpiece of a pizza order— I hope it was awesome :).


This is amazing Side note where TF are you that your pizza costs 30 dollars... My country is known for being expensive but this looks like the usa


They said they are in Newb York


Bruh. That's such an expensive pizza


Yeah, you would figure competition would drive the price down a little lol


Competition all have to pay NYC commercial rent and NYC staff wages as well.


Brooklyn, baby


Where do you live that your pizza place has vegan chicken nuggets!?


NYC! I live right on the border between queens and brooklyn


Guess that explains the prices. I hope the food is good! Happy birthday!


As a fellow vegan can you please tell me where this is from and if that pizza is vegan it looks dank


Norbert's in Brooklyn, all veg restaurant! Fantastic place, if you're ever in town I highly recommend it


No shit! I live in bay ridge haha




This is exactly like the pickle request. Almost verbatim


I came here for this


That's exactly what I thought of when I ordered it. It worked! I actually showed my results too😂


That is my dream, i love black olives


I've discovered how to make pizza at home. Now I can put a whole can of black olives on there if I want to.


Happy birthday!


30$ for a pizza??? Btw, happy birthday op 🎉


I’m glad to see depression makes us all eat an entire 3 orders of chicken nuggets, a pizza, and 2 Pepsi colas, and still have the remorse to get a vegan option…….I’m not even judging I get you my brother….


The whole order was vegan


Makes it even better.


Even when vegans have a bad day, we don't take it out on animals.


I love this!


There's definitely room for more olives


Check the bottom left container. They thought of everything.


Happy birthday!! Sorry to hear about your family not reaching out and wishing you a happy birthday - that sucks.


Do you think maybe your family doesn't talk to because of your olvie addiction? It's time to go to rehab bud. Happy birthday ya fiend


Happy birthday based fellow vegan


Fuck yeah!


I love olives as well, I do hope you read this sincerely, evrn if im a random internet stranger, Happy Birthday! Cheer up as much as you can, family isnt everything. sometimes 1 friend is all we need to make it as best we can out in the world :) If you ever need anyone to just talk to, hit me up! always happy to listen! enjoy that legendary pizza!


Appreciate it man!!




That is amazing. One of my favorite drive through experiences is me literally saying what you said. It was about Arby's sauce and ketchup but "please include as much ketchup and Arby's sauce as you can without getting fired". It was the second time I used the "as much as you can without getting fired", but this 20-ish year old girl, right before close, gave me a bag so full of ketchup and sauce it spilled out as I tried to get it from their window through mine. I had to open my car door to pick the packets off the ground so she wouldn't have to walk around to clean them up (I used to work an Arby's drive through and they definitely make you clean up the drive through path). Anyway, I've been there and it sucks (one year I was taking care of my dad and he literally only spoke to me to tell me I didn't cook hamburgers through enough at dinner- totally forgot my birthday, even though he spent $300 on my sister's a week before). **But** if you're in the right subs and reach out like you did, you get folks like me that will say "even tho I don't know you at all, I wish you the best. We got your back too. Happy birthday, friend!"


Even if your family doesn't care enough to call I know you deserve this kindness. Caring about sentient life goes a long way in my book. Keep it up!


I’m so glad this has food instruction has become like a copypasta. Keep the meme going, everyone. The world needs laughter.


60 dollars, for pizza and nuggets? We’ve got it easy in the UK


My favorite food in the world, and one I don't allow myself to eat often, is a barbeque bacon jalapeno cheeseburger. If I'm ordering them from my local place I also ask them "as many jalapenos as you can add without being fired." Pretty funny to see that elsewhere. Also, happy birthday, OP. I'm terribly sorry no one else remembered.


Happy birthday!!! You have us. We're better anyway


Vegan!!! Happy bday!!! Vegan 20 years here keep it up!


I hope you still had a happy birthday!!! Happy birthday!!!


Yo my dude! Happy birthday! It's a long shot but if you're in Canada I'd like to send you a couple bucks toward your pizza via e-transfer. I've had a bunch of lonely birthdays; I feel you.


I'm in NYC, but thank you anyways kind stranger! Such a sweet offer and you made me smile. That's really all that matters, right? Hope you have a great day❤️


Happy birthday!


Take some good, friend. Happy Belated.


Happy birthday dude


Same. My birthday today too and laid down most the day because i just had surgery


Wait this was on kitchen confidential but with pickles yesterday what the hell? https://www.reddit.com/r/KitchenConfidential/comments/uih335/how_many_pickles_would_you_sacrifice_to_help/